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Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT) Exchange Rates on 02nd June 2023 (02/06/2023)

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Exchange rates for Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT)

Updated: 2023-06-02
Convert from Convert to 1 KZT Conversion in currency Conversion
KZT KZT GBP GBP 0.0018 KZT to GBP 559.8873 GBP to KZT
KZT KZT BGN BGN 0.0041 KZT to BGN 245.7847 BGN to KZT
KZT KZT HRK HRK 0.0156 KZT to HRK 64.3033 HRK to KZT
KZT KZT CZK CZK 0.0492 KZT to CZK 20.3099 CZK to KZT
KZT KZT DKK DKK 0.0155 KZT to DKK 64.5612 DKK to KZT
KZT KZT HUF HUF 0.7721 KZT to HUF 1.2952 HUF to KZT
KZT KZT LVL LVL 0.0014 KZT to LVL 738.2234 LVL to KZT
KZT KZT MKD MKD 0.1282 KZT to MKD 7.7989 MKD to KZT
KZT KZT MDL MDL 0.0396 KZT to MDL 25.2792 MDL to KZT
KZT KZT NOK NOK 0.0247 KZT to NOK 40.5019 NOK to KZT
KZT KZT PLN PLN 0.0094 KZT to PLN 106.5318 PLN to KZT
KZT KZT RON RON 0.0103 KZT to RON 96.8243 RON to KZT
KZT KZT RUB RUB 0.1807 KZT to RUB 5.5327 RUB to KZT
KZT KZT SEK SEK 0.0242 KZT to SEK 41.3969 SEK to KZT
KZT KZT CHF CHF 0.002 KZT to CHF 493.7455 CHF to KZT
KZT KZT TRY TRY 0.0468 KZT to TRY 21.3552 TRY to KZT
KZT KZT UAH UAH 0.0823 KZT to UAH 12.1507 UAH to KZT
Updated: 2023-06-02
Convert from Convert to 1 KZT Conversion in currency Conversion
KZT KZT ARS ARS 0.5379 KZT to ARS 1.8591 ARS to KZT
KZT KZT BOB BOB 0.0154 KZT to BOB 64.9405 BOB to KZT
KZT KZT BRL BRL 0.0112 KZT to BRL 89.0488 BRL to KZT
KZT KZT CAD CAD 0.003 KZT to CAD 332.4856 CAD to KZT
KZT KZT KYD KYD 0.0019 KZT to KYD 538.5027 KYD to KZT
KZT KZT CLP CLP 1.8021 KZT to CLP 0.5549 CLP to KZT
KZT KZT COP COP 9.8333 KZT to COP 0.1017 COP to KZT
KZT KZT CRC CRC 1.2021 KZT to CRC 0.8319 CRC to KZT
KZT KZT DOP DOP 0.1218 KZT to DOP 8.212 DOP to KZT
KZT KZT SVC SVC 0.0195 KZT to SVC 51.287 SVC to KZT
KZT KZT FJD FJD 0.005 KZT to FJD 199.6884 FJD to KZT
KZT KZT HNL HNL 0.0548 KZT to HNL 18.2537 HNL to KZT
KZT KZT JMD JMD 0.3445 KZT to JMD 2.9029 JMD to KZT
KZT KZT MXN MXN 0.0393 KZT to MXN 25.4657 MXN to KZT
KZT KZT ANG ANG 0.004 KZT to ANG 249.0013 ANG to KZT
KZT KZT PYG PYG 16.2071 KZT to PYG 0.0617 PYG to KZT
KZT KZT PEN PEN 0.0082 KZT to PEN 122.1596 PEN to KZT
KZT KZT TTD TTD 0.0151 KZT to TTD 66.3023 TTD to KZT
KZT KZT USD USD 0.0022 KZT to USD 446.5441 USD to KZT
KZT KZT UYU UYU 0.0864 KZT to UYU 11.58 UYU to KZT
KZT KZT VEF VEF 5863.3058 KZT to VEF 0.0002 VEF to KZT
Updated: 2023-06-02
Convert from Convert to 1 KZT Conversion in currency Conversion
KZT KZT AUD AUD 0.0034 KZT to AUD 295.383 AUD to KZT
KZT KZT BDT BDT 0.239 KZT to BDT 4.1832 BDT to KZT
KZT KZT BND BND 0.003 KZT to BND 332.0481 BND to KZT
KZT KZT CNY CNY 0.0158 KZT to CNY 63.131 CNY to KZT
KZT KZT INR INR 0.1844 KZT to INR 5.424 INR to KZT
KZT KZT IDR IDR 33.2732 KZT to IDR 0.0301 IDR to KZT
KZT KZT JPY JPY 0.3107 KZT to JPY 3.2187 JPY to KZT
KZT KZT MYR MYR 0.0103 KZT to MYR 97.265 MYR to KZT
KZT KZT MVR MVR 0.0343 KZT to MVR 29.1807 MVR to KZT
KZT KZT NPR NPR 0.2939 KZT to NPR 3.4025 NPR to KZT
KZT KZT NZD NZD 0.0037 KZT to NZD 272.6002 NZD to KZT
KZT KZT PKR PKR 0.6357 KZT to PKR 1.5729 PKR to KZT
KZT KZT PGK PGK 0.008 KZT to PGK 124.8566 PGK to KZT
KZT KZT PHP PHP 0.1252 KZT to PHP 7.9866 PHP to KZT
KZT KZT SCR SCR 0.0298 KZT to SCR 33.5835 SCR to KZT
KZT KZT SGD SGD 0.003 KZT to SGD 332.069 SGD to KZT
KZT KZT KRW KRW 2.926 KZT to KRW 0.3418 KRW to KZT
KZT KZT LKR LKR 0.6574 KZT to LKR 1.5211 LKR to KZT
KZT KZT TWD TWD 0.0686 KZT to TWD 14.5707 TWD to KZT
KZT KZT THB THB 0.0775 KZT to THB 12.9093 THB to KZT
Updated: 2023-06-02
Convert from Convert to 1 KZT Conversion in currency Conversion
KZT KZT BHD BHD 0.0008 KZT to BHD 1184.4745 BHD to KZT
KZT KZT EGP EGP 0.0692 KZT to EGP 14.4501 EGP to KZT
KZT KZT HKD HKD 0.0175 KZT to HKD 57.0186 HKD to KZT
KZT KZT ILS ILS 0.0084 KZT to ILS 119.2357 ILS to KZT
KZT KZT JOD JOD 0.0016 KZT to JOD 629.5539 JOD to KZT
KZT KZT KWD KWD 0.0007 KZT to KWD 1452.0814 KWD to KZT
KZT KZT LBP LBP 33.4481 KZT to LBP 0.0299 LBP to KZT
KZT KZT OMR OMR 0.0009 KZT to OMR 1159.8428 OMR to KZT
KZT KZT QAR QAR 0.0082 KZT to QAR 122.643 QAR to KZT
KZT KZT SAR SAR 0.0084 KZT to SAR 119.0746 SAR to KZT
KZT KZT AED AED 0.0082 KZT to AED 121.5713 AED to KZT
KZT KZT YER YER 0.5606 KZT to YER 1.7837 YER to KZT
Updated: 2023-06-02
Convert from Convert to 1 KZT Conversion in currency Conversion
KZT KZT DZD DZD 0.3057 KZT to DZD 3.2715 DZD to KZT
KZT KZT KES KES 0.3105 KZT to KES 3.2207 KES to KZT
KZT KZT MUR MUR 0.1031 KZT to MUR 9.697 MUR to KZT
KZT KZT MAD MAD 0.0227 KZT to MAD 44.109 MAD to KZT
KZT KZT NAD NAD 0.0442 KZT to NAD 22.6441 NAD to KZT
KZT KZT NIO NIO 0.0815 KZT to NIO 12.2688 NIO to KZT
KZT KZT NGN NGN 1.0329 KZT to NGN 0.9681 NGN to KZT
KZT KZT SLL SLL 44.2285 KZT to SLL 0.0226 SLL to KZT
KZT KZT ZAR ZAR 0.0439 KZT to ZAR 22.7809 ZAR to KZT
KZT KZT TZS TZS 5.2962 KZT to TZS 0.1888 TZS to KZT
KZT KZT TND TND 0.0069 KZT to TND 144.4775 TND to KZT
KZT KZT UGX UGX 8.359 KZT to UGX 0.1196 UGX to KZT
KZT KZT XOF XOF 1.3649 KZT to XOF 0.7327 XOF to KZT
KZT KZT ZMK ZMK 20.1574 KZT to ZMK 0.0496 ZMK to KZT

Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT)

Sign лв
1 Kazakhstani Tenge is subdivided into 100 tiin.

The Kazakhstani tenge uses the international currency code of KZT and is the official currency used in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Each tenge is written in monetary transactions by the symbol "лв" and each tenge can be split into 100 tiin. The name "tenge" can be translated to mean "scales" or a "set of scales" and is near in relation to the Russian word for money, den'gi. The central bank of Kazakhstan is the National Bank of Kazakhstan, this central bank is the sole issuer of the currency and manages monetary policy that has a direct impact on its value worldwide.

Coins used:
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 tenge

Banknotes used:
200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 tenge

Central Bank
National Bank of Kazakhstan
The National Bank of Kazakhstan has in current circulation denominations of coins available as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 tenge and banknotes available as 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000 tenge. Clearly absent are any coins denominated in the sub unit of the tenge, the tiin. This is because Kazakhstan has experienced substantial inflation over the years and as such the tiin quickly became obsolete, though the value of the tiin does continue to show itself in accounting.

Kazakhstan has as its largest export crude oil and with the price of crude increasing over the last decade the cash inflow from that crude oil export has grown the Kazakhstan GDP considerably where 7 of the last ten years the Kazakhstan GDP has increased by over 9.6% annually. With this growth and the large amount of incoing currencies inflation has been a persistent problem hovering between 7%-9% for years and pushing 7.8% in 2010. How the National bank of Kazakhstan plans to address inflation or if it finds it as an acceptable consequence of fast growth is not known nor has it been publicly addressed. The consequences of this lack of clarity and/or policy action will play out over the coming years and leave outsiders hesitant to hold KZT for any significant length of time.

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