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Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) Exchange Rates on 26th January 2021 (26/01/2021)

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Exchange rates for Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)

Updated: 2021-01-26
Convert from Convert to 1 KWD Conversion in currency Conversion
KWD GBP 2.4213 KWD to GBP 0.413 GBP to KWD
KWD BGN 5.3302 KWD to BGN 0.1876 BGN to KWD
KWD HRK 20.6071 KWD to HRK 0.0485 HRK to KWD
KWD CZK 71.284 KWD to CZK 0.014 CZK to KWD
KWD DKK 20.2633 KWD to DKK 0.0494 DKK to KWD
KWD HUF 975.2748 KWD to HUF 0.001 HUF to KWD
KWD KZT 1391.5923 KWD to KZT 0.0007 KZT to KWD
KWD LVL 1.998 KWD to LVL 0.5005 LVL to KWD
KWD Flag of North Macedonia MKD 167.7431 KWD to MKD 0.006 MKD to KWD
KWD MDL 57.4987 KWD to MDL 0.0174 MDL to KWD
KWD id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 28.3737 KWD to NOK 0.0352 NOK to KWD
KWD PLN 12.3765 KWD to PLN 0.0808 PLN to KWD
KWD RON 13.2761 KWD to RON 0.0753 RON to KWD
KWD RUB 249.7394 KWD to RUB 0.004 RUB to KWD
KWD Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 KWD to SKK 0 SKK to KWD
KWD SEK 27.4248 KWD to SEK 0.0365 SEK to KWD
KWD CHF 2.9356 KWD to CHF 0.3407 CHF to KWD
KWD TRY 24.5177 KWD to TRY 0.0408 TRY to KWD
KWD UAH 93.0654 KWD to UAH 0.0107 UAH to KWD
Updated: 2021-01-26
Convert from Convert to 1 KWD Conversion in currency Conversion
KWD ARS 286.8215 KWD to ARS 0.0035 ARS to KWD
KWD BOB 22.7648 KWD to BOB 0.0439 BOB to KWD
KWD BRL 18.0583 KWD to BRL 0.0554 BRL to KWD
KWD Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 4.2197 KWD to CAD 0.237 CAD to KWD
KWD KYD 2.7554 KWD to KYD 0.3629 KYD to KWD
KWD CLP 2421.2219 KWD to CLP 0.0004 CLP to KWD
KWD COP 11851.7793 KWD to COP 0.0001 COP to KWD
KWD CRC 2023.19 KWD to CRC 0.0005 CRC to KWD
KWD DOP 191.8945 KWD to DOP 0.0052 DOP to KWD
KWD SVC 28.9301 KWD to SVC 0.0346 SVC to KWD
KWD FJD 6.7303 KWD to FJD 0.1486 FJD to KWD
KWD HNL 79.6812 KWD to HNL 0.0126 HNL to KWD
KWD Flag of Jamaica JMD 481.416 KWD to JMD 0.0021 JMD to KWD
KWD MXN 66.8178 KWD to MXN 0.015 MXN to KWD
KWD ANG 5.935 KWD to ANG 0.1685 ANG to KWD
KWD PYG 22920.1634 KWD to PYG 0 PYG to KWD
KWD xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 12.0174 KWD to PEN 0.0832 PEN to KWD
KWD TTD 22.4743 KWD to TTD 0.0445 TTD to KWD
KWD USD 3.3032 KWD to USD 0.3027 USD to KWD
KWD xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> UYU 139.4475 KWD to UYU 0.0072 UYU to KWD