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Bahraini Dinar (BHD) Exchange Rates on 01st April 2020 (01/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for Bahraini Dinar (BHD)

Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 BHD Conversion in currency Conversion
BHD GBP 2.1467 BHD to GBP 0.4658 GBP to BHD
BHD BGN 4.7064 BHD to BGN 0.2125 BGN to BHD
BHD HRK 18.4041 BHD to HRK 0.0543 HRK to BHD
BHD CZK 66.1599 BHD to CZK 0.0151 CZK to BHD
BHD DKK 18.0167 BHD to DKK 0.0555 DKK to BHD
BHD HUF 873.3474 BHD to HUF 0.0011 HUF to BHD
BHD KZT 1180.858 BHD to KZT 0.0008 KZT to BHD
BHD LVL 1.6043 BHD to LVL 0.6233 LVL to BHD
BHD MKD 148.7527 BHD to MKD 0.0067 MKD to BHD
BHD MDL 48.1688 BHD to MDL 0.0208 MDL to BHD
BHD NOK 27.7773 BHD to NOK 0.036 NOK to BHD
BHD PLN 11.0367 BHD to PLN 0.0906 PLN to BHD
BHD RON 11.6701 BHD to RON 0.0857 RON to BHD
BHD RUB 209.6693 BHD to RUB 0.0048 RUB to BHD
BHD SEK 26.524 BHD to SEK 0.0377 SEK to BHD
BHD CHF 2.5548 BHD to CHF 0.3914 CHF to BHD
BHD TRY 17.5836 BHD to TRY 0.0569 TRY to BHD
BHD UAH 73.0305 BHD to UAH 0.0137 UAH to BHD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 BHD Conversion in currency Conversion
BHD ARS 170.6031 BHD to ARS 0.0059 ARS to BHD
BHD BOB 18.1489 BHD to BOB 0.0551 BOB to BHD
BHD BRL 13.8052 BHD to BRL 0.0724 BRL to BHD
BHD CAD 3.7607 BHD to CAD 0.2659 CAD to BHD
BHD KYD 2.1934 BHD to KYD 0.4559 KYD to BHD
BHD CLP 2276.3664 BHD to CLP 0.0004 CLP to BHD
BHD COP 10765.2025 BHD to COP 0.0001 COP to BHD
BHD CRC 1530.6358 BHD to CRC 0.0007 CRC to BHD
BHD DOP 141.7954 BHD to DOP 0.0071 DOP to BHD
BHD SVC 23.0306 BHD to SVC 0.0434 SVC to BHD
BHD FJD 6.0665 BHD to FJD 0.1648 FJD to BHD
BHD HNL 65.1308 BHD to HNL 0.0154 HNL to BHD
BHD JMD 356.2123 BHD to JMD 0.0028 JMD to BHD
BHD MXN 63.6328 BHD to MXN 0.0157 MXN to BHD
BHD ANG 4.7117 BHD to ANG 0.2122 ANG to BHD
BHD PYG 17321.2677 BHD to PYG 0.0001 PYG to BHD
BHD PEN 9.0443 BHD to PEN 0.1106 PEN to BHD
BHD TTD 17.7847 BHD to TTD 0.0562 TTD to BHD
BHD USD 2.6522 BHD to USD 0.377 USD to BHD
BHD UYU 115.4726 BHD to UYU 0.0087 UYU to BHD
BHD VEF 26.4886 BHD to VEF 0.0378 VEF to BHD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 BHD Conversion in currency Conversion
BHD AUD 4.3649 BHD to AUD 0.2291 AUD to BHD
BHD BDT 223.5918 BHD to BDT 0.0045 BDT to BHD
BHD BND 3.7526 BHD to BND 0.2665 BND to BHD
BHD CNY 18.8276 BHD to CNY 0.0531 CNY to BHD
BHD INR 201.3935 BHD to INR 0.005 INR to BHD
BHD IDR 44169.3974 BHD to IDR 0 IDR to BHD
BHD JPY 285.2409 BHD to JPY 0.0035 JPY to BHD
BHD MYR 11.5439 BHD to MYR 0.0866 MYR to BHD
BHD MVR 40.8457 BHD to MVR 0.0245 MVR to BHD
BHD NPR 317.5275 BHD to NPR 0.0031 NPR to BHD
BHD NZD 4.4842 BHD to NZD 0.223 NZD to BHD
BHD PKR 437.0769 BHD to PKR 0.0023 PKR to BHD
BHD PGK 9.1336 BHD to PGK 0.1095 PGK to BHD
BHD PHP 134.9178 BHD to PHP 0.0074 PHP to BHD
BHD SCR 36.4938 BHD to SCR 0.0274 SCR to BHD
BHD SGD 3.7978 BHD to SGD 0.2633 SGD to BHD
BHD KRW 3263.2738 BHD to KRW 0.0003 KRW to BHD
BHD LKR 498.1379 BHD to LKR 0.002 LKR to BHD
BHD TWD 80.3586 BHD to TWD 0.0124 TWD to BHD
BHD THB 87.5212 BHD to THB 0.0114 THB to BHD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 BHD Conversion in currency Conversion
BHD EGP 41.7701 BHD to EGP 0.0239 EGP to BHD
BHD HKD 20.5579 BHD to HKD 0.0486 HKD to BHD
BHD ILS 9.4343 BHD to ILS 0.106 ILS to BHD
BHD JOD 1.8804 BHD to JOD 0.5318 JOD to BHD
BHD KWD 0.83 BHD to KWD 1.2048 KWD to BHD
BHD LBP 3979.865 BHD to LBP 0.0003 LBP to BHD
BHD OMR 1.0198 BHD to OMR 0.9806 OMR to BHD
BHD QAR 9.6553 BHD to QAR 0.1036 QAR to BHD
BHD SAR 9.9854 BHD to SAR 0.1001 SAR to BHD
BHD AED 9.7415 BHD to AED 0.1027 AED to BHD
BHD YER 663.9749 BHD to YER 0.0015 YER to BHD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 BHD Conversion in currency Conversion
BHD DZD 331.05 BHD to DZD 0.003 DZD to BHD
BHD KES 278.8787 BHD to KES 0.0036 KES to BHD
BHD MUR 103.9731 BHD to MUR 0.0096 MUR to BHD
BHD MAD 26.6977 BHD to MAD 0.0375 MAD to BHD
BHD NAD 47.2035 BHD to NAD 0.0212 NAD to BHD
BHD NIO 88.8 BHD to NIO 0.0113 NIO to BHD
BHD NGN 973.3514 BHD to NGN 0.001 NGN to BHD
BHD SLL 25792.443 BHD to SLL 0 SLL to BHD
BHD ZAR 47.911 BHD to ZAR 0.0209 ZAR to BHD
BHD TZS 6128.41 BHD to TZS 0.0002 TZS to BHD
BHD TND 7.5933 BHD to TND 0.1317 TND to BHD
BHD UGX 9976.0775 BHD to UGX 0.0001 UGX to BHD
BHD XOF 1576.9601 BHD to XOF 0.0006 XOF to BHD
BHD ZMK 23872.8537 BHD to ZMK 0 ZMK to BHD

Bahrain dinar (BHD)

Sign BD
1 Bahrain dinar is subdivided into 1000 fils.

The Bahrain dinar (BHD) is the official currency for Bahrain, issued and managed by the Central Bank of Bahrain. Unlike most currencies which are subdivided into 100 parts the BHD is subdivided into 1000 parts, each of which is known as a fils.

Coins used:
5, 10, 25, 50, 100, BD (500 fils)

Banknotes used:
BD , BD 1, BD 5, BD 10, BD 20

Central Bank
Central Bank of Bahrain
The 1000 part subdivision is likely due to the fact that each dinar is in fact one of the highest valued currency units in the world. In other words, a single dinar, when compared to single currency units of other countries, purchases the largest basket of other currencies or goods. This high value per unit therefore needing an everyday smaller multiple to facilitate smaller transactions, hence the 1000 fils per Bahrain dinar.

The word "fils" itself is commonly thought to be plural, yet the word is singular, though confusingly when referring to currency in multiple fils units, the singular is still used. For example, a 1 fils coin and a 5 fils coin use the same word.

The Central Bank of Bahrain has as its mandate the encouragement and growth of Bahrain as a center of finance for the world. This is accomplished thorough a variety of means all of which are somewhat unrelated to the exact value of the currency because the BHD is pegged to the IMF, which in effect makes the BHD pegged to the USD.

Currently the Bahrain dinar is circulated in coins in the following denominations: 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, BD (500 fils) and banknotes can be found in these denominations: BD , BD 1, BD 5, BD 10, BD 20. When in Bahrain it is not unusual to see transactions priced in and made using the Saudi riyal. The riyal is accepted and used throughout Bahrain as openly as is the BHD.

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