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New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) Exchange Rates on 22nd October 2020 (22/10/2020)

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Exchange rates for New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)

Updated: 2020-10-22
Convert from Convert to 1 TWD Conversion in currency Conversion
TWD GBP 0.0269 TWD to GBP 37.2238 GBP to TWD
TWD BGN 0.0576 TWD to BGN 17.366 BGN to TWD
TWD HRK 0.2227 TWD to HRK 4.4908 HRK to TWD
TWD CZK 0.7972 TWD to CZK 1.2544 CZK to TWD
TWD DKK 0.2189 TWD to DKK 4.5678 DKK to TWD
TWD HUF 10.6652 TWD to HUF 0.0938 HUF to TWD
TWD KZT 14.9288 TWD to KZT 0.067 KZT to TWD
TWD LVL 0.0211 TWD to LVL 47.3875 LVL to TWD
TWD Flag of North Macedonia MKD 1.8165 TWD to MKD 0.5505 MKD to TWD
TWD MDL 0.5928 TWD to MDL 1.687 MDL to TWD
TWD id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.321 TWD to NOK 3.1156 NOK to TWD
TWD PLN 0.134 TWD to PLN 7.46 PLN to TWD
TWD RON 0.1434 TWD to RON 6.9719 RON to TWD
TWD RUB 2.6906 TWD to RUB 0.3717 RUB to TWD
TWD Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 TWD to SKK 0 SKK to TWD
TWD SEK 0.3036 TWD to SEK 3.2937 SEK to TWD
TWD CHF 0.0316 TWD to CHF 31.6876 CHF to TWD
TWD TRY 0.2731 TWD to TRY 3.6616 TRY to TWD
TWD UAH 0.9881 TWD to UAH 1.012 UAH to TWD
Updated: 2020-10-22
Convert from Convert to 1 TWD Conversion in currency Conversion
TWD ARS 2.7082 TWD to ARS 0.3692 ARS to TWD
TWD BOB 0.2401 TWD to BOB 4.1643 BOB to TWD
TWD BRL 0.1956 TWD to BRL 5.1132 BRL to TWD
TWD Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0457 TWD to CAD 21.8986 CAD to TWD
TWD KYD 0.029 TWD to KYD 34.4572 KYD to TWD
TWD CLP 27.4209 TWD to CLP 0.0365 CLP to TWD
TWD COP 133.4068 TWD to COP 0.0075 COP to TWD
TWD CRC 20.997 TWD to CRC 0.0476 CRC to TWD
TWD DOP 2.0315 TWD to DOP 0.4923 DOP to TWD
TWD SVC 0.3047 TWD to SVC 3.2817 SVC to TWD
TWD FJD 0.0748 TWD to FJD 13.3745 FJD to TWD
TWD HNL 0.8568 TWD to HNL 1.1671 HNL to TWD
TWD Flag of Jamaica JMD 5.0674 TWD to JMD 0.1973 JMD to TWD
TWD MXN 0.7339 TWD to MXN 1.3626 MXN to TWD
TWD ANG 0.0625 TWD to ANG 15.9963 ANG to TWD
TWD PYG 244.8038 TWD to PYG 0.0041 PYG to TWD
TWD xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.1251 TWD to PEN 7.9968 PEN to TWD
TWD TTD 0.2362 TWD to TTD 4.233 TTD to TWD
TWD USD 0.0349 TWD to USD 28.6642 USD to TWD
TWD xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">