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Danish Krone (DKK) Exchange Rates on 01st October 2022 (01/10/2022)

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Exchange rates for Danish Krone (DKK)

Updated: 2022-10-01
Convert from Convert to 1 DKK Conversion in currency Conversion
DKK DKK GBP GBP 0.1182 DKK to GBP 8.4602 GBP to DKK
DKK DKK BGN BGN 0.2631 DKK to BGN 3.8011 BGN to DKK
DKK DKK HRK HRK 1.0113 DKK to HRK 0.9888 HRK to DKK
DKK DKK CZK CZK 3.3058 DKK to CZK 0.3025 CZK to DKK
DKK DKK HUF HUF 56.8784 DKK to HUF 0.0176 HUF to DKK
DKK DKK KZT KZT 62.785 DKK to KZT 0.0159 KZT to DKK
DKK DKK LVL LVL 0.0797 DKK to LVL 12.5438 LVL to DKK
DKK DKK MKD MKD 8.321 DKK to MKD 0.1202 MKD to DKK
DKK DKK MDL MDL 2.5712 DKK to MDL 0.3889 MDL to DKK
DKK DKK NOK NOK 1.4347 DKK to NOK 0.697 NOK to DKK
DKK DKK PLN PLN 0.6526 DKK to PLN 1.5323 PLN to DKK
DKK DKK RON RON 0.666 DKK to RON 1.5016 RON to DKK
DKK DKK RUB RUB 7.9344 DKK to RUB 0.126 RUB to DKK
DKK DKK SEK SEK 1.4607 DKK to SEK 0.6846 SEK to DKK
DKK DKK CHF CHF 0.1303 DKK to CHF 7.6744 CHF to DKK
DKK DKK TRY TRY 2.4384 DKK to TRY 0.4101 TRY to DKK
DKK DKK UAH UAH 4.8698 DKK to UAH 0.2053 UAH to DKK
Updated: 2022-10-01
Convert from Convert to 1 DKK Conversion in currency Conversion
DKK DKK ARS ARS 19.4133 DKK to ARS 0.0515 ARS to DKK
DKK DKK BOB BOB 0.9111 DKK to BOB 1.0976 BOB to DKK
DKK DKK BRL BRL 0.7133 DKK to BRL 1.4019 BRL to DKK
DKK DKK CAD CAD 0.1823 DKK to CAD 5.4853 CAD to DKK
DKK DKK KYD KYD 0.1099 DKK to KYD 9.1001 KYD to DKK
DKK DKK CLP CLP 127.5768 DKK to CLP 0.0078 CLP to DKK
DKK DKK COP COP 607.5669 DKK to COP 0.0016 COP to DKK
DKK DKK CRC CRC 82.732 DKK to CRC 0.0121 CRC to DKK
DKK DKK DOP DOP 7.0646 DKK to DOP 0.1416 DOP to DKK
DKK DKK SVC SVC 1.1539 DKK to SVC 0.8667 SVC to DKK
DKK DKK FJD FJD 0.3044 DKK to FJD 3.2846 FJD to DKK
DKK DKK HNL HNL 3.2632 DKK to HNL 0.3064 HNL to DKK
DKK DKK JMD JMD 20.0519 DKK to JMD 0.0499 JMD to DKK
DKK DKK MXN MXN 2.6551 DKK to MXN 0.3766 MXN to DKK
DKK DKK ANG ANG 0.2376 DKK to ANG 4.2079 ANG to DKK
DKK DKK PYG PYG 932.1218 DKK to PYG 0.0011 PYG to DKK
DKK DKK PEN PEN 0.5247 DKK to PEN 1.9057 PEN to DKK
DKK DKK TTD TTD 0.8958 DKK to TTD 1.1163 TTD to DKK
DKK DKK USD USD 0.1318 DKK to USD 7.5877 USD to DKK
DKK DKK UYU UYU 5.452 DKK to UYU 0.1834 UYU to DKK
DKK DKK VEF VEF 28793599062.563 DKK to VEF 0 VEF to DKK
Updated: 2022-10-01
Convert from Convert to 1 DKK Conversion in currency Conversion
DKK DKK AUD AUD 0.2058 DKK to AUD 4.8591 AUD to DKK
DKK DKK BDT BDT 13.3572 DKK to BDT 0.0749 BDT to DKK
DKK DKK BND BND 0.1893 DKK to BND 5.2835 BND to DKK
DKK DKK CNY CNY 0.9378 DKK to CNY 1.0663 CNY to DKK
DKK DKK INR INR 10.7594 DKK to INR 0.0929 INR to DKK
DKK DKK IDR IDR 2016.9164 DKK to IDR 0.0005 IDR to DKK
DKK DKK JPY JPY 19.0756 DKK to JPY 0.0524 JPY to DKK
DKK DKK MYR MYR 0.6111 DKK to MYR 1.6363 MYR to DKK
DKK DKK MVR MVR 2.0363 DKK to MVR 0.4911 MVR to DKK
DKK DKK NPR NPR 17.1817 DKK to NPR 0.0582 NPR to DKK
DKK DKK NZD NZD 0.2358 DKK to NZD 4.2403 NZD to DKK
DKK DKK PKR PKR 30.0626 DKK to PKR 0.0333 PKR to DKK
DKK DKK PGK PGK 0.464 DKK to PGK 2.1554 PGK to DKK
DKK DKK PHP PHP 7.7496 DKK to PHP 0.129 PHP to DKK
DKK DKK SCR SCR 1.7206 DKK to SCR 0.5812 SCR to DKK
DKK DKK SGD SGD 0.1887 DKK to SGD 5.2987 SGD to DKK
DKK DKK KRW KRW 189.8119 DKK to KRW 0.0053 KRW to DKK
DKK DKK LKR LKR 48.1916 DKK to LKR 0.0208 LKR to DKK
DKK DKK TWD TWD 4.1933 DKK to TWD 0.2385 TWD to DKK
DKK DKK THB THB 4.9822 DKK to THB 0.2007 THB to DKK
Updated: 2022-10-01
Convert from Convert to 1 DKK Conversion in currency Conversion
DKK DKK BHD BHD 0.0497 DKK to BHD 20.1118 BHD to DKK
DKK DKK EGP EGP 2.575 DKK to EGP 0.3884 EGP to DKK
DKK DKK HKD HKD 1.0346 DKK to HKD 0.9666 HKD to DKK
DKK DKK ILS ILS 0.469 DKK to ILS 2.1322 ILS to DKK
DKK DKK JOD JOD 0.0934 DKK to JOD 10.7013 JOD to DKK
DKK DKK KWD KWD 0.0409 DKK to KWD 24.4794 KWD to DKK
DKK DKK LBP LBP 199.9225 DKK to LBP 0.005 LBP to DKK
DKK DKK OMR OMR 0.0507 DKK to OMR 19.7099 OMR to DKK
DKK DKK QAR QAR 0.4799 DKK to QAR 2.0839 QAR to DKK
DKK DKK SAR SAR 0.4951 DKK to SAR 2.0197 SAR to DKK
DKK DKK AED AED 0.4841 DKK to AED 2.0658 AED to DKK
DKK DKK YER YER 32.9812 DKK to YER 0.0303 YER to DKK
Updated: 2022-10-01
Convert from Convert to 1 DKK Conversion in currency Conversion
DKK DKK DZD DZD 18.5596 DKK to DZD 0.0539 DZD to DKK
DKK DKK KES KES 15.9272 DKK to KES 0.0628 KES to DKK
DKK DKK MUR MUR 6.029 DKK to MUR 0.1659 MUR to DKK
DKK DKK MAD MAD 1.4435 DKK to MAD 0.6927 MAD to DKK
DKK DKK NAD NAD 2.3829 DKK to NAD 0.4197 NAD to DKK
DKK DKK NIO NIO 4.7446 DKK to NIO 0.2108 NIO to DKK
DKK DKK NGN NGN 56.9834 DKK to NGN 0.0175 NGN to DKK
DKK DKK SLL SLL 2042.1382 DKK to SLL 0.0005 SLL to DKK
DKK DKK ZAR ZAR 2.3843 DKK to ZAR 0.4194 ZAR to DKK
DKK DKK TZS TZS 307.0774 DKK to TZS 0.0033 TZS to DKK
DKK DKK TND TND 0.4308 DKK to TND 2.3211 TND to DKK
DKK DKK UGX UGX 507.789 DKK to UGX 0.002 UGX to DKK
DKK DKK XOF XOF 76.7036 DKK to XOF 0.013 XOF to DKK
DKK DKK ZMK ZMK 1186.2966 DKK to ZMK 0.0008 ZMK to DKK

Danish Krone (DKK)

Sign kr
1 Danish Krone is subdivided into 100 ore.

The Danish Krone is represented by the international currency code "DKK" and is symbolized by "kr". The DKK is widely accepted and used by Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands, though the Faroe Islands has it own specifically issued notes within the overall DKK currency scheme which is all fully managed by the Denmark central bank, known as the Danmarks Nationalbank. The DKK is currently pegged to the Euro through a special arrangement calculation using ERM II that floats the exchange rate thorough a narrow band ± 2.25% using as the center of the band EUR 1 = DKK 7.46038. Denmark officially rejected absorption into the eurozone through a special referendum in 2000. The krone is subdivided into 100 fractional units known as ore.

Coins used:
50 ore, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 kroner

Banknotes used:
50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 kroner

Central Bank
Danmarks Nationalbank
The monetary policy of the Danmarks Nationalbank is price stability and a consistent krone. To this end they have been successful with the current inflation rate in Denmark at an annual rate of 2.3%. The Danmarks Nationalbank issues coins in denominations of 50 řre, 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 kroner and currency banknotes in denominations of 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 kroner. The DKK currency in circulation in the Faroe Islands are subdivided into 100 subunits, each called "oyra". The exchange rate between Danish krone and Faroese króna is 1:1. The Danmarks Nationalbank issues coin in the Faroe Islands in denominations of 25, 50 oyrur and, 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 krónur as well as Faroese kronur banknotes in denominations of 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 krónur.

While in Denmark it is not uncommon to hear unique nicknames associated with different denominations of currency. For example, the 100kr note is the "hund", the 500kr is the "plovmand", and the 1000kr is the "tudse". Knowing local terminology is oftentimes the quickest way to consummate a transaction and avoid all misunderstanding.

Other References
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