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Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Exchange Rates on 27th September 2023 (27/09/2023)

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Exchange rates for Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Updated: 2023-09-27
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD HKD GBP GBP 0.1053 HKD to GBP 9.4961 GBP to HKD
HKD HKD BGN BGN 0.2365 HKD to BGN 4.2282 BGN to HKD
HKD HKD HRK HRK 0.897 HKD to HRK 1.1149 HRK to HKD
HKD HKD CZK CZK 2.9561 HKD to CZK 0.3383 CZK to HKD
HKD HKD DKK DKK 0.9027 HKD to DKK 1.1078 DKK to HKD
HKD HKD HUF HUF 47.2913 HKD to HUF 0.0211 HUF to HKD
HKD HKD KZT KZT 61.53 HKD to KZT 0.0163 KZT to HKD
HKD HKD LVL LVL 0.0773 HKD to LVL 12.9287 LVL to HKD
HKD HKD MKD MKD 7.4479 HKD to MKD 0.1343 MKD to HKD
HKD HKD MDL MDL 2.3307 HKD to MDL 0.4291 MDL to HKD
HKD HKD NOK NOK 1.3834 HKD to NOK 0.7228 NOK to HKD
HKD HKD PLN PLN 0.5577 HKD to PLN 1.793 PLN to HKD
HKD HKD RON RON 0.6019 HKD to RON 1.6613 RON to HKD
HKD HKD RUB RUB 12.1683 HKD to RUB 0.0822 RUB to HKD
HKD HKD SEK SEK 1.4064 HKD to SEK 0.711 SEK to HKD
HKD HKD CHF CHF 0.1172 HKD to CHF 8.5295 CHF to HKD
HKD HKD TRY TRY 3.4918 HKD to TRY 0.2864 TRY to HKD
HKD HKD UAH UAH 4.7389 HKD to UAH 0.211 UAH to HKD
Updated: 2023-09-27
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD HKD ARS ARS 44.7565 HKD to ARS 0.0223 ARS to HKD
HKD HKD BOB BOB 0.8866 HKD to BOB 1.1279 BOB to HKD
HKD HKD BRL BRL 0.6378 HKD to BRL 1.568 BRL to HKD
HKD HKD CAD CAD 0.1729 HKD to CAD 5.7841 CAD to HKD
HKD HKD KYD KYD 0.1069 HKD to KYD 9.3527 KYD to HKD
HKD HKD CLP CLP 115.6062 HKD to CLP 0.0087 CLP to HKD
HKD HKD COP COP 520.1736 HKD to COP 0.0019 COP to HKD
HKD HKD CRC CRC 69.0932 HKD to CRC 0.0145 CRC to HKD
HKD HKD DOP DOP 7.2774 HKD to DOP 0.1374 DOP to HKD
HKD HKD SVC SVC 1.1491 HKD to SVC 0.8702 SVC to HKD
HKD HKD FJD FJD 0.294 HKD to FJD 3.4019 FJD to HKD
HKD HKD HNL HNL 3.1633 HKD to HNL 0.3161 HNL to HKD
HKD HKD JMD JMD 19.8258 HKD to JMD 0.0504 JMD to HKD
HKD HKD MXN MXN 2.2429 HKD to MXN 0.4459 MXN to HKD
HKD HKD ANG ANG 0.2312 HKD to ANG 4.3245 ANG to HKD
HKD HKD PYG PYG 935.1678 HKD to PYG 0.0011 PYG to HKD
HKD HKD PEN PEN 0.4847 HKD to PEN 2.063 PEN to HKD
HKD HKD TTD TTD 0.8704 HKD to TTD 1.1489 TTD to HKD
HKD HKD USD USD 0.1279 HKD to USD 7.8205 USD to HKD
HKD HKD UYU UYU 4.8932 HKD to UYU 0.2044 UYU to HKD
HKD HKD VEF VEF 433716.2726 HKD to VEF 0 VEF to HKD
Updated: 2023-09-27
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD HKD AUD AUD 0.2004 HKD to AUD 4.9908 AUD to HKD
HKD HKD BDT BDT 14.1469 HKD to BDT 0.0707 BDT to HKD
HKD HKD BND BND 0.1755 HKD to BND 5.6973 BND to HKD
HKD HKD CNY CNY 0.9339 HKD to CNY 1.0708 CNY to HKD
HKD HKD INR INR 10.6407 HKD to INR 0.094 INR to HKD
HKD HKD IDR IDR 1985.3064 HKD to IDR 0.0005 IDR to HKD
HKD HKD JPY JPY 19.0567 HKD to JPY 0.0525 JPY to HKD
HKD HKD MYR MYR 0.6018 HKD to MYR 1.6616 MYR to HKD
HKD HKD MVR MVR 1.9769 HKD to MVR 0.5058 MVR to HKD
HKD HKD NPR NPR 17.0813 HKD to NPR 0.0585 NPR to HKD
HKD HKD NZD NZD 0.2157 HKD to NZD 4.6362 NZD to HKD
HKD HKD PKR PKR 36.6954 HKD to PKR 0.0273 PKR to HKD
HKD HKD PGK PGK 0.467 HKD to PGK 2.1412 PGK to HKD
HKD HKD PHP PHP 7.2812 HKD to PHP 0.1373 PHP to HKD
HKD HKD SCR SCR 1.6787 HKD to SCR 0.5957 SCR to HKD
HKD HKD SGD SGD 0.1753 HKD to SGD 5.7056 SGD to HKD
HKD HKD KRW KRW 172.714 HKD to KRW 0.0058 KRW to HKD
HKD HKD LKR LKR 41.5807 HKD to LKR 0.024 LKR to HKD
HKD HKD TWD TWD 4.1224 HKD to TWD 0.2426 TWD to HKD
HKD HKD THB THB 4.6679 HKD to THB 0.2142 THB to HKD
Updated: 2023-09-27
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD HKD BHD BHD 0.0482 HKD to BHD 20.743 BHD to HKD
HKD HKD EGP EGP 3.9544 HKD to EGP 0.2529 EGP to HKD
HKD HKD ILS ILS 0.4892 HKD to ILS 2.044 ILS to HKD
HKD HKD JOD JOD 0.0908 HKD to JOD 11.0179 JOD to HKD
HKD HKD KWD KWD 0.0395 HKD to KWD 25.2929 KWD to HKD
HKD HKD LBP LBP 1924.048 HKD to LBP 0.0005 LBP to HKD
HKD HKD OMR OMR 0.0492 HKD to OMR 20.3126 OMR to HKD
HKD HKD QAR QAR 0.4656 HKD to QAR 2.1479 QAR to HKD
HKD HKD SAR SAR 0.4795 HKD to SAR 2.0856 SAR to HKD
HKD HKD AED AED 0.4697 HKD to AED 2.1292 AED to HKD
HKD HKD YER YER 32.0122 HKD to YER 0.0312 YER to HKD
Updated: 2023-09-27
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD HKD DZD DZD 17.5714 HKD to DZD 0.0569 DZD to HKD
HKD HKD KES KES 18.9055 HKD to KES 0.0529 KES to HKD
HKD HKD MUR MUR 5.7168 HKD to MUR 0.1749 MUR to HKD
HKD HKD MAD MAD 1.3161 HKD to MAD 0.7598 MAD to HKD
HKD HKD NAD NAD 2.4347 HKD to NAD 0.4107 NAD to HKD
HKD HKD NIO NIO 4.6947 HKD to NIO 0.213 NIO to HKD
HKD HKD NGN NGN 100.0192 HKD to NGN 0.01 NGN to HKD
HKD HKD SLL SLL 2525.425 HKD to SLL 0.0004 SLL to HKD
HKD HKD ZAR ZAR 2.4407 HKD to ZAR 0.4097 ZAR to HKD
HKD HKD TZS TZS 320.3133 HKD to TZS 0.0031 TZS to HKD
HKD HKD TND TND 0.4061 HKD to TND 2.4624 TND to HKD
HKD HKD UGX UGX 483.6327 HKD to UGX 0.0021 UGX to HKD
HKD HKD XOF XOF 79.4289 HKD to XOF 0.0126 XOF to HKD
HKD HKD ZMK ZMK 1150.9803 HKD to ZMK 0.0009 ZMK to HKD

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Sign $
1 Hong Kong Dollar is subdivided into 10 hou or 100 cents.

The Hong Kong dollar is represented by the "$" or "HK$" symbols and uses the international currency code HKD. It is the official currency throughout Hong Kong and it is a common, yet unofficial, currency found in use is Macau. The HKD is pegged with the United States dollar (USD) and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority exercises monetary policy and circulation issues related to the HKD. Each HKD is divided into 100 cents, with "cents" symbolized with the "� " sign.

Coins used:
10�, 20�, 50�, $1, $2, $5, $10

Banknotes used:
$10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1,000
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has as its guiding mandate in managing the HKD the stability of the currency. This goal is indicative of the unique nature of Hong Kong and its role in facilitating East-West trade. The currency stability therefore is critical in giving assurances and providing stability thus promoting trust, security and faith in the currency, resulting in increased trade. The entire exchange process that provides HKD currency stability is through a complicated system known as the linked exchange rate system which incorporates many of the largest Eastern currencies at one time funneled into the one rate for the HKD.

As with many countries, the exact currency denominations in circulation is constantly fluctuating. The current coin denominations issued as a part of the HKD are 10�, 20�, 50�, $1, $2, $5, and $10. Banknotes denominations currently in issuance are $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, and $1,000.

From 1994-2007 the Hong Kong Monetary Authority attempted to discontinue the $10 banknote and replace it with the $10 coin. This proved unsuccessful and has led to the $10 banknote having a special role within the currency. It is firstly the only note actually printed by the Home Kong Monetary Authority and not the sister Chinese owned company to whom note printing for all other Hong Kong notes was transferred in 1994. The $10 note also has a limited circulation polymer version that was issued in 2007 as an anniversary commemorative note, commemorating the return of Hong Kong to China.

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