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New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) Exchange Rates on 11th April 2021 (11/04/2021)

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Exchange rates for New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)

Updated: 2021-04-11
Convert from Convert to 1 TWD Conversion in currency Conversion
TWD GBP 0.0256 TWD to GBP 39.0906 GBP to TWD
TWD BGN 0.0576 TWD to BGN 17.3572 BGN to TWD
TWD HRK 0.2234 TWD to HRK 4.4758 HRK to TWD
TWD CZK 0.7665 TWD to CZK 1.3046 CZK to TWD
TWD DKK 0.2192 TWD to DKK 4.5629 DKK to TWD
TWD HUF 10.5357 TWD to HUF 0.0949 HUF to TWD
TWD KZT 15.1772 TWD to KZT 0.0659 KZT to TWD
TWD LVL 0.0212 TWD to LVL 47.1418 LVL to TWD
TWD Flag of North Macedonia MKD 1.8156 TWD to MKD 0.5508 MKD to TWD
TWD MDL 0.6268 TWD to MDL 1.5953 MDL to TWD
TWD id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.2983 TWD to NOK 3.3526 NOK to TWD
TWD PLN 0.1339 TWD to PLN 7.4678 PLN to TWD
TWD RON 0.145 TWD to RON 6.8953 RON to TWD
TWD RUB 2.7147 TWD to RUB 0.3684 RUB to TWD
TWD Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 TWD to SKK 0 SKK to TWD
TWD SEK 0.2995 TWD to SEK 3.3393 SEK to TWD
TWD CHF 0.0324 TWD to CHF 30.8327 CHF to TWD
TWD TRY 0.2862 TWD to TRY 3.4937 TRY to TWD
TWD UAH 0.9776 TWD to UAH 1.0229 UAH to TWD
Updated: 2021-04-11
Convert from Convert to 1 TWD Conversion in currency Conversion
TWD ARS 3.2323 TWD to ARS 0.3094 ARS to TWD
TWD BOB 0.2418 TWD to BOB 4.1356 BOB to TWD
TWD BRL 0.1996 TWD to BRL 5.0092 BRL to TWD
TWD Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0439 TWD to CAD 22.7588 CAD to TWD
TWD KYD 0.0292 TWD to KYD 34.2683 KYD to TWD
TWD CLP 25.038 TWD to CLP 0.0399 CLP to TWD
TWD COP 128.3333 TWD to COP 0.0078 COP to TWD
TWD CRC 21.4475 TWD to CRC 0.0466 CRC to TWD
TWD DOP 1.9965 TWD to DOP 0.5009 DOP to TWD
TWD SVC 0.3064 TWD to SVC 3.2634 SVC to TWD
TWD FJD 0.0725 TWD to FJD 13.7906 FJD to TWD
TWD HNL 0.8457 TWD to HNL 1.1825 HNL to TWD
TWD Flag of Jamaica JMD 5.1659 TWD to JMD 0.1936 JMD to TWD
TWD MXN 0.7071 TWD to MXN 1.4143 MXN to TWD
TWD ANG 0.0629 TWD to ANG 15.9092 ANG to TWD
TWD PYG 218.8302 TWD to PYG 0.0046 PYG to TWD
TWD xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.1272 TWD to PEN 7.8631 PEN to TWD
TWD TTD 0.2373 TWD to TTD 4.2141 TTD to TWD
TWD USD 0.0351 TWD to USD 28.5156 USD to TWD
TWD xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">