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Chinese Yuan (CNY) Exchange Rates on 26th January 2021 (26/01/2021)

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Exchange rates for Chinese Yuan (CNY)

Updated: 2021-01-26
Convert from Convert to 1 CNY Conversion in currency Conversion
CNY GBP 0.1132 CNY to GBP 8.8327 GBP to CNY
CNY BGN 0.2492 CNY to BGN 4.0123 BGN to CNY
CNY HRK 0.9635 CNY to HRK 1.0378 HRK to CNY
CNY CZK 3.3331 CNY to CZK 0.3 CZK to CNY
CNY DKK 0.9475 CNY to DKK 1.0554 DKK to CNY
CNY HUF 45.602 CNY to HUF 0.0219 HUF to CNY
CNY KZT 65.0682 CNY to KZT 0.0154 KZT to CNY
CNY LVL 0.0934 CNY to LVL 10.7038 LVL to CNY
CNY Flag of North Macedonia MKD 7.8433 CNY to MKD 0.1275 MKD to CNY
CNY MDL 2.6885 CNY to MDL 0.372 MDL to CNY
CNY id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 1.3267 CNY to NOK 0.7537 NOK to CNY
CNY PLN 0.5787 CNY to PLN 1.728 PLN to CNY
CNY RON 0.6208 CNY to RON 1.6109 RON to CNY
CNY RUB 11.6773 CNY to RUB 0.0856 RUB to CNY
CNY Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 CNY to SKK 0 SKK to CNY
CNY SEK 1.2823 CNY to SEK 0.7798 SEK to CNY
CNY CHF 0.1373 CNY to CHF 7.2854 CHF to CNY
CNY TRY 1.1464 CNY to TRY 0.8723 TRY to CNY
CNY UAH 4.3516 CNY to UAH 0.2298 UAH to CNY
Updated: 2021-01-26
Convert from Convert to 1 CNY Conversion in currency Conversion
CNY ARS 13.4112 CNY to ARS 0.0746 ARS to CNY
CNY BOB 1.0644 CNY to BOB 0.9395 BOB to CNY
CNY BRL 0.8444 CNY to BRL 1.1843 BRL to CNY
CNY Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.1973 CNY to CAD 5.0683 CAD to CNY
CNY KYD 0.1288 CNY to KYD 7.7618 KYD to CNY
CNY CLP 113.2117 CNY to CLP 0.0088 CLP to CNY
CNY COP 554.1666 CNY to COP 0.0018 COP to CNY
CNY CRC 94.6005 CNY to CRC 0.0106 CRC to CNY
CNY DOP 8.9726 CNY to DOP 0.1115 DOP to CNY
CNY SVC 1.3527 CNY to SVC 0.7393 SVC to CNY
CNY FJD 0.3147 CNY to FJD 3.1776 FJD to CNY
CNY HNL 3.7257 CNY to HNL 0.2684 HNL to CNY
CNY Flag of Jamaica JMD 22.5101 CNY to JMD 0.0444 JMD to CNY
CNY MXN 3.1243 CNY to MXN 0.3201 MXN to CNY
CNY ANG 0.2775 CNY to ANG 3.6035 ANG to CNY
CNY PYG 1071.7032 CNY to PYG 0.0009 PYG to CNY
CNY xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.5619 CNY to PEN 1.7796 PEN to CNY
CNY TTD 1.0509 CNY to TTD 0.9516 TTD to CNY
CNY USD 0.1544 CNY to USD 6.4746 USD to CNY
CNY xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">