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Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Exchange Rates on 26th September 2020 (26/09/2020)

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Exchange rates for Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Updated: 2020-09-26
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD GBP 0.1012 HKD to GBP 9.8773 GBP to HKD
HKD BGN 0.2172 HKD to BGN 4.6034 BGN to HKD
HKD HRK 0.8376 HKD to HRK 1.1939 HRK to HKD
HKD CZK 3.008 HKD to CZK 0.3324 CZK to HKD
HKD DKK 0.8259 HKD to DKK 1.2108 DKK to HKD
HKD HUF 40.3088 HKD to HUF 0.0248 HUF to HKD
HKD KZT 55.143 HKD to KZT 0.0181 KZT to HKD
HKD LVL 0.0781 HKD to LVL 12.8121 LVL to HKD
HKD Flag of North Macedonia MKD 6.8326 HKD to MKD 0.1464 MKD to HKD
HKD MDL 2.1507 HKD to MDL 0.465 MDL to HKD
HKD id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 1.2345 HKD to NOK 0.81 NOK to HKD
HKD PLN 0.5048 HKD to PLN 1.9809 PLN to HKD
HKD RON 0.5401 HKD to RON 1.8515 RON to HKD
HKD RUB 10.0836 HKD to RUB 0.0992 RUB to HKD
HKD Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 HKD to SKK 0 SKK to HKD
HKD SEK 1.1787 HKD to SEK 0.8484 SEK to HKD
HKD CHF 0.1199 HKD to CHF 8.3423 CHF to HKD
HKD TRY 0.989 HKD to TRY 1.0111 TRY to HKD
HKD UAH 3.6492 HKD to UAH 0.274 UAH to HKD
Updated: 2020-09-26
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD ARS 9.779 HKD to ARS 0.1023 ARS to HKD
HKD BOB 0.8911 HKD to BOB 1.1222 BOB to HKD
HKD BRL 0.7176 HKD to BRL 1.3935 BRL to HKD
HKD Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.1727 HKD to CAD 5.7889 CAD to HKD
HKD KYD 0.1075 HKD to KYD 9.2987 KYD to HKD
HKD CLP 101.6915 HKD to CLP 0.0098 CLP to HKD
HKD COP 501.5528 HKD to COP 0.002 COP to HKD
HKD CRC 77.76 HKD to CRC 0.0129 CRC to HKD
HKD DOP 7.542 HKD to DOP 0.1326 DOP to HKD
HKD SVC 1.1293 HKD to SVC 0.8855 SVC to HKD
HKD FJD 0.2781 HKD to FJD 3.5962 FJD to HKD
HKD HNL 3.1833 HKD to HNL 0.3141 HNL to HKD
HKD Flag of Jamaica JMD 18.2668 HKD to JMD 0.0547 JMD to HKD
HKD MXN 2.8829 HKD to MXN 0.3469 MXN to HKD