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Australian Dollar (AUD) Exchange Rates on 29th March 2023 (29/03/2023)

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Exchange rates for Australian Dollar (AUD)

Updated: 2023-03-29
Convert from Convert to 1 AUD Conversion in currency Conversion
AUD AUD GBP GBP 0.5432 AUD to GBP 1.8408 GBP to AUD
AUD AUD BGN BGN 1.2099 AUD to BGN 0.8265 BGN to AUD
AUD AUD HRK HRK 4.6963 AUD to HRK 0.2129 HRK to AUD
AUD AUD CZK CZK 14.7231 AUD to CZK 0.0679 CZK to AUD
AUD AUD DKK DKK 4.6107 AUD to DKK 0.2169 DKK to AUD
AUD AUD HUF HUF 238.7798 AUD to HUF 0.0042 HUF to AUD
AUD AUD KZT KZT 306.1549 AUD to KZT 0.0033 KZT to AUD
AUD AUD LVL LVL 0.4048 AUD to LVL 2.4706 LVL to AUD
AUD AUD MKD MKD 38.1851 AUD to MKD 0.0262 MKD to AUD
AUD AUD MDL MDL 12.3606 AUD to MDL 0.0809 MDL to AUD
AUD AUD NOK NOK 6.9693 AUD to NOK 0.1435 NOK to AUD
AUD AUD PLN PLN 2.8989 AUD to PLN 0.345 PLN to AUD
AUD AUD RON RON 3.0581 AUD to RON 0.327 RON to AUD
AUD AUD RUB RUB 51.2136 AUD to RUB 0.0195 RUB to AUD
AUD AUD SEK SEK 6.9324 AUD to SEK 0.1442 SEK to AUD
AUD AUD CHF CHF 0.6114 AUD to CHF 1.6355 CHF to AUD
AUD AUD TRY TRY 12.7779 AUD to TRY 0.0783 TRY to AUD
AUD AUD UAH UAH 24.7028 AUD to UAH 0.0405 UAH to AUD
Updated: 2023-03-29
Convert from Convert to 1 AUD Conversion in currency Conversion
AUD AUD ARS ARS 138.7706 AUD to ARS 0.0072 ARS to AUD
AUD AUD BOB BOB 4.6211 AUD to BOB 0.2164 BOB to AUD
AUD AUD BRL BRL 3.478 AUD to BRL 0.2875 BRL to AUD
AUD AUD CAD CAD 0.9125 AUD to CAD 1.0959 CAD to AUD
AUD AUD KYD KYD 0.5574 AUD to KYD 1.7939 KYD to AUD
AUD AUD CLP CLP 539.49 AUD to CLP 0.0019 CLP to AUD
AUD AUD COP COP 3129.6188 AUD to COP 0.0003 COP to AUD
AUD AUD CRC CRC 361.9602 AUD to CRC 0.0028 CRC to AUD
AUD AUD DOP DOP 36.6362 AUD to DOP 0.0273 DOP to AUD
AUD AUD SVC SVC 5.8515 AUD to SVC 0.1709 SVC to AUD
AUD AUD FJD FJD 1.4792 AUD to FJD 0.6761 FJD to AUD
AUD AUD HNL HNL 16.4945 AUD to HNL 0.0606 HNL to AUD
AUD AUD JMD JMD 101.1772 AUD to JMD 0.0099 JMD to AUD
AUD AUD MXN MXN 12.2592 AUD to MXN 0.0816 MXN to AUD
AUD AUD ANG ANG 1.2053 AUD to ANG 0.8297 ANG to AUD
AUD AUD PYG PYG 4791.1393 AUD to PYG 0.0002 PYG to AUD
AUD AUD PEN PEN 2.5207 AUD to PEN 0.3967 PEN to AUD
AUD AUD TTD TTD 4.5495 AUD to TTD 0.2198 TTD to AUD
AUD AUD USD USD 0.6692 AUD to USD 1.4944 USD to AUD
AUD AUD UYU UYU 25.9164 AUD to UYU 0.0386 UYU to AUD
AUD AUD VEF VEF 1628873.2394 AUD to VEF 0 VEF to AUD
Updated: 2023-03-29
Convert from Convert to 1 AUD Conversion in currency Conversion
AUD AUD BDT BDT 70.2794 AUD to BDT 0.0142 BDT to AUD
AUD AUD BND BND 0.8911 AUD to BND 1.1222 BND to AUD
AUD AUD CNY CNY 4.6049 AUD to CNY 0.2172 CNY to AUD
AUD AUD INR INR 55.0004 AUD to INR 0.0182 INR to AUD
AUD AUD IDR IDR 10090.134 AUD to IDR 0.0001 IDR to AUD
AUD AUD JPY JPY 87.3863 AUD to JPY 0.0114 JPY to AUD
AUD AUD MYR MYR 2.9423 AUD to MYR 0.3399 MYR to AUD
AUD AUD MVR MVR 10.318 AUD to MVR 0.0969 MVR to AUD
AUD AUD NPR NPR 88.1202 AUD to NPR 0.0113 NPR to AUD
AUD AUD NZD NZD 1.0734 AUD to NZD 0.9316 NZD to AUD
AUD AUD PKR PKR 189.8045 AUD to PKR 0.0053 PKR to AUD
AUD AUD PGK PGK 2.3551 AUD to PGK 0.4246 PGK to AUD
AUD AUD PHP PHP 36.3667 AUD to PHP 0.0275 PHP to AUD
AUD AUD SCR SCR 9.2705 AUD to SCR 0.1079 SCR to AUD
AUD AUD SGD SGD 0.8888 AUD to SGD 1.1251 SGD to AUD
AUD AUD KRW KRW 868.2145 AUD to KRW 0.0012 KRW to AUD
AUD AUD LKR LKR 217.4037 AUD to LKR 0.0046 LKR to AUD
AUD AUD TWD TWD 20.2943 AUD to TWD 0.0493 TWD to AUD
AUD AUD THB THB 22.9383 AUD to THB 0.0436 THB to AUD
Updated: 2023-03-29
Convert from Convert to 1 AUD Conversion in currency Conversion
AUD AUD BHD BHD 0.2523 AUD to BHD 3.9635 BHD to AUD
AUD AUD EGP EGP 20.674 AUD to EGP 0.0484 EGP to AUD
AUD AUD HKD HKD 5.2528 AUD to HKD 0.1904 HKD to AUD
AUD AUD ILS ILS 2.4029 AUD to ILS 0.4162 ILS to AUD
AUD AUD JOD JOD 0.4747 AUD to JOD 2.1066 JOD to AUD
AUD AUD KWD KWD 0.205 AUD to KWD 4.8777 KWD to AUD
AUD AUD LBP LBP 10211.2575 AUD to LBP 0.0001 LBP to AUD
AUD AUD OMR OMR 0.2577 AUD to OMR 3.8812 OMR to AUD
AUD AUD QAR QAR 2.4364 AUD to QAR 0.4104 QAR to AUD
AUD AUD SAR SAR 2.5132 AUD to SAR 0.3979 SAR to AUD
AUD AUD AED AED 2.457 AUD to AED 0.407 AED to AUD
AUD AUD YER YER 167.4889 AUD to YER 0.006 YER to AUD
Updated: 2023-03-29
Convert from Convert to 1 AUD Conversion in currency Conversion
AUD AUD DZD DZD 90.8731 AUD to DZD 0.011 DZD to AUD
AUD AUD KES KES 88.0516 AUD to KES 0.0114 KES to AUD
AUD AUD MUR MUR 30.7813 AUD to MUR 0.0325 MUR to AUD
AUD AUD MAD MAD 6.8672 AUD to MAD 0.1456 MAD to AUD
AUD AUD NAD NAD 12.2385 AUD to NAD 0.0817 NAD to AUD
AUD AUD NIO NIO 24.4226 AUD to NIO 0.0409 NIO to AUD
AUD AUD NGN NGN 308.0816 AUD to NGN 0.0032 NGN to AUD
AUD AUD SLL SLL 13215.6991 AUD to SLL 0.0001 SLL to AUD
AUD AUD ZAR ZAR 12.2078 AUD to ZAR 0.0819 ZAR to AUD
AUD AUD TZS TZS 1560.4655 AUD to TZS 0.0006 TZS to AUD
AUD AUD TND TND 2.0844 AUD to TND 0.4798 TND to AUD
AUD AUD UGX UGX 2523.2336 AUD to UGX 0.0004 UGX to AUD
AUD AUD XOF XOF 407.8498 AUD to XOF 0.0025 XOF to AUD
AUD AUD ZMK ZMK 6023.1607 AUD to ZMK 0.0002 ZMK to AUD

Australian Dollar (AUD)

Australian Dollar Sign: AU$
1 Australian Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents.

The Australian Dollar is the official currency of Australia and it is used in Tuvalu (alongside Tuvaluan dollar), Nauru, Kiribati (alongside Kiribati dollar) and 7 Aussie territories (Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Australian Antarctic Territory, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Coral Sea Islands, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Norfolk Island.
The ISO-4217 code for the Australian Dollar is AUD, and the currency symbol is AU$.

Coins used:
- 5, 10, 20, 50 cents, $1, $2 Australian Dollars

Banknotes used:
- $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 Australian Dollars

Central Bank
Reserve Bank of Australia

The AUD was first introduced in 14 February 1966 and replaced Australian Pound at a rate of 1 Australian Dollar = 0.5 Australian Pound.

Australian Dollar is a high volatility, freely traded currency, and because of this became the 6th most traded currency in the world. The Aussie, as many call it, is not considered a reserve currency, but it is attractive because the central bank is dormant on the market and the Australian government and economy are stable.

The Australian Dollar (AUD) is highly influenced by commodities (minerals, agricultural products), meaning that Aussie experiences a high variation through the year; going up at the end of harvests/when Australia exports raw materials and downhill when mineral prices are hit. The value of the AUD is also influenced by the close relationship between the country and Asian material importers, China being the most important player.

The first time in its freely traded currency history when the AU dollar reached parity with the USD was on 15 October 2010. On 27 July 2011 the Australian Dollar was at its peak against the USD, trading at $1.1080. Some forecasted that by 2014, the AUD could rise to 1.70 USD.

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