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Singapore Dollar (SGD) Exchange Rates on 01st August 2021 (01/08/2021)

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Exchange rates for Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Updated: 2021-08-01
Convert from Convert to 1 SGD Conversion in currency Conversion
SGD GBP 0.531 SGD to GBP 1.8832 GBP to SGD
SGD BGN 1.218 SGD to BGN 0.821 BGN to SGD
SGD HRK 4.6668 SGD to HRK 0.2143 HRK to SGD
SGD CZK 15.8629 SGD to CZK 0.063 CZK to SGD
SGD DKK 4.6279 SGD to DKK 0.2161 DKK to SGD
SGD HUF 222.924 SGD to HUF 0.0045 HUF to SGD
SGD KZT 314.1848 SGD to KZT 0.0032 KZT to SGD
SGD LVL 0.4466 SGD to LVL 2.239 LVL to SGD
SGD Flag of North Macedonia MKD 38.1711 SGD to MKD 0.0262 MKD to SGD
SGD MDL 13.2159 SGD to MDL 0.0757 MDL to SGD
SGD id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 6.5102 SGD to NOK 0.1536 NOK to SGD
SGD PLN 2.8418 SGD to PLN 0.3519 PLN to SGD
SGD RON 3.0581 SGD to RON 0.327 RON to SGD
SGD RUB 54.011 SGD to RUB 0.0185 RUB to SGD
SGD Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 SGD to SKK 0 SKK to SGD
SGD SEK 6.3462 SGD to SEK 0.1576 SEK to SGD
SGD CHF 0.6686 SGD to CHF 1.4958 CHF to SGD
SGD TRY 6.2422 SGD to TRY 0.1602 TRY to SGD
SGD UAH 19.8104 SGD to UAH 0.0505 UAH to SGD
Updated: 2021-08-01
Convert from Convert to 1 SGD Conversion in currency Conversion
SGD ARS 71.4168 SGD to ARS 0.014 ARS to SGD
SGD BOB 5.098 SGD to BOB 0.1962 BOB to SGD
SGD BRL 3.8461 SGD to BRL 0.26 BRL to SGD
SGD Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.9213 SGD to CAD 1.0854 CAD to SGD
SGD KYD 0.6153 SGD to KYD 1.6253 KYD to SGD
SGD CLP 558.6844 SGD to CLP 0.0018 CLP to SGD
SGD COP 2863.384 SGD to COP 0.0003 COP to SGD
SGD CRC 457.5943 SGD to CRC 0.0022 CRC to SGD
SGD DOP 42.0987 SGD to DOP 0.0238 DOP to SGD
SGD SVC 6.4605 SGD to SVC 0.1548 SVC to SGD
SGD FJD 1.5389 SGD to FJD 0.6498 FJD to SGD
SGD HNL 17.5167 SGD to HNL 0.0571 HNL to SGD
SGD Flag of Jamaica JMD 114.4976 SGD to JMD 0.0087 JMD to SGD
SGD MXN 14.68 SGD to MXN 0.0681 MXN to SGD
SGD ANG 1.3253 SGD to ANG 0.7546 ANG to SGD