Pakistani Rupee (PKR) Exchange Rates on 07th December 2019 (07/12/2019)

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Exchange rates for Pakistani Rupee (PKR)

Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR GBP 0.0049 PKR to GBP 203.4117 GBP to PKR
PKR BGN 0.0114 PKR to BGN 87.6545 BGN to PKR
PKR HRK 0.0434 PKR to HRK 23.018 HRK to PKR
PKR CZK 0.1491 PKR to CZK 6.7073 CZK to PKR
PKR DKK 0.0436 PKR to DKK 22.9144 DKK to PKR
PKR HUF 1.9338 PKR to HUF 0.5171 HUF to PKR
PKR KZT 2.493 PKR to KZT 0.4011 KZT to PKR
PKR LVL 0.0039 PKR to LVL 255.9196 LVL to PKR
PKR LTL 0.0191 PKR to LTL 52.4269 LTL to PKR
PKR MKD 0.3587 PKR to MKD 2.788 MKD to PKR
PKR MDL 0.1124 PKR to MDL 8.8997 MDL to PKR
PKR NOK 0.059 PKR to NOK 16.9436 NOK to PKR
PKR PLN 0.025 PKR to PLN 40.0375 PLN to PKR
PKR RON 0.0279 PKR to RON 35.8249 RON to PKR
PKR RUB 0.4113 PKR to RUB 2.4312 RUB to PKR
PKR SEK 0.0613 PKR to SEK 16.3036 SEK to PKR
PKR CHF 0.0064 PKR to CHF 156.1955 CHF to PKR
PKR TRY 0.0373 PKR to TRY 26.7983 TRY to PKR
PKR UAH 0.1532 PKR to UAH 6.5271 UAH to PKR
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR ARS 0.3869 PKR to ARS 2.5845 ARS to PKR
PKR BOB 0.0447 PKR to BOB 22.3861 BOB to PKR
PKR BRL 0.0268 PKR to BRL 37.3794 BRL to PKR
PKR CAD 0.0086 PKR to CAD 116.7907 CAD to PKR
PKR KYD 0.0054 PKR to KYD 185.7499 KYD to PKR
PKR CLP 5.0238 PKR to CLP 0.1991 CLP to PKR
PKR COP 22.1216 PKR to COP 0.0452 COP to PKR
PKR CRC 3.6564 PKR to CRC 0.2735 CRC to PKR
PKR DOP 0.3432 PKR to DOP 2.9134 DOP to PKR
PKR SVC 0.0565 PKR to SVC 17.6909 SVC to PKR
PKR FJD 0.014 PKR to FJD 71.1985 FJD to PKR
PKR HNL 0.1608 PKR to HNL 6.2182 HNL to PKR
PKR JMD 0.908 PKR to JMD 1.1013 JMD to PKR
PKR MXN 0.1246 PKR to MXN 8.0231 MXN to PKR
PKR ANG 0.0111 PKR to ANG 90.2632 ANG to PKR
PKR PYG 41.6123 PKR to PYG 0.024 PYG to PKR
PKR PEN 0.0218 PKR to PEN 45.8065 PEN to PKR
PKR TTD 0.0436 PKR to TTD 22.9108 TTD to PKR
PKR USD 0.0065 PKR to USD 154.8033 USD to PKR
PKR UYU 0.2443 PKR to UYU 4.0925 UYU to PKR
PKR VEF 0.0645 PKR to VEF 15.4997 VEF to PKR
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR AUD 0.0094 PKR to AUD 105.9383 AUD to PKR
PKR BDT 0.5478 PKR to BDT 1.8255 BDT to PKR
PKR BND 0.0088 PKR to BND 113.8386 BND to PKR
PKR CNY 0.0454 PKR to CNY 22.0038 CNY to PKR
PKR INR 0.4606 PKR to INR 2.1712 INR to PKR
PKR IDR 90.5916 PKR to IDR 0.011 IDR to PKR
PKR JPY 0.7014 PKR to JPY 1.4257 JPY to PKR
PKR MYR 0.0269 PKR to MYR 37.2168 MYR to PKR
PKR MVR 0.0998 PKR to MVR 10.0194 MVR to PKR
PKR NPR 0.7362 PKR to NPR 1.3584 NPR to PKR
PKR NZD 0.0099 PKR to NZD 101.4543 NZD to PKR
PKR PGK 0.0219 PKR to PGK 45.6596 PGK to PKR
PKR PHP 0.3281 PKR to PHP 3.0482 PHP to PKR
PKR SCR 0.0885 PKR to SCR 11.2977 SCR to PKR
PKR SGD 0.0088 PKR to SGD 113.8152 SGD to PKR
PKR KRW 7.6627 PKR to KRW 0.1305 KRW to PKR
PKR LKR 1.1705 PKR to LKR 0.8543 LKR to PKR
PKR TWD 0.1966 PKR to TWD 5.086 TWD to PKR
PKR THB 0.1961 PKR to THB 5.1002 THB to PKR
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR BHD 0.0024 PKR to BHD 410.5017 BHD to PKR
PKR EGP 0.1043 PKR to EGP 9.5896 EGP to PKR
PKR HKD 0.0506 PKR to HKD 19.7704 HKD to PKR
PKR ILS 0.0224 PKR to ILS 44.5907 ILS to PKR
PKR JOD 0.0046 PKR to JOD 218.3279 JOD to PKR
PKR KWD 0.002 PKR to KWD 509.9085 KWD to PKR
PKR LBP 9.7664 PKR to LBP 0.1024 LBP to PKR
PKR OMR 0.0025 PKR to OMR 402.0302 OMR to PKR
PKR QAR 0.0235 PKR to QAR 42.5196 QAR to PKR
PKR SAR 0.0242 PKR to SAR 41.2837 SAR to PKR
PKR AED 0.0237 PKR to AED 42.1458 AED to PKR
PKR YER 1.6172 PKR to YER 0.6183 YER to PKR
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR DZD 0.7737 PKR to DZD 1.2925 DZD to PKR
PKR KES 0.657 PKR to KES 1.522 KES to PKR
PKR MUR 0.2358 PKR to MUR 4.2409 MUR to PKR
PKR MAD 0.0623 PKR to MAD 16.046 MAD to PKR
PKR NAD 0.0946 PKR to NAD 10.5665 NAD to PKR
PKR NIO 0.2191 PKR to NIO 4.5651 NIO to PKR
PKR NGN 2.3417 PKR to NGN 0.427 NGN to PKR
PKR SLL 62.9831 PKR to SLL 0.0159 SLL to PKR
PKR ZAR 0.0945 PKR to ZAR 10.5869 ZAR to PKR
PKR TZS 14.8421 PKR to TZS 0.0674 TZS to PKR
PKR TND 0.0184 PKR to TND 54.2312 TND to PKR
PKR UGX 23.8048 PKR to UGX 0.042 UGX to PKR
PKR XOF 3.8178 PKR to XOF 0.2619 XOF to PKR
PKR ZMK 58.146 PKR to ZMK 0.0172 ZMK to PKR

Pakistani Rupee (PKR)

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1 Pakistani Rupee is subdivided into 100 paisa.

The official currency of Pakistan is the Pakistani rupee. The rupee is subdivided into 100 paisa. Paper banknotes are issued in denominations of RS 10, RS 20, RS 50, RS 100, RS 500, RS 1,000 and RS 5,000. There are also RS 1, RS 2 and RS 5 coins. Paper notes that are work or damaged are often not accepted as payment so those that are not in good condition should not be accepted by tourists when exchanging currency. The larger notes are often difficult to find change for so again, it is best not to accept notes of RS 500 and up when converting currency.

Coins used:
1, 2, 5 rupees

Banknotes used:
10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 rupees

Central Bank
State Bank of Pakistan
The rupee is a very convertible currency and there is very little difference in the currency exchange rates between official banks and organizations and the black market. ATMs are located conveniently throughout major cities and can be found at most major banks. ATMs in Pakistan will generally accept MasterCard and Visa as well as Maestro and Cirrus cards. It is recommended that those traveling to Pakistan check with local banks to ensure that they can access their accounts from an international location.

Most foreign currency can easily be exchanged in large cities. US Dollars are the most commonly and most widely exchanged funds followed by the euro and UK pound. It is recommended that visitors compare rates from various banks as well as private moneychangers before exchanging foreign currency. Most offer reasonable rates but some tend to be a bit more expensive than others. A passport is required for all foreign currency exchanges in Pakistan and travelers should avoid accepting torn or otherwise damaged banknotes as these are often difficult to use in the country.

In order to reconvert Pakistani rupees back into foreign currency upon leaving, a receipt will be needed. Moneychangers and banks offer receipts for currency exchange transactions so visitors so be certain to keep these receipts handy in order to easily convert funds before they leave. Banks have counters at the major international airports and will provide a number of foreign currency exchanges although the US Dollar is the currency typically provided when exchanging rupees.

Banks will also convert traveler’s checks for US Dollars and some other currencies as well. Note that these are not widely accepted and it is often best to convert cash. Many banks will require the original receipt obtained when purchasing traveler’s checks before they will convert them to rupees.

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