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Indian Rupee (INR) Exchange Rates on 03rd June 2020 (03/06/2020)

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Exchange rates for Indian Rupee (INR)

Updated: 2020-06-03
Convert from Convert to 1 INR Conversion in currency Conversion
INR GBP 0.0105 INR to GBP 94.8928 GBP to INR
INR BGN 0.0232 INR to BGN 43.1176 BGN to INR
INR HRK 0.0897 INR to HRK 11.1456 HRK to INR
INR CZK 0.3146 INR to CZK 3.1789 CZK to INR
INR DKK 0.0883 INR to DKK 11.3311 DKK to INR
INR HUF 4.0897 INR to HUF 0.2445 HUF to INR
INR KZT 5.3195 INR to KZT 0.188 KZT to INR
INR LVL 0.008 INR to LVL 124.5392 LVL to INR
INR Flag of North Macedonia MKD 0.7303 INR to MKD 1.3693 MKD to INR
INR MDL 0.2311 INR to MDL 4.327 MDL to INR
INR id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.1259 INR to NOK 7.9416 NOK to INR
INR PLN 0.0519 INR to PLN 19.2812 PLN to INR
INR RON 0.0573 INR to RON 17.4603 RON to INR
INR RUB 0.9101 INR to RUB 1.0987 RUB to INR
INR Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 INR to SKK 0 SKK to INR
INR SEK 0.1233 INR to SEK 8.1118 SEK to INR
INR CHF 0.0128 INR to CHF 78.3287 CHF to INR
INR TRY 0.0892 INR to TRY 11.2059 TRY to INR
INR UAH 0.3548 INR to UAH 2.8184 UAH to INR
Updated: 2020-06-03
Convert from Convert to 1 INR Conversion in currency Conversion
INR ARS 0.9111 INR to ARS 1.0976 ARS to INR
INR BOB 0.0914 INR to BOB 10.935 BOB to INR
INR BRL 0.069 INR to BRL 14.4843 BRL to INR
INR Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0179 INR to CAD 55.7844 CAD to INR
INR KYD 0.011 INR to KYD 90.6083 KYD to INR
INR CLP 10.3182 INR to CLP 0.0969 CLP to INR
INR COP 48.2327 INR to COP 0.0207 COP to INR
INR CRC 7.5493 INR to CRC 0.1325 CRC to INR
INR DOP 0.7553 INR to DOP 1.324 DOP to INR
INR SVC 0.1159 INR to SVC 8.6297 SVC to INR
INR FJD 0.029 INR to FJD 34.524 FJD to INR
INR HNL 0.3287 INR to HNL 3.0425 HNL to INR
INR Flag of Jamaica JMD 1.8872 INR to JMD 0.5299 JMD to INR
INR MXN 0.2882 INR to MXN 3.4703 MXN to INR
INR ANG 0.0238 INR to ANG 42.0656 ANG to INR
INR PYG 88.0984 INR to PYG 0.0114 PYG to INR
INR xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.0453 INR to PEN 22.0809 PEN to INR
INR TTD 0.0896 INR to TTD 11.1631 TTD to INR
INR USD 0.0133 INR to USD 75.3326 USD to INR
INR xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> UYU 0.5737 INR to UYU 1.7431 UYU to INR