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Mauritian Rupee (MUR) Exchange Rates on 29th June 2022 (29/06/2022)

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Exchange rates for Mauritian Rupee (MUR)

Updated: 2022-06-29
Convert from Convert to 1 MUR Conversion in currency Conversion
MUR GBP 0.0181 MUR to GBP 55.1158 GBP to MUR
MUR BGN 0.0412 MUR to BGN 24.2968 BGN to MUR
MUR HRK 0.1584 MUR to HRK 6.3124 HRK to MUR
MUR CZK 0.52 MUR to CZK 1.9232 CZK to MUR
MUR DKK 0.1564 MUR to DKK 6.3929 DKK to MUR
MUR HUF 8.3519 MUR to HUF 0.1197 HUF to MUR
MUR KZT 10.2256 MUR to KZT 0.0978 KZT to MUR
MUR LVL 0.0134 MUR to LVL 74.6577 LVL to MUR
MUR Flag of North Macedonia MKD 1.2968 MUR to MKD 0.7711 MKD to MUR
MUR MDL 0.4263 MUR to MDL 2.3458 MDL to MUR
MUR id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.2176 MUR to NOK 4.5951 NOK to MUR
MUR PLN 0.0988 MUR to PLN 10.125 PLN to MUR
MUR RON 0.104 MUR to RON 9.6199 RON to MUR
MUR RUB 1.2069 MUR to RUB 0.8286 RUB to MUR
MUR Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 MUR to SKK 0 SKK to MUR
MUR SEK 0.2246 MUR to SEK 4.4523 SEK to MUR
MUR CHF 0.0212 MUR to CHF 47.2235 CHF to MUR
MUR TRY 0.369 MUR to TRY 2.7102 TRY to MUR
MUR UAH 0.6578 MUR to UAH 1.5201 UAH to MUR
Updated: 2022-06-29
Convert from Convert to 1 MUR Conversion in currency Conversion
MUR ARS 2.7648 MUR to ARS 0.3617 ARS to MUR
MUR BOB 0.1533 MUR to BOB 6.5237 BOB to MUR
MUR BRL 0.1166 MUR to BRL 8.5729 BRL to MUR
MUR Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0285 MUR to CAD 35.0968 CAD to MUR
MUR KYD 0.0186 MUR to KYD 53.8886 KYD to MUR
MUR CLP 20.1768 MUR to CLP 0.0496 CLP to MUR
MUR COP 90.9785 MUR to COP 0.011 COP to MUR
MUR CRC 15.3195 MUR to CRC 0.0653 CRC to MUR
MUR DOP 1.214 MUR to DOP 0.8237 DOP to MUR
MUR SVC 0.1949 MUR to SVC 5.1321 SVC to MUR
MUR FJD 0.0486 MUR to FJD 20.5651 FJD to MUR
MUR HNL 0.5473 MUR to HNL 1.8273 HNL to MUR
MUR Flag of Jamaica JMD 3.3562 MUR to JMD 0.298 JMD to MUR
MUR MXN 0.4459 MUR to MXN 2.2426 MXN to MUR
MUR ANG 0.0401 MUR to ANG 24.9183 ANG to MUR
MUR PYG 152.8862 MUR to PYG 0.0065 PYG to MUR
MUR xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.0841 MUR to PEN 11.8941 PEN to MUR
MUR TTD 0.1511 MUR to TTD 6.6167 TTD to MUR
MUR USD 0.0221 MUR to USD 45.1597 USD to MUR
MUR xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> UYU 0.8847 MUR to UYU 1.1303 UYU to MUR