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Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) Exchange Rates on 23rd March 2023 (23/03/2023)

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Exchange rates for Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)

Updated: 2023-03-23
Convert from Convert to 1 BDT Conversion in currency Conversion
BDT BDT GBP GBP 0.0077 BDT to GBP 129.4646 GBP to BDT
BDT BDT BGN BGN 0.0171 BDT to BGN 58.5863 BGN to BDT
BDT BDT HRK HRK 0.0668 BDT to HRK 14.9774 HRK to BDT
BDT BDT CZK CZK 0.2068 BDT to CZK 4.8366 CZK to BDT
BDT BDT DKK DKK 0.065 BDT to DKK 15.3885 DKK to BDT
BDT BDT HUF HUF 3.3786 BDT to HUF 0.296 HUF to BDT
BDT BDT KZT KZT 4.4205 BDT to KZT 0.2262 KZT to BDT
BDT BDT LVL LVL 0.0058 BDT to LVL 173.7766 LVL to BDT
BDT BDT MKD MKD 0.5398 BDT to MKD 1.8524 MKD to BDT
BDT BDT MDL MDL 0.1769 BDT to MDL 5.6527 MDL to BDT
BDT BDT NOK NOK 0.099 BDT to NOK 10.1031 NOK to BDT
BDT BDT PLN PLN 0.0409 BDT to PLN 24.4627 PLN to BDT
BDT BDT RON RON 0.0429 BDT to RON 23.2877 RON to BDT
BDT BDT RUB RUB 0.7318 BDT to RUB 1.3665 RUB to BDT
BDT BDT SEK SEK 0.0976 BDT to SEK 10.2484 SEK to BDT
BDT BDT CHF CHF 0.0087 BDT to CHF 114.8027 CHF to BDT
BDT BDT TRY TRY 0.1812 BDT to TRY 5.5188 TRY to BDT
BDT BDT UAH UAH 0.3514 BDT to UAH 2.8461 UAH to BDT
Updated: 2023-03-23
Convert from Convert to 1 BDT Conversion in currency Conversion
BDT BDT ARS ARS 1.9538 BDT to ARS 0.5118 ARS to BDT
BDT BDT BOB BOB 0.0659 BDT to BOB 15.1661 BOB to BDT
BDT BDT BRL BRL 0.0498 BDT to BRL 20.0706 BRL to BDT
BDT BDT CAD CAD 0.013 BDT to CAD 76.8551 CAD to BDT
BDT BDT KYD KYD 0.0079 BDT to KYD 126.1308 KYD to BDT
BDT BDT CLP CLP 7.7129 BDT to CLP 0.1297 CLP to BDT
BDT BDT COP COP 45.4071 BDT to COP 0.022 COP to BDT
BDT BDT CRC CRC 5.1353 BDT to CRC 0.1947 CRC to BDT
BDT BDT DOP DOP 0.521 BDT to DOP 1.9193 DOP to BDT
BDT BDT SVC SVC 0.0832 BDT to SVC 12.0121 SVC to BDT
BDT BDT FJD FJD 0.021 BDT to FJD 47.7213 FJD to BDT
BDT BDT HNL HNL 0.2346 BDT to HNL 4.2618 HNL to BDT
BDT BDT JMD JMD 1.4349 BDT to JMD 0.6969 JMD to BDT
BDT BDT MXN MXN 0.1764 BDT to MXN 5.6703 MXN to BDT
BDT BDT ANG ANG 0.0171 BDT to ANG 58.3216 ANG to BDT
BDT BDT PYG PYG 68.2538 BDT to PYG 0.0147 PYG to BDT
BDT BDT PEN PEN 0.036 BDT to PEN 27.7899 PEN to BDT
BDT BDT TTD TTD 0.0647 BDT to TTD 15.4658 TTD to BDT
BDT BDT USD USD 0.0095 BDT to USD 105.1157 USD to BDT
BDT BDT UYU UYU 0.3734 BDT to UYU 2.6779 UYU to BDT
BDT BDT VEF VEF 23007.8173 BDT to VEF 0 VEF to BDT
Updated: 2023-03-23
Convert from Convert to 1 BDT Conversion in currency Conversion
BDT BDT AUD AUD 0.0141 BDT to AUD 70.754 AUD to BDT
BDT BDT BND BND 0.0127 BDT to BND 78.8003 BND to BDT
BDT BDT CNY CNY 0.065 BDT to CNY 15.3745 CNY to BDT
BDT BDT INR INR 0.7828 BDT to INR 1.2775 INR to BDT
BDT BDT IDR IDR 143.5055 BDT to IDR 0.007 IDR to BDT
BDT BDT JPY JPY 1.2425 BDT to JPY 0.8048 JPY to BDT
BDT BDT MYR MYR 0.0421 BDT to MYR 23.7362 MYR to BDT
BDT BDT MVR MVR 0.1465 BDT to MVR 6.8253 MVR to BDT
BDT BDT NPR NPR 1.2578 BDT to NPR 0.7951 NPR to BDT
BDT BDT NZD NZD 0.0152 BDT to NZD 65.949 NZD to BDT
BDT BDT PKR PKR 2.6925 BDT to PKR 0.3714 PKR to BDT
BDT BDT PGK PGK 0.034 BDT to PGK 29.4471 PGK to BDT
BDT BDT PHP PHP 0.5182 BDT to PHP 1.9297 PHP to BDT
BDT BDT SCR SCR 0.1254 BDT to SCR 7.9771 SCR to BDT
BDT BDT SGD SGD 0.0126 BDT to SGD 79.3354 SGD to BDT
BDT BDT KRW KRW 12.1593 BDT to KRW 0.0822 KRW to BDT
BDT BDT LKR LKR 3.0682 BDT to LKR 0.3259 LKR to BDT
BDT BDT TWD TWD 0.2885 BDT to TWD 3.4667 TWD to BDT
BDT BDT THB THB 0.3245 BDT to THB 3.0821 THB to BDT
Updated: 2023-03-23
Convert from Convert to 1 BDT Conversion in currency Conversion
BDT BDT BHD BHD 0.0036 BDT to BHD 278.6769 BHD to BDT
BDT BDT EGP EGP 0.294 BDT to EGP 3.4017 EGP to BDT
BDT BDT HKD HKD 0.0747 BDT to HKD 13.3929 HKD to BDT
BDT BDT ILS ILS 0.0345 BDT to ILS 29.0097 ILS to BDT
BDT BDT JOD JOD 0.0067 BDT to JOD 148.1751 JOD to BDT
BDT BDT KWD KWD 0.0029 BDT to KWD 343.4143 KWD to BDT
BDT BDT LBP LBP 142.8055 BDT to LBP 0.007 LBP to BDT
BDT BDT OMR OMR 0.0037 BDT to OMR 273.0613 OMR to BDT
BDT BDT QAR QAR 0.0346 BDT to QAR 28.8701 QAR to BDT
BDT BDT SAR SAR 0.0357 BDT to SAR 27.9859 SAR to BDT
BDT BDT AED AED 0.0349 BDT to AED 28.6193 AED to BDT
BDT BDT YER YER 2.381 BDT to YER 0.42 YER to BDT
Updated: 2023-03-23
Convert from Convert to 1 BDT Conversion in currency Conversion
BDT BDT DZD DZD 1.2914 BDT to DZD 0.7743 DZD to BDT
BDT BDT KES KES 1.2453 BDT to KES 0.803 KES to BDT
BDT BDT MUR MUR 0.4424 BDT to MUR 2.2605 MUR to BDT
BDT BDT MAD MAD 0.0981 BDT to MAD 10.1938 MAD to BDT
BDT BDT NAD NAD 0.1752 BDT to NAD 5.7066 NAD to BDT
BDT BDT NIO NIO 0.348 BDT to NIO 2.874 NIO to BDT
BDT BDT NGN NGN 4.3804 BDT to NGN 0.2283 NGN to BDT
BDT BDT SLL SLL 187.8875 BDT to SLL 0.0053 SLL to BDT
BDT BDT ZAR ZAR 0.1726 BDT to ZAR 5.7928 ZAR to BDT
BDT BDT TZS TZS 22.1852 BDT to TZS 0.0451 TZS to BDT
BDT BDT TND TND 0.0298 BDT to TND 33.5942 TND to BDT
BDT BDT UGX UGX 35.9143 BDT to UGX 0.0278 UGX to BDT
BDT BDT XOF XOF 5.7803 BDT to XOF 0.173 XOF to BDT
BDT BDT ZMK ZMK 85.6314 BDT to ZMK 0.0117 ZMK to BDT

Bangladesh Taka (BDT)

1 Bangladesh Taka is subdivided into 100 poisha.

BDT is the currency code for the Bangladeshi taka. The symbol for the taka is ????, ? or Tk. The BDT is issued by the Bangladesh Bank, which is the formal name of the Bangladesh central bank. The Bangladesh Bank has as their primary monetary policy price stability which they manage through standard central bank means including their buying and selling from their supply of United States dollars (USD) as their reserve currency and a secondary reserve of gold.

Coins used:
- frequently used: 1, 2, 5 Taka
- rarely used: 1, 5, 10, 25 & 50 poisha

Banknotes used:
- frequently used: 2, 5, 10, 20, 40 (commemorative), 50, 60 (commemorative), 100, 500 & 1000 Taka
- rarely used: 1 Taka

Central Bank
Bangladesh Bank
The BDT is a fully floating currency with the primary marker being its relation to the USD. In the mid 1980's the currency dropped steeply against he USD but since 1987 the BDT has traded a narrow band trading range against the USD.

Bangladesh is officially known as the People's Republic of Bangladesh is a parliamentary democracy that borders India and Burma. Bangladesh is considered by the IMF as a developing nation and with its over 142 million population has a GDP of just under $300 billion with a projected World Bank growth rate of a stable 5% annually.

The coins that comprise the BDT are most commonly found in 1, 2, and 5 taka denominations. There are 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 poisha coins, with 100 poisha equal to one taka, but these are not commonly used in daily transactions. There are two issuing authorities for the BDT banknotes. The Bangladesh Bank issues the 5, 40, 100, 500, and 1000 taka notes while the Government Ministry of Finance issues the 1 and 2 taka notes. The 40 taka note was a special 40th anniversary note that was only issued in 2011 to commemorate Bangladesh Independence. The interesting feature of the 40 taka note is that it contains a 10 taka note watermark, likely because the Bangladesh Bank printed the 40 taka note on 10 taka note paper.

Other References
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