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Honduran Lempira (HNL) Exchange Rates on 07th April 2020 (07/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for Honduran Lempira (HNL)

Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 HNL Conversion in currency Conversion
HNL GBP 0.0328 HNL to GBP 30.5145 GBP to HNL
HNL BGN 0.0728 HNL to BGN 13.7365 BGN to HNL
HNL HRK 0.2833 HNL to HRK 3.5302 HRK to HNL
HNL CZK 1.0194 HNL to CZK 0.981 CZK to HNL
HNL DKK 0.2774 HNL to DKK 3.6045 DKK to HNL
HNL HUF 13.4529 HNL to HUF 0.0743 HUF to HNL
HNL KZT 17.7151 HNL to KZT 0.0564 KZT to HNL
HNL LVL 0.0244 HNL to LVL 41.0055 LVL to HNL
HNL MKD 2.2961 HNL to MKD 0.4355 MKD to HNL
HNL MDL 0.7524 HNL to MDL 1.3291 MDL to HNL
HNL NOK 0.4143 HNL to NOK 2.4135 NOK to HNL
HNL PLN 0.1684 HNL to PLN 5.9368 PLN to HNL
HNL RON 0.1793 HNL to RON 5.577 RON to HNL
HNL RUB 3.0416 HNL to RUB 0.3288 RUB to HNL
HNL SEK 0.4055 HNL to SEK 2.4662 SEK to HNL
HNL CHF 0.0393 HNL to CHF 25.4345 CHF to HNL
HNL TRY 0.2707 HNL to TRY 3.6937 TRY to HNL
HNL UAH 1.0983 HNL to UAH 0.9105 UAH to HNL
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 HNL Conversion in currency Conversion
HNL ARS 2.617 HNL to ARS 0.3821 ARS to HNL
HNL BOB 0.2782 HNL to BOB 3.595 BOB to HNL
HNL BRL 0.2131 HNL to BRL 4.6921 BRL to HNL
HNL CAD 0.0566 HNL to CAD 17.6645 CAD to HNL
HNL KYD 0.0336 HNL to KYD 29.7466 KYD to HNL
HNL CLP 34.3737 HNL to CLP 0.0291 CLP to HNL
HNL COP 160.4996 HNL to COP 0.0062 COP to HNL
HNL CRC 23.2172 HNL to CRC 0.0431 CRC to HNL
HNL DOP 2.1732 HNL to DOP 0.4601 DOP to HNL
HNL SVC 0.353 HNL to SVC 2.833 SVC to HNL
HNL FJD 0.0935 HNL to FJD 10.6899 FJD to HNL
HNL JMD 5.4462 HNL to JMD 0.1836 JMD to HNL
HNL MXN 0.9861 HNL to MXN 1.0141 MXN to HNL
HNL ANG 0.0722 HNL to ANG 13.8478 ANG to HNL
HNL PYG 263.8541 HNL to PYG 0.0038 PYG to HNL
HNL PEN 0.1395 HNL to PEN 7.1683 PEN to HNL
HNL TTD 0.2726 HNL to TTD 3.6687 TTD to HNL
HNL USD 0.0403 HNL to USD 24.8038 USD to HNL
HNL UYU 1.7843 HNL to UYU 0.5605 UYU to HNL
HNL VEF 0.4027 HNL to VEF 2.4835 VEF to HNL
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 HNL Conversion in currency Conversion
HNL AUD 0.0654 HNL to AUD 15.2887 AUD to HNL
HNL BDT 3.4269 HNL to BDT 0.2918 BDT to HNL
HNL BND 0.0578 HNL to BND 17.2923 BND to HNL
HNL CNY 0.2849 HNL to CNY 3.5106 CNY to HNL
HNL INR 3.0521 HNL to INR 0.3276 INR to HNL
HNL IDR 659.1514 HNL to IDR 0.0015 IDR to HNL
HNL JPY 4.3882 HNL to JPY 0.2279 JPY to HNL
HNL MYR 0.1754 HNL to MYR 5.7024 MYR to HNL
HNL MVR 0.6213 HNL to MVR 1.6096 MVR to HNL
HNL NPR 4.9187 HNL to NPR 0.2033 NPR to HNL
HNL NZD 0.0672 HNL to NZD 14.8818 NZD to HNL
HNL PKR 6.7422 HNL to PKR 0.1483 PKR to HNL
HNL PGK 0.14 HNL to PGK 7.144 PGK to HNL
HNL PHP 2.041 HNL to PHP 0.4899 PHP to HNL
HNL SCR 0.5926 HNL to SCR 1.6874 SCR to HNL
HNL SGD 0.0575 HNL to SGD 17.3769 SGD to HNL
HNL KRW 49.1586 HNL to KRW 0.0203 KRW to HNL
HNL LKR 7.7962 HNL to LKR 0.1283 LKR to HNL
HNL TWD 1.215 HNL to TWD 0.823 TWD to HNL
HNL THB 1.321 HNL to THB 0.757 THB to HNL
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 HNL Conversion in currency Conversion
HNL BHD 0.0152 HNL to BHD 65.7871 BHD to HNL
HNL EGP 0.6349 HNL to EGP 1.575 EGP to HNL
HNL HKD 0.3126 HNL to HKD 3.1993 HKD to HNL
HNL ILS 0.144 HNL to ILS 6.9425 ILS to HNL
HNL JOD 0.0286 HNL to JOD 34.9855 JOD to HNL
HNL KWD 0.0126 HNL to KWD 79.5528 KWD to HNL
HNL LBP 61.0039 HNL to LBP 0.0164 LBP to HNL
HNL OMR 0.0155 HNL to OMR 64.4105 OMR to HNL
HNL QAR 0.1468 HNL to QAR 6.8124 QAR to HNL
HNL SAR 0.1516 HNL to SAR 6.5967 SAR to HNL
HNL AED 0.1481 HNL to AED 6.7527 AED to HNL
HNL YER 10.0932 HNL to YER 0.0991 YER to HNL
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 HNL Conversion in currency Conversion
HNL DZD 5.1153 HNL to DZD 0.1955 DZD to HNL
HNL KES 4.2852 HNL to KES 0.2334 KES to HNL
HNL MUR 1.6068 HNL to MUR 0.6224 MUR to HNL
HNL MAD 0.4156 HNL to MAD 2.406 MAD to HNL
HNL NAD 0.76 HNL to NAD 1.3158 NAD to HNL
HNL NIO 1.3609 HNL to NIO 0.7348 NIO to HNL
HNL NGN 14.7961 HNL to NGN 0.0676 NGN to HNL
HNL SLL 392.6807 HNL to SLL 0.0025 SLL to HNL
HNL ZAR 0.7464 HNL to ZAR 1.3397 ZAR to HNL
HNL TZS 93.2879 HNL to TZS 0.0107 TZS to HNL
HNL TND 0.1178 HNL to TND 8.4908 TND to HNL
HNL UGX 151.89 HNL to UGX 0.0066 UGX to HNL
HNL XOF 24.5016 HNL to XOF 0.0408 XOF to HNL
HNL ZMK 362.8963 HNL to ZMK 0.0028 ZMK to HNL

Honduran Lempira (HNL)

Sign L
1 Honduran Lempira is subdivided into 100 centavos.

The official currency of Honduras is the Honduran lempira which has the international currency code of HNL. The HNL is managed and issued by the Central Bank of Honduras and each lempira is subdivided into 1/100th currency units known as centavos. The written symbol for a specific amount of HNL is "L", therefore 100 lempira is written as L100. The HNL is pegged at a fixed rate against the United States dollar (USD), though this fixed rate is periodically changed to reflect overall economic conditions and the results of local inflation, monetary and fiscal policy. The Honduran economy is closely tied to the United States with over 25% of Honduran GDP being remittances from persons in the United States to individuals in Honduras.

Coins used:
10, 20, 50 centavos

Banknotes used:
L1, L2, L5, L10, L20, L50, L100, L500

Central Bank
Central Bank of Honduras
Throughout Honduras the USD is oftentimes used in everyday transactions. This accommodates tourists and the large number of Americans living in the country. It is not difficult to do business while in the country primary using USD. Though it is always advisable to have some amount of the local currency to ensure the exchange rate is being calculated properly.

The Central Bank of Honduras issues coins denominated as 10, 20, and 50 centavos as well as banknotes in denominations of L1, L2, L5, L10, L20, L50, L100, and L500. As with many currencies around the world the central Bank of Honduras has announced plans to slowly transition to polymer based notes, a plan that was solidified with the introduction of 60 million polymer L20 notes into circulation in 2010.

The lempira derives its name from a former Honduran leader dating back to the 16th century. This leader is the subject of Honduran folklore for his leadership against the invading Spaniards in his day. The leaders name was Cacique Lempira which when translated means "gentlemen of the mountains". His face is printed on the L1 banknote and 50 centavos coin.

Other References
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