Singapore Dollar (SGD) Exchange Rates on 28th January 2020 (28/01/2020)

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Exchange rates for Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Updated: 2020-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 SGD Conversion in currency Conversion
SGD GBP 0.5651 SGD to GBP 1.7696 GBP to SGD
SGD BGN 1.3075 SGD to BGN 0.7648 BGN to SGD
SGD HRK 4.9764 SGD to HRK 0.2009 HRK to SGD
SGD CZK 16.8882 SGD to CZK 0.0592 CZK to SGD
SGD DKK 4.997 SGD to DKK 0.2001 DKK to SGD
SGD HUF 225.5447 SGD to HUF 0.0044 HUF to SGD
SGD KZT 280.8623 SGD to KZT 0.0036 KZT to SGD
SGD LVL 0.4457 SGD to LVL 2.2437 LVL to SGD
SGD LTL 2.1756 SGD to LTL 0.4596 LTL to SGD
SGD MKD 41.1963 SGD to MKD 0.0243 MKD to SGD
SGD MDL 13.0102 SGD to MDL 0.0769 MDL to SGD
SGD NOK 6.7322 SGD to NOK 0.1485 NOK to SGD
SGD PLN 2.8601 SGD to PLN 0.3496 PLN to SGD
SGD RON 3.1969 SGD to RON 0.3128 RON to SGD
SGD RUB 46.3042 SGD to RUB 0.0216 RUB to SGD
SGD SEK 7.0914 SGD to SEK 0.141 SEK to SGD
SGD CHF 0.7153 SGD to CHF 1.398 CHF to SGD
SGD TRY 4.3787 SGD to TRY 0.2284 TRY to SGD
SGD UAH 18.134 SGD to UAH 0.0551 UAH to SGD
Updated: 2020-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 SGD Conversion in currency Conversion
SGD ARS 44.2672 SGD to ARS 0.0226 ARS to SGD
SGD BOB 5.0972 SGD to BOB 0.1962 BOB to SGD
SGD BRL 3.1001 SGD to BRL 0.3226 BRL to SGD
SGD CAD 0.9714 SGD to CAD 1.0295 CAD to SGD
SGD KYD 0.6143 SGD to KYD 1.6278 KYD to SGD
SGD CLP 582.2279 SGD to CLP 0.0017 CLP to SGD
SGD COP 2505.1522 SGD to COP 0.0004 COP to SGD
SGD CRC 416.8198 SGD to CRC 0.0024 CRC to SGD
SGD DOP 39.2056 SGD to DOP 0.0255 DOP to SGD
SGD SVC 6.4501 SGD to SVC 0.155 SVC to SGD
SGD FJD 1.6077 SGD to FJD 0.622 FJD to SGD
SGD HNL 18.1526 SGD to HNL 0.0551 HNL to SGD
SGD JMD 101.8323 SGD to JMD 0.0098 JMD to SGD
SGD MXN 13.889 SGD to MXN 0.072 MXN to SGD
SGD ANG 1.2163 SGD to ANG 0.8222 ANG to SGD
SGD PYG 4801.382 SGD to PYG 0.0002 PYG to SGD
SGD PEN 2.4502 SGD to PEN 0.4081 PEN to SGD
SGD TTD 4.9841 SGD to TTD 0.2006 TTD to SGD
SGD USD 0.7368 SGD to USD 1.3572 USD to SGD
SGD UYU 27.4689 SGD to UYU 0.0364 UYU to SGD
SGD VEF 7.3589 SGD to VEF 0.1359 VEF to SGD
Updated: 2020-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 SGD Conversion in currency Conversion
SGD AUD 1.0898 SGD to AUD 0.9176 AUD to SGD
SGD BDT 62.5786 SGD to BDT 0.016 BDT to SGD
SGD CNY 5.111 SGD to CNY 0.1957 CNY to SGD
SGD INR 52.5534 SGD to INR 0.019 INR to SGD
SGD IDR 10051.3192 SGD to IDR 0.0001 IDR to SGD
SGD JPY 80.338 SGD to JPY 0.0124 JPY to SGD
SGD MYR 3.0088 SGD to MYR 0.3324 MYR to SGD
SGD MVR 11.3835 SGD to MVR 0.0878 MVR to SGD
SGD NPR 84.2313 SGD to NPR 0.0119 NPR to SGD
SGD NZD 1.1257 SGD to NZD 0.8883 NZD to SGD
SGD PKR 113.9543 SGD to PKR 0.0088 PKR to SGD
SGD PGK 2.5135 SGD to PGK 0.3979 PGK to SGD
SGD PHP 37.4193 SGD to PHP 0.0267 PHP to SGD
SGD SCR 10.0942 SGD to SCR 0.0991 SCR to SGD
SGD KRW 867.0725 SGD to KRW 0.0012 KRW to SGD
SGD LKR 133.8241 SGD to LKR 0.0075 LKR to SGD
SGD TWD 22.1724 SGD to TWD 0.0451 TWD to SGD
SGD THB 22.6801 SGD to THB 0.0441 THB to SGD
Updated: 2020-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 SGD Conversion in currency Conversion
SGD BHD 0.2777 SGD to BHD 3.6004 BHD to SGD
SGD EGP 11.6223 SGD to EGP 0.086 EGP to SGD
SGD HKD 5.7309 SGD to HKD 0.1745 HKD to SGD
SGD ILS 2.5495 SGD to ILS 0.3922 ILS to SGD
SGD JOD 0.5224 SGD to JOD 1.9141 JOD to SGD
SGD KWD 0.2238 SGD to KWD 4.4683 KWD to SGD
SGD LBP 1114.5124 SGD to LBP 0.0009 LBP to SGD
SGD OMR 0.2837 SGD to OMR 3.5253 OMR to SGD
SGD QAR 2.6827 SGD to QAR 0.3728 QAR to SGD
SGD SAR 2.7644 SGD to SAR 0.3617 SAR to SGD
SGD AED 2.7062 SGD to AED 0.3695 AED to SGD
SGD YER 184.4603 SGD to YER 0.0054 YER to SGD
Updated: 2020-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 SGD Conversion in currency Conversion
SGD DZD 88.4637 SGD to DZD 0.0113 DZD to SGD
SGD KES 74.3809 SGD to KES 0.0134 KES to SGD
SGD MUR 27.1474 SGD to MUR 0.0368 MUR to SGD
SGD MAD 7.107 SGD to MAD 0.1407 MAD to SGD
SGD NAD 10.7791 SGD to NAD 0.0928 NAD to SGD
SGD NIO 24.8669 SGD to NIO 0.0402 NIO to SGD
SGD NGN 267.1166 SGD to NGN 0.0037 NGN to SGD
SGD SLL 7147.0598 SGD to SLL 0.0001 SLL to SGD
SGD ZAR 10.7376 SGD to ZAR 0.0931 ZAR to SGD
SGD TZS 1698.7169 SGD to TZS 0.0006 TZS to SGD
SGD TND 2.087 SGD to TND 0.4792 TND to SGD
SGD UGX 2714.1288 SGD to UGX 0.0004 UGX to SGD
SGD XOF 438.5818 SGD to XOF 0.0023 XOF to SGD
SGD ZMK 6632.1704 SGD to ZMK 0.0002 ZMK to SGD

Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Sign $ or S$
1 Singapore Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents.

The official currency of Singapore is the Singapore Dollar. The dollar, abbreviated SGD or $ is subdivided into 100 cents. Banknotes are issued in denominations of $2, $5, $10, $50, $100, $1,000 and $10,000. Coins are issued in denominations of 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and 1 dollar. The Singapore dollar is pegged at par with the Brunei dollar and both can be used in either country.

Coins used:
-frequently 5, 10, 20, 50 cents, $1
-rarely 1 cent (not issued anymore but still usable), $5

Banknotes used:
-frequently $2, $5, $10, $50, $100 & $1,000
-rarely $20, $25, $10,000

Central Bank
Monetary Authority of Singapore
There are currency exchange booths located conveniently around virtually all shopping malls. These booths tend to offer lower rates and better operating hours than most banks. Booths are also offered at airports but the rates tend to be a bit steeper. Most department stores will accept foreign currency as payments although they tend to charge a rather large fee for the transaction. Hotels offer foreign currency exchange as well. Those planning to visit Singapore can check with their hotel for official rates to be sure that they are getting the lowest rate. Many hotels also accept major credit cards including American Express, MasterCard and Visa.

ATMs are located next to banks and at most shopping centers as well. ATMs typically accept MasterCard and Visa along with Plus or Cirrus cards. Large department stores will accept foreign currency and some will cash traveler’s checks for a fair rate. Most department stores however will not accept traveler’s checks but these can be cashed at virtually all exchange booths for a small commission. Money changers also offer foreign currency exchange but most have higher rates than large department stores and banks. Banks are typically open from 9:30 am until 3 pm from Monday through Friday and from 9:30 am until noon on Saturday.

There are currently no restrictions placed on importing and exporting the Singapore dollar or foreign currencies. The US Dollar is accepted widely throughout Singapore and many retailers also take the euro for payment. It is important to note however that these transactions may cost a fee. Be sure that you check rates and foreign currency exchange policies for hotels, restaurants and shopping centers before you pay with foreign currency. Rates for currency exchange from foreign money into the Singapore dollar are typically listed in newspapers and can be found online as well. Check around for the best rate which will likely come from an official bank or any of the various foreign currency exchange offices found around the country.

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