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New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Exchange Rates on 01st April 2020 (01/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 NZD Conversion in currency Conversion
NZD GBP 0.4787 NZD to GBP 2.0889 GBP to NZD
NZD BGN 1.0496 NZD to BGN 0.9528 BGN to NZD
NZD HRK 4.1043 NZD to HRK 0.2436 HRK to NZD
NZD CZK 14.7542 NZD to CZK 0.0678 CZK to NZD
NZD DKK 4.0179 NZD to DKK 0.2489 DKK to NZD
NZD HUF 194.7631 NZD to HUF 0.0051 HUF to NZD
NZD KZT 263.3402 NZD to KZT 0.0038 KZT to NZD
NZD LVL 0.3578 NZD to LVL 2.7951 LVL to NZD
NZD MKD 33.173 NZD to MKD 0.0301 MKD to NZD
NZD MDL 10.742 NZD to MDL 0.0931 MDL to NZD
NZD NOK 6.1945 NZD to NOK 0.1614 NOK to NZD
NZD PLN 2.4613 NZD to PLN 0.4063 PLN to NZD
NZD RON 2.6025 NZD to RON 0.3842 RON to NZD
NZD RUB 46.7578 NZD to RUB 0.0214 RUB to NZD
NZD SEK 5.915 NZD to SEK 0.1691 SEK to NZD
NZD CHF 0.5697 NZD to CHF 1.7552 CHF to NZD
NZD TRY 3.9213 NZD to TRY 0.255 TRY to NZD
NZD UAH 16.2864 NZD to UAH 0.0614 UAH to NZD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 NZD Conversion in currency Conversion
NZD ARS 38.0458 NZD to ARS 0.0263 ARS to NZD
NZD BOB 4.0473 NZD to BOB 0.2471 BOB to NZD
NZD BRL 3.0787 NZD to BRL 0.3248 BRL to NZD
NZD CAD 0.8387 NZD to CAD 1.1924 CAD to NZD
NZD KYD 0.4892 NZD to KYD 2.0443 KYD to NZD
NZD CLP 507.6469 NZD to CLP 0.002 CLP to NZD
NZD COP 2400.7214 NZD to COP 0.0004 COP to NZD
NZD CRC 341.3433 NZD to CRC 0.0029 CRC to NZD
NZD DOP 31.6215 NZD to DOP 0.0316 DOP to NZD
NZD SVC 5.136 NZD to SVC 0.1947 SVC to NZD
NZD FJD 1.3529 NZD to FJD 0.7392 FJD to NZD
NZD HNL 14.5247 NZD to HNL 0.0688 HNL to NZD
NZD JMD 79.438 NZD to JMD 0.0126 JMD to NZD
NZD MXN 14.1906 NZD to MXN 0.0705 MXN to NZD
NZD ANG 1.0507 NZD to ANG 0.9517 ANG to NZD
NZD PYG 3862.7734 NZD to PYG 0.0003 PYG to NZD
NZD PEN 2.0169 NZD to PEN 0.4958 PEN to NZD
NZD TTD 3.9661 NZD to TTD 0.2521 TTD to NZD
NZD USD 0.5915 NZD to USD 1.6907 USD to NZD
NZD UYU 25.7513 NZD to UYU 0.0388 UYU to NZD
NZD VEF 5.9072 NZD to VEF 0.1693 VEF to NZD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 NZD Conversion in currency Conversion
NZD AUD 0.9734 NZD to AUD 1.0273 AUD to NZD
NZD BDT 49.8627 NZD to BDT 0.0201 BDT to NZD
NZD BND 0.8369 NZD to BND 1.1949 BND to NZD
NZD CNY 4.1987 NZD to CNY 0.2382 CNY to NZD
NZD INR 44.9123 NZD to INR 0.0223 INR to NZD
NZD IDR 9850.1089 NZD to IDR 0.0001 IDR to NZD
NZD JPY 63.6109 NZD to JPY 0.0157 JPY to NZD
NZD MYR 2.5744 NZD to MYR 0.3884 MYR to NZD
NZD MVR 9.1089 NZD to MVR 0.1098 MVR to NZD
NZD NPR 70.811 NZD to NPR 0.0141 NPR to NZD
NZD PKR 97.4714 NZD to PKR 0.0103 PKR to NZD
NZD PGK 2.0369 NZD to PGK 0.491 PGK to NZD
NZD PHP 30.0877 NZD to PHP 0.0332 PHP to NZD
NZD SCR 8.1384 NZD to SCR 0.1229 SCR to NZD
NZD SGD 0.8469 NZD to SGD 1.1807 SGD to NZD
NZD KRW 727.7347 NZD to KRW 0.0014 KRW to NZD
NZD LKR 111.0885 NZD to LKR 0.009 LKR to NZD
NZD TWD 17.9206 NZD to TWD 0.0558 TWD to NZD
NZD THB 19.5179 NZD to THB 0.0512 THB to NZD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 NZD Conversion in currency Conversion
NZD BHD 0.223 NZD to BHD 4.4842 BHD to NZD
NZD EGP 9.315 NZD to EGP 0.1074 EGP to NZD
NZD HKD 4.5846 NZD to HKD 0.2181 HKD to NZD
NZD ILS 2.1039 NZD to ILS 0.4753 ILS to NZD
NZD JOD 0.4193 NZD to JOD 2.3847 JOD to NZD
NZD KWD 0.1851 NZD to KWD 5.4025 KWD to NZD
NZD LBP 887.5399 NZD to LBP 0.0011 LBP to NZD
NZD OMR 0.2274 NZD to OMR 4.3972 OMR to NZD
NZD QAR 2.1532 NZD to QAR 0.4644 QAR to NZD
NZD SAR 2.2268 NZD to SAR 0.4491 SAR to NZD
NZD AED 2.1724 NZD to AED 0.4603 AED to NZD
NZD YER 148.0714 NZD to YER 0.0068 YER to NZD
Updated: 2020-04-01
Convert from Convert to 1 NZD Conversion in currency Conversion
NZD DZD 73.8267 NZD to DZD 0.0135 DZD to NZD
NZD KES 62.192 NZD to KES 0.0161 KES to NZD
NZD MUR 23.1868 NZD to MUR 0.0431 MUR to NZD
NZD MAD 5.9538 NZD to MAD 0.168 MAD to NZD
NZD NAD 10.5267 NZD to NAD 0.095 NAD to NZD
NZD NIO 19.8031 NZD to NIO 0.0505 NIO to NZD
NZD NGN 217.0647 NZD to NGN 0.0046 NGN to NZD
NZD SLL 5751.9094 NZD to SLL 0.0002 SLL to NZD
NZD ZAR 10.6845 NZD to ZAR 0.0936 ZAR to NZD
NZD TZS 1366.6817 NZD to TZS 0.0007 TZS to NZD
NZD TND 1.6934 NZD to TND 0.5905 TND to NZD
NZD UGX 2224.7406 NZD to UGX 0.0004 UGX to NZD
NZD XOF 351.674 NZD to XOF 0.0028 XOF to NZD
NZD ZMK 5323.8265 NZD to ZMK 0.0002 ZMK to NZD

New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Sign NT$
1 New Zealand Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents.

New Zealand is a highly visited country and offers a number of sightseeing adventures for tourists. The official currency of New Zealand is the New Zealand Dollar. The dollar is recognized by the ISO symbol NZD or the $ sign. The New Zealand Dollar is also in circulation in the Cook Islands as well as the Pitcairn Islands, Tokelau and Niue.

Coins used:
10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2

Banknotes used:
$5, $10, $20, $50, $100

Central Bank
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
The New Zealand Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents and is commonly referred to as the kiwi in New Zealand. It is one of the 10 top traded currencies in the world at present and accounted for nearly 2 percent of all foreign exchange market turnovers each day in 2010. The NZD continues to gain strength against other currencies, particularly the US Dollar.

Banknotes for the New Zealand Dollar are issued in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars and coins are issued in denominations of 10, 20 and 50 cents. Currency exchanges can be done at most New Zealand banks as well as through moneychangers which are conveniently located at various spots around the country. Currency exchanges are typically fast and easy in major cities and most moneychangers remain in operation until around 9pm each day. Banks operate from 9:30 am until 4 pm on Monday through Friday and from 8:30 am until 11 am on Saturday. Many banks are not open on Saturdays however although most moneychangers will convert currencies every day of the week. Airport banks are typically open every day to accommodate international visitors.

All major banks also offer ATMs, particularly those in larger cities. Travelerís checks are often difficult to cash at banks and those that do offer this service charge a small fee. Hotels will typically accept or cash travelerís checks for smaller fee. The US Dollar cannot be spent in New Zealand. The New Zealand Dollar is currently the only legal tender that is accepted in the country.

Most establishments will accept all major credit cards, particularly Visa and MasterCard. Diners Club and American Express can be used at most ATMs and many hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. Smaller towns may not accept credit cards in some areas so it is recommended that visitors take cash along when visiting smaller areas. Fuel purchases typically always require cash and hotels require a credit card for reservation booking. Road tolls, particularly those on major routes between larger cities can be paid with a Visa or MasterCard.

Other References
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