Kenyan Shilling (KES) Exchange Rates on 07th December 2019 (07/12/2019)

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Exchange rates for Kenyan Shilling (KES)

Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KES Conversion in currency Conversion
KES GBP 0.0075 KES to GBP 133.6478 GBP to KES
KES BGN 0.0174 KES to BGN 57.5917 BGN to KES
KES HRK 0.0661 KES to HRK 15.1236 HRK to KES
KES CZK 0.2269 KES to CZK 4.4069 CZK to KES
KES DKK 0.0664 KES to DKK 15.0555 DKK to KES
KES HUF 2.9433 KES to HUF 0.3398 HUF to KES
KES KZT 3.7944 KES to KZT 0.2635 KZT to KES
KES LVL 0.0059 KES to LVL 168.147 LVL to KES
KES LTL 0.029 KES to LTL 34.4461 LTL to KES
KES MKD 0.5459 KES to MKD 1.8318 MKD to KES
KES MDL 0.171 KES to MDL 5.8473 MDL to KES
KES NOK 0.0898 KES to NOK 11.1325 NOK to KES
KES PLN 0.038 KES to PLN 26.3059 PLN to KES
KES RON 0.0425 KES to RON 23.5381 RON to KES
KES RUB 0.626 KES to RUB 1.5974 RUB to KES
KES SEK 0.0934 KES to SEK 10.7119 SEK to KES
KES CHF 0.0097 KES to CHF 102.6252 CHF to KES
KES TRY 0.0568 KES to TRY 17.6073 TRY to KES
KES UAH 0.2332 KES to UAH 4.2885 UAH to KES
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KES Conversion in currency Conversion
KES ARS 0.5889 KES to ARS 1.6981 ARS to KES
KES BOB 0.068 KES to BOB 14.7083 BOB to KES
KES BRL 0.0407 KES to BRL 24.5594 BRL to KES
KES CAD 0.013 KES to CAD 76.7351 CAD to KES
KES KYD 0.0082 KES to KYD 122.0434 KYD to KES
KES CLP 7.6463 KES to CLP 0.1308 CLP to KES
KES COP 33.6691 KES to COP 0.0297 COP to KES
KES CRC 5.565 KES to CRC 0.1797 CRC to KES
KES DOP 0.5224 KES to DOP 1.9142 DOP to KES
KES SVC 0.086 KES to SVC 11.6235 SVC to KES
KES FJD 0.0214 KES to FJD 46.7796 FJD to KES
KES HNL 0.2448 KES to HNL 4.0856 HNL to KES
KES JMD 1.382 KES to JMD 0.7236 JMD to KES
KES MXN 0.1897 KES to MXN 5.2714 MXN to KES
KES ANG 0.0169 KES to ANG 59.3057 ANG to KES
KES PYG 63.3339 KES to PYG 0.0158 PYG to KES
KES PEN 0.0332 KES to PEN 30.0963 PEN to KES
KES TTD 0.0664 KES to TTD 15.0531 TTD to KES
KES USD 0.0098 KES to USD 101.7105 USD to KES
KES UYU 0.3719 KES to UYU 2.6889 UYU to KES
KES VEF 0.0982 KES to VEF 10.1838 VEF to KES
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KES Conversion in currency Conversion
KES AUD 0.0144 KES to AUD 69.6047 AUD to KES
KES BDT 0.8338 KES to BDT 1.1994 BDT to KES
KES BND 0.0134 KES to BND 74.7955 BND to KES
KES CNY 0.0692 KES to CNY 14.4572 CNY to KES
KES INR 0.701 KES to INR 1.4266 INR to KES
KES IDR 137.8804 KES to IDR 0.0073 IDR to KES
KES JPY 1.0676 KES to JPY 0.9367 JPY to KES
KES MYR 0.0409 KES to MYR 24.4526 MYR to KES
KES MVR 0.1519 KES to MVR 6.583 MVR to KES
KES NPR 1.1204 KES to NPR 0.8925 NPR to KES
KES NZD 0.015 KES to NZD 66.6586 NZD to KES
KES PKR 1.522 KES to PKR 0.657 PKR to KES
KES PGK 0.0333 KES to PGK 29.9998 PGK to KES
KES PHP 0.4993 KES to PHP 2.0027 PHP to KES
KES SCR 0.1347 KES to SCR 7.4229 SCR to KES
KES SGD 0.0134 KES to SGD 74.7801 SGD to KES
KES KRW 11.6626 KES to KRW 0.0857 KRW to KES
KES LKR 1.7816 KES to LKR 0.5613 LKR to KES
KES TWD 0.2993 KES to TWD 3.3417 TWD to KES
KES THB 0.2984 KES to THB 3.351 THB to KES
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KES Conversion in currency Conversion
KES BHD 0.0037 KES to BHD 269.7122 BHD to KES
KES EGP 0.1587 KES to EGP 6.3006 EGP to KES
KES HKD 0.077 KES to HKD 12.9898 HKD to KES
KES ILS 0.0341 KES to ILS 29.2975 ILS to KES
KES JOD 0.007 KES to JOD 143.4481 JOD to KES
KES KWD 0.003 KES to KWD 335.0255 KWD to KES
KES LBP 14.8645 KES to LBP 0.0673 LBP to KES
KES OMR 0.0038 KES to OMR 264.1462 OMR to KES
KES QAR 0.0358 KES to QAR 27.9367 QAR to KES
KES SAR 0.0369 KES to SAR 27.1246 SAR to KES
KES AED 0.0361 KES to AED 27.6911 AED to KES
KES YER 2.4614 KES to YER 0.4063 YER to KES
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KES Conversion in currency Conversion
KES DZD 1.1776 KES to DZD 0.8492 DZD to KES
KES MUR 0.3589 KES to MUR 2.7864 MUR to KES
KES MAD 0.0949 KES to MAD 10.5427 MAD to KES
KES NAD 0.144 KES to NAD 6.9425 NAD to KES
KES NIO 0.3334 KES to NIO 2.9994 NIO to KES
KES NGN 3.5641 KES to NGN 0.2806 NGN to KES
KES SLL 95.8602 KES to SLL 0.0104 SLL to KES
KES ZAR 0.1438 KES to ZAR 6.9559 ZAR to KES
KES TZS 22.5897 KES to TZS 0.0443 TZS to KES
KES TND 0.0281 KES to TND 35.6316 TND to KES
KES UGX 36.2309 KES to UGX 0.0276 UGX to KES
KES XOF 5.8106 KES to XOF 0.1721 XOF to KES
KES ZMK 88.4982 KES to ZMK 0.0113 ZMK to KES

Kenyan Shilling (KES)

Sign KSh
1 Kenyan Shilling is subdivided into 100 cents.

The Kenyan shilling is the official currency of the Republic of Kenya and is used unofficially alongside other currencies in areas such as the Sudan and Somalia. It is listed by its international currency code "KES" and is symbolized in monetary transactions as "KSh", with the KSH being written before the numerals. Monetary policy and circulation issues related to the KES are solely managed by the Central Bank of Kenya which was established in 1966 after the East African Currency Board was abandoned.

Coins used:
-frequently 1, 5, 10 , 20 shillings
-rarely 50 cent, 40 shillings

Banknotes used:
-frequently 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 shillings
-rarely 10, 20 shillings

Central Bank
Central Bank of Kenya
Each Kenyan shilling can be divided into 100 cents, though due to inflation there is only one denominated coin valued in cents currently in circulation and even that coin is very rarely seen used in transactions. This smallest smallest denomination of coin for the KES is the 50 cent coin. Other coins in issuance by the Central Bank of Kenya are denominated as 1, 5, 10 , 20 and 40 shillings. Banknotes in circulation currently are denominated as 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 shillings.

The Central Bank of Kenya attempts to keep a tight control of the exchange rate of the KED amongst other international currencies and has a secondary target of Kenyan price stability. To this end they have been relatively successful with a current inflation rate of only 3.2%. They have also proven their astuteness in their adept monetary policy reactions to recent challenges to the currency given commodity price swings. Both instances show the stability of the currency and effectiveness of the Central Bank of Kenya.

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