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Indian Rupee (INR) Exchange Rates on 16th April 2021 (16/04/2021)

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Exchange rates for Indian Rupee (INR)

Updated: 2021-04-16
Convert from Convert to 1 INR Conversion in currency Conversion
INR GBP 0.0098 INR to GBP 102.4004 GBP to INR
INR BGN 0.0219 INR to BGN 45.5981 BGN to INR
INR HRK 0.0848 INR to HRK 11.7935 HRK to INR
INR CZK 0.2906 INR to CZK 3.4412 CZK to INR
INR DKK 0.0834 INR to DKK 11.9969 DKK to INR
INR HUF 4.0407 INR to HUF 0.2475 HUF to INR
INR KZT 5.7891 INR to KZT 0.1727 KZT to INR
INR LVL 0.0081 INR to LVL 123.31 LVL to INR
INR Flag of North Macedonia MKD 0.6903 INR to MKD 1.4487 MKD to INR
INR MDL 0.2394 INR to MDL 4.1778 MDL to INR
INR id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.1129 INR to NOK 8.8563 NOK to INR
INR PLN 0.0511 INR to PLN 19.5759 PLN to INR
INR RON 0.0552 INR to RON 18.1103 RON to INR
INR RUB 1.0178 INR to RUB 0.9826 RUB to INR
INR Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 INR to SKK 0 SKK to INR
INR SEK 0.1134 INR to SEK 8.8194 SEK to INR
INR CHF 0.0124 INR to CHF 80.8998 CHF to INR
INR TRY 0.1087 INR to TRY 9.2036 TRY to INR
INR UAH 0.3748 INR to UAH 2.6684 UAH to INR
Updated: 2021-04-16
Convert from Convert to 1 INR Conversion in currency Conversion
INR ARS 1.2431 INR to ARS 0.8045 ARS to INR
INR BOB 0.0925 INR to BOB 10.806 BOB to INR
INR BRL 0.0753 INR to BRL 13.2804 BRL to INR
INR Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0168 INR to CAD 59.579 CAD to INR
INR KYD 0.0112 INR to KYD 89.5403 KYD to INR
INR CLP 9.3647 INR to CLP 0.1068 CLP to INR
INR COP 48.4254 INR to COP 0.0207 COP to INR
INR CRC 8.2171 INR to CRC 0.1217 CRC to INR
INR DOP 0.7639 INR to DOP 1.309 DOP to INR
INR SVC 0.1173 INR to SVC 8.5272 SVC to INR
INR FJD 0.0272 INR to FJD 36.8086 FJD to INR
INR HNL 0.3234 INR to HNL 3.0924 HNL to INR
INR Flag of Jamaica JMD 2.013 INR to JMD 0.4968 JMD to INR
INR MXN 0.2676 INR to MXN 3.7364 MXN to INR
INR ANG 0.0241 INR to ANG 41.5677 ANG to INR
INR PYG 84.4185 INR to PYG 0.0118 PYG to INR
INR xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.0486 INR to PEN 20.5704 PEN to INR