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CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF) Exchange Rates on 29th September 2023 (29/09/2023)

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Exchange rates for CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)

Updated: 2023-09-29
Convert from Convert to 1 XOF Conversion in currency Conversion
XOF XOF GBP GBP 0.0013 XOF to GBP 758.675 GBP to XOF
XOF XOF BGN BGN 0.003 XOF to BGN 335.8228 BGN to XOF
XOF XOF HRK HRK 0.0113 XOF to HRK 88.5139 HRK to XOF
XOF XOF CZK CZK 0.0371 XOF to CZK 26.9897 CZK to XOF
XOF XOF DKK DKK 0.0114 XOF to DKK 88.0647 DKK to XOF
XOF XOF HUF HUF 0.5963 XOF to HUF 1.6771 HUF to XOF
XOF XOF KZT KZT 0.7625 XOF to KZT 1.3115 KZT to XOF
XOF XOF LVL LVL 0.001 XOF to LVL 1026.4659 LVL to XOF
XOF XOF MKD MKD 0.0937 XOF to MKD 10.6748 MKD to XOF
XOF XOF MDL MDL 0.0292 XOF to MDL 34.1954 MDL to XOF
XOF XOF NOK NOK 0.0172 XOF to NOK 58.0412 NOK to XOF
XOF XOF PLN PLN 0.0071 XOF to PLN 141.5563 PLN to XOF
XOF XOF RON RON 0.0076 XOF to RON 132.0189 RON to XOF
XOF XOF RUB RUB 0.1558 XOF to RUB 6.4186 RUB to XOF
XOF XOF SEK SEK 0.0176 XOF to SEK 56.9789 SEK to XOF
XOF XOF CHF CHF 0.0015 XOF to CHF 679.6525 CHF to XOF
XOF XOF TRY TRY 0.0442 XOF to TRY 22.627 TRY to XOF
XOF XOF UAH UAH 0.0593 XOF to UAH 16.8507 UAH to XOF
Updated: 2023-09-29
Convert from Convert to 1 XOF Conversion in currency Conversion
XOF XOF ARS ARS 0.5635 XOF to ARS 1.7745 ARS to XOF
XOF XOF BOB BOB 0.0111 XOF to BOB 90.0793 BOB to XOF
XOF XOF BRL BRL 0.0081 XOF to BRL 123.3492 BRL to XOF
XOF XOF CAD CAD 0.0022 XOF to CAD 460.5947 CAD to XOF
XOF XOF KYD KYD 0.0013 XOF to KYD 746.8242 KYD to XOF
XOF XOF CLP CLP 1.4582 XOF to CLP 0.6858 CLP to XOF
XOF XOF COP COP 6.5598 XOF to COP 0.1524 COP to XOF
XOF XOF CRC CRC 0.8651 XOF to CRC 1.1559 CRC to XOF
XOF XOF DOP DOP 0.0912 XOF to DOP 10.9637 DOP to XOF
XOF XOF SVC SVC 0.0144 XOF to SVC 69.2649 SVC to XOF
XOF XOF FJD FJD 0.0037 XOF to FJD 270.5781 FJD to XOF
XOF XOF HNL HNL 0.0396 XOF to HNL 25.2408 HNL to XOF
XOF XOF JMD JMD 0.2486 XOF to JMD 4.0228 JMD to XOF
XOF XOF MXN MXN 0.0282 XOF to MXN 35.4455 MXN to XOF
XOF XOF ANG ANG 0.0029 XOF to ANG 345.3892 ANG to XOF
XOF XOF PYG PYG 11.7127 XOF to PYG 0.0854 PYG to XOF
XOF XOF PEN PEN 0.0061 XOF to PEN 164.0784 PEN to XOF
XOF XOF TTD TTD 0.0109 XOF to TTD 91.6881 TTD to XOF
XOF XOF USD USD 0.0016 XOF to USD 620.8986 USD to XOF
XOF XOF UYU UYU 0.0615 XOF to UYU 16.248 UYU to XOF
XOF XOF VEF VEF 5484.1405 XOF to VEF 0.0002 VEF to XOF
Updated: 2023-09-29
Convert from Convert to 1 XOF Conversion in currency Conversion
XOF XOF AUD AUD 0.0025 XOF to AUD 401.0547 AUD to XOF
XOF XOF BDT BDT 0.1771 XOF to BDT 5.6458 BDT to XOF
XOF XOF BND BND 0.0022 XOF to BND 454.3387 BND to XOF
XOF XOF CNY CNY 0.0118 XOF to CNY 85.0523 CNY to XOF
XOF XOF INR INR 0.1339 XOF to INR 7.4708 INR to XOF
XOF XOF IDR IDR 24.9581 XOF to IDR 0.0401 IDR to XOF
XOF XOF JPY JPY 0.2406 XOF to JPY 4.1566 JPY to XOF
XOF XOF MYR MYR 0.0076 XOF to MYR 132.3834 MYR to XOF
XOF XOF MVR MVR 0.0249 XOF to MVR 40.1228 MVR to XOF
XOF XOF NPR NPR 0.2139 XOF to NPR 4.6749 NPR to XOF
XOF XOF NZD NZD 0.0027 XOF to NZD 372.5417 NZD to XOF
XOF XOF PKR PKR 0.4619 XOF to PKR 2.1649 PKR to XOF
XOF XOF PGK PGK 0.0059 XOF to PGK 170.3778 PGK to XOF
XOF XOF PHP PHP 0.0913 XOF to PHP 10.949 PHP to XOF
XOF XOF SCR SCR 0.0209 XOF to SCR 47.8814 SCR to XOF
XOF XOF SGD SGD 0.0022 XOF to SGD 454.9743 SGD to XOF
XOF XOF KRW KRW 2.1721 XOF to KRW 0.4604 KRW to XOF
XOF XOF LKR LKR 0.521 XOF to LKR 1.9192 LKR to XOF
XOF XOF TWD TWD 0.0518 XOF to TWD 19.3092 TWD to XOF
XOF XOF THB THB 0.0589 XOF to THB 16.9702 THB to XOF
Updated: 2023-09-29
Convert from Convert to 1 XOF Conversion in currency Conversion
XOF XOF BHD BHD 0.0006 XOF to BHD 1647.2548 BHD to XOF
XOF XOF EGP EGP 0.0498 XOF to EGP 20.0912 EGP to XOF
XOF XOF HKD HKD 0.0126 XOF to HKD 79.3232 HKD to XOF
XOF XOF ILS ILS 0.0062 XOF to ILS 161.5687 ILS to XOF
XOF XOF JOD JOD 0.0011 XOF to JOD 874.9984 JOD to XOF
XOF XOF KWD KWD 0.0005 XOF to KWD 2008.6629 KWD to XOF
XOF XOF LBP LBP 24.1498 XOF to LBP 0.0414 LBP to XOF
XOF XOF OMR OMR 0.0006 XOF to OMR 1612.7794 OMR to XOF
XOF XOF QAR QAR 0.0059 XOF to QAR 170.5289 QAR to XOF
XOF XOF SAR SAR 0.006 XOF to SAR 165.5428 SAR to XOF
XOF XOF AED AED 0.0059 XOF to AED 169.0735 AED to XOF
XOF XOF YER YER 0.4032 XOF to YER 2.4801 YER to XOF
Updated: 2023-09-29
Convert from Convert to 1 XOF Conversion in currency Conversion
XOF XOF DZD DZD 0.2218 XOF to DZD 4.5091 DZD to XOF
XOF XOF KES KES 0.2386 XOF to KES 4.191 KES to XOF
XOF XOF MUR MUR 0.0718 XOF to MUR 13.9365 MUR to XOF
XOF XOF MAD MAD 0.0166 XOF to MAD 60.2759 MAD to XOF
XOF XOF NAD NAD 0.0306 XOF to NAD 32.7142 NAD to XOF
XOF XOF NIO NIO 0.0588 XOF to NIO 17.0114 NIO to XOF
XOF XOF NGN NGN 1.2532 XOF to NGN 0.798 NGN to XOF
XOF XOF SLL SLL 31.8086 XOF to SLL 0.0314 SLL to XOF
XOF XOF ZAR ZAR 0.0305 XOF to ZAR 32.7612 ZAR to XOF
XOF XOF TZS TZS 4.0353 XOF to TZS 0.2478 TZS to XOF
XOF XOF TND TND 0.0051 XOF to TND 195.5277 TND to XOF
XOF XOF UGX UGX 6.0341 XOF to UGX 0.1657 UGX to XOF
XOF XOF ZMK ZMK 14.497 XOF to ZMK 0.069 ZMK to XOF

West African CFA Franc (XOF)

Sign CFA
1 West African Franc is subdivided into 100 centu.

The West African CFA Franc BCEAO is the official currency for eight independent states located in West Africa. Benin, Burkina Faso, C�te d'Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo all use the franc as local currency. The CFA in CFA franc stands for the Financial Community of Africa. The franc is subdivided into 100 centimes.

Coins used:
1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 250, 500 francs

Banknotes used:
1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 francs

Central Bank
Central Bank of West African States
Banknotes were originally issued in denominations of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 francs. The BCEAO issued banknotes took over the official task of issuing paper banknotes in 1959 and as of 2004, new banknotes were issued in denominations of 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10000 francs. The 500 franc note was replaced by a franc coin in 2003. Coins are issued in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 franc coins. Bimetallic 200 and 500 franc coins are also in production as well as 250 franc coins. Only currency that is issued by the Bank of West African States is considered valid in the country.

Banks are open in West African every day of the week with the exception of Saturday and Sunday. Normal banking hours are between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm except on national holidays. Foreign currency can be exchanged at virtually all West African banks. There are also various exchange offices located at airports in Cotonou and other regions. Current exchange rates can be checked at exchange offices and banks and by checking local newspapers in some areas. Exchange rates will vary a bit from establishment to establishment but all banks and exchange bureaus typically offer the same rate on average.

Those looking to exchange West African francs back into original foreign currency can do so at banks or exchange offices and a receipt for the original transaction will need to be presented. ATMs are located throughout the country and provide cash withdrawals, dispersing funds in francs. ATMs can be found at airports, banks, many hotels and some city centers in larger areas. Most will accept Visa and MasterCard and a few take Diners Club and American Express.

Traveler�s checks can be cashed and exchanged at banks and exchange offices as well for a small commission fee. Credit cards can be used in some areas but only by major establishments that focus on the tourist trade. American Express is normally preferred by hotels, shops and restaurants and most will charge a commission for using credit cards.

Other References
Wikipedia article on West African Franc

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