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Australian Dollar (AUD) Exchange Rates on 24th May 2022 (24/05/2022)

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Exchange rates for Australian Dollar (AUD)

Updated: 2022-05-24
Convert from Convert to 1 AUD Conversion in currency Conversion
AUD GBP 0.564 AUD to GBP 1.7731 GBP to AUD
AUD BGN 1.2991 AUD to BGN 0.7698 BGN to AUD
AUD HRK 4.9984 AUD to HRK 0.2001 HRK to AUD
AUD CZK 16.3565 AUD to CZK 0.0611 CZK to AUD
AUD DKK 4.9394 AUD to DKK 0.2025 DKK to AUD
AUD HUF 253.7548 AUD to HUF 0.0039 HUF to AUD
AUD KZT 299.4157 AUD to KZT 0.0033 KZT to AUD
AUD LVL 0.4287 AUD to LVL 2.3328 LVL to AUD
AUD Flag of North Macedonia MKD 40.9229 AUD to MKD 0.0244 MKD to AUD
AUD MDL 13.5789 AUD to MDL 0.0736 MDL to AUD
AUD id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 6.8163 AUD to NOK 0.1467 NOK to AUD
AUD PLN 3.0623 AUD to PLN 0.3266 PLN to AUD
AUD RON 3.2842 AUD to RON 0.3045 RON to AUD
AUD RUB 41.8878 AUD to RUB 0.0239 RUB to AUD
AUD Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 AUD to SKK 0 SKK to AUD
AUD SEK 6.9744 AUD to SEK 0.1434 SEK to AUD
AUD CHF 0.6848 AUD to CHF 1.4602 CHF to AUD
AUD TRY 11.3099 AUD to TRY 0.0884 TRY to AUD
AUD UAH 20.9488 AUD to UAH 0.0477 UAH to AUD
Updated: 2022-05-24
Convert from Convert to 1 AUD Conversion in currency Conversion
AUD ARS 84.2622 AUD to ARS 0.0119 ARS to AUD
AUD BOB 4.8749 AUD to BOB 0.2051 BOB to AUD
AUD BRL 3.4126 AUD to BRL 0.293 BRL to AUD
AUD Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.9073 AUD to CAD 1.1022 CAD to AUD
AUD KYD 0.5909 AUD to KYD 1.6923 KYD to AUD
AUD CLP 588.5344 AUD to CLP 0.0017 CLP to AUD
AUD COP 2808.6834 AUD to COP 0.0004 COP to AUD
AUD CRC 475.9781 AUD to CRC 0.0021 CRC to AUD
AUD DOP 39.1499 AUD to DOP 0.0255 DOP to AUD
AUD SVC 6.2048 AUD to SVC 0.1612 SVC to AUD
AUD FJD 1.5303 AUD to FJD 0.6535 FJD to AUD
AUD HNL 17.4219 AUD to HNL 0.0574 HNL to AUD
AUD Flag of Jamaica JMD 109.7334 AUD to JMD 0.0091 JMD to AUD
AUD MXN 14.1148 AUD to MXN 0.0708 MXN to AUD
AUD ANG 1.2779 AUD to ANG 0.7825 ANG to AUD
AUD PYG 4844.8578 AUD to PYG 0.0002 PYG to AUD