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Jamaican Dollar (JMD) Exchange Rates on 11th December 2023 (11/12/2023)

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Exchange rates for Jamaican Dollar (JMD)

Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 JMD Conversion in currency Conversion
JMD JMD GBP GBP 0.0051 JMD to GBP 195.3902 GBP to JMD
JMD JMD BGN BGN 0.0117 JMD to BGN 85.787 BGN to JMD
JMD JMD HRK HRK 0.0452 JMD to HRK 22.1345 HRK to JMD
JMD JMD CZK CZK 0.1456 JMD to CZK 6.869 CZK to JMD
JMD JMD DKK DKK 0.0445 JMD to DKK 22.4967 DKK to JMD
JMD JMD HUF HUF 2.2662 JMD to HUF 0.4413 HUF to JMD
JMD JMD KZT KZT 2.948 JMD to KZT 0.3392 KZT to JMD
JMD JMD LVL LVL 0.0039 JMD to LVL 257.6699 LVL to JMD
JMD JMD MKD MKD 0.3666 JMD to MKD 2.7279 MKD to JMD
JMD JMD MDL MDL 0.1143 JMD to MDL 8.7511 MDL to JMD
JMD JMD NOK NOK 0.07 JMD to NOK 14.277 NOK to JMD
JMD JMD PLN PLN 0.0258 JMD to PLN 38.6879 PLN to JMD
JMD JMD RON RON 0.0296 JMD to RON 33.7568 RON to JMD
JMD JMD RUB RUB 0.5902 JMD to RUB 1.6943 RUB to JMD
JMD JMD SEK SEK 0.0673 JMD to SEK 14.8687 SEK to JMD
JMD JMD CHF CHF 0.0056 JMD to CHF 177.0937 CHF to JMD
JMD JMD TRY TRY 0.1859 JMD to TRY 5.3787 TRY to JMD
JMD JMD UAH UAH 0.236 JMD to UAH 4.2371 UAH to JMD
Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 JMD Conversion in currency Conversion
JMD JMD ARS ARS 2.3394 JMD to ARS 0.4275 ARS to JMD
JMD JMD BOB BOB 0.0444 JMD to BOB 22.5233 BOB to JMD
JMD JMD BRL BRL 0.0315 JMD to BRL 31.7024 BRL to JMD
JMD JMD CAD CAD 0.0087 JMD to CAD 114.5817 CAD to JMD
JMD JMD KYD KYD 0.0054 JMD to KYD 186.7567 KYD to JMD
JMD JMD CLP CLP 5.5957 JMD to CLP 0.1787 CLP to JMD
JMD JMD COP COP 25.5984 JMD to COP 0.0391 COP to JMD
JMD JMD CRC CRC 3.3911 JMD to CRC 0.2949 CRC to JMD
JMD JMD DOP DOP 0.366 JMD to DOP 2.7319 DOP to JMD
JMD JMD SVC SVC 0.0573 JMD to SVC 17.462 SVC to JMD
JMD JMD FJD FJD 0.0144 JMD to FJD 69.6526 FJD to JMD
JMD JMD HNL HNL 0.1585 JMD to HNL 6.3105 HNL to JMD
JMD JMD MXN MXN 0.1114 JMD to MXN 8.9727 MXN to JMD
JMD JMD ANG ANG 0.0116 JMD to ANG 86.3584 ANG to JMD
JMD JMD PYG PYG 47.235 JMD to PYG 0.0212 PYG to JMD
JMD JMD PEN PEN 0.0241 JMD to PEN 41.4181 PEN to JMD
JMD JMD TTD TTD 0.0436 JMD to TTD 22.9136 TTD to JMD
JMD JMD USD USD 0.0064 JMD to USD 155.8617 USD to JMD
JMD JMD UYU UYU 0.2511 JMD to UYU 3.9825 UYU to JMD
JMD JMD VEF VEF 22790.2918 JMD to VEF 0 VEF to JMD
Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 JMD Conversion in currency Conversion
JMD JMD AUD AUD 0.0098 JMD to AUD 102.144 AUD to JMD
JMD JMD BDT BDT 0.7068 JMD to BDT 1.4149 BDT to JMD
JMD JMD BND BND 0.0086 JMD to BND 116.2432 BND to JMD
JMD JMD CNY CNY 0.0461 JMD to CNY 21.6857 CNY to JMD
JMD JMD INR INR 0.535 JMD to INR 1.8692 INR to JMD
JMD JMD IDR IDR 100.1792 JMD to IDR 0.01 IDR to JMD
JMD JMD JPY JPY 0.9341 JMD to JPY 1.0706 JPY to JMD
JMD JMD MYR MYR 0.03 JMD to MYR 33.2963 MYR to JMD
JMD JMD MVR MVR 0.0985 JMD to MVR 10.1536 MVR to JMD
JMD JMD NPR NPR 0.8572 JMD to NPR 1.1666 NPR to JMD
JMD JMD NZD NZD 0.0105 JMD to NZD 95.228 NZD to JMD
JMD JMD PKR PKR 1.8231 JMD to PKR 0.5485 PKR to JMD
JMD JMD PGK PGK 0.024 JMD to PGK 41.7463 PGK to JMD
JMD JMD PHP PHP 0.3567 JMD to PHP 2.8032 PHP to JMD
JMD JMD SCR SCR 0.0817 JMD to SCR 12.2368 SCR to JMD
JMD JMD SGD SGD 0.0086 JMD to SGD 116.0147 SGD to JMD
JMD JMD KRW KRW 8.4633 JMD to KRW 0.1182 KRW to JMD
JMD JMD LKR LKR 2.103 JMD to LKR 0.4755 LKR to JMD
JMD JMD TWD TWD 0.2022 JMD to TWD 4.9466 TWD to JMD
JMD JMD THB THB 0.229 JMD to THB 4.3676 THB to JMD
Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 JMD Conversion in currency Conversion
JMD JMD BHD BHD 0.0024 JMD to BHD 412.8418 BHD to JMD
JMD JMD EGP EGP 0.1986 JMD to EGP 5.0343 EGP to JMD
JMD JMD HKD HKD 0.0501 JMD to HKD 19.9584 HKD to JMD
JMD JMD ILS ILS 0.0238 JMD to ILS 42.0747 ILS to JMD
JMD JMD JOD JOD 0.0046 JMD to JOD 219.678 JOD to JMD
JMD JMD KWD KWD 0.002 JMD to KWD 505.4534 KWD to JMD
JMD JMD LBP LBP 96.5717 JMD to LBP 0.0104 LBP to JMD
JMD JMD OMR OMR 0.0025 JMD to OMR 404.2887 OMR to JMD
JMD JMD QAR QAR 0.0234 JMD to QAR 42.8075 QAR to JMD
JMD JMD SAR SAR 0.0241 JMD to SAR 41.5553 SAR to JMD
JMD JMD AED AED 0.0236 JMD to AED 42.4413 AED to JMD
JMD JMD YER YER 1.6061 JMD to YER 0.6226 YER to JMD
Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 JMD Conversion in currency Conversion
JMD JMD DZD DZD 0.8642 JMD to DZD 1.1571 DZD to JMD
JMD JMD KES KES 0.9836 JMD to KES 1.0167 KES to JMD
JMD JMD MUR MUR 0.2831 JMD to MUR 3.5319 MUR to JMD
JMD JMD MAD MAD 0.0651 JMD to MAD 15.3639 MAD to JMD
JMD JMD NAD NAD 0.1218 JMD to NAD 8.2117 NAD to JMD
JMD JMD NIO NIO 0.2351 JMD to NIO 4.2529 NIO to JMD
JMD JMD NGN NGN 5.0728 JMD to NGN 0.1971 NGN to JMD
JMD JMD SLL SLL 126.7149 JMD to SLL 0.0079 SLL to JMD
JMD JMD ZAR ZAR 0.122 JMD to ZAR 8.1971 ZAR to JMD
JMD JMD TZS TZS 16.0989 JMD to TZS 0.0621 TZS to JMD
JMD JMD TND TND 0.0201 JMD to TND 49.7882 TND to JMD
JMD JMD UGX UGX 24.2222 JMD to UGX 0.0413 UGX to JMD
JMD JMD XOF XOF 3.9087 JMD to XOF 0.2558 XOF to JMD
JMD JMD ZMK ZMK 57.7513 JMD to ZMK 0.0173 ZMK to JMD

Jamaican Dollar (JMD)

Sign J$
1 Jamaican Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents.

The JMD is the official currency code for the Jamaican dollar. The JMD is the official currency of the Jamaica and can be divided into 100 cents in money transactions. The symbol for the dollar is officially "$" though oftentimes it is written as "J$" or "JA$" in order to differentiate it from other dollar based currencies. The symbol for each cent or cents is "c". Then central Bank of Jamaica is appropriately named, the Bank of Jamaica and it controls the circulation of the JMD as well as Jamaican monetary policy which has an impact on its value. The Bank of Jamaica serves under the direction of the Jamaican Minister of Finance and therefore is not an independent central bank. The banks targets are growth and development of Jamaica and not on price stability except to the extent that it affects the primary growth mandate.

Coins used:
-frequently 25c, $1, $5, $10, $20
-rarely 1c, 10c

Banknotes used:
-frequently $50, $100, $500, $1000
-rarely $5000

Central Bank
Bank of Jamaica
The Bank of Jamaica currently issues paper currency banknotes in denominations of $50, $100, $500, and $1000 and coins are minted in denominations of 1c, 10c, 25c, $1, $5, $10, and $20. The currency itself is a free floating currency with its value closely monitored as it relates to the United States dollar ( USD).

The JMD has consistently fallen in value over the years, with its value moving from J$0.77 for every US$1 to where it stood recently at J$89 for every US$1. That constant decline along with a current 10% Jamaican inflation rate has led the Bank of Jamaica into considering the addition of a J$5,000 banknote to current circulation. This possibility has been criticized by other parts of the Jamaican government as being a sign of the loss in value of the JMD, but over time those criticisms will fall aside as the government understands the J$5,000 note is a reflection of reality, not a cause in and of itself.

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