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Kenyan Shilling (KES) Exchange Rates on 14th July 2020 (14/07/2020)

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Exchange rates for Kenyan Shilling (KES)

Updated: 2020-07-14
Convert from Convert to 1 KES Conversion in currency Conversion
KES GBP 0.0074 KES to GBP 134.4097 GBP to KES
KES BGN 0.0161 KES to BGN 62.1735 BGN to KES
KES HRK 0.0619 KES to HRK 16.1507 HRK to KES
KES CZK 0.2192 KES to CZK 4.5622 CZK to KES
KES DKK 0.0612 KES to DKK 16.3379 DKK to KES
KES HUF 2.9194 KES to HUF 0.3425 HUF to KES
KES KZT 3.8409 KES to KZT 0.2604 KZT to KES
KES LVL 0.0056 KES to LVL 177.2197 LVL to KES
KES Flag of North Macedonia MKD 0.5066 KES to MKD 1.9741 MKD to KES
KES MDL 0.1593 KES to MDL 6.2783 MDL to KES
KES id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.0881 KES to NOK 11.3447 NOK to KES
KES PLN 0.0369 KES to PLN 27.0785 PLN to KES
KES RON 0.0398 KES to RON 25.1074 RON to KES
KES RUB 0.6611 KES to RUB 1.5125 RUB to KES
KES Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 KES to SKK 0 SKK to KES
KES SEK 0.0856 KES to SEK 11.6793 SEK to KES
KES CHF 0.0088 KES to CHF 113.8921 CHF to KES
KES TRY 0.064 KES to TRY 15.6149 TRY to KES
KES UAH 0.2524 KES to UAH 3.9621 UAH to KES
Updated: 2020-07-14
Convert from Convert to 1 KES Conversion in currency Conversion
KES ARS 0.664 KES to ARS 1.5059 ARS to KES
KES BOB 0.0644 KES to BOB 15.5254 BOB to KES
KES BRL 0.0504 KES to BRL 19.8372 BRL to KES
KES Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0127 KES to CAD 78.718 CAD to KES
KES KYD 0.0078 KES to KYD 128.8246 KYD to KES
KES CLP 7.3667 KES to CLP 0.1357 CLP to KES
KES COP 33.7701 KES to COP 0.0296 COP to KES
KES CRC 5.4314 KES to CRC 0.1841 CRC to KES
KES DOP 0.5426 KES to DOP 1.8429 DOP to KES
KES SVC 0.0815 KES to SVC 12.2692 SVC to KES
KES FJD 0.0202 KES to FJD 49.5988 FJD to KES
KES HNL 0.2305 KES to HNL 4.3381 HNL to KES
KES Flag of Jamaica JMD 1.3226 KES to JMD 0.7561 JMD to KES
KES MXN 0.2117 KES to MXN 4.724 MXN to KES
KES ANG 0.0167 KES to ANG 59.8123 ANG to KES
KES PYG 63.9586 KES to PYG 0.0156 PYG to KES
KES xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.0326 KES to PEN 30.6336 PEN to KES