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Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) Exchange Rates on 07th April 2020 (07/04/2020)

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Exchange rates for Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)

Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KWD Conversion in currency Conversion
KWD GBP 2.6071 KWD to GBP 0.3836 GBP to KWD
KWD BGN 5.7914 KWD to BGN 0.1727 BGN to KWD
KWD HRK 22.535 KWD to HRK 0.0444 HRK to KWD
KWD CZK 81.0961 KWD to CZK 0.0123 CZK to KWD
KWD DKK 22.0703 KWD to DKK 0.0453 DKK to KWD
KWD HUF 1070.2157 KWD to HUF 0.0009 HUF to KWD
KWD KZT 1409.2895 KWD to KZT 0.0007 KZT to KWD
KWD LVL 1.9401 KWD to LVL 0.5155 LVL to KWD
KWD MKD 182.6597 KWD to MKD 0.0055 MKD to KWD
KWD MDL 59.854 KWD to MDL 0.0167 MDL to KWD
KWD NOK 32.961 KWD to NOK 0.0303 NOK to KWD
KWD PLN 13.3999 KWD to PLN 0.0746 PLN to KWD
KWD RON 14.2644 KWD to RON 0.0701 RON to KWD
KWD RUB 241.9714 KWD to RUB 0.0041 RUB to KWD
KWD SEK 32.2572 KWD to SEK 0.031 SEK to KWD
KWD CHF 3.1278 KWD to CHF 0.3197 CHF to KWD
KWD TRY 21.5376 KWD to TRY 0.0464 TRY to KWD
KWD UAH 87.3744 KWD to UAH 0.0114 UAH to KWD
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KWD Conversion in currency Conversion
KWD ARS 208.1899 KWD to ARS 0.0048 ARS to KWD
KWD BOB 22.1284 KWD to BOB 0.0452 BOB to KWD
KWD BRL 16.9546 KWD to BRL 0.059 BRL to KWD
KWD CAD 4.5036 KWD to CAD 0.222 CAD to KWD
KWD KYD 2.6743 KWD to KYD 0.3739 KYD to KWD
KWD CLP 2734.5246 KWD to CLP 0.0004 CLP to KWD
KWD COP 12768.1965 KWD to COP 0.0001 COP to KWD
KWD CRC 1846.9915 KWD to CRC 0.0005 CRC to KWD
KWD DOP 172.8874 KWD to DOP 0.0058 DOP to KWD
KWD SVC 28.0806 KWD to SVC 0.0356 SVC to KWD
KWD FJD 7.4419 KWD to FJD 0.1344 FJD to KWD
KWD HNL 79.5528 KWD to HNL 0.0126 HNL to KWD
KWD JMD 433.2617 KWD to JMD 0.0023 JMD to KWD
KWD MXN 78.4442 KWD to MXN 0.0127 MXN to KWD
KWD ANG 5.7448 KWD to ANG 0.1741 ANG to KWD
KWD PYG 20990.3351 KWD to PYG 0 PYG to KWD
KWD PEN 11.0979 KWD to PEN 0.0901 PEN to KWD
KWD TTD 21.6845 KWD to TTD 0.0461 TTD to KWD
KWD USD 3.2073 KWD to USD 0.3118 USD to KWD
KWD UYU 141.9429 KWD to UYU 0.007 UYU to KWD
KWD VEF 32.0327 KWD to VEF 0.0312 VEF to KWD
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KWD Conversion in currency Conversion
KWD AUD 5.2034 KWD to AUD 0.1922 AUD to KWD
KWD BDT 272.6184 KWD to BDT 0.0037 BDT to KWD
KWD BND 4.6005 KWD to BND 0.2174 BND to KWD
KWD CNY 22.6607 KWD to CNY 0.0441 CNY to KWD
KWD INR 242.7993 KWD to INR 0.0041 INR to KWD
KWD IDR 52437.3556 KWD to IDR 0 IDR to KWD
KWD JPY 349.0929 KWD to JPY 0.0029 JPY to KWD
KWD MYR 13.9509 KWD to MYR 0.0717 MYR to KWD
KWD MVR 49.4243 KWD to MVR 0.0202 MVR to KWD
KWD NPR 391.2986 KWD to NPR 0.0026 NPR to KWD
KWD NZD 5.3457 KWD to NZD 0.1871 NZD to KWD
KWD PKR 536.3627 KWD to PKR 0.0019 PKR to KWD
KWD PGK 11.1357 KWD to PGK 0.0898 PGK to KWD
KWD PHP 162.3703 KWD to PHP 0.0062 PHP to KWD
KWD SCR 47.1466 KWD to SCR 0.0212 SCR to KWD
KWD SGD 4.5781 KWD to SGD 0.2184 SGD to KWD
KWD KRW 3910.7044 KWD to KRW 0.0003 KRW to KWD
KWD LKR 620.2069 KWD to LKR 0.0016 LKR to KWD
KWD TWD 96.6595 KWD to TWD 0.0103 TWD to KWD
KWD THB 105.0898 KWD to THB 0.0095 THB to KWD
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KWD Conversion in currency Conversion
KWD BHD 1.2092 KWD to BHD 0.827 BHD to KWD
KWD EGP 50.5088 KWD to EGP 0.0198 EGP to KWD
KWD HKD 24.8654 KWD to HKD 0.0402 HKD to KWD
KWD ILS 11.4587 KWD to ILS 0.0873 ILS to KWD
KWD JOD 2.2739 KWD to JOD 0.4398 JOD to KWD
KWD LBP 4853.0314 KWD to LBP 0.0002 LBP to KWD
KWD OMR 1.2351 KWD to OMR 0.8097 OMR to KWD
KWD QAR 11.6776 KWD to QAR 0.0856 QAR to KWD
KWD SAR 12.0596 KWD to SAR 0.0829 SAR to KWD
KWD AED 11.781 KWD to AED 0.0849 AED to KWD
KWD YER 802.9435 KWD to YER 0.0012 YER to KWD
Updated: 2020-04-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KWD Conversion in currency Conversion
KWD DZD 406.9371 KWD to DZD 0.0025 DZD to KWD
KWD KES 340.9018 KWD to KES 0.0029 KES to KWD
KWD MUR 127.8245 KWD to MUR 0.0078 MUR to KWD
KWD MAD 33.0644 KWD to MAD 0.0302 MAD to KWD
KWD NAD 60.4574 KWD to NAD 0.0165 NAD to KWD
KWD NIO 108.2664 KWD to NIO 0.0092 NIO to KWD
KWD NGN 1177.0732 KWD to NGN 0.0008 NGN to KWD
KWD SLL 31238.8618 KWD to SLL 0 SLL to KWD
KWD ZAR 59.3813 KWD to ZAR 0.0168 ZAR to KWD
KWD TZS 7421.3134 KWD to TZS 0.0001 TZS to KWD
KWD TND 9.3693 KWD to TND 0.1067 TND to KWD
KWD UGX 12083.2769 KWD to UGX 0.0001 UGX to KWD
KWD XOF 1949.1723 KWD to XOF 0.0005 XOF to KWD
KWD ZMK 28869.4258 KWD to ZMK 0 ZMK to KWD

Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)

Sign د.ك
1 Kuwaiti Dinar is subdivided into 1000 fils.

The Kuwaiti dinar is symbolized in currency markets by its three letter code KWD. In everyday monetary transactions it uses any of the following two symbols "د.ك" or "K.D." dependent upon the context. The KWD itself enjoys the distinction that it is the highest valued currency in the world. This classification is determined by the amounts of goods and services a single unit of a particular currency can purchase.

Coins used:
5, 10, 20, 50, 100 fils

Banknotes used:
, , 1, 5, 10, 20 dinars

Central Bank
Central Bank of Kuwait
The Central Bank of Kuwait controls all monetary policy and circulation issues with regard to the KWD. Each dinar can be subdivided in 1/100th dinar units known as "fils". The current coins in circulation denominated as KWD are valued at 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 fils. The paper banknotes in circulation denominated in KWD are valued at , , 1, 5, 10, and 20 dinars.

The KWD has undergone several revisions of circulation and issuance over the past several decades. The most recent was the emergency printing of the KWD on Kuwaiti's liberation from Iraq, with a current series, known as the fifth series KWD, being issued in 1994. All series and issues prior to 1994 are no longer legal tender due to the vast amount that was stolen by Iraq during their occupation. This 1994 issue is in use to this day and incorporates many advanced security features not found in previous series.

From 1975 through 2003 the KWD was set in valuation to a fixed basket of currencies. From 2003-2007 that fix was transferred to a United States dollar (USD) peg. Currently the KWD has been pegged again to a basket of currencies, though a different basket than the one from 1975-2003.

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