Russian Ruble (RUB) Exchange Rates on 07th December 2019 (07/12/2019)

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Exchange rates for Russian Ruble (RUB)

Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 RUB Conversion in currency Conversion
RUB GBP 0.012 RUB to GBP 83.6661 GBP to RUB
RUB BGN 0.0277 RUB to BGN 36.0535 BGN to RUB
RUB HRK 0.1056 RUB to HRK 9.4676 HRK to RUB
RUB CZK 0.3625 RUB to CZK 2.7588 CZK to RUB
RUB DKK 0.1061 RUB to DKK 9.425 DKK to RUB
RUB HUF 4.7016 RUB to HUF 0.2127 HUF to RUB
RUB KZT 6.0612 RUB to KZT 0.165 KZT to RUB
RUB LVL 0.0095 RUB to LVL 105.2634 LVL to RUB
RUB LTL 0.0464 RUB to LTL 21.564 LTL to RUB
RUB MKD 0.872 RUB to MKD 1.1468 MKD to RUB
RUB MDL 0.2732 RUB to MDL 3.6606 MDL to RUB
RUB NOK 0.1435 RUB to NOK 6.9692 NOK to RUB
RUB PLN 0.0607 RUB to PLN 16.468 PLN to RUB
RUB RON 0.0679 RUB to RON 14.7353 RON to RUB
RUB SEK 0.1491 RUB to SEK 6.7059 SEK to RUB
RUB CHF 0.0156 RUB to CHF 64.2454 CHF to RUB
RUB TRY 0.0907 RUB to TRY 11.0225 TRY to RUB
RUB UAH 0.3725 RUB to UAH 2.6847 UAH to RUB
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 RUB Conversion in currency Conversion
RUB ARS 0.9407 RUB to ARS 1.0631 ARS to RUB
RUB BOB 0.1086 RUB to BOB 9.2077 BOB to RUB
RUB BRL 0.065 RUB to BRL 15.3747 BRL to RUB
RUB CAD 0.0208 RUB to CAD 48.0377 CAD to RUB
RUB KYD 0.0131 RUB to KYD 76.4016 KYD to RUB
RUB CLP 12.2141 RUB to CLP 0.0819 CLP to RUB
RUB COP 53.7828 RUB to COP 0.0186 COP to RUB
RUB CRC 8.8894 RUB to CRC 0.1125 CRC to RUB
RUB DOP 0.8345 RUB to DOP 1.1983 DOP to RUB
RUB SVC 0.1374 RUB to SVC 7.2765 SVC to RUB
RUB FJD 0.0341 RUB to FJD 29.2849 FJD to RUB
RUB HNL 0.391 RUB to HNL 2.5576 HNL to RUB
RUB JMD 2.2075 RUB to JMD 0.453 JMD to RUB
RUB MXN 0.303 RUB to MXN 3.3 MXN to RUB
RUB ANG 0.0269 RUB to ANG 37.1265 ANG to RUB
RUB PYG 101.1692 RUB to PYG 0.0099 PYG to RUB
RUB PEN 0.0531 RUB to PEN 18.8409 PEN to RUB
RUB TTD 0.1061 RUB to TTD 9.4235 TTD to RUB
RUB USD 0.0157 RUB to USD 63.6728 USD to RUB
RUB UYU 0.5941 RUB to UYU 1.6833 UYU to RUB
RUB VEF 0.1569 RUB to VEF 6.3752 VEF to RUB
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 RUB Conversion in currency Conversion
RUB AUD 0.0229 RUB to AUD 43.5739 AUD to RUB
RUB BDT 1.3318 RUB to BDT 0.7508 BDT to RUB
RUB BND 0.0214 RUB to BND 46.8234 BND to RUB
RUB CNY 0.1105 RUB to CNY 9.0505 CNY to RUB
RUB INR 1.1197 RUB to INR 0.8931 INR to RUB
RUB IDR 220.2492 RUB to IDR 0.0045 IDR to RUB
RUB JPY 1.7053 RUB to JPY 0.5864 JPY to RUB
RUB MYR 0.0653 RUB to MYR 15.3078 MYR to RUB
RUB MVR 0.2427 RUB to MVR 4.1211 MVR to RUB
RUB NPR 1.7898 RUB to NPR 0.5587 NPR to RUB
RUB NZD 0.024 RUB to NZD 41.7296 NZD to RUB
RUB PKR 2.4312 RUB to PKR 0.4113 PKR to RUB
RUB PGK 0.0532 RUB to PGK 18.7805 PGK to RUB
RUB PHP 0.7976 RUB to PHP 1.2538 PHP to RUB
RUB SCR 0.2152 RUB to SCR 4.6469 SCR to RUB
RUB SGD 0.0214 RUB to SGD 46.8138 SGD to RUB
RUB KRW 18.6298 RUB to KRW 0.0537 KRW to RUB
RUB LKR 2.8459 RUB to LKR 0.3514 LKR to RUB
RUB TWD 0.478 RUB to TWD 2.092 TWD to RUB
RUB THB 0.4767 RUB to THB 2.0978 THB to RUB
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 RUB Conversion in currency Conversion
RUB BHD 0.0059 RUB to BHD 168.8452 BHD to RUB
RUB EGP 0.2535 RUB to EGP 3.9443 EGP to RUB
RUB HKD 0.123 RUB to HKD 8.1318 HKD to RUB
RUB ILS 0.0545 RUB to ILS 18.3408 ILS to RUB
RUB JOD 0.0111 RUB to JOD 89.8014 JOD to RUB
RUB KWD 0.0048 RUB to KWD 209.7326 KWD to RUB
RUB LBP 23.7444 RUB to LBP 0.0421 LBP to RUB
RUB OMR 0.006 RUB to OMR 165.3607 OMR to RUB
RUB QAR 0.0572 RUB to QAR 17.4889 QAR to RUB
RUB SAR 0.0589 RUB to SAR 16.9806 SAR to RUB
RUB AED 0.0577 RUB to AED 17.3352 AED to RUB
RUB YER 3.9318 RUB to YER 0.2543 YER to RUB
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 RUB Conversion in currency Conversion
RUB DZD 1.881 RUB to DZD 0.5316 DZD to RUB
RUB KES 1.5974 RUB to KES 0.626 KES to RUB
RUB MUR 0.5733 RUB to MUR 1.7443 MUR to RUB
RUB MAD 0.1515 RUB to MAD 6.5999 MAD to RUB
RUB NAD 0.2301 RUB to NAD 4.3462 NAD to RUB
RUB NIO 0.5326 RUB to NIO 1.8777 NIO to RUB
RUB NGN 5.6932 RUB to NGN 0.1756 NGN to RUB
RUB SLL 153.1264 RUB to SLL 0.0065 SLL to RUB
RUB ZAR 0.2296 RUB to ZAR 4.3546 ZAR to RUB
RUB TZS 36.0846 RUB to TZS 0.0277 TZS to RUB
RUB TND 0.0448 RUB to TND 22.3061 TND to RUB
RUB UGX 57.875 RUB to UGX 0.0173 UGX to RUB
RUB XOF 9.2818 RUB to XOF 0.1077 XOF to RUB
RUB ZMK 141.3665 RUB to ZMK 0.0071 ZMK to RUB

Russian Ruble (RUB)

Sign руб
1 Russian Ruble is subdivided into 100 kopecks.

The ruble is the official currency of Russia. The Russian ruble is subdivided into 100 kopeks. Banknotes are issued in denominations of 10, 20, 100, 500, 1,000 and 5,000 rubles. Coins are issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and 50 Copeicas. Currency exchange is fairly easy in Russia. Nearly all towns have currency exchange offices or banks that will offer this service. Remote locations such as Siberia or mountain villages may pose a bit more challenging for currency exchange so those traveling to these areas should exchange their currency upon arrival in the country.

Coins used:
-frequently 50 kopeks, 1, 2, 5, 10 rubles
-rarely 1, 5, 10 kopeks

Banknotes used:
-frequently 50, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000 rubles
-rarely 5, 10 rubles

Central Bank
Bank of Russia
Exchange rates are fairly uniform throughout the country. US Dollars are the most widely accepted foreign currency but border areas tend to exchange currencies of their neighboring countries. The euro is accepted for exchange in most major cities but is not as preferred as the US Dollar. Exchange rates are typically posted near exchange offices or banks. Rates are typically what will be received with no commission charged. Buybacks are fairly easy as well.

Travelerís checks can be cashed at most banks for a 2 to 3 percent commission. Travelerís checks are normally paid in their original currency so those using travelerís checks will need to cash the checks and then exchange their currency into rubles. Credit cards, particularly the MasterCard and Visa logos are accepted widely throughout the country. Most banks also offer ATMs where cash withdrawals can be made. Rates and rules for ATM use will vary from bank to bank.

Black market currency exchange is not nearly as evident as it was a few years ago. The exchange rate offered on the black market in Russia is normally less than 2 percent lower than what banks are charging so it is advisable to skip this option and simply exchange currency at the bank or an exchange office. The official rates are set by the Central Bank Exchange and rates typically go no higher than 2 percent of this official rate. Those looking to exchange currency in Russia should check newspapers or the internet for the current official rate and ensure that they are not paying a rate far higher than this.

Most hotels, restaurants and shops will accept credit cards and many hotels will require a credit card for reserving a room. Airports offer exchange counters in most cities so those flying into the country should be able to exchange their currency when their flight lands without worries of finding a bank close by.

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