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Bahraini Dinar (BHD) Exchange Rates on 24th January 2021 (24/01/2021)

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Exchange rates for Bahraini Dinar (BHD)

Updated: 2021-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 BHD Conversion in currency Conversion
BHD GBP 1.9399 BHD to GBP 0.5155 GBP to BHD
BHD BGN 4.2632 BHD to BGN 0.2346 BGN to BHD
BHD HRK 16.5036 BHD to HRK 0.0606 HRK to BHD
BHD CZK 56.9711 BHD to CZK 0.0176 CZK to BHD
BHD DKK 16.2214 BHD to DKK 0.0616 DKK to BHD
BHD HUF 779.9707 BHD to HUF 0.0013 HUF to BHD
BHD KZT 1117.2725 BHD to KZT 0.0009 KZT to BHD
BHD LVL 1.6055 BHD to LVL 0.6229 LVL to BHD
BHD Flag of North Macedonia MKD 134.4567 BHD to MKD 0.0074 MKD to BHD
BHD MDL 46.4428 BHD to MDL 0.0215 MDL to BHD
BHD id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 22.5149 BHD to NOK 0.0444 NOK to BHD
BHD PLN 9.8994 BHD to PLN 0.101 PLN to BHD
BHD RON 10.6309 BHD to RON 0.0941 RON to BHD
BHD RUB 199.7625 BHD to RUB 0.005 RUB to BHD
BHD Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 BHD to SKK 0 SKK to BHD
BHD SEK 22.1735 BHD to SEK 0.0451 SEK to BHD
BHD CHF 2.3495 BHD to CHF 0.4256 CHF to BHD
BHD TRY 19.6793 BHD to TRY 0.0508 TRY to BHD
BHD UAH 74.7968 BHD to UAH 0.0134 UAH to BHD
Updated: 2021-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 BHD Conversion in currency Conversion
BHD ARS 229.4478 BHD to ARS 0.0044 ARS to BHD
BHD BOB 18.2823 BHD to BOB 0.0547 BOB to BHD
BHD BRL 14.5104 BHD to BRL 0.0689 BRL to BHD
BHD Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 3.3802 BHD to CAD 0.2958 CAD to BHD
BHD KYD 2.2129 BHD to KYD 0.4519 KYD to BHD
BHD CLP 1931.155 BHD to CLP 0.0005 CLP to BHD
BHD COP 9363.0047 BHD to COP 0.0001 COP to BHD
BHD CRC 1623.0383 BHD to CRC 0.0006 CRC to BHD
BHD DOP 154.2155 BHD to DOP 0.0065 DOP to BHD
BHD SVC 23.2344 BHD to SVC 0.043 SVC to BHD
BHD FJD 5.4155 BHD to FJD 0.1847 FJD to BHD
BHD HNL 64.4168 BHD to HNL 0.0155 HNL to BHD
BHD Flag of Jamaica JMD 385.578 BHD to JMD 0.0026 JMD to BHD
BHD MXN 53.0103 BHD to MXN 0.0189 MXN to BHD
BHD ANG 4.7664 BHD to ANG 0.2098 ANG to BHD
BHD PYG 18373.49 BHD to PYG 0.0001 PYG to BHD
BHD xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 9.6465 BHD to PEN 0.1037 PEN to BHD
BHD TTD 18.0496 BHD to TTD 0.0554 TTD to BHD
BHD USD 2.6541 BHD to USD 0.3768 USD to BHD
BHD xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> UYU 111.8317 BHD to UYU 0.0089 UYU to BHD