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Seychellois Rupee (SCR) Exchange Rates on 29th September 2023 (29/09/2023)

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Exchange rates for Seychellois Rupee (SCR)

Updated: 2023-09-29
Convert from Convert to 1 SCR Conversion in currency Conversion
SCR SCR GBP GBP 0.0631 SCR to GBP 15.8449 GBP to SCR
SCR SCR BGN BGN 0.1426 SCR to BGN 7.0136 BGN to SCR
SCR SCR HRK HRK 0.5409 SCR to HRK 1.8486 HRK to SCR
SCR SCR CZK CZK 1.7741 SCR to CZK 0.5637 CZK to SCR
SCR SCR DKK DKK 0.5437 SCR to DKK 1.8392 DKK to SCR
SCR SCR HUF HUF 28.5493 SCR to HUF 0.035 HUF to SCR
SCR SCR KZT KZT 36.5102 SCR to KZT 0.0274 KZT to SCR
SCR SCR LVL LVL 0.0466 SCR to LVL 21.4377 LVL to SCR
SCR SCR MKD MKD 4.4855 SCR to MKD 0.2229 MKD to SCR
SCR SCR MDL MDL 1.4002 SCR to MDL 0.7142 MDL to SCR
SCR SCR NOK NOK 0.825 SCR to NOK 1.2122 NOK to SCR
SCR SCR PLN PLN 0.3382 SCR to PLN 2.9564 PLN to SCR
SCR SCR RON RON 0.3627 SCR to RON 2.7572 RON to SCR
SCR SCR RUB RUB 7.4598 SCR to RUB 0.1341 RUB to SCR
SCR SCR SEK SEK 0.8403 SCR to SEK 1.19 SEK to SCR
SCR SCR CHF CHF 0.0704 SCR to CHF 14.1945 CHF to SCR
SCR SCR TRY TRY 2.1161 SCR to TRY 0.4726 TRY to SCR
SCR SCR UAH UAH 2.8415 SCR to UAH 0.3519 UAH to SCR
Updated: 2023-09-29
Convert from Convert to 1 SCR Conversion in currency Conversion
SCR SCR ARS ARS 26.9835 SCR to ARS 0.0371 ARS to SCR
SCR SCR BOB BOB 0.5315 SCR to BOB 1.8813 BOB to SCR
SCR SCR BRL BRL 0.3882 SCR to BRL 2.5761 BRL to SCR
SCR SCR CAD CAD 0.104 SCR to CAD 9.6195 CAD to SCR
SCR SCR KYD KYD 0.0641 SCR to KYD 15.5974 KYD to SCR
SCR SCR CLP CLP 69.8208 SCR to CLP 0.0143 CLP to SCR
SCR SCR COP COP 314.0946 SCR to COP 0.0032 COP to SCR
SCR SCR CRC CRC 41.4242 SCR to CRC 0.0241 CRC to SCR
SCR SCR DOP DOP 4.3672 SCR to DOP 0.229 DOP to SCR
SCR SCR SVC SVC 0.6913 SCR to SVC 1.4466 SVC to SCR
SCR SCR FJD FJD 0.177 SCR to FJD 5.651 FJD to SCR
SCR SCR HNL HNL 1.897 SCR to HNL 0.5272 HNL to SCR
SCR SCR JMD JMD 11.9025 SCR to JMD 0.084 JMD to SCR
SCR SCR MXN MXN 1.3508 SCR to MXN 0.7403 MXN to SCR
SCR SCR ANG ANG 0.1386 SCR to ANG 7.2134 ANG to SCR
SCR SCR PYG PYG 560.8178 SCR to PYG 0.0018 PYG to SCR
SCR SCR PEN PEN 0.2918 SCR to PEN 3.4268 PEN to SCR
SCR SCR TTD TTD 0.5222 SCR to TTD 1.9149 TTD to SCR
SCR SCR USD USD 0.0771 SCR to USD 12.9674 USD to SCR
SCR SCR UYU UYU 2.9469 SCR to UYU 0.3393 UYU to SCR
SCR SCR VEF VEF 262588.1859 SCR to VEF 0 VEF to SCR
Updated: 2023-09-29
Convert from Convert to 1 SCR Conversion in currency Conversion
SCR SCR AUD AUD 0.1194 SCR to AUD 8.376 AUD to SCR
SCR SCR BDT BDT 8.4808 SCR to BDT 0.1179 BDT to SCR
SCR SCR BND BND 0.1054 SCR to BND 9.4888 BND to SCR
SCR SCR CNY CNY 0.563 SCR to CNY 1.7763 CNY to SCR
SCR SCR INR INR 6.4091 SCR to INR 0.156 INR to SCR
SCR SCR IDR IDR 1195.0273 SCR to IDR 0.0008 IDR to SCR
SCR SCR JPY JPY 11.5192 SCR to JPY 0.0868 JPY to SCR
SCR SCR MYR MYR 0.3617 SCR to MYR 2.7648 MYR to SCR
SCR SCR MVR MVR 1.1934 SCR to MVR 0.838 MVR to SCR
SCR SCR NPR NPR 10.2423 SCR to NPR 0.0976 NPR to SCR
SCR SCR NZD NZD 0.1285 SCR to NZD 7.7805 NZD to SCR
SCR SCR PKR PKR 22.1169 SCR to PKR 0.0452 PKR to SCR
SCR SCR PGK PGK 0.281 SCR to PGK 3.5583 PGK to SCR
SCR SCR PHP PHP 4.3731 SCR to PHP 0.2287 PHP to SCR
SCR SCR SGD SGD 0.1052 SCR to SGD 9.5021 SGD to SCR
SCR SCR KRW KRW 104.0045 SCR to KRW 0.0096 KRW to SCR
SCR SCR LKR LKR 24.9482 SCR to LKR 0.0401 LKR to SCR
SCR SCR TWD TWD 2.4797 SCR to TWD 0.4033 TWD to SCR
SCR SCR THB THB 2.8215 SCR to THB 0.3544 THB to SCR
Updated: 2023-09-29
Convert from Convert to 1 SCR Conversion in currency Conversion
SCR SCR BHD BHD 0.0291 SCR to BHD 34.4028 BHD to SCR
SCR SCR EGP EGP 2.3832 SCR to EGP 0.4196 EGP to SCR
SCR SCR HKD HKD 0.6036 SCR to HKD 1.6567 HKD to SCR
SCR SCR ILS ILS 0.2964 SCR to ILS 3.3744 ILS to SCR
SCR SCR JOD JOD 0.0547 SCR to JOD 18.2743 JOD to SCR
SCR SCR KWD KWD 0.0238 SCR to KWD 41.9508 KWD to SCR
SCR SCR LBP LBP 1156.3255 SCR to LBP 0.0009 LBP to SCR
SCR SCR OMR OMR 0.0297 SCR to OMR 33.6828 OMR to SCR
SCR SCR QAR QAR 0.2808 SCR to QAR 3.5615 QAR to SCR
SCR SCR SAR SAR 0.2892 SCR to SAR 3.4574 SAR to SCR
SCR SCR AED AED 0.2832 SCR to AED 3.5311 AED to SCR
SCR SCR YER YER 19.3061 SCR to YER 0.0518 YER to SCR
Updated: 2023-09-29
Convert from Convert to 1 SCR Conversion in currency Conversion
SCR SCR DZD DZD 10.6189 SCR to DZD 0.0942 DZD to SCR
SCR SCR KES KES 11.4247 SCR to KES 0.0875 KES to SCR
SCR SCR MUR MUR 3.4357 SCR to MUR 0.2911 MUR to SCR
SCR SCR MAD MAD 0.7944 SCR to MAD 1.2589 MAD to SCR
SCR SCR NAD NAD 1.4636 SCR to NAD 0.6832 NAD to SCR
SCR SCR NIO NIO 2.8147 SCR to NIO 0.3553 NIO to SCR
SCR SCR NGN NGN 60.005 SCR to NGN 0.0167 NGN to SCR
SCR SCR SLL SLL 1523.0413 SCR to SLL 0.0007 SLL to SCR
SCR SCR ZAR ZAR 1.4615 SCR to ZAR 0.6842 ZAR to SCR
SCR SCR TZS TZS 193.217 SCR to TZS 0.0052 TZS to SCR
SCR SCR TND TND 0.2449 SCR to TND 4.0836 TND to SCR
SCR SCR UGX UGX 288.9207 SCR to UGX 0.0035 UGX to SCR
SCR SCR XOF XOF 47.8814 SCR to XOF 0.0209 XOF to SCR
SCR SCR ZMK ZMK 694.1385 SCR to ZMK 0.0014 ZMK to SCR

Seychellois Rupee (SCR)

Sign SR or SRe
1 Seychellois Rupee is subdivided into 100 cents.

The Seychelles are a popular tourist destination and offer a number of resorts and hotel accommodations to meet every budget. The official unit of currency in the Seychelles is the Seychellois rupee which is subdivided into 100 cents. Banks notes are issued in denominations of RS 10, RS 25, RS 50, RS 100 and RS 500. Coins are issued in denominations of RS 1, RS 5, 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents and 25 cents. There are a number of complex rules that govern any foreign currency exchange in the Seychelles.

Coins used:
1, 5, 10, 25 cents, 1, 5 rupees

Banknotes used:
10, 25, 50, 100, 500 rupees

Central Bank
Central Bank of Seychelles
Visitors must pay for any accommodations by cash or credit card. Euros are accepted widely throughout the country and prices for hotels, marine parking fees, car rentals, diving and other activities are often quoted in euros. Many retailers and establishments also offer price quotes in US Dollars as well. Those paying cash for accommodations in euros at various hotels and guesthouses are often able to negotiate a lower price for accommodations. If you pay for goods or services with euros or other foreign currency, you will likely receive change in rupees and you can use these in various restaurants, cafes and stores around the country.

Changing rupees back into foreign currency will need to be done at the same bank that the original transaction took place. Foreign currency can be exchanged at most banks and at various money changing booths and desks located at airports, hotels and various other locations. Exchanging rupees back into the original foreign currency requires an ATM slip or receipt. The maximum allowance for currency exchange is RS 800 and it is currently illegal to export more than RS 2,000 out of the Seychelles.

ATMs are located conveniently around the country and take most major credit cards. Most hotels, restaurants and many shopping centers accept MasterCard and Visa as well. Money changers can be found at the four main banks of the Seychelles which include Barclays Bank, Seychelles Savings Bank, Mauritius Commercial Bank and Nouvobanq Bank. All of these offer branches in Victoria as well as other locations around the country and many have desks that are open around the clock in airports. There are banks located in other areas as well and none of these currently charge a commission for foreign currency exchange. Many do however charge a flat rate of RS 25 for cashing foreign traveler´┐Żs checks and exchanging them into rupees.

Other References
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