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Papua New Guinean Kina (PGK) Exchange Rates on 07th April 2020 (07/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for Papua New Guinean Kina (PGK)

Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PGK Conversion in currency Conversion
PGK GBP 0.2341 PGK to GBP 4.2714 GBP to PGK
PGK BGN 0.5201 PGK to BGN 1.9228 BGN to PGK
PGK HRK 2.0237 PGK to HRK 0.4942 HRK to PGK
PGK CZK 7.2825 PGK to CZK 0.1373 CZK to PGK
PGK DKK 1.9819 PGK to DKK 0.5046 DKK to PGK
PGK HUF 96.1069 PGK to HUF 0.0104 HUF to PGK
PGK KZT 126.5562 PGK to KZT 0.0079 KZT to PGK
PGK LVL 0.1742 PGK to LVL 5.7399 LVL to PGK
PGK MKD 16.4031 PGK to MKD 0.061 MKD to PGK
PGK MDL 5.375 PGK to MDL 0.186 MDL to PGK
PGK NOK 2.9599 PGK to NOK 0.3378 NOK to PGK
PGK PLN 1.2033 PGK to PLN 0.831 PLN to PGK
PGK RON 1.281 PGK to RON 0.7807 RON to PGK
PGK RUB 21.7294 PGK to RUB 0.046 RUB to PGK
PGK SEK 2.8967 PGK to SEK 0.3452 SEK to PGK
PGK CHF 0.2809 PGK to CHF 3.5603 CHF to PGK
PGK TRY 1.9341 PGK to TRY 0.517 TRY to PGK
PGK UAH 7.8464 PGK to UAH 0.1274 UAH to PGK
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PGK Conversion in currency Conversion
PGK ARS 18.6958 PGK to ARS 0.0535 ARS to PGK
PGK BOB 1.9872 PGK to BOB 0.5032 BOB to PGK
PGK BRL 1.5226 PGK to BRL 0.6568 BRL to PGK
PGK CAD 0.4044 PGK to CAD 2.4726 CAD to PGK
PGK KYD 0.2402 PGK to KYD 4.1639 KYD to PGK
PGK CLP 245.5643 PGK to CLP 0.0041 CLP to PGK
PGK COP 1146.6026 PGK to COP 0.0009 COP to PGK
PGK CRC 165.8625 PGK to CRC 0.006 CRC to PGK
PGK DOP 15.5255 PGK to DOP 0.0644 DOP to PGK
PGK SVC 2.5217 PGK to SVC 0.3966 SVC to PGK
PGK FJD 0.6683 PGK to FJD 1.4964 FJD to PGK
PGK HNL 7.144 PGK to HNL 0.14 HNL to PGK
PGK JMD 38.9075 PGK to JMD 0.0257 JMD to PGK
PGK MXN 7.0444 PGK to MXN 0.142 MXN to PGK
PGK ANG 0.5159 PGK to ANG 1.9384 ANG to PGK
PGK PYG 1884.9626 PGK to PYG 0.0005 PYG to PGK
PGK PEN 0.9966 PGK to PEN 1.0034 PEN to PGK
PGK TTD 1.9473 PGK to TTD 0.5135 TTD to PGK
PGK USD 0.288 PGK to USD 3.472 USD to PGK
PGK UYU 12.7467 PGK to UYU 0.0785 UYU to PGK
PGK VEF 2.8766 PGK to VEF 0.3476 VEF to PGK
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PGK Conversion in currency Conversion
PGK AUD 0.4673 PGK to AUD 2.1401 AUD to PGK
PGK BDT 24.4815 PGK to BDT 0.0408 BDT to PGK
PGK BND 0.4131 PGK to BND 2.4205 BND to PGK
PGK CNY 2.035 PGK to CNY 0.4914 CNY to PGK
PGK INR 21.8037 PGK to INR 0.0459 INR to PGK
PGK IDR 4708.9508 PGK to IDR 0.0002 IDR to PGK
PGK JPY 31.3491 PGK to JPY 0.0319 JPY to PGK
PGK MYR 1.2528 PGK to MYR 0.7982 MYR to PGK
PGK MVR 4.4384 PGK to MVR 0.2253 MVR to PGK
PGK NPR 35.1392 PGK to NPR 0.0285 NPR to PGK
PGK NZD 0.48 PGK to NZD 2.0831 NZD to PGK
PGK PKR 48.1662 PGK to PKR 0.0208 PKR to PGK
PGK PHP 14.5811 PGK to PHP 0.0686 PHP to PGK
PGK SCR 4.2338 PGK to SCR 0.2362 SCR to PGK
PGK SGD 0.4111 PGK to SGD 2.4324 SGD to PGK
PGK KRW 351.1869 PGK to KRW 0.0028 KRW to PGK
PGK LKR 55.6955 PGK to LKR 0.018 LKR to PGK
PGK TWD 8.6802 PGK to TWD 0.1152 TWD to PGK
PGK THB 9.4372 PGK to THB 0.106 THB to PGK
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PGK Conversion in currency Conversion
PGK BHD 0.1086 PGK to BHD 9.2088 BHD to PGK
PGK EGP 4.5358 PGK to EGP 0.2205 EGP to PGK
PGK HKD 2.233 PGK to HKD 0.4478 HKD to PGK
PGK ILS 1.029 PGK to ILS 0.9718 ILS to PGK
PGK JOD 0.2042 PGK to JOD 4.8972 JOD to PGK
PGK KWD 0.0898 PGK to KWD 11.1357 KWD to PGK
PGK LBP 435.8093 PGK to LBP 0.0023 LBP to PGK
PGK OMR 0.1109 PGK to OMR 9.0161 OMR to PGK
PGK QAR 1.0487 PGK to QAR 0.9536 QAR to PGK
PGK SAR 1.083 PGK to SAR 0.9234 SAR to PGK
PGK AED 1.0579 PGK to AED 0.9452 AED to PGK
PGK YER 72.1055 PGK to YER 0.0139 YER to PGK
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 PGK Conversion in currency Conversion
PGK DZD 36.5435 PGK to DZD 0.0274 DZD to PGK
PGK KES 30.6135 PGK to KES 0.0327 KES to PGK
PGK MUR 11.4788 PGK to MUR 0.0871 MUR to PGK
PGK MAD 2.9692 PGK to MAD 0.3368 MAD to PGK
PGK NAD 5.4292 PGK to NAD 0.1842 NAD to PGK
PGK NIO 9.7225 PGK to NIO 0.1029 NIO to PGK
PGK NGN 105.7029 PGK to NGN 0.0095 NGN to PGK
PGK SLL 2805.2952 PGK to SLL 0.0004 SLL to PGK
PGK ZAR 5.3325 PGK to ZAR 0.1875 ZAR to PGK
PGK TZS 666.4447 PGK to TZS 0.0015 TZS to PGK
PGK TND 0.8414 PGK to TND 1.1885 TND to PGK
PGK UGX 1085.0958 PGK to UGX 0.0009 UGX to PGK
PGK XOF 175.0385 PGK to XOF 0.0057 XOF to PGK
PGK ZMK 2592.5164 PGK to ZMK 0.0004 ZMK to PGK

Papua New Guinean Kina (PGK)

Sign K
1 Papua New Guinean Kina is subdivided into 100 toeas.

Papua New Guinea is a popular area for tourists and offers a number of amenities and sightseeing opportunities. The official currency in Papua New Guinea is the kina, denoted by the PGK symbol. The kina is subdivided into 100 toea. Banknotes are issued in denominations of 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 kina. Coins are issued in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 20 and 50 toea as well as 1 kina.

Coins used:
5, 10, 20, 50 toea, 1 kina

Banknotes used:
2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 kina

Central Bank
Bank of Papua New Guinea
Cash, credit cards and travelerís checks are useful in Papua New Guinea as forms of payment for various goods and services. Credit cards are accepted at most establishments although those in smaller cities and towns may require cash. Traditional forms of currency including leaf and shell money are also occasionally used. Leaf money is dried banana leaves that feature patterns.

Most banknotes are plastic and resemble the Australian banknotes with the same color schemes. Most retailers in smaller regions will likely not have cash for a K50 so it is important to carry smaller currency when visiting these areas. ATMs can be used for cash withdrawals but typically charge a hefty fee for this service. Most ATMs will permit withdrawals against Visa or MasterCard accounts and are linked to Plus, Cirrus and Maestro networks. ATMs can be found readily outside most banks and banks offer currency exchange and cash withdrawal opportunities as well. Many hotels and other facilities accept credit cards as a source of payment as well.

Currency exchange typically requires a small fee, depending on the service used. Exchanging foreign currency for kina typically comes at a cash rate that is set by the Interbank department. Transferring money can be done through Western Union which is available at most branches of the Bank South Pacific. Most transactions, even currency exchanges in some cases, require a 10 percent tax to be paid at the time of service. This tax is in addition to the fee charged for exchanging foreign currency. Travelerís checks are widely accepted in most major cities although it often takes a bit of time to exchange these. Most banks charge a fairly high rate for exchanging travelerís checks of all foreign currencies.

Hotels typically offer currency exchanges, although visitors should check when they book their hotel room to ensure that they can safely and legally exchange when they arrive at their accommodations. Hotels are increasingly accepting travelerís checks as well but again, checking beforehand is recommended.

Other References
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