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Seychellois Rupee (SCR) Exchange Rates on 19th May 2022 (19/05/2022)

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Exchange rates for Seychellois Rupee (SCR)

Updated: 2022-05-19
Convert from Convert to 1 SCR Conversion in currency Conversion
SCR GBP 0.0622 SCR to GBP 16.0745 GBP to SCR
SCR BGN 0.1436 SCR to BGN 6.9629 BGN to SCR
SCR HRK 0.5527 SCR to HRK 1.8093 HRK to SCR
SCR CZK 1.8077 SCR to CZK 0.5532 CZK to SCR
SCR DKK 0.5459 SCR to DKK 1.8318 DKK to SCR
SCR HUF 28.15 SCR to HUF 0.0355 HUF to SCR
SCR KZT 33.3638 SCR to KZT 0.03 KZT to SCR
SCR LVL 0.0466 SCR to LVL 21.4654 LVL to SCR
SCR Flag of North Macedonia MKD 4.535 SCR to MKD 0.2205 MKD to SCR
SCR MDL 1.4693 SCR to MDL 0.6806 MDL to SCR
SCR id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.757 SCR to NOK 1.3209 NOK to SCR
SCR PLN 0.3408 SCR to PLN 2.934 PLN to SCR
SCR RON 0.3629 SCR to RON 2.7556 RON to SCR
SCR RUB 4.9481 SCR to RUB 0.2021 RUB to SCR
SCR Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 SCR to SKK 0 SKK to SCR
SCR SEK 0.7697 SCR to SEK 1.2992 SEK to SCR
SCR CHF 0.0759 SCR to CHF 13.1707 CHF to SCR
SCR TRY 1.2301 SCR to TRY 0.8129 TRY to SCR
SCR UAH 2.2757 SCR to UAH 0.4394 UAH to SCR
Updated: 2022-05-19
Convert from Convert to 1 SCR Conversion in currency Conversion
SCR ARS 9.089 SCR to ARS 0.11 ARS to SCR
SCR BOB 0.5303 SCR to BOB 1.8856 BOB to SCR
SCR BRL 0.3827 SCR to BRL 2.613 BRL to SCR
SCR Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0988 SCR to CAD 10.1222 CAD to SCR
SCR KYD 0.0642 SCR to KYD 15.5798 KYD to SCR
SCR CLP 65.8285 SCR to CLP 0.0152 CLP to SCR
SCR COP 313.3791 SCR to COP 0.0032 COP to SCR
SCR CRC 51.5105 SCR to CRC 0.0194 CRC to SCR
SCR DOP 4.2552 SCR to DOP 0.235 DOP to SCR
SCR SVC 0.6739 SCR to SVC 1.4838 SVC to SCR
SCR FJD 0.1677 SCR to FJD 5.9647 FJD to SCR
SCR HNL 1.8831 SCR to HNL 0.531 HNL to SCR
SCR Flag of Jamaica JMD 11.9217 SCR to JMD 0.0839 JMD to SCR
SCR MXN 1.538 SCR to MXN 0.6502 MXN to SCR
SCR ANG 0.1388 SCR to ANG 7.2036 ANG to SCR
SCR PYG 527.6344 SCR to PYG 0.0019 PYG to SCR
SCR xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.2907 SCR to PEN 3.4395 PEN to SCR
SCR TTD 0.5224 SCR to TTD 1.9141 TTD to SCR
SCR USD 0.077 SCR to USD 12.9842 USD to SCR
SCR xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> UYU 3.19 SCR to UYU 0.3135 UYU to SCR