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Pakistani Rupee (PKR) Exchange Rates on 06th June 2023 (06/06/2023)

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Exchange rates for Pakistani Rupee (PKR)

Updated: 2023-06-06
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR PKR GBP GBP 0.0028 PKR to GBP 355.1559 GBP to PKR
PKR PKR BGN BGN 0.0064 PKR to BGN 156.4246 BGN to PKR
PKR PKR HRK HRK 0.0243 PKR to HRK 41.1085 HRK to PKR
PKR PKR CZK CZK 0.0769 PKR to CZK 12.9973 CZK to PKR
PKR PKR DKK DKK 0.0244 PKR to DKK 41.0667 DKK to PKR
PKR PKR HUF HUF 1.2072 PKR to HUF 0.8284 HUF to PKR
PKR PKR KZT KZT 1.5668 PKR to KZT 0.6383 KZT to PKR
PKR PKR LVL LVL 0.0021 PKR to LVL 471.939 LVL to PKR
PKR PKR MKD MKD 0.2011 PKR to MKD 4.9723 MKD to PKR
PKR PKR MDL MDL 0.0623 PKR to MDL 16.0549 MDL to PKR
PKR PKR NOK NOK 0.0386 PKR to NOK 25.8906 NOK to PKR
PKR PKR PLN PLN 0.0146 PKR to PLN 68.3493 PLN to PKR
PKR PKR RON RON 0.0162 PKR to RON 61.6262 RON to PKR
PKR PKR RUB RUB 0.2833 PKR to RUB 3.5304 RUB to PKR
PKR PKR SEK SEK 0.038 PKR to SEK 26.3366 SEK to PKR
PKR PKR CHF CHF 0.0032 PKR to CHF 315.1923 CHF to PKR
PKR PKR TRY TRY 0.0747 PKR to TRY 13.3802 TRY to PKR
PKR PKR UAH UAH 0.1291 PKR to UAH 7.7462 UAH to PKR
Updated: 2023-06-06
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR PKR ARS ARS 0.8493 PKR to ARS 1.1774 ARS to PKR
PKR PKR BOB BOB 0.0242 PKR to BOB 41.4026 BOB to PKR
PKR PKR BRL BRL 0.0173 PKR to BRL 57.9406 BRL to PKR
PKR PKR CAD CAD 0.0047 PKR to CAD 212.5381 CAD to PKR
PKR PKR KYD KYD 0.0029 PKR to KYD 343.2801 KYD to PKR
PKR PKR CLP CLP 2.794 PKR to CLP 0.3579 CLP to PKR
PKR PKR COP COP 15.0488 PKR to COP 0.0665 COP to PKR
PKR PKR CRC CRC 1.8805 PKR to CRC 0.5318 CRC to PKR
PKR PKR DOP DOP 0.1918 PKR to DOP 5.2143 DOP to PKR
PKR PKR SVC SVC 0.0306 PKR to SVC 32.6953 SVC to PKR
PKR PKR FJD FJD 0.0078 PKR to FJD 127.6016 FJD to PKR
PKR PKR HNL HNL 0.086 PKR to HNL 11.6326 HNL to PKR
PKR PKR JMD JMD 0.5412 PKR to JMD 1.8477 JMD to PKR
PKR PKR MXN MXN 0.0611 PKR to MXN 16.354 MXN to PKR
PKR PKR ANG ANG 0.0063 PKR to ANG 158.7495 ANG to PKR
PKR PKR PYG PYG 25.2184 PKR to PYG 0.0397 PYG to PKR
PKR PKR PEN PEN 0.0129 PKR to PEN 77.5925 PEN to PKR
PKR PKR TTD TTD 0.0237 PKR to TTD 42.2087 TTD to PKR
PKR PKR USD USD 0.0035 PKR to USD 285.4712 USD to PKR
PKR PKR UYU UYU 0.1357 PKR to UYU 7.3717 UYU to PKR
PKR PKR VEF VEF 9249.6628 PKR to VEF 0.0001 VEF to PKR
Updated: 2023-06-06
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR PKR AUD AUD 0.0053 PKR to AUD 188.9251 AUD to PKR
PKR PKR BDT BDT 0.3766 PKR to BDT 2.6556 BDT to PKR
PKR PKR BND BND 0.0047 PKR to BND 211.5963 BND to PKR
PKR PKR CNY CNY 0.0249 PKR to CNY 40.1445 CNY to PKR
PKR PKR INR INR 0.2893 PKR to INR 3.4569 INR to PKR
PKR PKR IDR IDR 51.967 PKR to IDR 0.0192 IDR to PKR
PKR PKR JPY JPY 0.4888 PKR to JPY 2.0458 JPY to PKR
PKR PKR MYR MYR 0.0161 PKR to MYR 62.0792 MYR to PKR
PKR PKR MVR MVR 0.0538 PKR to MVR 18.5853 MVR to PKR
PKR PKR NPR NPR 0.4619 PKR to NPR 2.165 NPR to PKR
PKR PKR NZD NZD 0.0058 PKR to NZD 173.4362 NZD to PKR
PKR PKR PGK PGK 0.0124 PKR to PGK 80.6127 PGK to PKR
PKR PKR PHP PHP 0.197 PKR to PHP 5.0769 PHP to PKR
PKR PKR SCR SCR 0.049 PKR to SCR 20.398 SCR to PKR
PKR PKR SGD SGD 0.0047 PKR to SGD 211.5695 SGD to PKR
PKR PKR KRW KRW 4.553 PKR to KRW 0.2196 KRW to PKR
PKR PKR LKR LKR 1.0172 PKR to LKR 0.9831 LKR to PKR
PKR PKR TWD TWD 0.1076 PKR to TWD 9.2979 TWD to PKR
PKR PKR THB THB 0.1219 PKR to THB 8.2057 THB to PKR
Updated: 2023-06-06
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR PKR BHD BHD 0.0013 PKR to BHD 757.1988 BHD to PKR
PKR PKR EGP EGP 0.1079 PKR to EGP 9.2684 EGP to PKR
PKR PKR HKD HKD 0.0275 PKR to HKD 36.4097 HKD to PKR
PKR PKR ILS ILS 0.0131 PKR to ILS 76.3255 ILS to PKR
PKR PKR JOD JOD 0.0025 PKR to JOD 402.4683 JOD to PKR
PKR PKR KWD KWD 0.0011 PKR to KWD 927.7292 KWD to PKR
PKR PKR LBP LBP 52.4643 PKR to LBP 0.0191 LBP to PKR
PKR PKR OMR OMR 0.0013 PKR to OMR 741.434 OMR to PKR
PKR PKR QAR QAR 0.0128 PKR to QAR 78.4154 QAR to PKR
PKR PKR SAR SAR 0.0131 PKR to SAR 76.124 SAR to PKR
PKR PKR AED AED 0.0129 PKR to AED 77.7236 AED to PKR
PKR PKR YER YER 0.8768 PKR to YER 1.1405 YER to PKR
Updated: 2023-06-06
Convert from Convert to 1 PKR Conversion in currency Conversion
PKR PKR DZD DZD 0.4784 PKR to DZD 2.0902 DZD to PKR
PKR PKR KES KES 0.4859 PKR to KES 2.0582 KES to PKR
PKR PKR MUR MUR 0.1597 PKR to MUR 6.2609 MUR to PKR
PKR PKR MAD MAD 0.0355 PKR to MAD 28.2049 MAD to PKR
PKR PKR NAD NAD 0.0684 PKR to NAD 14.6248 NAD to PKR
PKR PKR NIO NIO 0.1278 PKR to NIO 7.8222 NIO to PKR
PKR PKR NGN NGN 1.6168 PKR to NGN 0.6185 NGN to PKR
PKR PKR SLL SLL 69.1837 PKR to SLL 0.0145 SLL to PKR
PKR PKR ZAR ZAR 0.0675 PKR to ZAR 14.8169 ZAR to PKR
PKR PKR TZS TZS 8.2986 PKR to TZS 0.1205 TZS to PKR
PKR PKR TND TND 0.0109 PKR to TND 91.725 TND to PKR
PKR PKR UGX UGX 13.0554 PKR to UGX 0.0766 UGX to PKR
PKR PKR XOF XOF 2.1442 PKR to XOF 0.4664 XOF to PKR
PKR PKR ZMK ZMK 31.531 PKR to ZMK 0.0317 ZMK to PKR

Pakistani Rupee (PKR)

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1 Pakistani Rupee is subdivided into 100 paisa.

The official currency of Pakistan is the Pakistani rupee. The rupee is subdivided into 100 paisa. Paper banknotes are issued in denominations of RS 10, RS 20, RS 50, RS 100, RS 500, RS 1,000 and RS 5,000. There are also RS 1, RS 2 and RS 5 coins. Paper notes that are work or damaged are often not accepted as payment so those that are not in good condition should not be accepted by tourists when exchanging currency. The larger notes are often difficult to find change for so again, it is best not to accept notes of RS 500 and up when converting currency.

Coins used:
1, 2, 5 rupees

Banknotes used:
10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 rupees

Central Bank
State Bank of Pakistan
The rupee is a very convertible currency and there is very little difference in the currency exchange rates between official banks and organizations and the black market. ATMs are located conveniently throughout major cities and can be found at most major banks. ATMs in Pakistan will generally accept MasterCard and Visa as well as Maestro and Cirrus cards. It is recommended that those traveling to Pakistan check with local banks to ensure that they can access their accounts from an international location.

Most foreign currency can easily be exchanged in large cities. US Dollars are the most commonly and most widely exchanged funds followed by the euro and UK pound. It is recommended that visitors compare rates from various banks as well as private moneychangers before exchanging foreign currency. Most offer reasonable rates but some tend to be a bit more expensive than others. A passport is required for all foreign currency exchanges in Pakistan and travelers should avoid accepting torn or otherwise damaged banknotes as these are often difficult to use in the country.

In order to reconvert Pakistani rupees back into foreign currency upon leaving, a receipt will be needed. Moneychangers and banks offer receipts for currency exchange transactions so visitors so be certain to keep these receipts handy in order to easily convert funds before they leave. Banks have counters at the major international airports and will provide a number of foreign currency exchanges although the US Dollar is the currency typically provided when exchanging rupees.

Banks will also convert traveler�s checks for US Dollars and some other currencies as well. Note that these are not widely accepted and it is often best to convert cash. Many banks will require the original receipt obtained when purchasing traveler�s checks before they will convert them to rupees.

Other References
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