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Serbian Dinar (RSD) Exchange Rates on 07th April 2020 (07/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for Serbian Dinar (RSD)

Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 RSD Conversion in currency Conversion
RSD GBP 0.0075 RSD to GBP 133.2101 GBP to RSD
RSD BGN 0.0167 RSD to BGN 59.9662 BGN to RSD
RSD HRK 0.0649 RSD to HRK 15.411 HRK to RSD
RSD CZK 0.2335 RSD to CZK 4.2824 CZK to RSD
RSD DKK 0.0636 RSD to DKK 15.7355 DKK to RSD
RSD HUF 3.0817 RSD to HUF 0.3245 HUF to RSD
RSD KZT 4.058 RSD to KZT 0.2464 KZT to RSD
RSD LVL 0.0056 RSD to LVL 179.0083 LVL to RSD
RSD MKD 0.526 RSD to MKD 1.9013 MKD to RSD
RSD MDL 0.1723 RSD to MDL 5.8022 MDL to RSD
RSD NOK 0.0949 RSD to NOK 10.5363 NOK to RSD
RSD PLN 0.0386 RSD to PLN 25.917 PLN to RSD
RSD RON 0.0411 RSD to RON 24.3463 RON to RSD
RSD RUB 0.6968 RSD to RUB 1.4352 RUB to RSD
RSD SEK 0.0929 RSD to SEK 10.7661 SEK to RSD
RSD CHF 0.009 RSD to CHF 111.0335 CHF to RSD
RSD TRY 0.062 RSD to TRY 16.1246 TRY to RSD
RSD UAH 0.2516 RSD to UAH 3.9747 UAH to RSD
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 RSD Conversion in currency Conversion
RSD ARS 0.5995 RSD to ARS 1.6681 ARS to RSD
RSD BOB 0.0637 RSD to BOB 15.6941 BOB to RSD
RSD BRL 0.0488 RSD to BRL 20.4832 BRL to RSD
RSD CAD 0.013 RSD to CAD 77.1137 CAD to RSD
RSD KYD 0.0077 RSD to KYD 129.858 KYD to RSD
RSD CLP 7.874 RSD to CLP 0.127 CLP to RSD
RSD COP 36.7657 RSD to COP 0.0272 COP to RSD
RSD CRC 5.3184 RSD to CRC 0.188 CRC to RSD
RSD DOP 0.4978 RSD to DOP 2.0087 DOP to RSD
RSD SVC 0.0809 RSD to SVC 12.3674 SVC to RSD
RSD FJD 0.0214 RSD to FJD 46.6665 FJD to RSD
RSD HNL 0.2291 RSD to HNL 4.3655 HNL to RSD
RSD JMD 1.2476 RSD to JMD 0.8016 JMD to RSD
RSD MXN 0.2259 RSD to MXN 4.4272 MXN to RSD
RSD ANG 0.0165 RSD to ANG 60.4523 ANG to RSD
RSD PYG 60.4412 RSD to PYG 0.0165 PYG to RSD
RSD PEN 0.032 RSD to PEN 31.2928 PEN to RSD
RSD TTD 0.0624 RSD to TTD 16.0154 TTD to RSD
RSD USD 0.0092 RSD to USD 108.2803 USD to RSD
RSD UYU 0.4087 RSD to UYU 2.4467 UYU to RSD
RSD VEF 0.0922 RSD to VEF 10.8416 VEF to RSD
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 RSD Conversion in currency Conversion
RSD AUD 0.015 RSD to AUD 66.7423 AUD to RSD
RSD BDT 0.785 RSD to BDT 1.2739 BDT to RSD
RSD BND 0.0132 RSD to BND 75.489 BND to RSD
RSD CNY 0.0653 RSD to CNY 15.3254 CNY to RSD
RSD INR 0.6991 RSD to INR 1.4303 INR to RSD
RSD IDR 150.9921 RSD to IDR 0.0066 IDR to RSD
RSD JPY 1.0052 RSD to JPY 0.9948 JPY to RSD
RSD MYR 0.0402 RSD to MYR 24.8934 MYR to RSD
RSD MVR 0.1423 RSD to MVR 7.0266 MVR to RSD
RSD NPR 1.1267 RSD to NPR 0.8875 NPR to RSD
RSD NZD 0.0154 RSD to NZD 64.9659 NZD to RSD
RSD PKR 1.5444 RSD to PKR 0.6475 PKR to RSD
RSD PGK 0.0321 RSD to PGK 31.1867 PGK to RSD
RSD PHP 0.4675 RSD to PHP 2.1388 PHP to RSD
RSD SCR 0.1358 RSD to SCR 7.3661 SCR to RSD
RSD SGD 0.0132 RSD to SGD 75.8583 SGD to RSD
RSD KRW 11.2608 RSD to KRW 0.0888 KRW to RSD
RSD LKR 1.7859 RSD to LKR 0.56 LKR to RSD
RSD TWD 0.2783 RSD to TWD 3.5929 TWD to RSD
RSD THB 0.3026 RSD to THB 3.3047 THB to RSD
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 RSD Conversion in currency Conversion
RSD BHD 0.0035 RSD to BHD 287.1915 BHD to RSD
RSD EGP 0.1454 RSD to EGP 6.8757 EGP to RSD
RSD HKD 0.0716 RSD to HKD 13.9666 HKD to RSD
RSD ILS 0.033 RSD to ILS 30.3075 ILS to RSD
RSD JOD 0.0065 RSD to JOD 152.7283 JOD to RSD
RSD KWD 0.0029 RSD to KWD 347.2855 KWD to RSD
RSD LBP 13.9742 RSD to LBP 0.0716 LBP to RSD
RSD OMR 0.0036 RSD to OMR 281.1819 OMR to RSD
RSD QAR 0.0336 RSD to QAR 29.7395 QAR to RSD
RSD SAR 0.0347 RSD to SAR 28.7975 SAR to RSD
RSD AED 0.0339 RSD to AED 29.4785 AED to RSD
RSD YER 2.3121 RSD to YER 0.4325 YER to RSD
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 RSD Conversion in currency Conversion
RSD DZD 1.1718 RSD to DZD 0.8534 DZD to RSD
RSD KES 0.9816 RSD to KES 1.0187 KES to RSD
RSD MUR 0.3681 RSD to MUR 2.7169 MUR to RSD
RSD MAD 0.0952 RSD to MAD 10.5033 MAD to RSD
RSD NAD 0.1741 RSD to NAD 5.7443 NAD to RSD
RSD NIO 0.3118 RSD to NIO 3.2077 NIO to RSD
RSD NGN 3.3894 RSD to NGN 0.295 NGN to RSD
RSD SLL 89.9515 RSD to SLL 0.0111 SLL to RSD
RSD ZAR 0.171 RSD to ZAR 5.8484 ZAR to RSD
RSD TZS 21.3695 RSD to TZS 0.0468 TZS to RSD
RSD TND 0.027 RSD to TND 37.0664 TND to RSD
RSD UGX 34.7935 RSD to UGX 0.0287 UGX to RSD
RSD XOF 5.6126 RSD to XOF 0.1782 XOF to RSD
RSD ZMK 83.1288 RSD to ZMK 0.012 ZMK to RSD

Serbian Dinar (RSD)

Sign Дин.
1 Serbian Dinar is subdivided into 100 para.

Serbia is a country in the Balkans that borders Montenegro, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Herzegovina as well as Macedonia, Albania and Romania. The official currency of Serbia is the dinar. In the past, Kosovo and Montenegro shared the Yugoslav dinar with Serbia but these two countries have changed over to using the euro. The dinar is subdivided into 100 para.

Coins used:
1, 2, 5, 10, 20 dinars

Banknotes used:
-frequently 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 dinars
-rarely 2000, 5000 dinars

Central Bank
National Bank of Serbia
http://www.nbs.rs The dinar is issued in banknotes of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000 and 5,000. Coins are issued in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20. The most frequently exchanged currencies in Serbia are the US Dollar and the euro. Currency is typically exchanged only through official exchange offices. There are a wide number of ATMs that now accept international bank cards and will provide dinar upon withdrawals. There are also many currency exchange machines around airports and various other locations that will accept US Dollars, euros and pounds sterling and provide dinars in return. Northern Irish pound sterling and Scottish pound sterling are not accepted for currency exchange currently.

Most hotels, shops and restaurants in the country accept major credit cards, particularly Visa and MasterCard. American Express and Diners Club are accepted at some locations in major cities but rarely outside of these larger areas. Restrictions are in place for importing and exporting local currency. Import and export of the Serbian dinar is restricted to the equivalent of Ä10,000. Important and exporting foreign currency is not limited.

Exchanging currency at exchange offices is recommended. Those visiting the country should look for buildings with large diamond shaped signs located on them. Currency exchange machines can be found at airports as well as many banks in larger cities. Many banks will cash travelerís checks, although most prefer travelerís checks in euros as opposed to other foreign currencies.

Most money changers and banks may refuse to accept foreign currency that is worn or damaged. This is particularly true of US Dollars so visitors are advised to bring banknotes in good condition. Banks may accept notes that are in slightly damaged condition but will often charge a commission for currency exchange if notes are not in good shape. There are a number of gas stations and smaller shops near the borders that will often accept foreign currencies for payment, but having dinar on hand is a good idea just in case border shops will not accept foreign banknotes.

Other References
Wikipedia article on Serbian Dinar

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