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Pakistani Rupee (PKR) Exchange Rates on 07th April 2020 (07/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for Pakistani Rupee (PKR)

Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR GBP 0.0049 PKR to GBP 205.7354 GBP to PKR
PKR BGN 0.0108 PKR to BGN 92.6144 BGN to PKR
PKR HRK 0.042 PKR to HRK 23.8014 HRK to PKR
PKR CZK 0.1512 PKR to CZK 6.6139 CZK to PKR
PKR DKK 0.0411 PKR to DKK 24.3025 DKK to PKR
PKR HUF 1.9953 PKR to HUF 0.5012 HUF to PKR
PKR KZT 2.6275 PKR to KZT 0.3806 KZT to PKR
PKR LVL 0.0036 PKR to LVL 276.4682 LVL to PKR
PKR MKD 0.3406 PKR to MKD 2.9364 MKD to PKR
PKR MDL 0.1116 PKR to MDL 8.9612 MDL to PKR
PKR NOK 0.0615 PKR to NOK 16.2727 NOK to PKR
PKR PLN 0.025 PKR to PLN 40.0273 PLN to PKR
PKR RON 0.0266 PKR to RON 37.6015 RON to PKR
PKR RUB 0.4511 PKR to RUB 2.2166 RUB to PKR
PKR SEK 0.0601 PKR to SEK 16.6277 SEK to PKR
PKR CHF 0.0058 PKR to CHF 171.485 CHF to PKR
PKR TRY 0.0402 PKR to TRY 24.9035 TRY to PKR
PKR UAH 0.1629 PKR to UAH 6.1387 UAH to PKR
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR ARS 0.3882 PKR to ARS 2.5763 ARS to PKR
PKR BOB 0.0413 PKR to BOB 24.2386 BOB to PKR
PKR BRL 0.0316 PKR to BRL 31.6351 BRL to PKR
PKR CAD 0.0084 PKR to CAD 119.0978 CAD to PKR
PKR KYD 0.005 PKR to KYD 200.5583 KYD to PKR
PKR CLP 5.0983 PKR to CLP 0.1961 CLP to PKR
PKR COP 23.8052 PKR to COP 0.042 COP to PKR
PKR CRC 3.4435 PKR to CRC 0.2904 CRC to PKR
PKR DOP 0.3223 PKR to DOP 3.1024 DOP to PKR
PKR SVC 0.0524 PKR to SVC 19.1008 SVC to PKR
PKR FJD 0.0139 PKR to FJD 72.0737 FJD to PKR
PKR HNL 0.1483 PKR to HNL 6.7422 HNL to PKR
PKR JMD 0.8078 PKR to JMD 1.238 JMD to PKR
PKR MXN 0.1463 PKR to MXN 6.8375 MXN to PKR
PKR ANG 0.0107 PKR to ANG 93.3652 ANG to PKR
PKR PYG 39.1346 PKR to PYG 0.0256 PYG to PKR
PKR PEN 0.0207 PKR to PEN 48.33 PEN to PKR
PKR TTD 0.0404 PKR to TTD 24.7349 TTD to PKR
PKR USD 0.006 PKR to USD 167.2328 USD to PKR
PKR UYU 0.2646 PKR to UYU 3.7787 UYU to PKR
PKR VEF 0.0597 PKR to VEF 16.7442 VEF to PKR
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR AUD 0.0097 PKR to AUD 103.0796 AUD to PKR
PKR BDT 0.5083 PKR to BDT 1.9674 BDT to PKR
PKR BND 0.0086 PKR to BND 116.5885 BND to PKR
PKR CNY 0.0422 PKR to CNY 23.6692 CNY to PKR
PKR INR 0.4527 PKR to INR 2.2091 INR to PKR
PKR IDR 97.7647 PKR to IDR 0.0102 IDR to PKR
PKR JPY 0.6509 PKR to JPY 1.5364 JPY to PKR
PKR MYR 0.026 PKR to MYR 38.4465 MYR to PKR
PKR MVR 0.0921 PKR to MVR 10.8522 MVR to PKR
PKR NPR 0.7295 PKR to NPR 1.3707 NPR to PKR
PKR NZD 0.01 PKR to NZD 100.3361 NZD to PKR
PKR PGK 0.0208 PKR to PGK 48.1662 PGK to PKR
PKR PHP 0.3027 PKR to PHP 3.3033 PHP to PKR
PKR SCR 0.0879 PKR to SCR 11.3765 SCR to PKR
PKR SGD 0.0085 PKR to SGD 117.1588 SGD to PKR
PKR KRW 7.2912 PKR to KRW 0.1372 KRW to PKR
PKR LKR 1.1563 PKR to LKR 0.8648 LKR to PKR
PKR TWD 0.1802 PKR to TWD 5.549 TWD to PKR
PKR THB 0.1959 PKR to THB 5.1039 THB to PKR
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR BHD 0.0023 PKR to BHD 443.5509 BHD to PKR
PKR EGP 0.0942 PKR to EGP 10.6192 EGP to PKR
PKR HKD 0.0464 PKR to HKD 21.5706 HKD to PKR
PKR ILS 0.0214 PKR to ILS 46.8082 ILS to PKR
PKR JOD 0.0042 PKR to JOD 235.8801 JOD to PKR
PKR KWD 0.0019 PKR to KWD 536.3627 KWD to PKR
PKR LBP 9.048 PKR to LBP 0.1105 LBP to PKR
PKR OMR 0.0023 PKR to OMR 434.2695 OMR to PKR
PKR QAR 0.0218 PKR to QAR 45.931 QAR to PKR
PKR SAR 0.0225 PKR to SAR 44.4761 SAR to PKR
PKR AED 0.022 PKR to AED 45.5279 AED to PKR
PKR YER 1.497 PKR to YER 0.668 YER to PKR
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR DZD 0.7587 PKR to DZD 1.318 DZD to PKR
PKR KES 0.6356 PKR to KES 1.5734 KES to PKR
PKR MUR 0.2383 PKR to MUR 4.1961 MUR to PKR
PKR MAD 0.0616 PKR to MAD 16.2218 MAD to PKR
PKR NAD 0.1127 PKR to NAD 8.8717 NAD to PKR
PKR NIO 0.2019 PKR to NIO 4.9541 NIO to PKR
PKR NGN 2.1945 PKR to NGN 0.4557 NGN to PKR
PKR SLL 58.242 PKR to SLL 0.0172 SLL to PKR
PKR ZAR 0.1107 PKR to ZAR 9.0325 ZAR to PKR
PKR TZS 13.8364 PKR to TZS 0.0723 TZS to PKR
PKR TND 0.0175 PKR to TND 57.247 TND to PKR
PKR UGX 22.5282 PKR to UGX 0.0444 UGX to PKR
PKR XOF 3.6341 PKR to XOF 0.2752 XOF to PKR
PKR ZMK 53.8244 PKR to ZMK 0.0186 ZMK to PKR

Pakistani Rupee (PKR)

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1 Pakistani Rupee is subdivided into 100 paisa.

The official currency of Pakistan is the Pakistani rupee. The rupee is subdivided into 100 paisa. Paper banknotes are issued in denominations of RS 10, RS 20, RS 50, RS 100, RS 500, RS 1,000 and RS 5,000. There are also RS 1, RS 2 and RS 5 coins. Paper notes that are work or damaged are often not accepted as payment so those that are not in good condition should not be accepted by tourists when exchanging currency. The larger notes are often difficult to find change for so again, it is best not to accept notes of RS 500 and up when converting currency.

Coins used:
1, 2, 5 rupees

Banknotes used:
10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 rupees

Central Bank
State Bank of Pakistan
The rupee is a very convertible currency and there is very little difference in the currency exchange rates between official banks and organizations and the black market. ATMs are located conveniently throughout major cities and can be found at most major banks. ATMs in Pakistan will generally accept MasterCard and Visa as well as Maestro and Cirrus cards. It is recommended that those traveling to Pakistan check with local banks to ensure that they can access their accounts from an international location.

Most foreign currency can easily be exchanged in large cities. US Dollars are the most commonly and most widely exchanged funds followed by the euro and UK pound. It is recommended that visitors compare rates from various banks as well as private moneychangers before exchanging foreign currency. Most offer reasonable rates but some tend to be a bit more expensive than others. A passport is required for all foreign currency exchanges in Pakistan and travelers should avoid accepting torn or otherwise damaged banknotes as these are often difficult to use in the country.

In order to reconvert Pakistani rupees back into foreign currency upon leaving, a receipt will be needed. Moneychangers and banks offer receipts for currency exchange transactions so visitors so be certain to keep these receipts handy in order to easily convert funds before they leave. Banks have counters at the major international airports and will provide a number of foreign currency exchanges although the US Dollar is the currency typically provided when exchanging rupees.

Banks will also convert travelerís checks for US Dollars and some other currencies as well. Note that these are not widely accepted and it is often best to convert cash. Many banks will require the original receipt obtained when purchasing travelerís checks before they will convert them to rupees.

Other References
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