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United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) Exchange Rates on 19th June 2021 (19/06/2021)

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Exchange rates for United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)

Updated: 2021-06-19
Convert from Convert to 1 AED Conversion in currency Conversion
AED GBP 0.1971 AED to GBP 5.0731 GBP to AED
AED BGN 0.4493 AED to BGN 2.2255 BGN to AED
AED HRK 1.7217 AED to HRK 0.5808 HRK to AED
AED CZK 5.8705 AED to CZK 0.1703 CZK to AED
AED DKK 1.7066 AED to DKK 0.586 DKK to AED
AED HUF 81.6677 AED to HUF 0.0122 HUF to AED
AED KZT 116.555 AED to KZT 0.0086 KZT to AED
AED LVL 0.1647 AED to LVL 6.0723 LVL to AED
AED Flag of North Macedonia MKD 14.0801 AED to MKD 0.071 MKD to AED
AED MDL 4.8673 AED to MDL 0.2055 MDL to AED
AED id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 2.3604 AED to NOK 0.4237 NOK to AED
AED PLN 1.0448 AED to PLN 0.9572 PLN to AED
AED RON 1.1307 AED to RON 0.8844 RON to AED
AED RUB 19.8196 AED to RUB 0.0505 RUB to AED
AED Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 AED to SKK 0 SKK to AED
AED SEK 2.3438 AED to SEK 0.4267 SEK to AED
AED CHF 0.2513 AED to CHF 3.9793 CHF to AED
AED TRY 2.3787 AED to TRY 0.4204 TRY to AED
AED UAH 7.4045 AED to UAH 0.1351 UAH to AED
Updated: 2021-06-19
Convert from Convert to 1 AED Conversion in currency Conversion
AED ARS 25.9633 AED to ARS 0.0385 ARS to AED
AED BOB 1.8802 AED to BOB 0.5319 BOB to AED
AED BRL 1.3858 AED to BRL 0.7216 BRL to AED
AED Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.3394 AED to CAD 2.946 CAD to AED
AED KYD 0.2269 AED to KYD 4.4069 KYD to AED
AED CLP 203.8065 AED to CLP 0.0049 CLP to AED
AED COP 1026.1077 AED to COP 0.001 COP to AED
AED CRC 168.1448 AED to CRC 0.0059 CRC to AED
AED DOP 15.5401 AED to DOP 0.0643 DOP to AED
AED SVC 2.3827 AED to SVC 0.4197 SVC to AED
AED FJD 0.5622 AED to FJD 1.7787 FJD to AED
AED HNL 6.5668 AED to HNL 0.1523 HNL to AED
AED Flag of Jamaica JMD 40.9518 AED to JMD 0.0244 JMD to AED
AED MXN 5.6286 AED to MXN 0.1777 MXN to AED
AED ANG 0.4888 AED to ANG 2.046 ANG to AED
AED PYG 1836.1606 AED to PYG 0.0005 PYG to AED
AED xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 1.0673 AED to PEN 0.9369 PEN to AED
AED TTD 1.8483 AED to TTD 0.541 TTD to AED
AED USD 0.2722 AED to USD 3.6731 USD to AED
AED xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> UYU 11.8924 AED to UYU 0.0841 UYU to AED