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Mexican Peso (MXN) Exchange Rates on 09th June 2023 (09/06/2023)

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Exchange rates for Mexican Peso (MXN)

Updated: 2023-06-09
Convert from Convert to 1 MXN Conversion in currency Conversion
MXN MXN GBP GBP 0.0458 MXN to GBP 21.8111 GBP to MXN
MXN MXN BGN BGN 0.1044 MXN to BGN 9.5747 BGN to MXN
MXN MXN HRK HRK 0.3995 MXN to HRK 2.5031 HRK to MXN
MXN MXN CZK CZK 1.2635 MXN to CZK 0.7915 CZK to MXN
MXN MXN DKK DKK 0.3977 MXN to DKK 2.5145 DKK to MXN
MXN MXN HUF HUF 19.721 MXN to HUF 0.0507 HUF to MXN
MXN MXN KZT KZT 25.4244 MXN to KZT 0.0393 KZT to MXN
MXN MXN LVL LVL 0.0348 MXN to LVL 28.7364 LVL to MXN
MXN MXN MKD MKD 3.2877 MXN to MKD 0.3042 MKD to MXN
MXN MXN MDL MDL 1.0175 MXN to MDL 0.9828 MDL to MXN
MXN MXN NOK NOK 0.6277 MXN to NOK 1.5931 NOK to MXN
MXN MXN PLN PLN 0.2388 MXN to PLN 4.1879 PLN to MXN
MXN MXN RON RON 0.2645 MXN to RON 3.7814 RON to MXN
MXN MXN RUB RUB 4.718 MXN to RUB 0.212 RUB to MXN
MXN MXN SEK SEK 0.6215 MXN to SEK 1.609 SEK to MXN
MXN MXN CHF CHF 0.0517 MXN to CHF 19.3268 CHF to MXN
MXN MXN TRY TRY 1.3536 MXN to TRY 0.7388 TRY to MXN
MXN MXN UAH UAH 2.1141 MXN to UAH 0.473 UAH to MXN
Updated: 2023-06-09
Convert from Convert to 1 MXN Conversion in currency Conversion
MXN MXN ARS ARS 14.0605 MXN to ARS 0.0711 ARS to MXN
MXN MXN BOB BOB 0.3956 MXN to BOB 2.5279 BOB to MXN
MXN MXN BRL BRL 0.2833 MXN to BRL 3.5303 BRL to MXN
MXN MXN CAD CAD 0.0769 MXN to CAD 13.0018 CAD to MXN
MXN MXN KYD KYD 0.0477 MXN to KYD 20.9594 KYD to MXN
MXN MXN CLP CLP 45.3839 MXN to CLP 0.022 CLP to MXN
MXN MXN COP COP 240.9912 MXN to COP 0.0041 COP to MXN
MXN MXN CRC CRC 30.744 MXN to CRC 0.0325 CRC to MXN
MXN MXN DOP DOP 3.139 MXN to DOP 0.3186 DOP to MXN
MXN MXN SVC SVC 0.501 MXN to SVC 1.9961 SVC to MXN
MXN MXN FJD FJD 0.1292 MXN to FJD 7.7384 FJD to MXN
MXN MXN HNL HNL 1.4215 MXN to HNL 0.7035 HNL to MXN
MXN MXN JMD JMD 8.8693 MXN to JMD 0.1127 JMD to MXN
MXN MXN ANG ANG 0.1032 MXN to ANG 9.6919 ANG to MXN
MXN MXN PYG PYG 413.6693 MXN to PYG 0.0024 PYG to MXN
MXN MXN PEN PEN 0.2099 MXN to PEN 4.7641 PEN to MXN
MXN MXN TTD TTD 0.388 MXN to TTD 2.5776 TTD to MXN
MXN MXN USD USD 0.0575 MXN to USD 17.3824 USD to MXN
MXN MXN UYU UYU 2.233 MXN to UYU 0.4478 UYU to MXN
MXN MXN VEF VEF 153013.59 MXN to VEF 0 VEF to MXN
Updated: 2023-06-09
Convert from Convert to 1 MXN Conversion in currency Conversion
MXN MXN AUD AUD 0.0859 MXN to AUD 11.6435 AUD to MXN
MXN MXN BDT BDT 6.1978 MXN to BDT 0.1613 BDT to MXN
MXN MXN BND BND 0.0771 MXN to BND 12.9638 BND to MXN
MXN MXN CNY CNY 0.4099 MXN to CNY 2.4396 CNY to MXN
MXN MXN INR INR 4.745 MXN to INR 0.2107 INR to MXN
MXN MXN IDR IDR 854.3597 MXN to IDR 0.0012 IDR to MXN
MXN MXN JPY JPY 8.0121 MXN to JPY 0.1248 JPY to MXN
MXN MXN MYR MYR 0.2653 MXN to MYR 3.769 MYR to MXN
MXN MXN MVR MVR 0.8837 MXN to MVR 1.1316 MVR to MXN
MXN MXN NPR NPR 7.5625 MXN to NPR 0.1322 NPR to MXN
MXN MXN NZD NZD 0.0945 MXN to NZD 10.5834 NZD to MXN
MXN MXN PKR PKR 16.2124 MXN to PKR 0.0617 PKR to MXN
MXN MXN PGK PGK 0.2028 MXN to PGK 4.9312 PGK to MXN
MXN MXN PHP PHP 3.2232 MXN to PHP 0.3103 PHP to MXN
MXN MXN SCR SCR 0.758 MXN to SCR 1.3193 SCR to MXN
MXN MXN SGD SGD 0.0773 MXN to SGD 12.9382 SGD to MXN
MXN MXN KRW KRW 74.5313 MXN to KRW 0.0134 KRW to MXN
MXN MXN LKR LKR 16.9187 MXN to LKR 0.0591 LKR to MXN
MXN MXN TWD TWD 1.7696 MXN to TWD 0.5651 TWD to MXN
MXN MXN THB THB 1.9941 MXN to THB 0.5015 THB to MXN
Updated: 2023-06-09
Convert from Convert to 1 MXN Conversion in currency Conversion
MXN MXN BHD BHD 0.0217 MXN to BHD 46.1073 BHD to MXN
MXN MXN EGP EGP 1.7809 MXN to EGP 0.5615 EGP to MXN
MXN MXN HKD HKD 0.4508 MXN to HKD 2.2181 HKD to MXN
MXN MXN ILS ILS 0.2102 MXN to ILS 4.7573 ILS to MXN
MXN MXN JOD JOD 0.0408 MXN to JOD 24.5028 JOD to MXN
MXN MXN KWD KWD 0.0177 MXN to KWD 56.5298 KWD to MXN
MXN MXN LBP LBP 859.3371 MXN to LBP 0.0012 LBP to MXN
MXN MXN OMR OMR 0.0222 MXN to OMR 45.1464 OMR to MXN
MXN MXN QAR QAR 0.2095 MXN to QAR 4.7739 QAR to MXN
MXN MXN SAR SAR 0.2158 MXN to SAR 4.6349 SAR to MXN
MXN MXN AED AED 0.2113 MXN to AED 4.7325 AED to MXN
MXN MXN YER YER 14.3998 MXN to YER 0.0694 YER to MXN
Updated: 2023-06-09
Convert from Convert to 1 MXN Conversion in currency Conversion
MXN MXN DZD DZD 7.8396 MXN to DZD 0.1276 DZD to MXN
MXN MXN KES KES 8.011 MXN to KES 0.1248 KES to MXN
MXN MXN MUR MUR 2.6216 MXN to MUR 0.3814 MUR to MXN
MXN MXN MAD MAD 0.5838 MXN to MAD 1.713 MAD to MXN
MXN MXN NAD NAD 1.0839 MXN to NAD 0.9226 NAD to MXN
MXN MXN NIO NIO 2.1027 MXN to NIO 0.4756 NIO to MXN
MXN MXN NGN NGN 26.5884 MXN to NGN 0.0376 NGN to MXN
MXN MXN SLL SLL 1136.2077 MXN to SLL 0.0009 SLL to MXN
MXN MXN ZAR ZAR 1.0875 MXN to ZAR 0.9195 ZAR to MXN
MXN MXN TZS TZS 136.7477 MXN to TZS 0.0073 TZS to MXN
MXN MXN TND TND 0.1785 MXN to TND 5.6027 TND to MXN
MXN MXN UGX UGX 213.1058 MXN to UGX 0.0047 UGX to MXN
MXN MXN XOF XOF 34.9992 MXN to XOF 0.0286 XOF to MXN
MXN MXN ZMK ZMK 517.8353 MXN to ZMK 0.0019 ZMK to MXN

Mexican Peso (MXN)

Sign $
1 Mexican Peso is subdivided into 100 centavos.

Mexico, located in North America, is officially referred to as the United Mexican States. It borders the United States and lies on the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Millions of tourists visit Mexico each year to enjoy the beaches, conduct business or attend colleges in the country.

Coins used:
-frequently 10�,20�,50�, $1, $2, $5, $10
-rarely 5�, $20, $50, $100

Banknotes used:
-frequently $20, $50, $100, $200, $500
-rarely $1000

Central Bank
Bank of Mexico
The official currency of Mexico is the peso. The ISO code for the peso is MXN and modern peso and dollars have common origins with the 15th through 19th century Spanish dollars. The peso is the 12th most traded currency in the world and the 3rd most traded in North and South America. The peso is subdivided into 100 centavos. Peso are represented by a $ sign and centavos are represented by a �, duplicating the signs represented US dollars and cents.

Pesos are issued in denominations of 10, 12, 50, 100, 200 and 500 and the bills are colored differently to enable consumers to easily tell them apart. Peso coins are issued in silver 1, 2, and 5 denominations with 10 and 20 peso coins being gold.

When visiting Mexico, tourists will have to be aware of the $ sign. Since the sign is also used for American Dollars, price lists will need to be watched carefully to ensure the true price. Prices in pesos will have MN beside them for Moneda Nacional which translates to national currency. The exchange rates for pesos change every day and currency can be converted online. American Dollar traveler�s checks are easy to exchange throughout the country and UK debit and credit cards are accepted at most ATMs and retailers. Many ATMs will allow withdrawals from foreign banks and provide pesos for the withdrawal currency. Exchanging currency at hotel reception is not possible in Mexico. All currency exchange must be done at a Mexican bank or through the Bureaux de Change.

Many retail businesses in the southern areas of the United States will accept pesos for payment for goods and services. Most supermarkets found in largely Mexican areas accept this form of payment. Besides these areas of the United States as well as border towns in Guatemala and Belize, other countries do not currently accept the peso as currency. Exchanges can often be done by most banks that deal with foreign currencies. For those visiting Mexico, it may be best to exchange pesos back into original foreign currency before returning to your home country.

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