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Colombian Peso (COP) Exchange Rates on 07th April 2020 (07/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for Colombian Peso (COP)

Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 COP Conversion in currency Conversion
COP GBP 0.0002 COP to GBP 4897.5628 GBP to COP
COP BGN 0.0005 COP to BGN 2204.6992 BGN to COP
COP HRK 0.0018 COP to HRK 566.5951 HRK to COP
COP CZK 0.0064 COP to CZK 157.4454 CZK to COP
COP DKK 0.0017 COP to DKK 578.5251 DKK to COP
COP HUF 0.0838 COP to HUF 11.9305 HUF to COP
COP KZT 0.1104 COP to KZT 9.06 KZT to COP
COP LVL 0.0002 COP to LVL 6581.3669 LVL to COP
COP MKD 0.0143 COP to MKD 69.9016 MKD to COP
COP MDL 0.0047 COP to MDL 213.3224 MDL to COP
COP NOK 0.0026 COP to NOK 387.373 NOK to COP
COP PLN 0.001 COP to PLN 952.8563 PLN to COP
COP RON 0.0011 COP to RON 895.1101 RON to COP
COP RUB 0.019 COP to RUB 52.7674 RUB to COP
COP SEK 0.0025 COP to SEK 395.8243 SEK to COP
COP CHF 0.0002 COP to CHF 4082.226 CHF to COP
COP TRY 0.0017 COP to TRY 592.8319 TRY to COP
COP UAH 0.0068 COP to UAH 146.1319 UAH to COP
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 COP Conversion in currency Conversion
COP ARS 0.0163 COP to ARS 61.3296 ARS to COP
COP BOB 0.0017 COP to BOB 577.0039 BOB to COP
COP BRL 0.0013 COP to BRL 753.0793 BRL to COP
COP CAD 0.0004 COP to CAD 2835.1403 CAD to COP
COP KYD 0.0002 COP to KYD 4774.3215 KYD to COP
COP CLP 0.2142 COP to CLP 4.6693 CLP to COP
COP CRC 0.1447 COP to CRC 6.913 CRC to COP
COP DOP 0.0135 COP to DOP 73.8527 DOP to COP
COP SVC 0.0022 COP to SVC 454.6975 SVC to COP
COP FJD 0.0006 COP to FJD 1715.7262 FJD to COP
COP HNL 0.0062 COP to HNL 160.4996 HNL to COP
COP JMD 0.0339 COP to JMD 29.4699 JMD to COP
COP MXN 0.0061 COP to MXN 162.7678 MXN to COP
COP ANG 0.0004 COP to ANG 2222.5722 ANG to COP
COP PYG 1.644 COP to PYG 0.6083 PYG to COP
COP PEN 0.0009 COP to PEN 1150.5023 PEN to COP
COP TTD 0.0017 COP to TTD 588.8177 TTD to COP
COP USD 0.0003 COP to USD 3981.0017 USD to COP
COP UYU 0.0111 COP to UYU 89.953 UYU to COP
COP VEF 0.0025 COP to VEF 398.5988 VEF to COP
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 COP Conversion in currency Conversion
COP AUD 0.0004 COP to AUD 2453.8266 AUD to COP
COP BDT 0.0214 COP to BDT 46.8354 BDT to COP
COP BND 0.0004 COP to BND 2775.4063 BND to COP
COP CNY 0.0018 COP to CNY 563.4501 CNY to COP
COP INR 0.019 COP to INR 52.5875 INR to COP
COP IDR 4.1069 COP to IDR 0.2435 IDR to COP
COP JPY 0.0273 COP to JPY 36.5754 JPY to COP
COP MYR 0.0011 COP to MYR 915.2253 MYR to COP
COP MVR 0.0039 COP to MVR 258.3385 MVR to COP
COP NPR 0.0306 COP to NPR 32.6303 NPR to COP
COP NZD 0.0004 COP to NZD 2388.5168 NZD to COP
COP PKR 0.042 COP to PKR 23.8052 PKR to COP
COP PGK 0.0009 COP to PGK 1146.6026 PGK to COP
COP PHP 0.0127 COP to PHP 78.6363 PHP to COP
COP SCR 0.0037 COP to SCR 270.8193 SCR to COP
COP SGD 0.0004 COP to SGD 2788.9837 SGD to COP
COP KRW 0.3063 COP to KRW 3.2649 KRW to COP
COP LKR 0.0486 COP to LKR 20.587 LKR to COP
COP TWD 0.0076 COP to TWD 132.0946 TWD to COP
COP THB 0.0082 COP to THB 121.498 THB to COP
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 COP Conversion in currency Conversion
COP BHD 0.0001 COP to BHD 10558.7974 BHD to COP
COP EGP 0.004 COP to EGP 252.7913 EGP to COP
COP HKD 0.0019 COP to HKD 513.4915 HKD to COP
COP ILS 0.0009 COP to ILS 1114.2762 ILS to COP
COP JOD 0.0002 COP to JOD 5615.1623 JOD to COP
COP KWD 0.0001 COP to KWD 12768.1965 KWD to COP
COP LBP 0.3801 COP to LBP 2.631 LBP to COP
COP OMR 0.0001 COP to OMR 10337.8524 OMR to COP
COP QAR 0.0009 COP to QAR 1093.3946 QAR to COP
COP SAR 0.0009 COP to SAR 1058.7603 SAR to COP
COP AED 0.0009 COP to AED 1083.7977 AED to COP
COP YER 0.0629 COP to YER 15.9017 YER to COP
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 COP Conversion in currency Conversion
COP DZD 0.0319 COP to DZD 31.3763 DZD to COP
COP KES 0.0267 COP to KES 37.4542 KES to COP
COP MUR 0.01 COP to MUR 99.8885 MUR to COP
COP MAD 0.0026 COP to MAD 386.1618 MAD to COP
COP NAD 0.0047 COP to NAD 211.1931 NAD to COP
COP NIO 0.0085 COP to NIO 117.9332 NIO to COP
COP NGN 0.0922 COP to NGN 10.8474 NGN to COP
COP SLL 2.4466 COP to SLL 0.4087 SLL to COP
COP ZAR 0.0047 COP to ZAR 215.0204 ZAR to COP
COP TZS 0.5812 COP to TZS 1.7205 TZS to COP
COP TND 0.0007 COP to TND 1362.7736 TND to COP
COP UGX 0.9464 COP to UGX 1.0567 UGX to COP
COP XOF 0.1527 COP to XOF 6.5506 XOF to COP
COP ZMK 2.261 COP to ZMK 0.4423 ZMK to COP

Colombian Peso (COP)

Sign $
1 Colombian Peso is subdivided into 100 centavos.

The official currency of Colombia is the Columbian peso which is represented by the international currency code "COP" and in monetary transactions formally with the "$" sign and informally with the "COL$" sign. Monetary policy surrounding the COP is managed by the central bank of Columbia, the Banco de la Republica, who is also responsible for both Columbian monetary policy and currency in circulation. The COP is pegged to the United States dollar (USD), the specific amount of that pegged is under constant revision in order to reflect current currency and economic markets.

Coins used:
-frequently 50, 100, 200, 500 pesos
-rarely 20 pesos

Banknotes used:
1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 pesos

Central Bank
Banco de la República
Even though each peso is officially subdivided into 100 centavo units, in practical trade and monetary circulation there are no centavo denominated coins. The current denomination of coins issued as COP are 50, 100, 200, and 500 pesos. There is a 20 pesos coin in official circulation, but it is rarely used. Banknotes are circulated in 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, and 50,000 pesos denominations.

The Columbian economy has shown a strong ability to grow when in the later years of the first decade of the 21st century annual growth reached over 7%. The workforce is split between almost 60% services, 20 % industry and 20% agriculture. Columbia has a free trade agreement with the United States and has as its major trading partners the United States, Venezuela, China, and the European Union. The primary exports from Columbia are natural resources including coffee, gold, petroleum, and agricultural production.

Columbia has a heavy foreign debt burden, is heavily weighted with public sector employment and entitlements, and has unfunded liabilities that keep it from experiencing true growth. In recent years this reliance on the public sector and debt has changed as more recent administrations work to liberate the Columbian economy from the shackles of the past and into realizing its full growth potential.

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