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New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Exchange Rates on 29th January 2022 (29/01/2022)

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Exchange rates for New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Updated: 2022-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 NZD Conversion in currency Conversion
NZD GBP 0.4881 NZD to GBP 2.0489 GBP to NZD
NZD BGN 1.1481 NZD to BGN 0.871 BGN to NZD
NZD HRK 4.4199 NZD to HRK 0.2263 HRK to NZD
NZD CZK 14.374 NZD to CZK 0.0696 CZK to NZD
NZD DKK 4.3681 NZD to DKK 0.2289 DKK to NZD
NZD HUF 210.4637 NZD to HUF 0.0048 HUF to NZD
NZD KZT 284.525 NZD to KZT 0.0035 KZT to NZD
NZD LVL 0.3957 NZD to LVL 2.5269 LVL to NZD
NZD Flag of North Macedonia MKD 36.1947 NZD to MKD 0.0276 MKD to NZD
NZD MDL 11.7367 NZD to MDL 0.0852 MDL to NZD
NZD id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 5.8768 NZD to NOK 0.1702 NOK to NZD
NZD PLN 2.6892 NZD to PLN 0.3719 PLN to NZD
NZD RON 2.9027 NZD to RON 0.3445 RON to NZD
NZD RUB 51.1581 NZD to RUB 0.0195 RUB to NZD
NZD Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 NZD to SKK 0 SKK to NZD
NZD SEK 6.1563 NZD to SEK 0.1624 SEK to NZD
NZD CHF 0.6093 NZD to CHF 1.6413 CHF to NZD
NZD TRY 8.8671 NZD to TRY 0.1128 TRY to NZD
NZD UAH 18.7207 NZD to UAH 0.0534 UAH to NZD
Updated: 2022-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 NZD Conversion in currency Conversion
NZD ARS 68.5605 NZD to ARS 0.0146 ARS to NZD
NZD BOB 4.5019 NZD to BOB 0.2221 BOB to NZD
NZD BRL 3.512 NZD to BRL 0.2847 BRL to NZD
NZD Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.8356 NZD to CAD 1.1968 CAD to NZD
NZD KYD 0.5449 NZD to KYD 1.8352 KYD to NZD
NZD CLP 532.1492 NZD to CLP 0.0019 CLP to NZD
NZD COP 2589.5009 NZD to COP 0.0004 COP to NZD
NZD CRC 419.0058 NZD to CRC 0.0024 CRC to NZD
NZD DOP 37.7174 NZD to DOP 0.0265 DOP to NZD
NZD SVC 5.7213 NZD to SVC 0.1748 SVC to NZD
NZD FJD 1.4142 NZD to FJD 0.7071 FJD to NZD
NZD HNL 16.0685 NZD to HNL 0.0622 HNL to NZD
NZD Flag of Jamaica JMD 102.2106 NZD to JMD 0.0098 JMD to NZD