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Turkish Lira (TRY) Exchange Rates on 15th June 2024 (15/06/2024)

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Exchange rates for Turkish Lira (TRY)

Updated: 2024-06-15
Convert from Convert to 1 TRY Conversion in currency Conversion
TRY TRY GBP GBP 0.0241 TRY to GBP 41.4441 GBP to TRY
TRY TRY BGN BGN 0.0557 TRY to BGN 17.9497 BGN to TRY
TRY TRY HRK HRK 0.2144 TRY to HRK 4.6645 HRK to TRY
TRY TRY CZK CZK 0.7056 TRY to CZK 1.4173 CZK to TRY
TRY TRY DKK DKK 0.2128 TRY to DKK 4.6991 DKK to TRY
TRY TRY HUF HUF 11.3653 TRY to HUF 0.088 HUF to TRY
TRY TRY KZT KZT 13.7768 TRY to KZT 0.0726 KZT to TRY
TRY TRY LVL LVL 0.0185 TRY to LVL 54.1213 LVL to TRY
TRY TRY MKD MKD 1.7551 TRY to MKD 0.5698 MKD to TRY
TRY TRY MDL MDL 0.5426 TRY to MDL 1.843 MDL to TRY
TRY TRY NOK NOK 0.3263 TRY to NOK 3.0646 NOK to TRY
TRY TRY PLN PLN 0.125 TRY to PLN 7.9981 PLN to TRY
TRY TRY RON RON 0.1421 TRY to RON 7.0357 RON to TRY
TRY TRY RUB RUB 2.7132 TRY to RUB 0.3686 RUB to TRY
TRY TRY SEK SEK 0.3248 TRY to SEK 3.0792 SEK to TRY
TRY TRY CHF CHF 0.0272 TRY to CHF 36.7053 CHF to TRY
TRY TRY UAH UAH 1.24 TRY to UAH 0.8065 UAH to TRY
Updated: 2024-06-15
Convert from Convert to 1 TRY Conversion in currency Conversion
TRY TRY ARS ARS 27.502 TRY to ARS 0.0364 ARS to TRY
TRY TRY BOB BOB 0.2106 TRY to BOB 4.7492 BOB to TRY
TRY TRY BRL BRL 0.1634 TRY to BRL 6.1186 BRL to TRY
TRY TRY CAD CAD 0.042 TRY to CAD 23.8065 CAD to TRY
TRY TRY KYD KYD 0.0254 TRY to KYD 39.3742 KYD to TRY
TRY TRY CLP CLP 27.9713 TRY to CLP 0.0358 CLP to TRY
TRY TRY COP COP 126.4626 TRY to COP 0.0079 COP to TRY
TRY TRY CRC CRC 16.0656 TRY to CRC 0.0622 CRC to TRY
TRY TRY DOP DOP 1.8094 TRY to DOP 0.5527 DOP to TRY
TRY TRY SVC SVC 0.2666 TRY to SVC 3.7502 SVC to TRY
TRY TRY FJD FJD 0.0684 TRY to FJD 14.6234 FJD to TRY
TRY TRY HNL HNL 0.7532 TRY to HNL 1.3277 HNL to TRY
TRY TRY JMD JMD 4.7425 TRY to JMD 0.2109 JMD to TRY
TRY TRY MXN MXN 0.564 TRY to MXN 1.773 MXN to TRY
TRY TRY ANG ANG 0.0549 TRY to ANG 18.2085 ANG to TRY
TRY TRY PYG PYG 229.1911 TRY to PYG 0.0044 PYG to TRY
TRY TRY PEN PEN 0.1152 TRY to PEN 8.6825 PEN to TRY
TRY TRY TTD TTD 0.2071 TRY to TTD 4.8289 TTD to TRY
TRY TRY USD USD 0.0305 TRY to USD 32.7375 USD to TRY
TRY TRY UYU UYU 1.1944 TRY to UYU 0.8373 UYU to TRY
TRY TRY VEF VEF 110651.6294 TRY to VEF 0 VEF to TRY
Updated: 2024-06-15
Convert from Convert to 1 TRY Conversion in currency Conversion
TRY TRY AUD AUD 0.0462 TRY to AUD 21.6264 AUD to TRY
TRY TRY BDT BDT 3.5811 TRY to BDT 0.2792 BDT to TRY
TRY TRY BND BND 0.0412 TRY to BND 24.2428 BND to TRY
TRY TRY CNY CNY 0.2216 TRY to CNY 4.5122 CNY to TRY
TRY TRY INR INR 2.5521 TRY to INR 0.3918 INR to TRY
TRY TRY IDR IDR 503.5972 TRY to IDR 0.002 IDR to TRY
TRY TRY JPY JPY 4.8081 TRY to JPY 0.208 JPY to TRY
TRY TRY MYR MYR 0.1442 TRY to MYR 6.9366 MYR to TRY
TRY TRY MVR MVR 0.4707 TRY to MVR 2.1244 MVR to TRY
TRY TRY NPR NPR 4.0733 TRY to NPR 0.2455 NPR to TRY
TRY TRY NZD NZD 0.0496 TRY to NZD 20.1483 NZD to TRY
TRY TRY PKR PKR 8.4883 TRY to PKR 0.1178 PKR to TRY
TRY TRY PGK PGK 0.1188 TRY to PGK 8.4207 PGK to TRY
TRY TRY PHP PHP 1.7932 TRY to PHP 0.5577 PHP to TRY
TRY TRY SCR SCR 0.438 TRY to SCR 2.2829 SCR to TRY
TRY TRY SGD SGD 0.0413 TRY to SGD 24.1872 SGD to TRY
TRY TRY KRW KRW 42.2535 TRY to KRW 0.0237 KRW to TRY
TRY TRY LKR LKR 9.2679 TRY to LKR 0.1079 LKR to TRY
TRY TRY TWD TWD 0.988 TRY to TWD 1.0121 TWD to TRY
TRY TRY THB THB 1.1207 TRY to THB 0.8923 THB to TRY
Updated: 2024-06-15
Convert from Convert to 1 TRY Conversion in currency Conversion
TRY TRY BHD BHD 0.0115 TRY to BHD 87.0038 BHD to TRY
TRY TRY EGP EGP 1.455 TRY to EGP 0.6873 EGP to TRY
TRY TRY HKD HKD 0.2386 TRY to HKD 4.1914 HKD to TRY
TRY TRY ILS ILS 0.1138 TRY to ILS 8.7905 ILS to TRY
TRY TRY JOD JOD 0.0217 TRY to JOD 46.1804 JOD to TRY
TRY TRY KWD KWD 0.0094 TRY to KWD 106.734 KWD to TRY
TRY TRY LBP LBP 2729.238 TRY to LBP 0.0004 LBP to TRY
TRY TRY OMR OMR 0.0117 TRY to OMR 85.182 OMR to TRY
TRY TRY QAR QAR 0.1111 TRY to QAR 8.9983 QAR to TRY
TRY TRY SAR SAR 0.1146 TRY to SAR 8.7263 SAR to TRY
TRY TRY AED AED 0.1122 TRY to AED 8.9129 AED to TRY
TRY TRY YER YER 7.6457 TRY to YER 0.1308 YER to TRY
Updated: 2024-06-15
Convert from Convert to 1 TRY Conversion in currency Conversion
TRY TRY DZD DZD 4.1117 TRY to DZD 0.2432 DZD to TRY
TRY TRY KES KES 3.9466 TRY to KES 0.2534 KES to TRY
TRY TRY MUR MUR 1.4257 TRY to MUR 0.7014 MUR to TRY
TRY TRY MAD MAD 0.3062 TRY to MAD 3.2654 MAD to TRY
TRY TRY NAD NAD 0.5595 TRY to NAD 1.7872 NAD to TRY
TRY TRY NIO NIO 1.1217 TRY to NIO 0.8915 NIO to TRY
TRY TRY NGN NGN 45.6817 TRY to NGN 0.0219 NGN to TRY
TRY TRY SLL SLL 640.5327 TRY to SLL 0.0016 SLL to TRY
TRY TRY ZAR ZAR 0.5606 TRY to ZAR 1.7837 ZAR to TRY
TRY TRY TZS TZS 80.0004 TRY to TZS 0.0125 TZS to TRY
TRY TRY TND TND 0.0954 TRY to TND 10.4844 TND to TRY
TRY TRY UGX UGX 113.2 TRY to UGX 0.0088 UGX to TRY
TRY TRY XOF XOF 18.685 TRY to XOF 0.0535 XOF to TRY
TRY TRY ZMK ZMK 274.9505 TRY to ZMK 0.0036 ZMK to TRY

Turkish Lira (TRY)

Sign TL
1 Turkish Lira is subdivided into 100 kurus.

The official currency for Turkey is the lira. Banknotes are issued in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 lira. Coins are issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 kurus as well as 1 lira. Most recommend that visitors to Turkey wait until entering the country to exchange foreign currency as rates are typically much lower at Turkish banks and other financial establishments.

Coins used:
-frequently 5, 10, 25, 50 Kr , 1 TL
-rarely 1 Kr

Banknotes used:
-frequently 5, 10, 20, 50 TL
-rarely 100, 200 TL

Central Bank
Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
There are ATMs located at most towns in Turkey. ATMs offer cash withdrawals with money dispensed in the lira. Most ATMs offer instructions in Turkish as well as English, French and German. Amounts for cash withdrawals are typically limited to �350 per day.

The US Dollar and the euro are the easiest foreign currency to exchange in Turkey. Many banks and foreign currency exchange offices also offer conversion for UK pounds, Japanese Yen and other currencies as well. It is often difficult to exchange Australian and Canadian dollars except at banks located in larger cities and at various exchange offices. Most hotels, restaurants and shopping centers accept credit cards with the MasterCard and Visa logos and many also provide cash withdrawals as well. American Express cards are not widely accepted in Turkey although there are a few higher end hotels and ATMs in larger areas that will take these cards.

Money changers are available for currency exchange in most areas and some post offices offer foreign currency exchange as well. Exchange offices and post offices normally offer low rates on currency exchange. Many establishments charge a small commission for exchanges and those that do not charge commission normally charge higher exchange rates. Official exchange rates can be checked at various banks and exchange offices or at terminals at most major airports. Newspapers will also offer the current exchange rates.

Turkey has no black market for currency exchange and most foreign currencies are accepted as payment in many shops, restaurants and hotels found in tourist or resort areas. Most advise that traveler�s checks not be used in Turkey as many banks, hotels and stores prefer not to cash them. Those that do cash traveler�s checks will often charge outrageous fees for doing so.

There are no notable restrictions placed on exporting or important the Turkish lira or foreign currencies. Large amounts of any currency will need to be declared when entering the country and large amounts of lira should be declared upon exiting Turkey as well.

Other References
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