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Brunei Dollar (BND) Exchange Rates on 01st April 2020 (01/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for Brunei Dollar (BND)

Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 BND Conversion in currency Conversion
BND GBP 0.572 BND to GBP 1.7481 GBP to BND
BND BGN 1.2542 BND to BGN 0.7974 BGN to BND
BND HRK 4.9043 BND to HRK 0.2039 HRK to BND
BND CZK 17.6302 BND to CZK 0.0567 CZK to BND
BND DKK 4.8011 BND to DKK 0.2083 DKK to BND
BND HUF 232.7289 BND to HUF 0.0043 HUF to BND
BND KZT 314.674 BND to KZT 0.0032 KZT to BND
BND LVL 0.4275 BND to LVL 2.3391 LVL to BND
BND MKD 39.6395 BND to MKD 0.0252 MKD to BND
BND MDL 12.836 BND to MDL 0.0779 MDL to BND
BND NOK 7.4021 BND to NOK 0.1351 NOK to BND
BND PLN 2.941 BND to PLN 0.34 PLN to BND
BND RON 3.1098 BND to RON 0.3216 RON to BND
BND RUB 55.8725 BND to RUB 0.0179 RUB to BND
BND SEK 7.0681 BND to SEK 0.1415 SEK to BND
BND CHF 0.6808 BND to CHF 1.4689 CHF to BND
BND TRY 4.6857 BND to TRY 0.2134 TRY to BND
BND UAH 19.4611 BND to UAH 0.0514 UAH to BND
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 BND Conversion in currency Conversion
BND ARS 45.4622 BND to ARS 0.022 ARS to BND
BND BOB 4.8363 BND to BOB 0.2068 BOB to BND
BND BRL 3.6788 BND to BRL 0.2718 BRL to BND
BND CAD 1.0021 BND to CAD 0.9979 CAD to BND
BND KYD 0.5845 BND to KYD 1.7108 KYD to BND
BND CLP 606.6042 BND to CLP 0.0016 CLP to BND
BND COP 2868.702 BND to COP 0.0003 COP to BND
BND CRC 407.8825 BND to CRC 0.0025 CRC to BND
BND DOP 37.7855 BND to DOP 0.0265 DOP to BND
BND SVC 6.1372 BND to SVC 0.1629 SVC to BND
BND FJD 1.6166 BND to FJD 0.6186 FJD to BND
BND HNL 17.356 BND to HNL 0.0576 HNL to BND
BND JMD 94.9232 BND to JMD 0.0105 JMD to BND
BND MXN 16.9568 BND to MXN 0.059 MXN to BND
BND ANG 1.2556 BND to ANG 0.7965 ANG to BND
BND PYG 4615.7566 BND to PYG 0.0002 PYG to BND
BND PEN 2.4101 BND to PEN 0.4149 PEN to BND
BND TTD 4.7393 BND to TTD 0.211 TTD to BND
BND USD 0.7068 BND to USD 1.4149 USD to BND
BND UYU 30.771 BND to UYU 0.0325 UYU to BND
BND VEF 7.0587 BND to VEF 0.1417 VEF to BND
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 BND Conversion in currency Conversion
BND AUD 1.1632 BND to AUD 0.8597 AUD to BND
BND BDT 59.5826 BND to BDT 0.0168 BDT to BND
BND CNY 5.0172 BND to CNY 0.1993 CNY to BND
BND INR 53.6672 BND to INR 0.0186 INR to BND
BND IDR 11770.2233 BND to IDR 0.0001 IDR to BND
BND JPY 76.0108 BND to JPY 0.0132 JPY to BND
BND MYR 3.0762 BND to MYR 0.3251 MYR to BND
BND MVR 10.8845 BND to MVR 0.0919 MVR to BND
BND NPR 84.6144 BND to NPR 0.0118 NPR to BND
BND NZD 1.1949 BND to NZD 0.8369 NZD to BND
BND PKR 116.4719 BND to PKR 0.0086 PKR to BND
BND PGK 2.4339 BND to PGK 0.4109 PGK to BND
BND PHP 35.9528 BND to PHP 0.0278 PHP to BND
BND SCR 9.7248 BND to SCR 0.1028 SCR to BND
BND SGD 1.012 BND to SGD 0.9881 SGD to BND
BND KRW 869.5944 BND to KRW 0.0011 KRW to BND
BND LKR 132.7434 BND to LKR 0.0075 LKR to BND
BND TWD 21.4139 BND to TWD 0.0467 TWD to BND
BND THB 23.3226 BND to THB 0.0429 THB to BND
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 BND Conversion in currency Conversion
BND BHD 0.2665 BND to BHD 3.7526 BHD to BND
BND EGP 11.1309 BND to EGP 0.0898 EGP to BND
BND HKD 5.4782 BND to HKD 0.1825 HKD to BND
BND ILS 2.5141 BND to ILS 0.3978 ILS to BND
BND JOD 0.5011 BND to JOD 1.9957 JOD to BND
BND KWD 0.2212 BND to KWD 4.5211 KWD to BND
BND LBP 1060.551 BND to LBP 0.0009 LBP to BND
BND OMR 0.2717 BND to OMR 3.6799 OMR to BND
BND QAR 2.5729 BND to QAR 0.3887 QAR to BND
BND SAR 2.6609 BND to SAR 0.3758 SAR to BND
BND AED 2.5959 BND to AED 0.3852 AED to BND
BND YER 176.9355 BND to YER 0.0057 YER to BND
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 BND Conversion in currency Conversion
BND DZD 88.2179 BND to DZD 0.0113 DZD to BND
BND KES 74.3153 BND to KES 0.0135 KES to BND
BND MUR 27.7067 BND to MUR 0.0361 MUR to BND
BND MAD 7.1144 BND to MAD 0.1406 MAD to BND
BND NAD 12.5787 BND to NAD 0.0795 NAD to BND
BND NIO 23.6633 BND to NIO 0.0423 NIO to BND
BND NGN 259.3779 BND to NGN 0.0039 NGN to BND
BND SLL 6873.1482 BND to SLL 0.0001 SLL to BND
BND ZAR 12.7673 BND to ZAR 0.0783 ZAR to BND
BND TZS 1633.0935 BND to TZS 0.0006 TZS to BND
BND TND 2.0235 BND to TND 0.4942 TND to BND
BND UGX 2658.4166 BND to UGX 0.0004 UGX to BND
BND XOF 420.227 BND to XOF 0.0024 XOF to BND
BND ZMK 6361.6177 BND to ZMK 0.0002 ZMK to BND

Brunei Dollar (BND)

Sign $ or B$
1 Brunei Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents.

BND is the currency code for the Brunei dollar. The BND is under the monetary policy of the Monetary Authority of Singapore with a fixed rate of exchange of 1:1 with the Singapore dollar. The central bank of Brunei, the Monetary Authority of Brunei Darussalam issues the coins and banknotes for Brunei, but subjects the currency valuation of the BND to Singapore.

Coins used:
1, 5, 10, 20, 50 cents

Banknotes used:
-frequently $1, $5, $10, $50, $100
-rarely $20, $25, $500, $1000, $10,000

Central Bank
Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (Monetary Authority of Brunei Darussalam)
The BND was first issued in 1967 and went through a series of changes with the final issues of the BND being between 1996 and 2000. This final issue of the BND is the only set of official banknotes in circulation all of which are printed on polymer. Previous paper banknote issues of BND are no longer in official circulation.

The BND is itself symbolized with the "$" sign, though commonly it is listed as "B$" in order to differentiate it as the BND over other dollar currencies. Each BND is subdivided into 100 units each or which is called sen or cents. BND coins are found in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 sen denominations and BND banknotes are issued in $1, $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $100, $1000, and $10,000 denominations. The $20, $25, $500, $1000, $10,000 BND banknotes are not used as often as the other listed denominations.

The economy of Brunei is relatively advanced with over 90% of GDP dependent upon oil and natural gas exports. 76% of the Brunei population lives in urban areas and maintains a high standard of living. The Government of Brunei has taken the noteworthy stance that they wish the country to be food self sufficient from other countries a single factor that highlights the Governments attempts at keeping the nation independent and as free as possible from outside influence and control.

Other References
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