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Tunisian Dinar (TND) Exchange Rates on 22nd April 2024 (22/04/2024)

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Exchange rates for Tunisian Dinar (TND)

Updated: 2024-04-22
Convert from Convert to 1 TND Conversion in currency Conversion
TND TND GBP GBP 0.2563 TND to GBP 3.9017 GBP to TND
TND TND BGN BGN 0.5817 TND to BGN 1.7191 BGN to TND
TND TND HRK HRK 2.2469 TND to HRK 0.445 HRK to TND
TND TND CZK CZK 7.5159 TND to CZK 0.1331 CZK to TND
TND TND DKK DKK 2.2209 TND to DKK 0.4503 DKK to TND
TND TND HUF HUF 117.3786 TND to HUF 0.0085 HUF to TND
TND TND KZT KZT 141.5157 TND to KZT 0.0071 KZT to TND
TND TND LVL LVL 0.192 TND to LVL 5.2092 LVL to TND
TND TND MKD MKD 18.3346 TND to MKD 0.0545 MKD to TND
TND TND MDL MDL 5.6802 TND to MDL 0.176 MDL to TND
TND TND NOK NOK 3.4956 TND to NOK 0.2861 NOK to TND
TND TND PLN PLN 1.2822 TND to PLN 0.7799 PLN to TND
TND TND RON RON 1.4812 TND to RON 0.6751 RON to TND
TND TND RUB RUB 29.7755 TND to RUB 0.0336 RUB to TND
TND TND SEK SEK 3.4632 TND to SEK 0.2888 SEK to TND
TND TND CHF CHF 0.2893 TND to CHF 3.4562 CHF to TND
TND TND TRY TRY 10.3497 TND to TRY 0.0966 TRY to TND
TND TND UAH UAH 12.6275 TND to UAH 0.0792 UAH to TND
Updated: 2024-04-22
Convert from Convert to 1 TND Conversion in currency Conversion
TND TND ARS ARS 275.6615 TND to ARS 0.0036 ARS to TND
TND TND BOB BOB 2.1963 TND to BOB 0.4553 BOB to TND
TND TND BRL BRL 1.6598 TND to BRL 0.6025 BRL to TND
TND TND CAD CAD 0.4357 TND to CAD 2.2953 CAD to TND
TND TND KYD KYD 0.2643 TND to KYD 3.7835 KYD to TND
TND TND CLP CLP 304.3914 TND to CLP 0.0033 CLP to TND
TND TND COP COP 1242.2601 TND to COP 0.0008 COP to TND
TND TND CRC CRC 159.2767 TND to CRC 0.0063 CRC to TND
TND TND DOP DOP 18.7159 TND to DOP 0.0534 DOP to TND
TND TND SVC SVC 2.775 TND to SVC 0.3604 SVC to TND
TND TND FJD FJD 0.7226 TND to FJD 1.3839 FJD to TND
TND TND HNL HNL 7.8301 TND to HNL 0.1277 HNL to TND
TND TND JMD JMD 49.4304 TND to JMD 0.0202 JMD to TND
TND TND MXN MXN 5.4071 TND to MXN 0.1849 MXN to TND
TND TND ANG ANG 0.5716 TND to ANG 1.7495 ANG to TND
TND TND PYG PYG 2346.3846 TND to PYG 0.0004 PYG to TND
TND TND PEN PEN 1.1834 TND to PEN 0.8451 PEN to TND
TND TND TTD TTD 2.1537 TND to TTD 0.4643 TTD to TND
TND TND USD USD 0.3174 TND to USD 3.151 USD to TND
TND TND UYU UYU 12.1774 TND to UYU 0.0821 UYU to TND
TND TND VEF VEF 1149658.3144 TND to VEF 0 VEF to TND
Updated: 2024-04-22
Convert from Convert to 1 TND Conversion in currency Conversion
TND TND AUD AUD 0.4931 TND to AUD 2.0281 AUD to TND
TND TND BDT BDT 34.8073 TND to BDT 0.0287 BDT to TND
TND TND BND BND 0.4321 TND to BND 2.3145 BND to TND
TND TND CNY CNY 2.2987 TND to CNY 0.435 CNY to TND
TND TND INR INR 26.4794 TND to INR 0.0378 INR to TND
TND TND IDR IDR 5146.2257 TND to IDR 0.0002 IDR to TND
TND TND JPY JPY 49.0912 TND to JPY 0.0204 JPY to TND
TND TND MYR MYR 1.5182 TND to MYR 0.6587 MYR to TND
TND TND MVR MVR 4.9032 TND to MVR 0.204 MVR to TND
TND TND NPR NPR 42.3606 TND to NPR 0.0236 NPR to TND
TND TND NZD NZD 0.5367 TND to NZD 1.8632 NZD to TND
TND TND PKR PKR 88.2659 TND to PKR 0.0113 PKR to TND
TND TND PGK PGK 1.2052 TND to PGK 0.8297 PGK to TND
TND TND PHP PHP 18.2432 TND to PHP 0.0548 PHP to TND
TND TND SCR SCR 4.5657 TND to SCR 0.219 SCR to TND
TND TND SGD SGD 0.432 TND to SGD 2.3148 SGD to TND
TND TND KRW KRW 438.5002 TND to KRW 0.0023 KRW to TND
TND TND LKR LKR 95.7886 TND to LKR 0.0104 LKR to TND
TND TND TWD TWD 10.3527 TND to TWD 0.0966 TWD to TND
TND TND THB THB 11.7372 TND to THB 0.0852 THB to TND
Updated: 2024-04-22
Convert from Convert to 1 TND Conversion in currency Conversion
TND TND BHD BHD 0.1196 TND to BHD 8.3613 BHD to TND
TND TND EGP EGP 15.3179 TND to EGP 0.0653 EGP to TND
TND TND HKD HKD 2.4858 TND to HKD 0.4023 HKD to TND
TND TND ILS ILS 1.1924 TND to ILS 0.8386 ILS to TND
TND TND JOD JOD 0.2249 TND to JOD 4.4461 JOD to TND
TND TND KWD KWD 0.0979 TND to KWD 10.2183 KWD to TND
TND TND LBP LBP 28401.5011 TND to LBP 0 LBP to TND
TND TND OMR OMR 0.1222 TND to OMR 8.1848 OMR to TND
TND TND QAR QAR 1.1553 TND to QAR 0.8655 QAR to TND
TND TND SAR SAR 1.1903 TND to SAR 0.8401 SAR to TND
TND TND AED AED 1.1656 TND to AED 0.858 AED to TND
TND TND YER YER 79.4506 TND to YER 0.0126 YER to TND
Updated: 2024-04-22
Convert from Convert to 1 TND Conversion in currency Conversion
TND TND DZD DZD 42.7144 TND to DZD 0.0234 DZD to TND
TND TND KES KES 41.7073 TND to KES 0.024 KES to TND
TND TND MUR MUR 14.7667 TND to MUR 0.0677 MUR to TND
TND TND MAD MAD 3.213 TND to MAD 0.3112 MAD to TND
TND TND NAD NAD 6.0775 TND to NAD 0.1645 NAD to TND
TND TND NIO NIO 11.6741 TND to NIO 0.0857 NIO to TND
TND TND NGN NGN 341.3985 TND to NGN 0.0029 NGN to TND
TND TND SLL SLL 6654.8544 TND to SLL 0.0002 SLL to TND
TND TND ZAR ZAR 6.0615 TND to ZAR 0.165 ZAR to TND
TND TND TZS TZS 818.5815 TND to TZS 0.0012 TZS to TND
TND TND UGX UGX 1208.5023 TND to UGX 0.0008 UGX to TND
TND TND XOF XOF 195.3948 TND to XOF 0.0051 XOF to TND
TND TND ZMK ZMK 2856.6072 TND to ZMK 0.0004 ZMK to TND

Tunisian Dinar (TND)

Sign د.ت
1 Tunisian Dinar is subdivided into 1000 millimes.

The official currency of Tunisia is the Tunisian dinar. The Tunisian dinar is subdivided into 1,000 millimes. Banknotes are issued in denominations of TND 5, 10, 20 and 30. Coins are issued in denominations of TND 1 and 5 as well as 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 millimes. Credit cards are accepted in some areas of the country, mostly in larger towns and resort areas. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at virtually all ATMs as well as many restaurants, shops and hotels in these larger cities. American Express and Diners Club are accepted to an extent, but mostly in areas that are considered to be tourist areas.

Coins used:
20, 50, 100 milim, �, 1, 5 dinar

Banknotes used:
-frequently 10, 20, 30, 50 dinar
-rarely 5 dinar

Central Bank
Central Bank of Tunisia
ATMs are found in most towns throughout the country and in all tourist resorts. Nearly all ATMs accept Visa and some take Maestro as well. Banks can cash traveler�s checks and some other establishments may take them as well. Banks in the country are typically open from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm on Monday through Friday during the winter months and from 7:30 am until 1:00 pm during the summer months. Currency exchange offices are found in most resort towns and larger cities and will normally accept traveler�s checks for a small fee. The most easily exchanged currencies in Tunisia are the US Dollar and the euro.

Importing and/or exporting of local currency is strictly prohibited in Tunisia. Visitors and natives are permitted to import foreign currency with no limitations but large amounts are required to be declared upon entering the country. The amount of foreign currency that is exported is not to exceed the amount that was declared upon arrival.

Banks, airports, railway stations, ports, major hotels and bureau de change offices will convert foreign currency into Tunisian dinars at the official rate of exchange. Those visiting the country can find these rates listed at most major banks and other currency exchange offices or check local newspapers or the internet for current rates. Many banks may require a passport for currency exchange transactions and those converting currency should be certain to get a receipt in order to exchange the currency upon leaving the country.

Up to 30 percent of the amount originally changed into dinar can be exchanged back into the original foreign currency, up to a limit of TD100. A receipt is necessary in order to exchange dinar back into foreign currency. Receipts will also be needed by custom authorities upon departing Tunisia.

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