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Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Exchange Rates on 03rd December 2021 (03/12/2021)

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Exchange rates for Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Updated: 2021-12-03
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD GBP 0.0966 HKD to GBP 10.3534 GBP to HKD
HKD BGN 0.2224 HKD to BGN 4.4957 BGN to HKD
HKD HRK 0.8552 HKD to HRK 1.1693 HRK to HKD
HKD CZK 2.8919 HKD to CZK 0.3458 CZK to HKD
HKD DKK 0.8449 HKD to DKK 1.1835 DKK to HKD
HKD HUF 41.4124 HKD to HUF 0.0241 HUF to HKD
HKD KZT 56.4419 HKD to KZT 0.0177 KZT to HKD
HKD LVL 0.0776 HKD to LVL 12.8791 LVL to HKD
HKD Flag of North Macedonia MKD 7 HKD to MKD 0.1429 MKD to HKD
HKD MDL 2.2874 HKD to MDL 0.4372 MDL to HKD
HKD id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 1.1693 HKD to NOK 0.8552 NOK to HKD
HKD PLN 0.5228 HKD to PLN 1.9127 PLN to HKD
HKD RON 0.5624 HKD to RON 1.778 RON to HKD
HKD RUB 9.4669 HKD to RUB 0.1056 RUB to HKD
HKD Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 HKD to SKK 0 SKK to HKD
HKD SEK 1.1634 HKD to SEK 0.8596 SEK to HKD
HKD CHF 0.1182 HKD to CHF 8.4633 CHF to HKD
HKD TRY 1.7619 HKD to TRY 0.5676 TRY to HKD
HKD UAH 3.5155 HKD to UAH 0.2845 UAH to HKD
Updated: 2021-12-03
Convert from Convert to 1 HKD Conversion in currency Conversion
HKD ARS 12.9697 HKD to ARS 0.0771 ARS to HKD
HKD BOB 0.8896 HKD to BOB 1.1241 BOB to HKD
HKD BRL 0.7248 HKD to BRL 1.3797 BRL to HKD
HKD Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.1645 HKD to CAD 6.0797 CAD to HKD
HKD KYD 0.1074 HKD to KYD 9.3144 KYD to HKD
HKD CLP 107.5084 HKD to CLP 0.0093 CLP to HKD
HKD COP 505.3631 HKD to COP 0.002 COP to HKD
HKD CRC 80.9617 HKD to CRC 0.0124 CRC to HKD
HKD DOP 7.2945 HKD to DOP 0.1371 DOP to HKD
HKD SVC 1.1273 HKD to SVC 0.887 SVC to HKD
HKD FJD 0.2738 HKD to FJD 3.6529 FJD to HKD
HKD HNL 3.1092 HKD to HNL 0.3216 HNL to HKD
HKD Flag of Jamaica JMD 20.0423 HKD to JMD 0.0499 JMD to HKD
HKD MXN 2.7344 HKD to MXN 0.3657 MXN to HKD
HKD ANG 0.2322 HKD to ANG 4.3068 ANG to HKD
HKD PYG 880.1047 HKD to PYG 0.0011 PYG to HKD
HKD xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.5242 HKD to PEN 1.9077 PEN to HKD
HKD TTD 0.8743<