Macedonian Denar (MKD) Exchange Rates on 24th January 2020 (24/01/2020)

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Exchange rates for Macedonian Denar (MKD)

Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 MKD Conversion in currency Conversion
MKD GBP 0.0137 MKD to GBP 73.1949 GBP to MKD
MKD BGN 0.0318 MKD to BGN 31.4889 BGN to MKD
MKD HRK 0.1209 MKD to HRK 8.2729 HRK to MKD
MKD CZK 0.4086 MKD to CZK 2.4473 CZK to MKD
MKD DKK 0.1213 MKD to DKK 8.2416 DKK to MKD
MKD HUF 5.4701 MKD to HUF 0.1828 HUF to MKD
MKD KZT 6.8052 MKD to KZT 0.1469 KZT to MKD
MKD LVL 0.0109 MKD to LVL 92.1363 LVL to MKD
MKD LTL 0.053 MKD to LTL 18.8748 LTL to MKD
MKD MDL 0.3194 MKD to MDL 3.1312 MDL to MKD
MKD NOK 0.1614 MKD to NOK 6.1954 NOK to MKD
MKD PLN 0.0689 MKD to PLN 14.5055 PLN to MKD
MKD RON 0.0776 MKD to RON 12.8822 RON to MKD
MKD RUB 1.1103 MKD to RUB 0.9006 RUB to MKD
MKD SEK 0.1711 MKD to SEK 5.8462 SEK to MKD
MKD CHF 0.0174 MKD to CHF 57.4325 CHF to MKD
MKD TRY 0.1064 MKD to TRY 9.3968 TRY to MKD
MKD UAH 0.4408 MKD to UAH 2.2687 UAH to MKD
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 MKD Conversion in currency Conversion
MKD ARS 1.0765 MKD to ARS 0.9289 ARS to MKD
MKD BOB 0.1245 MKD to BOB 8.0342 BOB to MKD
MKD BRL 0.0748 MKD to BRL 13.3625 BRL to MKD
MKD CAD 0.0236 MKD to CAD 42.4557 CAD to MKD
MKD KYD 0.015 MKD to KYD 66.6684 KYD to MKD
MKD CLP 13.9809 MKD to CLP 0.0715 CLP to MKD
MKD COP 60.3118 MKD to COP 0.0166 COP to MKD
MKD CRC 10.1654 MKD to CRC 0.0984 CRC to MKD
MKD DOP 0.9574 MKD to DOP 1.0445 DOP to MKD
MKD SVC 0.1575 MKD to SVC 6.3494 SVC to MKD
MKD FJD 0.0389 MKD to FJD 25.6748 FJD to MKD
MKD HNL 0.4433 MKD to HNL 2.2559 HNL to MKD
MKD JMD 2.5021 MKD to JMD 0.3997 JMD to MKD
MKD MXN 0.3366 MKD to MXN 2.9711 MXN to MKD
MKD ANG 0.0299 MKD to ANG 33.4682 ANG to MKD
MKD PYG 117.4844 MKD to PYG 0.0085 PYG to MKD
MKD PEN 0.0597 MKD to PEN 16.7414 PEN to MKD
MKD TTD 0.1217 MKD to TTD 8.2163 TTD to MKD
MKD USD 0.0179 MKD to USD 55.7323 USD to MKD
MKD UYU 0.6734 MKD to UYU 1.485 UYU to MKD
MKD VEF 0.1792 MKD to VEF 5.5802 VEF to MKD
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 MKD Conversion in currency Conversion
MKD AUD 0.0262 MKD to AUD 38.1403 AUD to MKD
MKD BDT 1.5281 MKD to BDT 0.6544 BDT to MKD
MKD BND 0.0243 MKD to BND 41.1782 BND to MKD
MKD CNY 0.1245 MKD to CNY 8.0344 CNY to MKD
MKD INR 1.2786 MKD to INR 0.7821 INR to MKD
MKD IDR 243.6698 MKD to IDR 0.0041 IDR to MKD
MKD JPY 1.9654 MKD to JPY 0.5088 JPY to MKD
MKD MYR 0.0729 MKD to MYR 13.7187 MYR to MKD
MKD MVR 0.2772 MKD to MVR 3.6073 MVR to MKD
MKD NPR 2.0512 MKD to NPR 0.4875 NPR to MKD
MKD NZD 0.0271 MKD to NZD 36.8675 NZD to MKD
MKD PKR 2.785 MKD to PKR 0.3591 PKR to MKD
MKD PGK 0.0621 MKD to PGK 16.0946 PGK to MKD
MKD PHP 0.9126 MKD to PHP 1.0957 PHP to MKD
MKD SCR 0.2458 MKD to SCR 4.0684 SCR to MKD
MKD SGD 0.0242 MKD to SGD 41.2895 SGD to MKD
MKD KRW 20.958 MKD to KRW 0.0477 KRW to MKD
MKD LKR 3.2674 MKD to LKR 0.3061 LKR to MKD
MKD TWD 0.5383 MKD to TWD 1.8576 TWD to MKD
MKD THB 0.5472 MKD to THB 1.8277 THB to MKD
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 MKD Conversion in currency Conversion
MKD BHD 0.0068 MKD to BHD 147.8327 BHD to MKD
MKD EGP 0.2829 MKD to EGP 3.5342 EGP to MKD
MKD HKD 0.1395 MKD to HKD 7.1706 HKD to MKD
MKD ILS 0.062 MKD to ILS 16.1288 ILS to MKD
MKD JOD 0.0127 MKD to JOD 78.6059 JOD to MKD
MKD KWD 0.0055 MKD to KWD 183.4692 KWD to MKD
MKD LBP 27.219 MKD to LBP 0.0367 LBP to MKD
MKD OMR 0.0069 MKD to OMR 144.9619 OMR to MKD
MKD QAR 0.0653 MKD to QAR 15.307 QAR to MKD
MKD SAR 0.0673 MKD to SAR 14.8568 SAR to MKD
MKD AED 0.0659 MKD to AED 15.1737 AED to MKD
MKD YER 4.492 MKD to YER 0.2226 YER to MKD
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 MKD Conversion in currency Conversion
MKD DZD 2.1488 MKD to DZD 0.4654 DZD to MKD
MKD KES 1.8094 MKD to KES 0.5527 KES to MKD
MKD MUR 0.6592 MKD to MUR 1.5169 MUR to MKD
MKD MAD 0.1731 MKD to MAD 5.7771 MAD to MKD
MKD NAD 0.2583 MKD to NAD 3.8709 NAD to MKD
MKD NIO 0.6072 MKD to NIO 1.6468 NIO to MKD
MKD NGN 6.4863 MKD to NGN 0.1542 NGN to MKD
MKD SLL 174.2701 MKD to SLL 0.0057 SLL to MKD
MKD ZAR 0.2579 MKD to ZAR 3.8773 ZAR to MKD
MKD TZS 41.3691 MKD to TZS 0.0242 TZS to MKD
MKD TND 0.0507 MKD to TND 19.737 TND to MKD
MKD UGX 66.2032 MKD to UGX 0.0151 UGX to MKD
MKD XOF 10.6461 MKD to XOF 0.0939 XOF to MKD
MKD ZMK 161.5077 MKD to ZMK 0.0062 ZMK to MKD

Macedonian Denar (MKD)

Sign ден
1 Macedonian Denar is subdivided into 100 deni.

The Republic of Macedonia is located in the central Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe. Macedonia is a landlocked country and borders Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and Greece. The climate in Macedonia is transitional from continental to Mediterranean. The summers in the country are dry and hot while the winters are fairly cold. Precipitation varies but is much heavier and more frequent in the mountain areas in the western region of the country.

Coins used:
50 deni, 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 denari

Banknotes used:
10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 denari

Central Bank
National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
The official currency for Macedonia is the Macedonian denar. The denar is subdivided into 100 deni. The Macedonian denar was introduced in 1992. When first introduced, the denar was equivalent to the Yugoslavian Convertible dinar. In 1993, the denar was reformed. The current exchange rate regime is in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and is considered to be a managed float.

The denars exchange rate is determined on the basis of supply and demand from foreign exchange markets. The denar exchange rate against the euro serves as fundamental monetary policy for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. In 2005, the exchange rates were 61 denars to one euro. Money supply and interest rates are dictated by this exchange rate which has remained fairly steady since 2005.

The name for the Macedonian denar comes from the denarius, an ancient monetary unit from Rome. The very first denar was introduced in 1992 and replaced the Yugoslav dinar that was introduced in 1990. The currency was again reformed in 1993 making one new denar equal to 100 old denar. There were no coins issued for the first introduced denar. Coins for the new denar were introduced in 1993 and came in denominations of 1, 2, and 5 denari. 50 deni were also introduced but these are no longer being made. 10 and 50 denari coins are now in circulation as well.

Banknotes in denominations of 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 and 10000 denari were introduced in 1992 for the first denar. In 1993 however, the new denar was issued. Denominations now include 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500. 20 denari was issued only in the first series of banknotes. 1000 and 5000 denari banknotes were introduced in 1996. Banknotes are issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia.

In 2002, a village in the south-western area of Macedonia, Vevcani, issued its own currency. The Licnik was distributed as a souvenir only and has no monetary value in Macedonia. The currency is labeled clearly as just a specimen and cannot be used to purchase goods in the country.

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