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Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL) Exchange Rates on 28th September 2020 (28/09/2020)

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Exchange rates for Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)

Updated: 2020-09-28
Convert from Convert to 1 SLL Conversion in currency Conversion
SLL GBP 0.0001 SLL to GBP 12470.9947 GBP to SLL
SLL BGN 0.0002 SLL to BGN 5812.2738 BGN to SLL
SLL HRK 0.0007 SLL to HRK 1507.4464 HRK to SLL
SLL CZK 0.0024 SLL to CZK 419.7392 CZK to SLL
SLL DKK 0.0007 SLL to DKK 1528.7774 DKK to SLL
SLL HUF 0.0319 SLL to HUF 31.323 HUF to SLL
SLL KZT 0.0437 SLL to KZT 22.8967 KZT to SLL
SLL LVL 0.0001 SLL to LVL 16176.4954 LVL to SLL
SLL Flag of North Macedonia MKD 0.0054 SLL to MKD 184.7882 MKD to SLL
SLL MDL 0.0017 SLL to MDL 587.0664 MDL to SLL
SLL id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.001 SLL to NOK 1022.7612 NOK to SLL
SLL PLN 0.0004 SLL to PLN 2501.0843 PLN to SLL
SLL RON 0.0004 SLL to RON 2337.6634 RON to SLL
SLL RUB 0.008 SLL to RUB 125.2128 RUB to SLL
SLL Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 SLL to SKK 0 SKK to SLL
SLL SEK 0.0009 SLL to SEK 1071.1989 SEK to SLL
SLL CHF 0.0001 SLL to CHF 10532.9373 CHF to SLL
SLL TRY 0.0008 SLL to TRY 1276.6321 TRY to SLL
SLL UAH 0.0029 SLL to UAH 345.9924 UAH to SLL
Updated: 2020-09-28
Convert from Convert to 1 SLL Conversion in currency Conversion
SLL ARS 0.0077 SLL to ARS 129.1124 ARS to SLL
SLL BOB 0.0007 SLL to BOB 1416.8361 BOB to SLL
SLL BRL 0.0006 SLL to BRL 1759.4652 BRL to SLL
SLL Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0001 SLL to CAD 7308.9872 CAD to SLL
SLL KYD 0.0001 SLL to KYD 11740.442 KYD to SLL
SLL CLP 0.0805 SLL to CLP 12.4159 CLP to SLL
SLL COP 0.3972 SLL to COP 2.5174 COP to SLL
SLL CRC 0.0616 SLL to CRC 16.237 CRC to SLL
SLL DOP 0.006 SLL to DOP 167.407 DOP to SLL
SLL SVC 0.0009 SLL to SVC 1118.0419 SVC to SLL
SLL FJD 0.0002 SLL to FJD 4540.5145 FJD to SLL
SLL HNL 0.0025 SLL to HNL 396.6295 HNL to SLL
SLL Flag of Jamaica JMD 0.0145 SLL to JMD 69.1194 JMD to SLL
SLL MXN 0.0023 SLL to MXN 437.9646 MXN to SLL
SLL ANG 0.0002 SLL to ANG 5450.3303 ANG to SLL
SLL PYG 0.7149 SLL to PYG 1.3988 PYG to SLL
SLL xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.0004 SLL to PEN 2727.5236 PEN to SLL
SLL TTD 0.0007 SLL to TTD 1439.6016 TTD to SLL
SLL USD 0.0001 SLL to USD 9785.0025 USD to SLL
SLL xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">