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Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Exchange Rates on 01st April 2020 (01/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD GBP 0.1044 HKD to GBP 9.5767 GBP to HKD
HKD BGN 0.2289 HKD to BGN 4.3681 BGN to HKD
HKD HRK 0.8952 HKD to HRK 1.117 HRK to HKD
HKD CZK 3.2182 HKD to CZK 0.3107 CZK to HKD
HKD DKK 0.8764 HKD to DKK 1.141 DKK to HKD
HKD HUF 42.4824 HKD to HUF 0.0235 HUF to HKD
HKD KZT 57.4406 HKD to KZT 0.0174 KZT to HKD
HKD LVL 0.078 HKD to LVL 12.8144 LVL to HKD
HKD MKD 7.2358 HKD to MKD 0.1382 MKD to HKD
HKD MDL 2.3431 HKD to MDL 0.4268 MDL to HKD
HKD NOK 1.3512 HKD to NOK 0.7401 NOK to HKD
HKD PLN 0.5369 HKD to PLN 1.8627 PLN to HKD
HKD RON 0.5677 HKD to RON 1.7616 RON to HKD
HKD RUB 10.199 HKD to RUB 0.098 RUB to HKD
HKD SEK 1.2902 HKD to SEK 0.7751 SEK to HKD
HKD CHF 0.1243 HKD to CHF 8.0469 CHF to HKD
HKD TRY 0.8553 HKD to TRY 1.1691 TRY to HKD
HKD UAH 3.5524 HKD to UAH 0.2815 UAH to HKD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD ARS 8.2987 HKD to ARS 0.1205 ARS to HKD
HKD BOB 0.8828 HKD to BOB 1.1327 BOB to HKD
HKD BRL 0.6715 HKD to BRL 1.4891 BRL to HKD
HKD CAD 0.1829 HKD to CAD 5.4665 CAD to HKD
HKD KYD 0.1067 HKD to KYD 9.3724 KYD to HKD
HKD CLP 110.7296 HKD to CLP 0.009 CLP to HKD
HKD COP 523.6532 HKD to COP 0.0019 COP to HKD
HKD CRC 74.4549 HKD to CRC 0.0134 CRC to HKD
HKD DOP 6.8974 HKD to DOP 0.145 DOP to HKD
HKD SVC 1.1203 HKD to SVC 0.8926 SVC to HKD
HKD FJD 0.2951 HKD to FJD 3.3888 FJD to HKD
HKD HNL 3.1682 HKD to HNL 0.3156 HNL to HKD
HKD JMD 17.3273 HKD to JMD 0.0577 JMD to HKD
HKD MXN 3.0953 HKD to MXN 0.3231 MXN to HKD
HKD ANG 0.2292 HKD to ANG 4.3632 ANG to HKD
HKD PYG 842.5608 HKD to PYG 0.0012 PYG to HKD
HKD PEN 0.4399 HKD to PEN 2.273 PEN to HKD
HKD TTD 0.8651 HKD to TTD 1.1559 TTD to HKD
HKD USD 0.129 HKD to USD 7.7513 USD to HKD
HKD UYU 5.6169 HKD to UYU 0.178 UYU to HKD
HKD VEF 1.2885 HKD to VEF 0.7761 VEF to HKD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD AUD 0.2123 HKD to AUD 4.7098 AUD to HKD
HKD BDT 10.8762 HKD to BDT 0.0919 BDT to HKD
HKD BND 0.1825 HKD to BND 5.4782 BND to HKD
HKD CNY 0.9158 HKD to CNY 1.0919 CNY to HKD
HKD INR 9.7964 HKD to INR 0.1021 INR to HKD
HKD IDR 2148.5381 HKD to IDR 0.0005 IDR to HKD
HKD JPY 13.875 HKD to JPY 0.0721 JPY to HKD
HKD MYR 0.5615 HKD to MYR 1.7808 MYR to HKD
HKD MVR 1.9869 HKD to MVR 0.5033 MVR to HKD
HKD NPR 15.4455 HKD to NPR 0.0647 NPR to HKD
HKD NZD 0.2181 HKD to NZD 4.5846 NZD to HKD
HKD PKR 21.2608 HKD to PKR 0.047 PKR to HKD
HKD PGK 0.4443 HKD to PGK 2.2508 PGK to HKD
HKD PHP 6.5628 HKD to PHP 0.1524 PHP to HKD
HKD SCR 1.7752 HKD to SCR 0.5633 SCR to HKD
HKD SGD 0.1847 HKD to SGD 5.413 SGD to HKD
HKD KRW 158.7359 HKD to KRW 0.0063 KRW to HKD
HKD LKR 24.231 HKD to LKR 0.0413 LKR to HKD
HKD TWD 3.9089 HKD to TWD 0.2558 TWD to HKD
HKD THB 4.2573 HKD to THB 0.2349 THB to HKD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD BHD 0.0486 HKD to BHD 20.5579 BHD to HKD
HKD EGP 2.0318 HKD to EGP 0.4922 EGP to HKD
HKD ILS 0.4589 HKD to ILS 2.179 ILS to HKD
HKD JOD 0.0915 HKD to JOD 10.9329 JOD to HKD
HKD KWD 0.0404 HKD to KWD 24.7679 KWD to HKD
HKD LBP 193.5931 HKD to LBP 0.0052 LBP to HKD
HKD OMR 0.0496 HKD to OMR 20.1594 OMR to HKD
HKD QAR 0.4697 HKD to QAR 2.1292 QAR to HKD
HKD SAR 0.4857 HKD to SAR 2.0588 SAR to HKD
HKD AED 0.4739 HKD to AED 2.1104 AED to HKD
HKD YER 32.2978 HKD to YER 0.031 YER to HKD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD DZD 16.1033 HKD to DZD 0.0621 DZD to HKD
HKD KES 13.5655 HKD to KES 0.0737 KES to HKD
HKD MUR 5.0576 HKD to MUR 0.1977 MUR to HKD
HKD MAD 1.2987 HKD to MAD 0.77 MAD to HKD
HKD NAD 2.2961 HKD to NAD 0.4355 NAD to HKD
HKD NIO 4.3195 HKD to NIO 0.2315 NIO to HKD
HKD NGN 47.3469 HKD to NGN 0.0211 NGN to HKD
HKD SLL 1254.6254 HKD to SLL 0.0008 SLL to HKD
HKD ZAR 2.3305 HKD to ZAR 0.4291 ZAR to HKD
HKD TZS 298.1051 HKD to TZS 0.0034 TZS to HKD
HKD TND 0.3694 HKD to TND 2.7074 TND to HKD
HKD UGX 485.2677 HKD to UGX 0.0021 UGX to HKD
HKD XOF 76.7083 HKD to XOF 0.013 XOF to HKD
HKD ZMK 1161.2505 HKD to ZMK 0.0009 ZMK to HKD

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Sign $
1 Hong Kong Dollar is subdivided into 10 hou or 100 cents.

The Hong Kong dollar is represented by the "$" or "HK$" symbols and uses the international currency code HKD. It is the official currency throughout Hong Kong and it is a common, yet unofficial, currency found in use is Macau. The HKD is pegged with the United States dollar (USD) and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority exercises monetary policy and circulation issues related to the HKD. Each HKD is divided into 100 cents, with "cents" symbolized with the " " sign.

Coins used:
10, 20, 50, $1, $2, $5, $10

Banknotes used:
$10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1,000
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has as its guiding mandate in managing the HKD the stability of the currency. This goal is indicative of the unique nature of Hong Kong and its role in facilitating East-West trade. The currency stability therefore is critical in giving assurances and providing stability thus promoting trust, security and faith in the currency, resulting in increased trade. The entire exchange process that provides HKD currency stability is through a complicated system known as the linked exchange rate system which incorporates many of the largest Eastern currencies at one time funneled into the one rate for the HKD.

As with many countries, the exact currency denominations in circulation is constantly fluctuating. The current coin denominations issued as a part of the HKD are 10, 20, 50, $1, $2, $5, and $10. Banknotes denominations currently in issuance are $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, and $1,000.

From 1994-2007 the Hong Kong Monetary Authority attempted to discontinue the $10 banknote and replace it with the $10 coin. This proved unsuccessful and has led to the $10 banknote having a special role within the currency. It is firstly the only note actually printed by the Home Kong Monetary Authority and not the sister Chinese owned company to whom note printing for all other Hong Kong notes was transferred in 1994. The $10 note also has a limited circulation polymer version that was issued in 2007 as an anniversary commemorative note, commemorating the return of Hong Kong to China.

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