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Jamaican Dollar (JMD) Exchange Rates on 07th April 2020 (07/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for Jamaican Dollar (JMD)

Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 JMD Conversion in currency Conversion
JMD GBP 0.006 JMD to GBP 166.1884 GBP to JMD
JMD BGN 0.0134 JMD to BGN 74.8118 BGN to JMD
JMD HRK 0.052 JMD to HRK 19.2262 HRK to JMD
JMD CZK 0.1872 JMD to CZK 5.3426 CZK to JMD
JMD DKK 0.0509 JMD to DKK 19.631 DKK to JMD
JMD HUF 2.4701 JMD to HUF 0.4048 HUF to JMD
JMD KZT 3.2527 JMD to KZT 0.3074 KZT to JMD
JMD LVL 0.0045 JMD to LVL 223.3247 LVL to JMD
JMD MKD 0.4216 JMD to MKD 2.372 MKD to JMD
JMD MDL 0.1381 JMD to MDL 7.2386 MDL to JMD
JMD NOK 0.0761 JMD to NOK 13.1447 NOK to JMD
JMD PLN 0.0309 JMD to PLN 32.3332 PLN to JMD
JMD RON 0.0329 JMD to RON 30.3737 RON to JMD
JMD RUB 0.5585 JMD to RUB 1.7905 RUB to JMD
JMD SEK 0.0745 JMD to SEK 13.4315 SEK to JMD
JMD CHF 0.0072 JMD to CHF 138.5217 CHF to JMD
JMD TRY 0.0497 JMD to TRY 20.1165 TRY to JMD
JMD UAH 0.2017 JMD to UAH 4.9587 UAH to JMD
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 JMD Conversion in currency Conversion
JMD ARS 0.4805 JMD to ARS 2.0811 ARS to JMD
JMD BOB 0.0511 JMD to BOB 19.5794 BOB to JMD
JMD BRL 0.0391 JMD to BRL 25.5542 BRL to JMD
JMD CAD 0.0104 JMD to CAD 96.2045 CAD to JMD
JMD KYD 0.0062 JMD to KYD 162.0065 KYD to JMD
JMD CLP 6.3115 JMD to CLP 0.1584 CLP to JMD
JMD COP 29.4699 JMD to COP 0.0339 COP to JMD
JMD CRC 4.263 JMD to CRC 0.2346 CRC to JMD
JMD DOP 0.399 JMD to DOP 2.506 DOP to JMD
JMD SVC 0.0648 JMD to SVC 15.4292 SVC to JMD
JMD FJD 0.0172 JMD to FJD 58.2195 FJD to JMD
JMD HNL 0.1836 JMD to HNL 5.4462 HNL to JMD
JMD MXN 0.1811 JMD to MXN 5.5232 MXN to JMD
JMD ANG 0.0133 JMD to ANG 75.4183 ANG to JMD
JMD PYG 48.4472 JMD to PYG 0.0206 PYG to JMD
JMD PEN 0.0256 JMD to PEN 39.0399 PEN to JMD
JMD TTD 0.05 JMD to TTD 19.9803 TTD to JMD
JMD USD 0.0074 JMD to USD 135.0869 USD to JMD
JMD UYU 0.3276 JMD to UYU 3.0524 UYU to JMD
JMD VEF 0.0739 JMD to VEF 13.5256 VEF to JMD
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 JMD Conversion in currency Conversion
JMD AUD 0.012 JMD to AUD 83.2654 AUD to JMD
JMD BDT 0.6292 JMD to BDT 1.5893 BDT to JMD
JMD BND 0.0106 JMD to BND 94.1775 BND to JMD
JMD CNY 0.0523 JMD to CNY 19.1195 CNY to JMD
JMD INR 0.5604 JMD to INR 1.7844 INR to JMD
JMD IDR 121.0293 JMD to IDR 0.0083 IDR to JMD
JMD JPY 0.8057 JMD to JPY 1.2411 JPY to JMD
JMD MYR 0.0322 JMD to MYR 31.0562 MYR to JMD
JMD MVR 0.1141 JMD to MVR 8.7662 MVR to JMD
JMD NPR 0.9031 JMD to NPR 1.1072 NPR to JMD
JMD NZD 0.0123 JMD to NZD 81.0493 NZD to JMD
JMD PKR 1.238 JMD to PKR 0.8078 PKR to JMD
JMD PGK 0.0257 JMD to PGK 38.9075 PGK to JMD
JMD PHP 0.3748 JMD to PHP 2.6684 PHP to JMD
JMD SCR 0.1088 JMD to SCR 9.1897 SCR to JMD
JMD SGD 0.0106 JMD to SGD 94.6383 SGD to JMD
JMD KRW 9.0262 JMD to KRW 0.1108 KRW to JMD
JMD LKR 1.4315 JMD to LKR 0.6986 LKR to JMD
JMD TWD 0.2231 JMD to TWD 4.4824 TWD to JMD
JMD THB 0.2426 JMD to THB 4.1228 THB to JMD
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 JMD Conversion in currency Conversion
JMD BHD 0.0028 JMD to BHD 358.2904 BHD to JMD
JMD EGP 0.1166 JMD to EGP 8.5779 EGP to JMD
JMD HKD 0.0574 JMD to HKD 17.4242 HKD to JMD
JMD ILS 0.0264 JMD to ILS 37.8106 ILS to JMD
JMD JOD 0.0052 JMD to JOD 190.5386 JOD to JMD
JMD KWD 0.0023 JMD to KWD 433.2617 KWD to JMD
JMD LBP 11.2012 JMD to LBP 0.0893 LBP to JMD
JMD OMR 0.0029 JMD to OMR 350.7931 OMR to JMD
JMD QAR 0.027 JMD to QAR 37.102 QAR to JMD
JMD SAR 0.0278 JMD to SAR 35.9268 SAR to JMD
JMD AED 0.0272 JMD to AED 36.7764 AED to JMD
JMD YER 1.8533 JMD to YER 0.5396 YER to JMD
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 JMD Conversion in currency Conversion
JMD DZD 0.9392 JMD to DZD 1.0647 DZD to JMD
JMD KES 0.7868 JMD to KES 1.2709 KES to JMD
JMD MUR 0.295 JMD to MUR 3.3895 MUR to JMD
JMD MAD 0.0763 JMD to MAD 13.1036 MAD to JMD
JMD NAD 0.1395 JMD to NAD 7.1664 NAD to JMD
JMD NIO 0.2499 JMD to NIO 4.0018 NIO to JMD
JMD NGN 2.7168 JMD to NGN 0.3681 NGN to JMD
JMD SLL 72.1016 JMD to SLL 0.0139 SLL to JMD
JMD ZAR 0.1371 JMD to ZAR 7.2963 ZAR to JMD
JMD TZS 17.1289 JMD to TZS 0.0584 TZS to JMD
JMD TND 0.0216 JMD to TND 46.2428 TND to JMD
JMD UGX 27.8891 JMD to UGX 0.0359 UGX to JMD
JMD XOF 4.4988 JMD to XOF 0.2223 XOF to JMD
JMD ZMK 66.6328 JMD to ZMK 0.015 ZMK to JMD

Jamaican Dollar (JMD)

Sign J$
1 Jamaican Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents.

The JMD is the official currency code for the Jamaican dollar. The JMD is the official currency of the Jamaica and can be divided into 100 cents in money transactions. The symbol for the dollar is officially "$" though oftentimes it is written as "J$" or "JA$" in order to differentiate it from other dollar based currencies. The symbol for each cent or cents is "c". Then central Bank of Jamaica is appropriately named, the Bank of Jamaica and it controls the circulation of the JMD as well as Jamaican monetary policy which has an impact on its value. The Bank of Jamaica serves under the direction of the Jamaican Minister of Finance and therefore is not an independent central bank. The banks targets are growth and development of Jamaica and not on price stability except to the extent that it affects the primary growth mandate.

Coins used:
-frequently 25c, $1, $5, $10, $20
-rarely 1c, 10c

Banknotes used:
-frequently $50, $100, $500, $1000
-rarely $5000

Central Bank
Bank of Jamaica
The Bank of Jamaica currently issues paper currency banknotes in denominations of $50, $100, $500, and $1000 and coins are minted in denominations of 1c, 10c, 25c, $1, $5, $10, and $20. The currency itself is a free floating currency with its value closely monitored as it relates to the United States dollar ( USD).

The JMD has consistently fallen in value over the years, with its value moving from J$0.77 for every US$1 to where it stood recently at J$89 for every US$1. That constant decline along with a current 10% Jamaican inflation rate has led the Bank of Jamaica into considering the addition of a J$5,000 banknote to current circulation. This possibility has been criticized by other parts of the Jamaican government as being a sign of the loss in value of the JMD, but over time those criticisms will fall aside as the government understands the J$5,000 note is a reflection of reality, not a cause in and of itself.

Other References
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