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Australian Dollar (AUD) Exchange Rates on 01st April 2020 (01/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for Australian Dollar (AUD)

Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 AUD Conversion in currency Conversion
AUD GBP 0.4918 AUD to GBP 2.0333 GBP to AUD
AUD BGN 1.0782 AUD to BGN 0.9274 BGN to AUD
AUD HRK 4.2164 AUD to HRK 0.2372 HRK to AUD
AUD CZK 15.1573 AUD to CZK 0.066 CZK to AUD
AUD DKK 4.1276 AUD to DKK 0.2423 DKK to AUD
AUD HUF 200.0844 AUD to HUF 0.005 HUF to AUD
AUD KZT 270.5353 AUD to KZT 0.0037 KZT to AUD
AUD LVL 0.3675 AUD to LVL 2.7208 LVL to AUD
AUD MKD 34.0793 AUD to MKD 0.0293 MKD to AUD
AUD MDL 11.0355 AUD to MDL 0.0906 MDL to AUD
AUD NOK 6.3638 AUD to NOK 0.1571 NOK to AUD
AUD PLN 2.5285 AUD to PLN 0.3955 PLN to AUD
AUD RON 2.6736 AUD to RON 0.374 RON to AUD
AUD RUB 48.0354 AUD to RUB 0.0208 RUB to AUD
AUD SEK 6.0767 AUD to SEK 0.1646 SEK to AUD
AUD CHF 0.5853 AUD to CHF 1.7085 CHF to AUD
AUD TRY 4.0284 AUD to TRY 0.2482 TRY to AUD
AUD UAH 16.7313 AUD to UAH 0.0598 UAH to AUD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 AUD Conversion in currency Conversion
AUD ARS 39.0853 AUD to ARS 0.0256 ARS to AUD
AUD BOB 4.1579 AUD to BOB 0.2405 BOB to AUD
AUD BRL 3.1628 AUD to BRL 0.3162 BRL to AUD
AUD CAD 0.8616 AUD to CAD 1.1607 CAD to AUD
AUD KYD 0.5025 AUD to KYD 1.99 KYD to AUD
AUD CLP 521.517 AUD to CLP 0.0019 CLP to AUD
AUD COP 2466.3146 AUD to COP 0.0004 COP to AUD
AUD CRC 350.6696 AUD to CRC 0.0029 CRC to AUD
AUD DOP 32.4854 AUD to DOP 0.0308 DOP to AUD
AUD SVC 5.2763 AUD to SVC 0.1895 SVC to AUD
AUD FJD 1.3898 AUD to FJD 0.7195 FJD to AUD
AUD HNL 14.9215 AUD to HNL 0.067 HNL to AUD
AUD JMD 81.6085 AUD to JMD 0.0123 JMD to AUD
AUD MXN 14.5783 AUD to MXN 0.0686 MXN to AUD
AUD ANG 1.0794 AUD to ANG 0.9264 ANG to AUD
AUD PYG 3968.3132 AUD to PYG 0.0003 PYG to AUD
AUD PEN 2.072 AUD to PEN 0.4826 PEN to AUD
AUD TTD 4.0745 AUD to TTD 0.2454 TTD to AUD
AUD USD 0.6076 AUD to USD 1.6458 USD to AUD
AUD UYU 26.4548 AUD to UYU 0.0378 UYU to AUD
AUD VEF 6.0686 AUD to VEF 0.1648 VEF to AUD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 AUD Conversion in currency Conversion
AUD BDT 51.225 AUD to BDT 0.0195 BDT to AUD
AUD BND 0.8597 AUD to BND 1.1632 BND to AUD
AUD CNY 4.3134 AUD to CNY 0.2318 CNY to AUD
AUD INR 46.1394 AUD to INR 0.0217 INR to AUD
AUD IDR 10119.2364 AUD to IDR 0.0001 IDR to AUD
AUD JPY 65.3489 AUD to JPY 0.0153 JPY to AUD
AUD MYR 2.6447 AUD to MYR 0.3781 MYR to AUD
AUD MVR 9.3578 AUD to MVR 0.1069 MVR to AUD
AUD NPR 72.7457 AUD to NPR 0.0137 NPR to AUD
AUD NZD 1.0273 AUD to NZD 0.9734 NZD to AUD
AUD PKR 100.1346 AUD to PKR 0.01 PKR to AUD
AUD PGK 2.0925 AUD to PGK 0.4779 PGK to AUD
AUD PHP 30.9098 AUD to PHP 0.0324 PHP to AUD
AUD SCR 8.3607 AUD to SCR 0.1196 SCR to AUD
AUD SGD 0.8701 AUD to SGD 1.1493 SGD to AUD
AUD KRW 747.6181 AUD to KRW 0.0013 KRW to AUD
AUD LKR 114.1237 AUD to LKR 0.0088 LKR to AUD
AUD TWD 18.4102 AUD to TWD 0.0543 TWD to AUD
AUD THB 20.0512 AUD to THB 0.0499 THB to AUD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 AUD Conversion in currency Conversion
AUD BHD 0.2291 AUD to BHD 4.3649 BHD to AUD
AUD EGP 9.5696 AUD to EGP 0.1045 EGP to AUD
AUD HKD 4.7098 AUD to HKD 0.2123 HKD to AUD
AUD ILS 2.1614 AUD to ILS 0.4627 ILS to AUD
AUD JOD 0.4308 AUD to JOD 2.3213 JOD to AUD
AUD KWD 0.1902 AUD to KWD 5.2588 KWD to AUD
AUD LBP 911.7895 AUD to LBP 0.0011 LBP to AUD
AUD OMR 0.2336 AUD to OMR 4.2803 OMR to AUD
AUD QAR 2.212 AUD to QAR 0.4521 QAR to AUD
AUD SAR 2.2877 AUD to SAR 0.4371 SAR to AUD
AUD AED 2.2318 AUD to AED 0.4481 AED to AUD
AUD YER 152.1171 AUD to YER 0.0066 YER to AUD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 AUD Conversion in currency Conversion
AUD DZD 75.8438 AUD to DZD 0.0132 DZD to AUD
AUD KES 63.8913 AUD to KES 0.0157 KES to AUD
AUD MUR 23.8203 AUD to MUR 0.042 MUR to AUD
AUD MAD 6.1165 AUD to MAD 0.1635 MAD to AUD
AUD NAD 10.8143 AUD to NAD 0.0925 NAD to AUD
AUD NIO 20.3441 AUD to NIO 0.0492 NIO to AUD
AUD NGN 222.9954 AUD to NGN 0.0045 NGN to AUD
AUD SLL 5909.0647 AUD to SLL 0.0002 SLL to AUD
AUD ZAR 10.9764 AUD to ZAR 0.0911 ZAR to AUD
AUD TZS 1404.0225 AUD to TZS 0.0007 TZS to AUD
AUD TND 1.7396 AUD to TND 0.5748 TND to AUD
AUD UGX 2285.5256 AUD to UGX 0.0004 UGX to AUD
AUD XOF 361.2825 AUD to XOF 0.0028 XOF to AUD
AUD ZMK 5469.2856 AUD to ZMK 0.0002 ZMK to AUD

Australian Dollar (AUD)

Australian Dollar Sign: AU$
1 Australian Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents.

The Australian Dollar is the official currency of Australia and it is used in Tuvalu (alongside Tuvaluan dollar), Nauru, Kiribati (alongside Kiribati dollar) and 7 Aussie territories (Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Australian Antarctic Territory, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Coral Sea Islands, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Norfolk Island.
The ISO-4217 code for the Australian Dollar is AUD, and the currency symbol is AU$.

Coins used:
- 5, 10, 20, 50 cents, $1, $2 Australian Dollars

Banknotes used:
- $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 Australian Dollars

Central Bank
Reserve Bank of Australia

The AUD was first introduced in 14 February 1966 and replaced Australian Pound at a rate of 1 Australian Dollar = 0.5 Australian Pound.

Australian Dollar is a high volatility, freely traded currency, and because of this became the 6th most traded currency in the world. The Aussie, as many call it, is not considered a reserve currency, but it is attractive because the central bank is dormant on the market and the Australian government and economy are stable.

The Australian Dollar (AUD) is highly influenced by commodities (minerals, agricultural products), meaning that Aussie experiences a high variation through the year; going up at the end of harvests/when Australia exports raw materials and downhill when mineral prices are hit. The value of the AUD is also influenced by the close relationship between the country and Asian material importers, China being the most important player.

The first time in its freely traded currency history when the AU dollar reached parity with the USD was on 15 October 2010. On 27 July 2011 the Australian Dollar was at its peak against the USD, trading at $1.1080. Some forecasted that by 2014, the AUD could rise to 1.70 USD.

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