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Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) Exchange Rates on 13th April 2021 (13/04/2021)

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Exchange rates for Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Updated: 2021-04-13
Convert from Convert to 1 IDR Conversion in currency Conversion
IDR GBP 0 IDR to GBP 20148.1529 GBP to IDR
IDR BGN 0.0001 IDR to BGN 8911.9787 BGN to IDR
IDR HRK 0.0004 IDR to HRK 2302.6778 HRK to IDR
IDR CZK 0.0015 IDR to CZK 669.534 CZK to IDR
IDR DKK 0.0004 IDR to DKK 2342.7591 DKK to IDR
IDR HUF 0.0205 IDR to HUF 48.6915 HUF to IDR
IDR KZT 0.0296 IDR to KZT 33.8059 KZT to IDR
IDR LVL 0 IDR to LVL 24230.4882 LVL to IDR
IDR Flag of North Macedonia MKD 0.0035 IDR to MKD 283.3601 MKD to IDR
IDR MDL 0.0012 IDR to MDL 818.9448 MDL to IDR
IDR id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.0006 IDR to NOK 1723.4014 NOK to IDR
IDR PLN 0.0003 IDR to PLN 3840.8246 PLN to IDR
IDR RON 0.0003 IDR to RON 3543.8836 RON to IDR
IDR RUB 0.0053 IDR to RUB 189.3479 RUB to IDR
IDR Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 IDR to SKK 0 SKK to IDR
IDR SEK 0.0006 IDR to SEK 1707.1059 SEK to IDR
IDR CHF 0.0001 IDR to CHF 15851.6566 CHF to IDR
IDR TRY 0.0006 IDR to TRY 1794.8286 TRY to IDR
IDR UAH 0.0019 IDR to UAH 524.6784 UAH to IDR
Updated: 2021-04-13
Convert from Convert to 1 IDR Conversion in currency Conversion
IDR ARS 0.0063 IDR to ARS 158.333 ARS to IDR
IDR BOB 0.0005 IDR to BOB 2125.4471 BOB to IDR
IDR BRL 0.0004 IDR to BRL 2556.0751 BRL to IDR
IDR Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0001 IDR to CAD 11647.9781 CAD to IDR
IDR KYD 0.0001 IDR to KYD 17585.9725 KYD to IDR
IDR CLP 0.0487 IDR to CLP 20.5478 CLP to IDR
IDR COP 0.2501 IDR to COP 3.9991 COP to IDR
IDR CRC 0.0418 IDR to CRC 23.9156 CRC to IDR
IDR DOP 0.0039 IDR to DOP 257.4092 DOP to IDR
IDR SVC 0.0006 IDR to SVC 1674.896 SVC to IDR
IDR FJD 0.0001 IDR to FJD 7150.7258 FJD to IDR
IDR HNL 0.0016 IDR to HNL 607.4032 HNL to IDR
IDR Flag of Jamaica JMD 0.0101 IDR to JMD 98.9505 JMD to IDR
IDR MXN 0.0014 IDR to MXN 726.705 MXN to IDR
IDR ANG 0.0001 IDR to ANG 8164.5437 ANG to IDR
IDR PYG 0.4263 IDR to PYG 2.3457 PYG to IDR
IDR xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.0002 IDR to PEN 4048.2767 PEN to IDR
IDR TTD 0.0005 IDR to TTD 2161.0686 TTD to IDR
IDR USD 0.0001 IDR to USD 14656.7771 USD to IDR
IDR xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> UYU 0.003 IDR to UYU 333.3325 UYU to IDR