Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) Exchange Rates on 28th January 2020 (28/01/2020)

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Exchange rates for Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Updated: 2020-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 IDR Conversion in currency Conversion
IDR GBP 0.0001 IDR to GBP 17787.2726 GBP to IDR
IDR BGN 0.0001 IDR to BGN 7687.5769 BGN to IDR
IDR HRK 0.0005 IDR to HRK 2019.792 HRK to IDR
IDR CZK 0.0017 IDR to CZK 595.1671 CZK to IDR
IDR DKK 0.0005 IDR to DKK 2011.4703 DKK to IDR
IDR HUF 0.0224 IDR to HUF 44.5646 HUF to IDR
IDR KZT 0.0279 IDR to KZT 35.7874 KZT to IDR
IDR LVL 0 IDR to LVL 22552.3049 LVL to IDR
IDR LTL 0.0002 IDR to LTL 4620.0086 LTL to IDR
IDR MKD 0.0041 IDR to MKD 243.9862 MKD to IDR
IDR MDL 0.0013 IDR to MDL 772.5713 MDL to IDR
IDR NOK 0.0007 IDR to NOK 1493.0289 NOK to IDR
IDR PLN 0.0003 IDR to PLN 3514.3452 PLN to IDR
IDR RON 0.0003 IDR to RON 3144.1115 RON to IDR
IDR RUB 0.0046 IDR to RUB 217.0713 RUB to IDR
IDR SEK 0.0007 IDR to SEK 1417.4038 SEK to IDR
IDR CHF 0.0001 IDR to CHF 14051.9783 CHF to IDR
IDR TRY 0.0004 IDR to TRY 2295.4972 TRY to IDR
IDR UAH 0.0018 IDR to UAH 554.2806 UAH to IDR
Updated: 2020-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 IDR Conversion in currency Conversion
IDR ARS 0.0044 IDR to ARS 227.0603 ARS to IDR
IDR BOB 0.0005 IDR to BOB 1971.9392 BOB to IDR
IDR BRL 0.0003 IDR to BRL 3242.3065 BRL to IDR
IDR CAD 0.0001 IDR to CAD 10347.5226 CAD to IDR
IDR KYD 0.0001 IDR to KYD 16361.7531 KYD to IDR
IDR CLP 0.0579 IDR to CLP 17.2635 CLP to IDR
IDR COP 0.2492 IDR to COP 4.0123 COP to IDR
IDR CRC 0.0415 IDR to CRC 24.1143 CRC to IDR
IDR DOP 0.0039 IDR to DOP 256.3746 DOP to IDR
IDR SVC 0.0006 IDR to SVC 1558.3314 SVC to IDR
IDR FJD 0.0002 IDR to FJD 6251.8759 FJD to IDR
IDR HNL 0.0018 IDR to HNL 553.7109 HNL to IDR
IDR JMD 0.0101 IDR to JMD 98.7047 JMD to IDR
IDR MXN 0.0014 IDR to MXN 723.6886 MXN to IDR
IDR ANG 0.0001 IDR to ANG 8264.0936 ANG to IDR
IDR PYG 0.4777 IDR to PYG 2.0934 PYG to IDR
IDR PEN 0.0002 IDR to PEN 4102.2028 PEN to IDR
IDR TTD 0.0005 IDR to TTD 2016.6611 TTD to IDR
IDR USD 0.0001 IDR to USD 13641.6603 USD to IDR
IDR UYU 0.0027 IDR to UYU 365.9157 UYU to IDR
IDR VEF 0.0007 IDR to VEF 1365.8727 VEF to IDR
Updated: 2020-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 IDR Conversion in currency Conversion
IDR AUD 0.0001 IDR to AUD 9222.6793 AUD to IDR
IDR BDT 0.0062 IDR to BDT 160.619 BDT to IDR
IDR BND 0.0001 IDR to BND 10050.9661 BND to IDR
IDR CNY 0.0005 IDR to CNY 1966.5955 CNY to IDR
IDR INR 0.0052 IDR to INR 191.2593 INR to IDR
IDR JPY 0.008 IDR to JPY 125.1128 JPY to IDR
IDR MYR 0.0003 IDR to MYR 3340.684 MYR to IDR
IDR MVR 0.0011 IDR to MVR 882.9723 MVR to IDR
IDR NPR 0.0084 IDR to NPR 119.33 NPR to IDR
IDR NZD 0.0001 IDR to NZD 8928.7711 NZD to IDR
IDR PKR 0.0113 IDR to PKR 88.2048 PKR to IDR
IDR PGK 0.0003 IDR to PGK 3998.9936 PGK to IDR
IDR PHP 0.0037 IDR to PHP 268.6135 PHP to IDR
IDR SCR 0.001 IDR to SCR 995.7509 SCR to IDR
IDR SGD 0.0001 IDR to SGD 10051.3192 SGD to IDR
IDR KRW 0.0863 IDR to KRW 11.5922 KRW to IDR
IDR LKR 0.0133 IDR to LKR 75.1084 LKR to IDR
IDR TWD 0.0022 IDR to TWD 453.3249 TWD to IDR
IDR THB 0.0023 IDR to THB 443.1776 THB to IDR
Updated: 2020-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 IDR Conversion in currency Conversion
IDR BHD 0 IDR to BHD 36189.0217 BHD to IDR
IDR EGP 0.0012 IDR to EGP 864.834 EGP to IDR
IDR HKD 0.0006 IDR to HKD 1753.8916 HKD to IDR
IDR ILS 0.0003 IDR to ILS 3942.5131 ILS to IDR
IDR JOD 0.0001 IDR to JOD 19239.5111 JOD to IDR
IDR KWD 0 IDR to KWD 44912.2807 KWD to IDR
IDR LBP 0.1109 IDR to LBP 9.0186 LBP to IDR
IDR OMR 0 IDR to OMR 35434.1826 OMR to IDR
IDR QAR 0.0003 IDR to QAR 3746.6881 QAR to IDR
IDR SAR 0.0003 IDR to SAR 3636.0341 SAR to IDR
IDR AED 0.0003 IDR to AED 3714.1722 AED to IDR
IDR YER 0.0184 IDR to YER 54.4904 YER to IDR
Updated: 2020-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 IDR Conversion in currency Conversion
IDR DZD 0.0088 IDR to DZD 113.6208 DZD to IDR
IDR KES 0.0074 IDR to KES 135.133 KES to IDR
IDR MUR 0.0027 IDR to MUR 370.2502 MUR to IDR
IDR MAD 0.0007 IDR to MAD 1414.2905 MAD to IDR
IDR NAD 0.0011 IDR to NAD 932.4847 NAD to IDR
IDR NIO 0.0025 IDR to NIO 404.205 NIO to IDR
IDR NGN 0.0266 IDR to NGN 37.629 NGN to IDR
IDR SLL 0.7111 IDR to SLL 1.4064 SLL to IDR
IDR ZAR 0.0011 IDR to ZAR 936.0864 ZAR to IDR
IDR TZS 0.169 IDR to TZS 5.917 TZS to IDR
IDR TND 0.0002 IDR to TND 4816.122 TND to IDR
IDR UGX 0.27 IDR to UGX 3.7033 UGX to IDR
IDR XOF 0.0436 IDR to XOF 22.9178 XOF to IDR
IDR ZMK 0.6598 IDR to ZMK 1.5155 ZMK to IDR

Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Sign Rp
1 Indonesian Rupiah is subdivided into 100 sen.

IDR is the international currency code for the official currency of Indonesia, the rupiah. The rupiah is issued by the central bank of Indonesia, known as the Bank of Indonesia. The Bank of Indonesia has as its mandate monetary stability and the financial sustainability of Indonesia. Each rupiah is subdivided into 10 sen and even though the sen is part of the monetary system, inflation has, over time made the sen obsolete and not used in monetary transactions. In fact the smallest IDR coin is the 100 rupiah. The official symbol for writing rupiah is "Rp" with the symbol written before the numeric digits, for example 10 rupiah is written Rp. 10.

Coins used:
-frequently Rp 100, Rp 200, Rp 500
-rarely Rp 50, Rp 1000

Banknotes used:
Rp 1000, Rp 2000, Rp 5000, Rp 10 000, Rp 20 000, Rp 50 000, Rp 100 000

Central Bank
Bank Indonesia
The IDR has a long history of devaluation and re-issuance. The current coin and currency issues supersede all issues prior to 1999, with the 1998-1999 issues losing their status as legal tender in 2018. Currently the Bank of Indonesia mints coins and prints its currency through the Perum Peruri which actually has a longer official name,'Perum Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia' which translates in English as the 'Republic of Indonesia Money printers'.

Coins are minted in values of Rp 50, Rp 100, Rp 200, Rp 500, and Rp 1000 where the Rp 50 and Rp 1000 are rarely used. Banknotes are printed in values of Rp 1000, Rp 2000, Rp 5000, Rp 10,000, Rp 20,000, Rp 50,000, and Rp 100,000. In 2013 the Bank of Indonesia has plans to eliminate the three trailing zeros from all currency in an effort to bring transaction values into reason. As it stands currently, everyday transactions can reach into the millions of rupiah. The Bank of Indonesia has not yet determined if they will bring back the sen coins with this restructuring, but they insist the change will not be a devaluation, but simply a re-alignment of value.

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