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Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) Exchange Rates on 02nd June 2020 (02/06/2020)

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Exchange rates for Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)

Updated: 2020-06-02
Convert from Convert to 1 BDT Conversion in currency Conversion
BDT GBP 0.0094 BDT to GBP 106.1939 GBP to BDT
BDT BGN 0.0207 BDT to BGN 48.2447 BGN to BDT
BDT HRK 0.0806 BDT to HRK 12.4123 HRK to BDT
BDT CZK 0.2841 BDT to CZK 3.5199 CZK to BDT
BDT DKK 0.0791 BDT to DKK 12.6394 DKK to BDT
BDT HUF 3.6724 BDT to HUF 0.2723 HUF to BDT
BDT KZT 4.8014 BDT to KZT 0.2083 KZT to BDT
BDT LVL 0.0071 BDT to LVL 140.0946 LVL to BDT
BDT Flag of North Macedonia MKD 0.6541 BDT to MKD 1.5289 MKD to BDT
BDT MDL 0.206 BDT to MDL 4.854 MDL to BDT
BDT id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.1138 BDT to NOK 8.7911 NOK to BDT
BDT PLN 0.0468 BDT to PLN 21.3794 PLN to BDT
BDT RON 0.0514 BDT to RON 19.4442 RON to BDT
BDT RUB 0.8142 BDT to RUB 1.2282 RUB to BDT
BDT Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 BDT to SKK 0 SKK to BDT
BDT SEK 0.1105 BDT to SEK 9.0498 SEK to BDT
BDT CHF 0.0113 BDT to CHF 88.1175 CHF to BDT
BDT TRY 0.0804 BDT to TRY 12.4397 TRY to BDT
BDT UAH 0.3155 BDT to UAH 3.1692 UAH to BDT
Updated: 2020-06-02
Convert from Convert to 1 BDT Conversion in currency Conversion
BDT ARS 0.8091 BDT to ARS 1.2359 ARS to BDT
BDT BOB 0.0813 BDT to BOB 12.3019 BOB to BDT
BDT BRL 0.0633 BDT to BRL 15.79 BRL to BDT
BDT Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.016 BDT to CAD 62.5738 CAD to BDT
BDT KYD 0.0098 BDT to KYD 101.9359 KYD to BDT
BDT CLP 9.3555 BDT to CLP 0.1069 CLP to BDT
BDT COP 43.9806 BDT to COP 0.0227 COP to BDT
BDT CRC 6.7047 BDT to CRC 0.1491 CRC to BDT
BDT DOP 0.6624 BDT to DOP 1.5096 DOP to BDT
BDT SVC 0.103 BDT to SVC 9.7079 SVC to BDT
BDT FJD 0.0259 BDT to FJD 38.5986 FJD to BDT
BDT HNL 0.2922 BDT to HNL 3.4227 HNL to BDT
BDT Flag of Jamaica JMD 1.6826 BDT to JMD 0.5943 JMD to BDT
BDT MXN 0.2602 BDT to MXN 3.8429 MXN to BDT
BDT ANG 0.0211 BDT to ANG 47.3239 ANG to BDT
BDT PYG 78.22 BDT to PYG 0.0128 PYG to BDT
BDT xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.0404 BDT to PEN 24.7581 PEN to BDT
BDT TTD 0.0795 BDT to TTD 12.572 TTD to BDT
BDT USD 0.0118 BDT to USD 84.7417 USD to BDT
BDT xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> UYU 0.51 BDT to UYU 1.9607 UYU to BDT