Dominican Peso (DOP) Exchange Rates on 07th December 2019 (07/12/2019)

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Exchange rates for Dominican Peso (DOP)

Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 DOP Conversion in currency Conversion
DOP GBP 0.0143 DOP to GBP 69.8195 GBP to DOP
DOP BGN 0.0332 DOP to BGN 30.0867 BGN to DOP
DOP HRK 0.1266 DOP to HRK 7.9008 HRK to DOP
DOP CZK 0.4344 DOP to CZK 2.3022 CZK to DOP
DOP DKK 0.1271 DOP to DKK 7.8652 DKK to DOP
DOP HUF 5.634 DOP to HUF 0.1775 HUF to DOP
DOP KZT 7.2632 DOP to KZT 0.1377 KZT to DOP
DOP LVL 0.0114 DOP to LVL 87.8424 LVL to DOP
DOP LTL 0.0556 DOP to LTL 17.9951 LTL to DOP
DOP MKD 1.045 DOP to MKD 0.957 MKD to DOP
DOP MDL 0.3274 DOP to MDL 3.0547 MDL to DOP
DOP NOK 0.1719 DOP to NOK 5.8158 NOK to DOP
DOP PLN 0.0728 DOP to PLN 13.7426 PLN to DOP
DOP RON 0.0813 DOP to RON 12.2966 RON to DOP
DOP RUB 1.1983 DOP to RUB 0.8345 RUB to DOP
DOP SEK 0.1787 DOP to SEK 5.5961 SEK to DOP
DOP CHF 0.0187 DOP to CHF 53.6129 CHF to DOP
DOP TRY 0.1087 DOP to TRY 9.1983 TRY to DOP
DOP UAH 0.4464 DOP to UAH 2.2404 UAH to DOP
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 DOP Conversion in currency Conversion
DOP ARS 1.1272 DOP to ARS 0.8871 ARS to DOP
DOP BOB 0.1301 DOP to BOB 7.6838 BOB to DOP
DOP BRL 0.0779 DOP to BRL 12.8302 BRL to DOP
DOP CAD 0.0249 DOP to CAD 40.0875 CAD to DOP
DOP KYD 0.0157 DOP to KYD 63.7572 KYD to DOP
DOP CLP 14.6364 DOP to CLP 0.0683 CLP to DOP
DOP COP 64.449 DOP to COP 0.0155 COP to DOP
DOP CRC 10.6524 DOP to CRC 0.0939 CRC to DOP
DOP SVC 0.1647 DOP to SVC 6.0723 SVC to DOP
DOP FJD 0.0409 DOP to FJD 24.4383 FJD to DOP
DOP HNL 0.4685 DOP to HNL 2.1344 HNL to DOP
DOP JMD 2.6453 DOP to JMD 0.378 JMD to DOP
DOP MXN 0.3631 DOP to MXN 2.7539 MXN to DOP
DOP ANG 0.0323 DOP to ANG 30.9821 ANG to DOP
DOP PYG 121.2332 DOP to PYG 0.0082 PYG to DOP
DOP PEN 0.0636 DOP to PEN 15.7227 PEN to DOP
DOP TTD 0.1272 DOP to TTD 7.864 TTD to DOP
DOP USD 0.0188 DOP to USD 53.135 USD to DOP
DOP UYU 0.7119 DOP to UYU 1.4047 UYU to DOP
DOP VEF 0.188 DOP to VEF 5.3202 VEF to DOP
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 DOP Conversion in currency Conversion
DOP AUD 0.0275 DOP to AUD 36.3625 AUD to DOP
DOP BDT 1.596 DOP to BDT 0.6266 BDT to DOP
DOP BND 0.0256 DOP to BND 39.0742 BND to DOP
DOP CNY 0.1324 DOP to CNY 7.5526 CNY to DOP
DOP INR 1.3418 DOP to INR 0.7453 INR to DOP
DOP IDR 263.9292 DOP to IDR 0.0038 IDR to DOP
DOP JPY 2.0435 DOP to JPY 0.4894 JPY to DOP
DOP MYR 0.0783 DOP to MYR 12.7744 MYR to DOP
DOP MVR 0.2908 DOP to MVR 3.4391 MVR to DOP
DOP NPR 2.1447 DOP to NPR 0.4663 NPR to DOP
DOP NZD 0.0287 DOP to NZD 34.8234 NZD to DOP
DOP PKR 2.9134 DOP to PKR 0.3432 PKR to DOP
DOP PGK 0.0638 DOP to PGK 15.6723 PGK to DOP
DOP PHP 0.9558 DOP to PHP 1.0463 PHP to DOP
DOP SCR 0.2579 DOP to SCR 3.8778 SCR to DOP
DOP SGD 0.0256 DOP to SGD 39.0662 SGD to DOP
DOP KRW 22.3245 DOP to KRW 0.0448 KRW to DOP
DOP LKR 3.4102 DOP to LKR 0.2932 LKR to DOP
DOP TWD 0.5728 DOP to TWD 1.7457 TWD to DOP
DOP THB 0.5712 DOP to THB 1.7506 THB to DOP
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 DOP Conversion in currency Conversion
DOP BHD 0.0071 DOP to BHD 140.9015 BHD to DOP
DOP EGP 0.3038 DOP to EGP 3.2915 EGP to DOP
DOP HKD 0.1474 DOP to HKD 6.786 HKD to DOP
DOP ILS 0.0653 DOP to ILS 15.3054 ILS to DOP
DOP JOD 0.0133 DOP to JOD 74.9393 JOD to DOP
DOP KWD 0.0057 DOP to KWD 175.0221 KWD to DOP
DOP LBP 28.4534 DOP to LBP 0.0351 LBP to DOP
DOP OMR 0.0072 DOP to OMR 137.9937 OMR to DOP
DOP QAR 0.0685 DOP to QAR 14.5945 QAR to DOP
DOP SAR 0.0706 DOP to SAR 14.1703 SAR to DOP
DOP AED 0.0691 DOP to AED 14.4662 AED to DOP
DOP YER 4.7116 DOP to YER 0.2122 YER to DOP
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 DOP Conversion in currency Conversion
DOP DZD 2.2541 DOP to DZD 0.4436 DZD to DOP
DOP KES 1.9142 DOP to KES 0.5224 KES to DOP
DOP MUR 0.687 DOP to MUR 1.4557 MUR to DOP
DOP MAD 0.1816 DOP to MAD 5.5077 MAD to DOP
DOP NAD 0.2757 DOP to NAD 3.6269 NAD to DOP
DOP NIO 0.6382 DOP to NIO 1.5669 NIO to DOP
DOP NGN 6.8223 DOP to NGN 0.1466 NGN to DOP
DOP SLL 183.4946 DOP to SLL 0.0054 SLL to DOP
DOP ZAR 0.2752 DOP to ZAR 3.6339 ZAR to DOP
DOP TZS 43.2409 DOP to TZS 0.0231 TZS to DOP
DOP TND 0.0537 DOP to TND 18.6144 TND to DOP
DOP UGX 69.3529 DOP to UGX 0.0144 UGX to DOP
DOP XOF 11.1226 DOP to XOF 0.0899 XOF to DOP
DOP ZMK 169.4023 DOP to ZMK 0.0059 ZMK to DOP

Dominican Peso (DOP)

Sign RD$
1 Dominican Peso is subdivided into 100 centavos.

In international currency trading the code for the Dominican Republic's official currency, the Dominican peso, also known as the peso oro, is symbolized with the "$" sign and known as the DOP. The DOP is issued and under the monetary policy controls of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican peso (pesos oro) can also be symbolized by "RD$" and it is the only currency legally accepted in the Dominican Republic as legal tender.

Coins used:
$1, $5, $10, $25

Banknotes used:
$20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000, $2000

Central Bank
Central Bank of the Dominican Republic
This central bank has as its stated policy objective the advancement, stability, and development of the national economy through credit, monetary and foreign exchange policies. The official reserve currency backing the DOP is the United States dollar (USD) and the DOP itself has been in a steady valuation decline against the USD from 1984-2003 and has traded within a narrow band against the USD from 2003-2012.

Each Dominican peso is subdivided into 100 subunits each of which are known as a centavo. The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic has the following denominations of the DOP in active circulation; coins valued at $1, $5, $10, and $25 and valued at $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000, $2000. There are no centavo denominated coins in current circulation.

There are future plans by the central Bank to move toward polymer based banknotes, a decision that has been validated with the 2010 introduction of the $20 polymer based banknote with more introductions planned for the future. Currently most notes and coins in circulation are designated as "pesos oro", but after 2011 the central Bank has declared that all future minting and printing will be strictly known as pesos dominicanos in lieu of the former pesos oro.

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