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Botswanan Pula (BWP) Exchange Rates on 07th March 2021 (07/03/2021)

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Exchange rates for Botswanan Pula (BWP)

Updated: 2021-03-07
Convert from Convert to 1 BWP Conversion in currency Conversion
BWP GBP 0.0649 BWP to GBP 15.4133 GBP to BWP
BWP BGN 0.1474 BWP to BGN 6.7854 BGN to BWP
BWP HRK 0.5707 BWP to HRK 1.7522 HRK to BWP
BWP CZK 1.9837 BWP to CZK 0.5041 CZK to BWP
BWP DKK 0.5605 BWP to DKK 1.7842 DKK to BWP
BWP HUF 27.6852 BWP to HUF 0.0361 HUF to BWP
BWP KZT 37.6851 BWP to KZT 0.0265 KZT to BWP
BWP LVL 0.0544 BWP to LVL 18.3952 LVL to BWP
BWP Flag of North Macedonia MKD 4.5807 BWP to MKD 0.2183 MKD to BWP
BWP MDL 1.5678 BWP to MDL 0.6378 MDL to BWP
BWP id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.7609 BWP to NOK 1.3142 NOK to BWP
BWP PLN 0.3346 BWP to PLN 2.9885 PLN to BWP
BWP RON 0.3625 BWP to RON 2.7589 RON to BWP
BWP RUB 6.6287 BWP to RUB 0.1509 RUB to BWP
BWP Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 BWP to SKK 0 SKK to BWP
BWP SEK 0.7465 BWP to SEK 1.3396 SEK to BWP
BWP CHF 0.0836 BWP to CHF 11.9625 CHF to BWP
BWP TRY 0.6769 BWP to TRY 1.4773 TRY to BWP
BWP UAH 2.4998 BWP to UAH 0.4 UAH to BWP
Updated: 2021-03-07
Convert from Convert to 1 BWP Conversion in currency Conversion
BWP ARS 8.1081 BWP to ARS 0.1233 ARS to BWP
BWP BOB 0.6188 BWP to BOB 1.6159 BOB to BWP
BWP BRL 0.511 BWP to BRL 1.9569 BRL to BWP
BWP Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.1136 BWP to CAD 8.8009 CAD to BWP
BWP KYD 0.0753 BWP to KYD 13.2733 KYD to BWP
BWP CLP 65.8544 BWP to CLP 0.0152 CLP to BWP
BWP COP 326.411 BWP to COP 0.0031 COP to BWP
BWP CRC 54.9656 BWP to CRC 0.0182 CRC to BWP
BWP DOP 5.1994 BWP to DOP 0.1923 DOP to BWP
BWP SVC 0.7854 BWP to SVC 1.2733 SVC to BWP
BWP FJD 0.1832 BWP to FJD 5.4581 FJD to BWP
BWP HNL 2.1865 BWP to HNL 0.4574 HNL to BWP
BWP Flag of Jamaica JMD 13.4213 BWP to JMD 0.0745 JMD to BWP
BWP MXN 1.8157 BWP to MXN 0.5508 MXN to BWP
BWP ANG 0.1611 BWP to ANG 6.2071 ANG to BWP
BWP PYG 602.5011 BWP to PYG 0.0017 PYG to BWP
BWP xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.3295 BWP to PEN 3.035 PEN to BWP
BWP TTD 0.6092 BWP to TTD 1.6414 TTD to BWP
BWP USD 0.0898 BWP to USD 11.13 USD to BWP
BWP xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> UYU 3.8784 BWP to UYU 0.2578 UYU to BWP