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Latvian Lats (LVL) Exchange Rates on 28th January 2023 (28/01/2023)

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Exchange rates for Latvian Lats (LVL)

Updated: 2023-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 LVL Conversion in currency Conversion
LVL LVL GBP GBP 1.3353 LVL to GBP 0.7489 GBP to LVL
LVL LVL BGN BGN 2.9743 LVL to BGN 0.3362 BGN to LVL
LVL LVL HRK HRK 11.6421 LVL to HRK 0.0859 HRK to LVL
LVL LVL CZK CZK 36.2234 LVL to CZK 0.0276 CZK to LVL
LVL LVL DKK DKK 11.3133 LVL to DKK 0.0884 DKK to LVL
LVL LVL HUF HUF 594.0094 LVL to HUF 0.0017 HUF to LVL
LVL LVL KZT KZT 761.2431 LVL to KZT 0.0013 KZT to LVL
LVL LVL MKD MKD 93.5538 LVL to MKD 0.0107 MKD to LVL
LVL LVL MDL MDL 31.0135 LVL to MDL 0.0322 MDL to LVL
LVL LVL NOK NOK 16.1918 LVL to NOK 0.0618 NOK to LVL
LVL LVL PLN PLN 7.1586 LVL to PLN 0.1397 PLN to LVL
LVL LVL RON RON 7.4508 LVL to RON 0.1342 RON to LVL
LVL LVL RUB RUB 116.9261 LVL to RUB 0.0086 RUB to LVL
LVL LVL SEK SEK 17.0418 LVL to SEK 0.0587 SEK to LVL
LVL LVL CHF CHF 1.5249 LVL to CHF 0.6558 CHF to LVL
LVL LVL TRY TRY 31.0955 LVL to TRY 0.0322 TRY to LVL
LVL LVL UAH UAH 60.7619 LVL to UAH 0.0165 UAH to LVL
Updated: 2023-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 LVL Conversion in currency Conversion
LVL LVL ARS ARS 306.7386 LVL to ARS 0.0033 ARS to LVL
LVL LVL BOB BOB 11.4265 LVL to BOB 0.0875 BOB to LVL
LVL LVL BRL BRL 8.4467 LVL to BRL 0.1184 BRL to LVL
LVL LVL CAD CAD 2.2053 LVL to CAD 0.4535 CAD to LVL
LVL LVL KYD KYD 1.3781 LVL to KYD 0.7257 KYD to LVL
LVL LVL CLP CLP 1333.1512 LVL to CLP 0.0008 CLP to LVL
LVL LVL COP COP 7519.5517 LVL to COP 0.0001 COP to LVL
LVL LVL CRC CRC 930.2398 LVL to CRC 0.0011 CRC to LVL
LVL LVL DOP DOP 93.8194 LVL to DOP 0.0107 DOP to LVL
LVL LVL SVC SVC 14.4691 LVL to SVC 0.0691 SVC to LVL
LVL LVL FJD FJD 3.5957 LVL to FJD 0.2781 FJD to LVL
LVL LVL HNL HNL 40.7849 LVL to HNL 0.0245 HNL to LVL
LVL LVL JMD JMD 254.1936 LVL to JMD 0.0039 JMD to LVL
LVL LVL MXN MXN 31.0445 LVL to MXN 0.0322 MXN to LVL
LVL LVL ANG ANG 2.9802 LVL to ANG 0.3356 ANG to LVL
LVL LVL PYG PYG 12194.074 LVL to PYG 0.0001 PYG to LVL
LVL LVL PEN PEN 6.3226 LVL to PEN 0.1582 PEN to LVL
LVL LVL TTD TTD 11.2242 LVL to TTD 0.0891 TTD to LVL
LVL LVL USD USD 1.6532 LVL to USD 0.6049 USD to LVL
LVL LVL UYU UYU 64.6648 LVL to UYU 0.0155 UYU to LVL
LVL LVL VEF VEF 3561253.9012 LVL to VEF 0 VEF to LVL
Updated: 2023-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 LVL Conversion in currency Conversion
LVL LVL AUD AUD 2.3115 LVL to AUD 0.4326 AUD to LVL
LVL LVL BDT BDT 175.2824 LVL to BDT 0.0057 BDT to LVL
LVL LVL BND BND 2.1726 LVL to BND 0.4603 BND to LVL
LVL LVL CNY CNY 11.2143 LVL to CNY 0.0892 CNY to LVL
LVL LVL INR INR 134.7594 LVL to INR 0.0074 INR to LVL
LVL LVL IDR IDR 24773.0306 LVL to IDR 0 IDR to LVL
LVL LVL JPY JPY 214.725 LVL to JPY 0.0047 JPY to LVL
LVL LVL MYR MYR 7.0162 LVL to MYR 0.1425 MYR to LVL
LVL LVL MVR MVR 25.3937 LVL to MVR 0.0394 MVR to LVL
LVL LVL NPR NPR 215.6728 LVL to NPR 0.0046 NPR to LVL
LVL LVL NZD NZD 2.5473 LVL to NZD 0.3926 NZD to LVL
LVL LVL PKR PKR 434.5425 LVL to PKR 0.0023 PKR to LVL
LVL LVL PGK PGK 5.8199 LVL to PGK 0.1718 PGK to LVL
LVL LVL PHP PHP 89.9916 LVL to PHP 0.0111 PHP to LVL
LVL LVL SCR SCR 23.0961 LVL to SCR 0.0433 SCR to LVL
LVL LVL SGD SGD 2.1716 LVL to SGD 0.4605 SGD to LVL
LVL LVL KRW KRW 2033.5089 LVL to KRW 0.0005 KRW to LVL
LVL LVL LKR LKR 601.9148 LVL to LKR 0.0017 LKR to LVL
LVL LVL TWD TWD 49.7553 LVL to TWD 0.0201 TWD to LVL
LVL LVL THB THB 54.1757 LVL to THB 0.0185 THB to LVL
Updated: 2023-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 LVL Conversion in currency Conversion
LVL LVL BHD BHD 0.6233 LVL to BHD 1.6043 BHD to LVL
LVL LVL EGP EGP 49.3928 LVL to EGP 0.0202 EGP to LVL
LVL LVL HKD HKD 12.9451 LVL to HKD 0.0772 HKD to LVL
LVL LVL ILS ILS 5.6874 LVL to ILS 0.1758 ILS to LVL
LVL LVL JOD JOD 1.1726 LVL to JOD 0.8528 JOD to LVL
LVL LVL KWD KWD 0.5047 LVL to KWD 1.9816 KWD to LVL
LVL LVL LBP LBP 2506.399 LVL to LBP 0.0004 LBP to LVL
LVL LVL OMR OMR 0.6365 LVL to OMR 1.571 OMR to LVL
LVL LVL QAR QAR 6.0193 LVL to QAR 0.1661 QAR to LVL
LVL LVL SAR SAR 6.206 LVL to SAR 0.1611 SAR to LVL
LVL LVL AED AED 6.072 LVL to AED 0.1647 AED to LVL
LVL LVL YER YER 413.9654 LVL to YER 0.0024 YER to LVL
Updated: 2023-01-28
Convert from Convert to 1 LVL Conversion in currency Conversion
LVL LVL DZD DZD 224.2535 LVL to DZD 0.0045 DZD to LVL
LVL LVL KES KES 205.7406 LVL to KES 0.0049 KES to LVL
LVL LVL MUR MUR 74.6423 LVL to MUR 0.0134 MUR to LVL
LVL LVL MAD MAD 16.8201 LVL to MAD 0.0595 MAD to LVL
LVL LVL NAD NAD 28.452 LVL to NAD 0.0351 NAD to LVL
LVL LVL NIO NIO 60.1823 LVL to NIO 0.0166 NIO to LVL
LVL LVL NGN NGN 760.9326 LVL to NGN 0.0013 NGN to LVL
LVL LVL SLL SLL 32072.0698 LVL to SLL 0 SLL to LVL
LVL LVL ZAR ZAR 28.4401 LVL to ZAR 0.0352 ZAR to LVL
LVL LVL TZS TZS 3866.8308 LVL to TZS 0.0003 TZS to LVL
LVL LVL TND TND 5.0428 LVL to TND 0.1983 TND to LVL
LVL LVL UGX UGX 6093.6182 LVL to UGX 0.0002 UGX to LVL
LVL LVL XOF XOF 995.2235 LVL to XOF 0.001 XOF to LVL
LVL LVL ZMK ZMK 14880.7318 LVL to ZMK 0.0001 ZMK to LVL

Latvian Lats (LVL)

Sign Ls
1 Latvian Lats is subdivided into 100 santims.

Latvia lies in the very center of the Baltic States. It is found in Northeastern Europe and lies on the east coast of the Baltic Sea. Latvia offers a wide range of rivers, lakes and many beaches as well as pine forests and dunes. The climate in Latvia is typical for the region and offers mild summers and winters with high levels of precipitation and humidity.

Coins used:
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 santimu, 1, 2 lati

Banknotes used:
5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 latu

Central Bank
Bank of Latvia
Although Latvia is a fairly small country, it has been rich in agriculture and food processing for a number of years. The population of the country was largely rural until approximately 100 years ago when the Latvian locals evolved their cuisine to be more tasty and nutritious. The people of Latvia spend much of their time outdoors and the wood industry, not including furniture manufacturing, accounts for nearly 20 percent of the entire industry in the country.

The country is home to many tourists each year and offers a host of amenities including various musical festivals and cultural art shows throughout the year.

The Lats is the official currency of Latvia. Latvian Lats or LVL as is the official code of the currency, are subdivided into 100 santimi. In 1993, the Lats was reintroduced into production, replacing the Latvian rublis that were used for a short period of time. The plural form of lats is late. The Latvian lats is the fourth most valuable currency in the world behind the Kuwaiti dinar, the Bahraini dinar and the Omani rial. The Latvia lats are expected to be completely replaced by the euro sometime during 2012 or 2013.

Latvian coins are issued in denominations of 1 santimi, 2 santimi, 5 santimi, 10 santimi, 20 santimi and 50 santimi. There are commemorative coins in Latvia as well that are produced from silver and gold. These coins are issued by the Bank of Latvia in denominations of 2 latu, 10 latu, 20 latu and 100 latu.

All Latvian banknotes are issued by the Bank of Latvia and come in denominations of 5 lati, 10 latu, 20 latu, 50 latu, 100 latu and 500 latu. Latvian banknotes are color coded. Below is a listing of the color specifications for Latvian currency:
  • 5 lati are green in color
  • 10 latu are purple in color
  • 20 latu are brownish-green in color
  • 50 latu are blue in color
  • 100 latu are red in color
  • 500 latu are brown in color

Other References
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