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Philippine Peso (PHP) Exchange Rates on 30th July 2021 (30/07/2021)

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Exchange rates for Philippine Peso (PHP)

Updated: 2021-07-30
Convert from Convert to 1 PHP Conversion in currency Conversion
PHP GBP 0.0143 PHP to GBP 70.0075 GBP to PHP
PHP BGN 0.0328 PHP to BGN 30.4934 BGN to PHP
PHP HRK 0.1259 PHP to HRK 7.9437 HRK to PHP
PHP CZK 0.4277 PHP to CZK 2.3381 CZK to PHP
PHP DKK 0.1247 PHP to DKK 8.019 DKK to PHP
PHP HUF 5.9961 PHP to HUF 0.1668 HUF to PHP
PHP KZT 8.467 PHP to KZT 0.1181 KZT to PHP
PHP LVL 0.012 PHP to LVL 83.0078 LVL to PHP
PHP Flag of North Macedonia MKD 1.0329 PHP to MKD 0.9682 MKD to PHP
PHP MDL 0.3563 PHP to MDL 2.8068 MDL to PHP
PHP id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.1744 PHP to NOK 5.7345 NOK to PHP
PHP PLN 0.0766 PHP to PLN 13.051 PLN to PHP
PHP RON 0.0825 PHP to RON 12.1264 RON to PHP
PHP RUB 1.4584 PHP to RUB 0.6857 RUB to PHP
PHP Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 PHP to SKK 0 SKK to PHP
PHP SEK 0.1705 PHP to SEK 5.8662 SEK to PHP
PHP CHF 0.0181 PHP to CHF 55.3602 CHF to PHP
PHP TRY 0.1687 PHP to TRY 5.9272 TRY to PHP
PHP UAH 0.5349 PHP to UAH 1.8695 UAH to PHP
Updated: 2021-07-30
Convert from Convert to 1 PHP Conversion in currency Conversion
PHP ARS 1.9231 PHP to ARS 0.52 ARS to PHP
PHP BOB 0.1378 PHP to BOB 7.255 BOB to PHP
PHP BRL 0.1012 PHP to BRL 9.8805 BRL to PHP
PHP Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0248 PHP to CAD 40.3303 CAD to PHP
PHP KYD 0.0166 PHP to KYD 60.3034 KYD to PHP
PHP CLP 15.1419 PHP to CLP 0.066 CLP to PHP
PHP COP 76.6293 PHP to COP 0.013 COP to PHP
PHP CRC 12.3364 PHP to CRC 0.0811 CRC to PHP
PHP DOP 1.1351 PHP to DOP 0.8809 DOP to PHP
PHP SVC 0.1741 PHP to SVC 5.7431 SVC to PHP
PHP FJD 0.0415 PHP to FJD 24.0906 FJD to PHP
PHP HNL 0.4725 PHP to HNL 2.1163 HNL to PHP
PHP Flag of Jamaica JMD 3.0844 PHP to JMD 0.3242 JMD to PHP