Argentine Peso (ARS) Exchange Rates on 10th December 2019 (10/12/2019)

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Exchange rates for Argentine Peso (ARS)

Updated: 2019-12-10
Convert from Convert to 1 ARS Conversion in currency Conversion
ARS GBP 0.0126 ARS to GBP 79.2079 GBP to ARS
ARS BGN 0.0294 ARS to BGN 34.0089 BGN to ARS
ARS HRK 0.1119 ARS to HRK 8.9395 HRK to ARS
ARS CZK 0.384 ARS to CZK 2.6042 CZK to ARS
ARS DKK 0.1123 ARS to DKK 8.9019 DKK to ARS
ARS HUF 4.9757 ARS to HUF 0.201 HUF to ARS
ARS KZT 6.4379 ARS to KZT 0.1553 KZT to ARS
ARS LVL 0.0101 ARS to LVL 99.4143 LVL to ARS
ARS LTL 0.0491 ARS to LTL 20.3658 LTL to ARS
ARS MKD 0.9265 ARS to MKD 1.0793 MKD to ARS
ARS MDL 0.2902 ARS to MDL 3.4464 MDL to ARS
ARS NOK 0.1518 ARS to NOK 6.5886 NOK to ARS
ARS PLN 0.0643 ARS to PLN 15.5594 PLN to ARS
ARS RON 0.0719 ARS to RON 13.9166 RON to ARS
ARS RUB 1.0589 ARS to RUB 0.9444 RUB to ARS
ARS SEK 0.158 ARS to SEK 6.3301 SEK to ARS
ARS CHF 0.0165 ARS to CHF 60.7023 CHF to ARS
ARS TRY 0.0962 ARS to TRY 10.3999 TRY to ARS
ARS UAH 0.3956 ARS to UAH 2.5276 UAH to ARS
Updated: 2019-12-10
Convert from Convert to 1 ARS Conversion in currency Conversion
ARS BOB 0.1154 ARS to BOB 8.6689 BOB to ARS
ARS BRL 0.0689 ARS to BRL 14.5206 BRL to ARS
ARS CAD 0.022 ARS to CAD 45.3606 CAD to ARS
ARS KYD 0.0139 ARS to KYD 71.9307 KYD to ARS
ARS CLP 13.0042 ARS to CLP 0.0769 CLP to ARS
ARS COP 56.9471 ARS to COP 0.0176 COP to ARS
ARS CRC 9.442 ARS to CRC 0.1059 CRC to ARS
ARS DOP 0.882 ARS to DOP 1.1338 DOP to ARS
ARS SVC 0.146 ARS to SVC 6.8507 SVC to ARS
ARS FJD 0.0362 ARS to FJD 27.6551 FJD to ARS
ARS HNL 0.4107 ARS to HNL 2.4346 HNL to ARS
ARS JMD 2.3374 ARS to JMD 0.4278 JMD to ARS
ARS MXN 0.3201 ARS to MXN 3.1242 MXN to ARS
ARS ANG 0.0286 ARS to ANG 34.9541 ANG to ARS
ARS PYG 107.457 ARS to PYG 0.0093 PYG to ARS
ARS PEN 0.0564 ARS to PEN 17.7409 PEN to ARS
ARS TTD 0.1127 ARS to TTD 8.8721 TTD to ARS
ARS USD 0.0166 ARS to USD 60.1347 USD to ARS
ARS UYU 0.6311 ARS to UYU 1.5845 UYU to ARS
ARS VEF 0.1661 ARS to VEF 6.021 VEF to ARS
Updated: 2019-12-10
Convert from Convert to 1 ARS Conversion in currency Conversion
ARS AUD 0.0243 ARS to AUD 41.1023 AUD to ARS
ARS BDT 1.4146 ARS to BDT 0.7069 BDT to ARS
ARS BND 0.0227 ARS to BND 44.0836 BND to ARS
ARS CNY 0.117 ARS to CNY 8.545 CNY to ARS
ARS INR 1.1833 ARS to INR 0.8451 INR to ARS
ARS IDR 233.0497 ARS to IDR 0.0043 IDR to ARS
ARS JPY 1.8058 ARS to JPY 0.5538 JPY to ARS
ARS MYR 0.0692 ARS to MYR 14.4521 MYR to ARS
ARS MVR 0.2569 ARS to MVR 3.8923 MVR to ARS
ARS NPR 1.901 ARS to NPR 0.526 NPR to ARS
ARS NZD 0.0253 ARS to NZD 39.4498 NZD to ARS
ARS PKR 2.5853 ARS to PKR 0.3868 PKR to ARS
ARS PGK 0.0568 ARS to PGK 17.6094 PGK to ARS
ARS PHP 0.845 ARS to PHP 1.1834 PHP to ARS
ARS SCR 0.2279 ARS to SCR 4.3883 SCR to ARS
ARS SGD 0.0226 ARS to SGD 44.2232 SGD to ARS
ARS KRW 19.7854 ARS to KRW 0.0505 KRW to ARS
ARS LKR 3.0227 ARS to LKR 0.3308 LKR to ARS
ARS TWD 0.5066 ARS to TWD 1.9739 TWD to ARS
ARS THB 0.5047 ARS to THB 1.9814 THB to ARS
Updated: 2019-12-10
Convert from Convert to 1 ARS Conversion in currency Conversion
ARS BHD 0.0063 ARS to BHD 159.4341 BHD to ARS
ARS EGP 0.2684 ARS to EGP 3.7261 EGP to ARS
ARS HKD 0.1302 ARS to HKD 7.6829 HKD to ARS
ARS ILS 0.0577 ARS to ILS 17.3272 ILS to ARS
ARS JOD 0.0118 ARS to JOD 84.8159 JOD to ARS
ARS KWD 0.005 ARS to KWD 198.0789 KWD to ARS
ARS LBP 25.2226 ARS to LBP 0.0396 LBP to ARS
ARS OMR 0.0064 ARS to OMR 156.1583 OMR to ARS
ARS QAR 0.0605 ARS to QAR 16.5171 QAR to ARS
ARS SAR 0.0624 ARS to SAR 16.0355 SAR to ARS
ARS AED 0.0611 ARS to AED 16.3715 AED to ARS
ARS YER 4.1632 ARS to YER 0.2402 YER to ARS
Updated: 2019-12-10
Convert from Convert to 1 ARS Conversion in currency Conversion
ARS DZD 1.9921 ARS to DZD 0.502 DZD to ARS
ARS KES 1.6915 ARS to KES 0.5912 KES to ARS
ARS MUR 0.6071 ARS to MUR 1.6473 MUR to ARS
ARS MAD 0.1607 ARS to MAD 6.2237 MAD to ARS
ARS NAD 0.2436 ARS to NAD 4.1048 NAD to ARS
ARS NIO 0.5628 ARS to NIO 1.777 NIO to ARS
ARS NGN 6.0276 ARS to NGN 0.1659 NGN to ARS
ARS SLL 162.1357 ARS to SLL 0.0062 SLL to ARS
ARS ZAR 0.243 ARS to ZAR 4.1151 ZAR to ARS
ARS TZS 38.2076 ARS to TZS 0.0262 TZS to ARS
ARS TND 0.0475 ARS to TND 21.0666 TND to ARS
ARS UGX 61.4721 ARS to UGX 0.0163 UGX to ARS
ARS XOF 9.864 ARS to XOF 0.1014 XOF to ARS
ARS ZMK 149.6838 ARS to ZMK 0.0067 ZMK to ARS

Argentine Peso (ARS)

Argentine Peso Sign: $
1 Peso is subdivided into 100 centavos.

The peso is currently the official currency of Argentina.
The ISO-4217 code for the Argentine Peso is ARS, and the currency symbol is $.

Coins used:
- 5, 10, 25, 50 centavos, 1 peso, 2 pesos (rarely, there is a coin crisis)

Banknotes used:
- 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 pesos

Central Bank
Central Bank of Argentina

The ARS was first introduced in 1992 and replaced the austral at a rate of 1 peso = 10,000 australes.
The Argentinian Peso (ARS) is controlled by the central bank. They buy dollars from the free market in order to prevent the USD from falling and built a large reserve for this. For the past decade 1 USD equaled about 3 pesos during 2002-2008 and 4 pesos between 2009-2011.

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