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Mexican Peso (MXN) Exchange Rates on 28th September 2020 (28/09/2020)

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Exchange rates for Mexican Peso (MXN)

Updated: 2020-09-28
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MXN GBP 0.0351 MXN to GBP 28.4749 GBP to MXN
MXN BGN 0.0754 MXN to BGN 13.2711 BGN to MXN
MXN HRK 0.2905 MXN to HRK 3.4419 HRK to MXN
MXN CZK 1.0434 MXN to CZK 0.9584 CZK to MXN
MXN DKK 0.2865 MXN to DKK 3.4906 DKK to MXN