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Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL) Exchange Rates on 02nd February 2023 (02/02/2023)

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Exchange rates for Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)

Updated: 2023-02-02
Convert from Convert to 1 SLL Conversion in currency Conversion
SLL SLL GBP GBP 0 SLL to GBP 24130.1874 GBP to SLL
SLL SLL BGN BGN 0.0001 SLL to BGN 10848.9258 BGN to SLL
SLL SLL HRK HRK 0.0004 SLL to HRK 2765.4699 HRK to SLL
SLL SLL CZK CZK 0.0011 SLL to CZK 902.5421 CZK to SLL
SLL SLL DKK DKK 0.0003 SLL to DKK 2885.2181 DKK to SLL
SLL SLL HUF HUF 0.0181 SLL to HUF 55.1137 HUF to SLL
SLL SLL KZT KZT 0.0234 SLL to KZT 42.7551 KZT to SLL
SLL SLL LVL LVL 0 SLL to LVL 32195.8957 LVL to SLL
SLL SLL MKD MKD 0.0029 SLL to MKD 348.1061 MKD to SLL
SLL SLL MDL MDL 0.001 SLL to MDL 1045.9593 MDL to SLL
SLL SLL NOK NOK 0.0005 SLL to NOK 1971.1571 NOK to SLL
SLL SLL PLN PLN 0.0002 SLL to PLN 4562.5815 PLN to SLL
SLL SLL RON RON 0.0002 SLL to RON 4371.976 RON to SLL
SLL SLL RUB RUB 0.0036 SLL to RUB 277.7578 RUB to SLL
SLL SLL SEK SEK 0.0005 SLL to SEK 1891.3388 SEK to SLL
SLL SLL CHF CHF 0 SLL to CHF 21471.3772 CHF to SLL
SLL SLL TRY TRY 0.001 SLL to TRY 1034.8639 TRY to SLL
SLL SLL UAH UAH 0.0019 SLL to UAH 533.1182 UAH to SLL
Updated: 2023-02-02
Convert from Convert to 1 SLL Conversion in currency Conversion
SLL SLL ARS ARS 0.0096 SLL to ARS 103.9988 ARS to SLL
SLL SLL BOB BOB 0.0004 SLL to BOB 2818.6129 BOB to SLL
SLL SLL BRL BRL 0.0003 SLL to BRL 3852.1564 BRL to SLL
SLL SLL CAD CAD 0.0001 SLL to CAD 14667.929 CAD to SLL
SLL SLL KYD KYD 0 SLL to KYD 23626.9942 KYD to SLL
SLL SLL CLP CLP 0.0404 SLL to CLP 24.7599 CLP to SLL
SLL SLL COP COP 0.2374 SLL to COP 4.2115 COP to SLL
SLL SLL CRC CRC 0.028 SLL to CRC 35.6998 CRC to SLL
SLL SLL DOP DOP 0.0029 SLL to DOP 347.2017 DOP to SLL
SLL SLL SVC SVC 0.0004 SLL to SVC 2250.4007 SVC to SLL
SLL SLL FJD FJD 0.0001 SLL to FJD 8989.378 FJD to SLL
SLL SLL HNL HNL 0.0013 SLL to HNL 798.5151 HNL to SLL
SLL SLL JMD JMD 0.0078 SLL to JMD 128.475 JMD to SLL
SLL SLL MXN MXN 0.001 SLL to MXN 1048.5172 MXN to SLL
SLL SLL ANG ANG 0.0001 SLL to ANG 10925.1646 ANG to SLL
SLL SLL PYG PYG 0.3731 SLL to PYG 2.6804 PYG to SLL
SLL SLL PEN PEN 0.0002 SLL to PEN 5121.3095 PEN to SLL
SLL SLL TTD TTD 0.0003 SLL to TTD 2901.5123 TTD to SLL
SLL SLL USD USD 0.0001 SLL to USD 19474.9649 USD to SLL
SLL SLL UYU UYU 0.002 SLL to UYU 507.9561 UYU to SLL
SLL SLL VEF VEF 114.7427 SLL to VEF 0.0087 VEF to SLL
Updated: 2023-02-02
Convert from Convert to 1 SLL Conversion in currency Conversion
SLL SLL AUD AUD 0.0001 SLL to AUD 13919.5755 AUD to SLL
SLL SLL BDT BDT 0.0054 SLL to BDT 185.6251 BDT to SLL
SLL SLL BND BND 0.0001 SLL to BND 14998.7127 BND to SLL
SLL SLL CNY CNY 0.0003 SLL to CNY 2901.8196 CNY to SLL
SLL SLL INR INR 0.0042 SLL to INR 238.1402 INR to SLL
SLL SLL IDR IDR 0.763 SLL to IDR 1.3106 IDR to SLL
SLL SLL JPY JPY 0.0066 SLL to JPY 151.6224 JPY to SLL
SLL SLL MYR MYR 0.0002 SLL to MYR 4593.6999 MYR to SLL
SLL SLL MVR MVR 0.0008 SLL to MVR 1267.8991 MVR to SLL
SLL SLL NPR NPR 0.0067 SLL to NPR 150.1183 NPR to SLL
SLL SLL NZD NZD 0.0001 SLL to NZD 12726.7442 NZD to SLL
SLL SLL PKR PKR 0.0136 SLL to PKR 73.264 PKR to SLL
SLL SLL PGK PGK 0.0002 SLL to PGK 5586.7985 PGK to SLL
SLL SLL PHP PHP 0.0028 SLL to PHP 361.4338 PHP to SLL
SLL SLL SCR SCR 0.0007 SLL to SCR 1457.6243 SCR to SLL
SLL SLL SGD SGD 0.0001 SLL to SGD 14935.3464 SGD to SLL
SLL SLL KRW KRW 0.0626 SLL to KRW 15.9831 KRW to SLL
SLL SLL LKR LKR 0.0186 SLL to LKR 53.8009 LKR to SLL
SLL SLL TWD TWD 0.0015 SLL to TWD 656.729 TWD to SLL
SLL SLL THB THB 0.0017 SLL to THB 595.1093 THB to SLL
Updated: 2023-02-02
Convert from Convert to 1 SLL Conversion in currency Conversion
SLL SLL BHD BHD 0 SLL to BHD 51660.8948 BHD to SLL
SLL SLL EGP EGP 0.0016 SLL to EGP 644.7343 EGP to SLL
SLL SLL HKD HKD 0.0004 SLL to HKD 2483.5688 HKD to SLL
SLL SLL ILS ILS 0.0002 SLL to ILS 5641.8932 ILS to SLL
SLL SLL JOD JOD 0 SLL to JOD 27452.8075 JOD to SLL
SLL SLL KWD KWD 0 SLL to KWD 63914.5095 KWD to SLL
SLL SLL LBP LBP 0.7702 SLL to LBP 1.2983 LBP to SLL
SLL SLL OMR OMR 0 SLL to OMR 50586.076 OMR to SLL
SLL SLL QAR QAR 0.0002 SLL to QAR 5348.4316 QAR to SLL
SLL SLL SAR SAR 0.0002 SLL to SAR 5189.6421 SAR to SLL
SLL SLL AED AED 0.0002 SLL to AED 5302.0571 AED to SLL
SLL SLL YER YER 0.0129 SLL to YER 77.7752 YER to SLL
Updated: 2023-02-02
Convert from Convert to 1 SLL Conversion in currency Conversion
SLL SLL DZD DZD 0.007 SLL to DZD 143.7377 DZD to SLL
SLL SLL KES KES 0.0064 SLL to KES 156.3005 KES to SLL
SLL SLL MUR MUR 0.0023 SLL to MUR 434.222 MUR to SLL
SLL SLL MAD MAD 0.0005 SLL to MAD 1935.2966 MAD to SLL
SLL SLL NAD NAD 0.0009 SLL to NAD 1133.5841 NAD to SLL
SLL SLL NIO NIO 0.0019 SLL to NIO 538.8461 NIO to SLL
SLL SLL NGN NGN 0.0236 SLL to NGN 42.2891 NGN to SLL
SLL SLL ZAR ZAR 0.0009 SLL to ZAR 1143.3507 ZAR to SLL
SLL SLL TZS TZS 0.12 SLL to TZS 8.3333 TZS to SLL
SLL SLL TND TND 0.0002 SLL to TND 6430.567 TND to SLL
SLL SLL UGX UGX 0.1871 SLL to UGX 5.3435 UGX to SLL
SLL SLL XOF XOF 0.0306 SLL to XOF 32.6958 XOF to SLL
SLL SLL ZMK ZMK 0.4622 SLL to ZMK 2.1636 ZMK to SLL

Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)

Sign Le
1 Sierra Leonean Leone is subdivided into 100 cents.

The official currency of Sierra Leone is the Sierra Leonean Leone, denoted by the symbol SLL. The currency is issued by the Bank of Sierra Leone and one leone is equivalent to 100 cents. Banknotes are issued in denominations of SLL 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000.

Coins used:
10, 50, 100, 500 leones

Banknotes used:
1000, 2000, 5000, 10 000 leones

Central Bank
Bank of Sierra Leone
The US Dollar along with euros and UK pounds are the easiest foreign currencies to exchange. Larger denominations tend to get better exchange rates. There are only a few ATMs located in the country, mostly inside or directly outside of major banks. Those in the countryís capital work only for local bank accounts. Many of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank and Rokel Bank branches do offer cash withdrawals but only from Visa cards. Currency exchange rates can be checked in local newspapers within the country or online.

Forex bureaus do offer fair rates on currency exchange. Street traders or money changers are also available and tend to offer fairly low rates as well. Forex bureaus are recommended as some money changers in the country are a bit less than honest. Visitors can typically get lower exchange rates through foreign exchange bureaus than at banks and travelerís checks can be cashed for a 10 percent commission fee at most banks.

There are no MasterCard opportunities at ATMs but a few hotels and restaurants will accept these cards for payment. Those looking to get cash withdrawals will need a Visa card and cash is given in leone. Cashing travelerís checks is limited as well and can normally only be done at a handful of banks in the country, mostly those in the capital or larger cities. Banks are normally open from 8:00 am until 1:30 on Monday through Thursday and from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm on Friday. They are not typically open on weekends although a few foreign exchange offices are open on Saturdays and airports typically have exchange desks that are open during the weekend as well.

There are restrictions placed on import and export of foreign currency. Currently, the limit is SLL 50,000 for both imports and exports. Sierra Leone is part of the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2005 which restricts imports of foreign currency to $10,000 in cash unless the transaction goes through a bank or other financial institution. Any foreign currency brought into the country must be declared instantly upon arrival. Exporting foreign currency is allowed but only for the amount originally brought into the country upon arrival. All foreign currency exchanges are required to be conducted through banks and official foreign currency exchange offices.

Other References
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