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Peruvian Nuevo Sol (PEN) Exchange Rates on 03rd February 2023 (03/02/2023)

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Exchange rates for Peruvian Nuevo Sol (PEN)

Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 PEN Conversion in currency Conversion
PEN PEN GBP GBP 0.2122 PEN to GBP 4.7117 GBP to PEN
PEN PEN BGN BGN 0.4721 PEN to BGN 2.1184 BGN to PEN
PEN PEN HRK HRK 1.8519 PEN to HRK 0.54 HRK to PEN
PEN PEN CZK CZK 5.6743 PEN to CZK 0.1762 CZK to PEN
PEN PEN DKK DKK 1.775 PEN to DKK 0.5634 DKK to PEN
PEN PEN HUF HUF 92.9226 PEN to HUF 0.0108 HUF to PEN
PEN PEN KZT KZT 119.7823 PEN to KZT 0.0083 KZT to PEN
PEN PEN LVL LVL 0.1591 PEN to LVL 6.2867 LVL to PEN
PEN PEN MKD MKD 14.7119 PEN to MKD 0.068 MKD to PEN
PEN PEN MDL MDL 4.8963 PEN to MDL 0.2042 MDL to PEN
PEN PEN NOK NOK 2.5981 PEN to NOK 0.3849 NOK to PEN
PEN PEN PLN PLN 1.1225 PEN to PLN 0.8909 PLN to PEN
PEN PEN RON RON 1.1714 PEN to RON 0.8537 RON to PEN
PEN PEN RUB RUB 18.438 PEN to RUB 0.0542 RUB to PEN
PEN PEN SEK SEK 2.7078 PEN to SEK 0.3693 SEK to PEN
PEN PEN CHF CHF 0.2385 PEN to CHF 4.1926 CHF to PEN
PEN PEN TRY TRY 4.9488 PEN to TRY 0.2021 TRY to PEN
PEN PEN UAH UAH 9.6063 PEN to UAH 0.1041 UAH to PEN
Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 PEN Conversion in currency Conversion
PEN PEN ARS ARS 49.2439 PEN to ARS 0.0203 ARS to PEN
PEN PEN BOB BOB 1.817 PEN to BOB 0.5504 BOB to PEN
PEN PEN BRL BRL 1.3295 PEN to BRL 0.7522 BRL to PEN
PEN PEN CAD CAD 0.3492 PEN to CAD 2.8641 CAD to PEN
PEN PEN KYD KYD 0.2168 PEN to KYD 4.6135 KYD to PEN
PEN PEN CLP CLP 206.8385 PEN to CLP 0.0048 CLP to PEN
PEN PEN COP COP 1216.02 PEN to COP 0.0008 COP to PEN
PEN PEN CRC CRC 143.4548 PEN to CRC 0.007 CRC to PEN
PEN PEN DOP DOP 14.7502 PEN to DOP 0.0678 DOP to PEN
PEN PEN SVC SVC 2.2757 PEN to SVC 0.4394 SVC to PEN
PEN PEN FJD FJD 0.5697 PEN to FJD 1.7553 FJD to PEN
PEN PEN HNL HNL 6.4135 PEN to HNL 0.1559 HNL to PEN
PEN PEN JMD JMD 39.8623 PEN to JMD 0.0251 JMD to PEN
PEN PEN MXN MXN 4.8843 PEN to MXN 0.2047 MXN to PEN
PEN PEN ANG ANG 0.4688 PEN to ANG 2.1333 ANG to PEN
PEN PEN PYG PYG 1910.6254 PEN to PYG 0.0005 PYG to PEN
PEN PEN TTD TTD 1.765 PEN to TTD 0.5666 TTD to PEN
PEN PEN USD USD 0.263 PEN to USD 3.8027 USD to PEN
PEN PEN UYU UYU 10.0822 PEN to UYU 0.0992 UYU to PEN
PEN PEN VEF VEF 587632.9331 PEN to VEF 0 VEF to PEN
Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 PEN Conversion in currency Conversion
PEN PEN AUD AUD 0.3679 PEN to AUD 2.718 AUD to PEN
PEN PEN BDT BDT 27.5895 PEN to BDT 0.0362 BDT to PEN
PEN PEN BND BND 0.3414 PEN to BND 2.9287 BND to PEN
PEN PEN CNY CNY 1.7649 PEN to CNY 0.5666 CNY to PEN
PEN PEN INR INR 21.5054 PEN to INR 0.0465 INR to PEN
PEN PEN IDR IDR 3907.5983 PEN to IDR 0.0003 IDR to PEN
PEN PEN JPY JPY 33.7767 PEN to JPY 0.0296 JPY to PEN
PEN PEN MYR MYR 1.1149 PEN to MYR 0.897 MYR to PEN
PEN PEN MVR MVR 4.0392 PEN to MVR 0.2476 MVR to PEN
PEN PEN NPR NPR 34.1151 PEN to NPR 0.0293 NPR to PEN
PEN PEN NZD NZD 0.4024 PEN to NZD 2.4851 NZD to PEN
PEN PEN PKR PKR 69.9021 PEN to PKR 0.0143 PKR to PEN
PEN PEN PGK PGK 0.9167 PEN to PGK 1.0909 PGK to PEN
PEN PEN PHP PHP 14.1694 PEN to PHP 0.0706 PHP to PEN
PEN PEN SCR SCR 3.5135 PEN to SCR 0.2846 SCR to PEN
PEN PEN SGD SGD 0.3429 PEN to SGD 2.9163 SGD to PEN
PEN PEN KRW KRW 320.4205 PEN to KRW 0.0031 KRW to PEN
PEN PEN LKR LKR 95.19 PEN to LKR 0.0105 LKR to PEN
PEN PEN TWD TWD 7.7982 PEN to TWD 0.1282 TWD to PEN
PEN PEN THB THB 8.6057 PEN to THB 0.1162 THB to PEN
Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 PEN Conversion in currency Conversion
PEN PEN BHD BHD 0.0991 PEN to BHD 10.0874 BHD to PEN
PEN PEN EGP EGP 7.9433 PEN to EGP 0.1259 EGP to PEN
PEN PEN HKD HKD 2.0621 PEN to HKD 0.4849 HKD to PEN
PEN PEN ILS ILS 0.9077 PEN to ILS 1.1017 ILS to PEN
PEN PEN JOD JOD 0.1865 PEN to JOD 5.3605 JOD to PEN
PEN PEN KWD KWD 0.0801 PEN to KWD 12.4801 KWD to PEN
PEN PEN LBP LBP 3944.5415 PEN to LBP 0.0003 LBP to PEN
PEN PEN OMR OMR 0.1012 PEN to OMR 9.8776 OMR to PEN
PEN PEN QAR QAR 0.9575 PEN to QAR 1.0443 QAR to PEN
PEN PEN SAR SAR 0.9868 PEN to SAR 1.0133 SAR to PEN
PEN PEN AED AED 0.9659 PEN to AED 1.0353 AED to PEN
PEN PEN YER YER 65.8476 PEN to YER 0.0152 YER to PEN
Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 PEN Conversion in currency Conversion
PEN PEN DZD DZD 35.6296 PEN to DZD 0.0281 DZD to PEN
PEN PEN KES KES 32.7658 PEN to KES 0.0305 KES to PEN
PEN PEN MUR MUR 11.7942 PEN to MUR 0.0848 MUR to PEN
PEN PEN MAD MAD 2.6463 PEN to MAD 0.3779 MAD to PEN
PEN PEN NAD NAD 4.5178 PEN to NAD 0.2213 NAD to PEN
PEN PEN NIO NIO 9.5042 PEN to NIO 0.1052 NIO to PEN
PEN PEN NGN NGN 121.1024 PEN to NGN 0.0083 NGN to PEN
PEN PEN SLL SLL 5121.3095 PEN to SLL 0.0002 SLL to PEN
PEN PEN ZAR ZAR 4.4792 PEN to ZAR 0.2233 ZAR to PEN
PEN PEN TZS TZS 614.5602 PEN to TZS 0.0016 TZS to PEN
PEN PEN TND TND 0.7964 PEN to TND 1.2556 TND to PEN
PEN PEN UGX UGX 958.4099 PEN to UGX 0.001 UGX to PEN
PEN PEN XOF XOF 156.6352 PEN to XOF 0.0064 XOF to PEN
PEN PEN ZMK ZMK 2367.0338 PEN to ZMK 0.0004 ZMK to PEN

Peruvian Nuevo Sol (PEN)

Sign S/.
1 Peruvian Nuevo Sol is subdivided into 100 centimos.

The Peruvian Nuevo Sol or PEN is the official currency of Peru. The Nuevo sol, often referred to in Peru as the New Sun, is distributed in banknotes of S10, S20, S50 and S100. An S200 bill is also in circulation but is rarely seen. The Nuevo sol is subdivided into 100 centimos and coins are distributed in denominations of S0.05, S0.10 and S0.20 in copper colors. Silver colored coins are also issued in denominations of S0.50 and S1. There are also two bimetallic coins with copper colored centers lying inside a silver colored ring. These are available in denomination of S2 and S5.

Coins used:
-frequently 10, 20 & 50 cÚntimos, 1, 2 & 5 nuevos soles
-rarely 5 cÚntimos

Banknotes used:
-frequently 10, 20, 50 & 100 nuevos soles
-rarely 200 nuevos soles

Central Bank
Central Reserve Bank of Peru
Most businesses inside Peru will accept US dollars are forms of payment although Nuevo sol will be needed to pay for certain services such as car hire, restaurants and other goods. Credit cards can be used for cash advances and for payment in many hotels, shopping centers and restaurants. It is important that tourists do not accept torn money in Peru as most Peruvians are not likely to accept damaged money as a form of payment. It is also best not to exchange currency on the street as Peru has a high level of counterfeiting.

ATMs are readily available outside most banks, airports and bus terminals and are linked to international Visa and MasterCard systems as well as American Express and other major credit card networks. Rates are typically a bit higher at Peruvian ATMs for cash withdrawals so tourists may want to check with banks for fast cash instead. ATMs are set up to provide both Nuevo sol and US Dollars.

Currency exchanges can be done at most banks as well as through moneychangers. The best rates for currency exchanges are between the US Dollar and the Nuevo sol. Other hard currencies are accepted for exchange but some are difficult to convert and may be a bit more expensive than the US Dollar exchange rates. All foreign currency must be in flawless or nearly new condition before it will be accepted for exchanges.

Moneychangers can be found on various street corners near major banks and offer competitive rates for currency exchanges. Tourists should bear in mind that not all moneychangers are trustworthy. Official moneychangers wear a vest with a badge that identifies them as legal money exchange services. They are often available after normal banking business hours and near borders where other means of exchanging currencies are not available.

Other References
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