Moldovan Leu (MDL) Exchange Rates on 24th January 2020 (24/01/2020)

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Exchange rates for Moldovan Leu (MDL)

Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 MDL Conversion in currency Conversion
MDL GBP 0.0428 MDL to GBP 23.3757 GBP to MDL
MDL BGN 0.0994 MDL to BGN 10.0564 BGN to MDL
MDL HRK 0.3785 MDL to HRK 2.642 HRK to MDL
MDL CZK 1.2795 MDL to CZK 0.7816 CZK to MDL
MDL DKK 0.3799 MDL to DKK 2.6321 DKK to MDL
MDL HUF 17.1281 MDL to HUF 0.0584 HUF to MDL
MDL KZT 21.3086 MDL to KZT 0.0469 KZT to MDL
MDL LVL 0.034 MDL to LVL 29.4248 LVL to MDL
MDL LTL 0.1659 MDL to LTL 6.0279 LTL to MDL
MDL MKD 3.1312 MDL to MKD 0.3194 MKD to MDL
MDL NOK 0.5054 MDL to NOK 1.9786 NOK to MDL
MDL PLN 0.2159 MDL to PLN 4.6325 PLN to MDL
MDL RON 0.2431 MDL to RON 4.1141 RON to MDL
MDL RUB 3.4768 MDL to RUB 0.2876 RUB to MDL
MDL SEK 0.5356 MDL to SEK 1.867 SEK to MDL
MDL CHF 0.0545 MDL to CHF 18.3418 CHF to MDL
MDL TRY 0.3332 MDL to TRY 3.001 TRY to MDL
MDL UAH 1.3802 MDL to UAH 0.7246 UAH to MDL
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 MDL Conversion in currency Conversion
MDL ARS 3.3708 MDL to ARS 0.2967 ARS to MDL
MDL BOB 0.3897 MDL to BOB 2.5658 BOB to MDL
MDL BRL 0.2343 MDL to BRL 4.2675 BRL to MDL
MDL CAD 0.0738 MDL to CAD 13.5587 CAD to MDL
MDL KYD 0.047 MDL to KYD 21.2914 KYD to MDL
MDL CLP 43.7777 MDL to CLP 0.0228 CLP to MDL
MDL COP 188.851 MDL to COP 0.0053 COP to MDL
MDL CRC 31.8303 MDL to CRC 0.0314 CRC to MDL
MDL DOP 2.9978 MDL to DOP 0.3336 DOP to MDL
MDL SVC 0.4932 MDL to SVC 2.0278 SVC to MDL
MDL FJD 0.122 MDL to FJD 8.1996 FJD to MDL
MDL HNL 1.388 MDL to HNL 0.7204 HNL to MDL
MDL JMD 7.8346 MDL to JMD 0.1276 JMD to MDL
MDL MXN 1.0539 MDL to MXN 0.9489 MXN to MDL
MDL ANG 0.0936 MDL to ANG 10.6885 ANG to MDL
MDL PYG 367.8723 MDL to PYG 0.0027 PYG to MDL
MDL PEN 0.187 MDL to PEN 5.3466 PEN to MDL
MDL TTD 0.3811 MDL to TTD 2.624 TTD to MDL
MDL USD 0.0562 MDL to USD 17.7988 USD to MDL
MDL UYU 2.1085 MDL to UYU 0.4743 UYU to MDL
MDL VEF 0.5611 MDL to VEF 1.7821 VEF to MDL
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 MDL Conversion in currency Conversion
MDL AUD 0.0821 MDL to AUD 12.1805 AUD to MDL
MDL BDT 4.7848 MDL to BDT 0.209 BDT to MDL
MDL BND 0.076 MDL to BND 13.1508 BND to MDL
MDL CNY 0.3897 MDL to CNY 2.5659 CNY to MDL
MDL INR 4.0035 MDL to INR 0.2498 INR to MDL
MDL IDR 762.9895 MDL to IDR 0.0013 IDR to MDL
MDL JPY 6.1542 MDL to JPY 0.1625 JPY to MDL
MDL MYR 0.2282 MDL to MYR 4.3812 MYR to MDL
MDL MVR 0.868 MDL to MVR 1.152 MVR to MDL
MDL NPR 6.4227 MDL to NPR 0.1557 NPR to MDL
MDL NZD 0.0849 MDL to NZD 11.7741 NZD to MDL
MDL PKR 8.7205 MDL to PKR 0.1147 PKR to MDL
MDL PGK 0.1946 MDL to PGK 5.14 PGK to MDL
MDL PHP 2.8576 MDL to PHP 0.3499 PHP to MDL
MDL SCR 0.7697 MDL to SCR 1.2993 SCR to MDL
MDL SGD 0.0758 MDL to SGD 13.1863 SGD to MDL
MDL KRW 65.6246 MDL to KRW 0.0152 KRW to MDL
MDL LKR 10.231 MDL to LKR 0.0977 LKR to MDL
MDL TWD 1.6856 MDL to TWD 0.5932 TWD to MDL
MDL THB 1.7133 MDL to THB 0.5837 THB to MDL
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 MDL Conversion in currency Conversion
MDL BHD 0.0212 MDL to BHD 47.2121 BHD to MDL
MDL EGP 0.886 MDL to EGP 1.1287 EGP to MDL
MDL HKD 0.4367 MDL to HKD 2.29 HKD to MDL
MDL ILS 0.1941 MDL to ILS 5.1509 ILS to MDL
MDL JOD 0.0398 MDL to JOD 25.1037 JOD to MDL
MDL KWD 0.0171 MDL to KWD 58.5931 KWD to MDL
MDL LBP 85.2294 MDL to LBP 0.0117 LBP to MDL
MDL OMR 0.0216 MDL to OMR 46.2953 OMR to MDL
MDL QAR 0.2046 MDL to QAR 4.8885 QAR to MDL
MDL SAR 0.2108 MDL to SAR 4.7447 SAR to MDL
MDL AED 0.2064 MDL to AED 4.8459 AED to MDL
MDL YER 14.0656 MDL to YER 0.0711 YER to MDL
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 MDL Conversion in currency Conversion
MDL DZD 6.7283 MDL to DZD 0.1486 DZD to MDL
MDL KES 5.6656 MDL to KES 0.1765 KES to MDL
MDL MUR 2.0642 MDL to MUR 0.4844 MUR to MDL
MDL MAD 0.542 MDL to MAD 1.845 MAD to MDL
MDL NAD 0.8089 MDL to NAD 1.2362 NAD to MDL
MDL NIO 1.9014 MDL to NIO 0.5259 NIO to MDL
MDL NGN 20.3103 MDL to NGN 0.0492 NGN to MDL
MDL SLL 545.6821 MDL to SLL 0.0018 SLL to MDL
MDL ZAR 0.8076 MDL to ZAR 1.2383 ZAR to MDL
MDL TZS 129.5366 MDL to TZS 0.0077 TZS to MDL
MDL TND 0.1586 MDL to TND 6.3033 TND to MDL
MDL UGX 207.2982 MDL to UGX 0.0048 UGX to MDL
MDL XOF 33.3355 MDL to XOF 0.03 XOF to MDL
MDL ZMK 505.7198 MDL to ZMK 0.002 ZMK to MDL

Moldovan Leu (MDL)

Sign MDL
1 Moldovan Leu is subdivided into 100 bani.

Moldova is officially referred to as the Republic of Moldova. Moldova is a landlocked state located in Eastern Europe. It lies next to Romania on the west and the Ukraine on the east, north and south. Moldova officially declared itself to be an independent state in 1991 as part of the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Its closeness to the Black Sea gives Moldova a sunny and mild climate throughout the year. The summers are very long and warm and the winters are fairly dry and mild. Rainfall can be heavy in the early summer and fall with heavy rain showers and thunderstorms common in October each year.

Coins used:
1, 5, 10, 25, 50 bani

Banknotes used:
1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 lei

Central Bank
National Bank of Moldova
Moldova’s tourism focuses mainly on the history of the region and the natural landscapes. Wine is a major industry in Moldova and this lends to the tourism trade. The wine industry also lends to the value of the currency. The Moldovan Leu is the official currency of Moldova and is denoted by the ISO symbol MDL. The Leu is subdivided into 100 bani. The Leu was developed after Moldova was established as an independent state. Before this time, Moldova was a province of Romania and the official currency of the region was the Romanian Leu. The Romanian Leu was used between 1918 and 1940 and again from 1941 until 1944. The Moldovan Leu was established on November 29, 1993 and has been the official currency of Moldova since then. The Moldovan Leu replaced the Cupon currency at the rate of 1 Leu equals 1000 cupon.

In Transnistria which is a partially recognized state that is claimed by Moldova, the Transnitrian ruble is used in lieu of the Moldovan Leu. Coins in Moldova include 1, 5, 10 and 25 bani which are made from aluminum. 50 bani are also produced from an aluminum/bronze mix.

There were aluminum 50 bani produced and issued in 1993, but those have been withdrawn from official circulation. Nickel plated steel 1 and 5 leu coins were also released in 1993 but they too have been withdrawn from circulation.

There have throughout Moldova’s history been two series of banknotes for the Moldovan leu. The first series was very short lived and included only 1, 5 and 10 lei.

On the front of each Moldovan banknote the ruler of Moldavia, Stephen the Great or Stefan cel Mare is represented. The first two lines of the Miorita ballad are also written into each banknote on the front side and on the back of each banknote, the Endless Column and Trajan’s Column are represented.

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