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Ugandan Shilling (UGX) Exchange Rates on 06th May 2021 (06/05/2021)

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Exchange rates for Ugandan Shilling (UGX)

Updated: 2021-05-06
Convert from Convert to 1 UGX Conversion in currency Conversion
UGX GBP 0.0002 UGX to GBP 4949.3876 GBP to UGX
UGX BGN 0.0005 UGX to BGN 2186.8712 BGN to UGX
UGX HRK 0.0018 UGX to HRK 567.4484 HRK to UGX
UGX CZK 0.006 UGX to CZK 165.6966 CZK to UGX
UGX DKK 0.0017 UGX to DKK 574.8561 DKK to UGX
UGX HUF 0.0839 UGX to HUF 11.9161 HUF to UGX
UGX KZT 0.1198 UGX to KZT 8.3506 KZT to UGX
UGX LVL 0.0002 UGX to LVL 5889.2103 LVL to UGX
UGX Flag of North Macedonia MKD 0.0144 UGX to MKD 69.424 MKD to UGX
UGX MDL 0.005 UGX to MDL 199.554 MDL to UGX
UGX id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.0023 UGX to NOK 426.1337 NOK to UGX
UGX PLN 0.0011 UGX to PLN 933.2689 PLN to UGX
UGX RON 0.0012 UGX to RON 867.8025 RON to UGX
UGX RUB 0.021 UGX to RUB 47.5914 RUB to UGX
UGX Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 UGX to SKK 0 SKK to UGX
UGX SEK 0.0024 UGX to SEK 419.2665 SEK to UGX
UGX CHF 0.0003 UGX to CHF 3896.9747 CHF to UGX
UGX TRY 0.0023 UGX to TRY 427.5266 TRY to UGX
UGX UAH 0.0078 UGX to UAH 128.5119 UAH to UGX
Updated: 2021-05-06
Convert from Convert to 1 UGX Conversion in currency Conversion
UGX ARS 0.0263 UGX to ARS 38.0241 ARS to UGX
UGX BOB 0.0019 UGX to BOB 515.857 BOB to UGX
UGX BRL 0.0015 UGX to BRL 665.37 BRL to UGX
UGX Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0003 UGX to CAD 2901.5904 CAD to UGX
UGX KYD 0.0002 UGX to KYD 4275.112 KYD to UGX
UGX CLP 0.1979 UGX to CLP 5.0522 CLP to UGX
UGX COP 1.081 UGX to COP 0.925 COP to UGX
UGX CRC 0.1727 UGX to CRC 5.7902 CRC to UGX
UGX DOP 0.016 UGX to DOP 62.5462 DOP to UGX
UGX SVC 0.0025 UGX to SVC 407.1396 SVC to UGX
UGX FJD 0.0006 UGX to FJD 1752.2611 FJD to UGX
UGX HNL 0.0068 UGX to HNL 147.6609 HNL to UGX