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Philippine Peso (PHP) Exchange Rates on 07th April 2020 (07/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for Philippine Peso (PHP)

Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PHP Conversion in currency Conversion
PHP GBP 0.0161 PHP to GBP 62.2812 GBP to PHP
PHP BGN 0.0357 PHP to BGN 28.0367 BGN to PHP
PHP HRK 0.1388 PHP to HRK 7.2053 HRK to PHP
PHP CZK 0.4995 PHP to CZK 2.0022 CZK to PHP
PHP DKK 0.1359 PHP to DKK 7.357 DKK to PHP
PHP HUF 6.5912 PHP to HUF 0.1517 HUF to PHP
PHP KZT 8.6795 PHP to KZT 0.1152 KZT to PHP
PHP LVL 0.0119 PHP to LVL 83.6938 LVL to PHP
PHP MKD 1.125 PHP to MKD 0.8889 MKD to PHP
PHP MDL 0.3686 PHP to MDL 2.7128 MDL to PHP
PHP NOK 0.203 PHP to NOK 4.9261 NOK to PHP
PHP PLN 0.0825 PHP to PLN 12.1173 PLN to PHP
PHP RON 0.0879 PHP to RON 11.3829 RON to PHP
PHP RUB 1.4902 PHP to RUB 0.671 RUB to PHP
PHP SEK 0.1987 PHP to SEK 5.0336 SEK to PHP
PHP CHF 0.0193 PHP to CHF 51.9128 CHF to PHP
PHP TRY 0.1326 PHP to TRY 7.5389 TRY to PHP
PHP UAH 0.5381 PHP to UAH 1.8583 UAH to PHP
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PHP Conversion in currency Conversion
PHP ARS 1.2822 PHP to ARS 0.7799 ARS to PHP
PHP BOB 0.1363 PHP to BOB 7.3376 BOB to PHP
PHP BRL 0.1044 PHP to BRL 9.5767 BRL to PHP
PHP CAD 0.0277 PHP to CAD 36.0539 CAD to PHP
PHP KYD 0.0165 PHP to KYD 60.714 KYD to PHP
PHP CLP 16.8413 PHP to CLP 0.0594 CLP to PHP
PHP COP 78.6363 PHP to COP 0.0127 COP to PHP
PHP CRC 11.3752 PHP to CRC 0.0879 CRC to PHP
PHP DOP 1.0648 PHP to DOP 0.9392 DOP to PHP
PHP SVC 0.1729 PHP to SVC 5.7823 SVC to PHP
PHP FJD 0.0458 PHP to FJD 21.8185 FJD to PHP
PHP HNL 0.4899 PHP to HNL 2.041 HNL to PHP
PHP JMD 2.6684 PHP to JMD 0.3748 JMD to PHP
PHP MXN 0.4831 PHP to MXN 2.0699 MXN to PHP
PHP ANG 0.0354 PHP to ANG 28.264 ANG to PHP
PHP PYG 129.2744 PHP to PYG 0.0077 PYG to PHP
PHP PEN 0.0683 PHP to PEN 14.6307 PEN to PHP
PHP TTD 0.1335 PHP to TTD 7.4879 TTD to PHP
PHP USD 0.0198 PHP to USD 50.6255 USD to PHP
PHP UYU 0.8742 PHP to UYU 1.1439 UYU to PHP
PHP VEF 0.1973 PHP to VEF 5.0689 VEF to PHP
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PHP Conversion in currency Conversion
PHP AUD 0.032 PHP to AUD 31.2048 AUD to PHP
PHP BDT 1.679 PHP to BDT 0.5956 BDT to PHP
PHP BND 0.0283 PHP to BND 35.2942 BND to PHP
PHP CNY 0.1396 PHP to CNY 7.1653 CNY to PHP
PHP INR 1.4953 PHP to INR 0.6687 INR to PHP
PHP IDR 322.9491 PHP to IDR 0.0031 IDR to PHP
PHP JPY 2.15 PHP to JPY 0.4651 JPY to PHP
PHP MYR 0.0859 PHP to MYR 11.6387 MYR to PHP
PHP MVR 0.3044 PHP to MVR 3.2852 MVR to PHP
PHP NPR 2.4099 PHP to NPR 0.415 NPR to PHP
PHP NZD 0.0329 PHP to NZD 30.3742 NZD to PHP
PHP PKR 3.3033 PHP to PKR 0.3027 PKR to PHP
PHP PGK 0.0686 PHP to PGK 14.5811 PGK to PHP
PHP SCR 0.2904 PHP to SCR 3.4439 SCR to PHP
PHP SGD 0.0282 PHP to SGD 35.4669 SGD to PHP
PHP KRW 24.0851 PHP to KRW 0.0415 KRW to PHP
PHP LKR 3.8197 PHP to LKR 0.2618 LKR to PHP
PHP TWD 0.5953 PHP to TWD 1.6798 TWD to PHP
PHP THB 0.6472 PHP to THB 1.5451 THB to PHP
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PHP Conversion in currency Conversion
PHP BHD 0.0074 PHP to BHD 134.2739 BHD to PHP
PHP EGP 0.3111 PHP to EGP 3.2147 EGP to PHP
PHP HKD 0.1531 PHP to HKD 6.53 HKD to PHP
PHP ILS 0.0706 PHP to ILS 14.17 ILS to PHP
PHP JOD 0.014 PHP to JOD 71.4068 JOD to PHP
PHP KWD 0.0062 PHP to KWD 162.3703 KWD to PHP
PHP LBP 29.8887 PHP to LBP 0.0335 LBP to PHP
PHP OMR 0.0076 PHP to OMR 131.4642 OMR to PHP
PHP QAR 0.0719 PHP to QAR 13.9045 QAR to PHP
PHP SAR 0.0743 PHP to SAR 13.464 SAR to PHP
PHP AED 0.0726 PHP to AED 13.7824 AED to PHP
PHP YER 4.9451 PHP to YER 0.2022 YER to PHP
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PHP Conversion in currency Conversion
PHP DZD 2.5062 PHP to DZD 0.399 DZD to PHP
PHP KES 2.0995 PHP to KES 0.4763 KES to PHP
PHP MUR 0.7872 PHP to MUR 1.2703 MUR to PHP
PHP MAD 0.2036 PHP to MAD 4.9107 MAD to PHP
PHP NAD 0.3723 PHP to NAD 2.6857 NAD to PHP
PHP NIO 0.6668 PHP to NIO 1.4997 NIO to PHP
PHP NGN 7.2493 PHP to NGN 0.1379 NGN to PHP
PHP SLL 192.3927 PHP to SLL 0.0052 SLL to PHP
PHP ZAR 0.3657 PHP to ZAR 2.7344 ZAR to PHP
PHP TZS 45.7061 PHP to TZS 0.0219 TZS to PHP
PHP TND 0.0577 PHP to TND 17.3301 TND to PHP
PHP UGX 74.418 PHP to UGX 0.0134 UGX to PHP
PHP XOF 12.0045 PHP to XOF 0.0833 XOF to PHP
PHP ZMK 177.7999 PHP to ZMK 0.0056 ZMK to PHP

Philippine Peso (PHP)

Sign Php
1 Philippine Peso is subdivided into 100 sentimos (centavos).

The official unit of currency in the Philippines is the Philippine peso. The peso or piso as it is spelled in the country is equal to 100 centavos. Banknotes are issued in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 200, 500, 1,000 and 2,000 pesos. Coins are issued in denominations of 10 and 25 centavo pieces as well as 1, 5 and 10 pesos.

Coins used:
-frequently 25 sentimo, 1, 5, 10 piso
-rarely 1, 5, 10 sentimo

Banknotes used:
-frequently 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 piso
-rarely 5, 10 piso

Central Bank
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Banks are found readily throughout the Philippines and those visiting should take the time to choose which bank they will use upon arrival. The Philippine National Bank is a popular choice as are the Equitable PCI Bank, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation and the Bank of the Philippine Islands. All of these offer consumer banking and foreign currency exchange services.

ATMs are found outside banks and in many larger shopping centers. ATMs can be used for cash withdrawals with a small fee. Cirrus and Plus networks are readily available at ATMs and most accept MasterCard and Visa for cash advances. Cash advances are provided in pesos and are often restricted by a daily withdrawal limit. Equitable PCI and MetroBank ATMs both offer cash withdrawal limits of up to P4000 or more.

The US Dollar is the currency of choice for most retailers and services outside of the Philippine peso. Most retailers will accept the US Dollar as a form of payment. Visitors should be aware that many retailers refuse to make change for larger notes so smaller pesos should be carried whenever possible.

Moneychangers are available for currency exchange and can be found near most commercial centers in many cities. Some shopping malls and department stores have moneychangers conveniently available as well. Using a moneychanger will typically offer the best rate for foreign currency exchange but visitors should be aware that not all are trustworthy. Exchanging cash and travelerís checks at a hotel or resort or at a bank are recommended although the rates may be a bit more expensive.

In Manila, the Us Dollar as well as the British pound, euro and Japanese yen are widely accepted for currency change as well as the Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and many currencies from Middle Eastern regions. Leaving the country with pesos is typically not a problem unless travelers are carrying large amounts of cash.

Travelerís checks may be a bit more difficult to exchange, even at most banks. Many places charge high fees for cashing travelerís checks and there are typically only a small few banks and moneychangers who will accept travelerís checks for currencies other than the US Dollar.

Other References
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