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Uruguayan Peso (UYU) Exchange Rates on 03rd February 2023 (03/02/2023)

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Exchange rates for Uruguayan Peso (UYU)

Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 UYU Conversion in currency Conversion
UYU UYU GBP GBP 0.0211 UYU to GBP 47.5045 GBP to UYU
UYU UYU BGN BGN 0.0468 UYU to BGN 21.358 BGN to UYU
UYU UYU HRK HRK 0.1837 UYU to HRK 5.4443 HRK to UYU
UYU UYU CZK CZK 0.5628 UYU to CZK 1.7768 CZK to UYU
UYU UYU DKK DKK 0.1761 UYU to DKK 5.6801 DKK to UYU
UYU UYU HUF HUF 9.2165 UYU to HUF 0.1085 HUF to UYU
UYU UYU KZT KZT 11.8806 UYU to KZT 0.0842 KZT to UYU
UYU UYU LVL LVL 0.0158 UYU to LVL 63.3832 LVL to UYU
UYU UYU MKD MKD 1.4592 UYU to MKD 0.6853 MKD to UYU
UYU UYU MDL MDL 0.4856 UYU to MDL 2.0592 MDL to UYU
UYU UYU NOK NOK 0.2577 UYU to NOK 3.8806 NOK to UYU
UYU UYU PLN PLN 0.1113 UYU to PLN 8.9822 PLN to UYU
UYU UYU RON RON 0.1162 UYU to RON 8.607 RON to UYU
UYU UYU RUB RUB 1.8288 UYU to RUB 0.5468 RUB to UYU
UYU UYU SEK SEK 0.2686 UYU to SEK 3.7234 SEK to UYU
UYU UYU CHF CHF 0.0237 UYU to CHF 42.2701 CHF to UYU
UYU UYU TRY TRY 0.4908 UYU to TRY 2.0373 TRY to UYU
UYU UYU UAH UAH 0.9528 UYU to UAH 1.0495 UAH to UYU
Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 UYU Conversion in currency Conversion
UYU UYU ARS ARS 4.8842 UYU to ARS 0.2047 ARS to UYU
UYU UYU BOB BOB 0.1802 UYU to BOB 5.5489 BOB to UYU
UYU UYU BRL BRL 0.1319 UYU to BRL 7.5836 BRL to UYU
UYU UYU CAD CAD 0.0346 UYU to CAD 28.8764 CAD to UYU
UYU UYU KYD KYD 0.0215 UYU to KYD 46.5139 KYD to UYU
UYU UYU CLP CLP 20.5152 UYU to CLP 0.0487 CLP to UYU
UYU UYU COP COP 120.6107 UYU to COP 0.0083 COP to UYU
UYU UYU CRC CRC 14.2285 UYU to CRC 0.0703 CRC to UYU
UYU UYU DOP DOP 1.463 UYU to DOP 0.6835 DOP to UYU
UYU UYU SVC SVC 0.2257 UYU to SVC 4.4303 SVC to UYU
UYU UYU FJD FJD 0.0565 UYU to FJD 17.6972 FJD to UYU
UYU UYU HNL HNL 0.6361 UYU to HNL 1.572 HNL to UYU
UYU UYU JMD JMD 3.9537 UYU to JMD 0.2529 JMD to UYU
UYU UYU MXN MXN 0.4845 UYU to MXN 2.0642 MXN to UYU
UYU UYU ANG ANG 0.0465 UYU to ANG 21.5081 ANG to UYU
UYU UYU PYG PYG 189.505 UYU to PYG 0.0053 PYG to UYU
UYU UYU PEN PEN 0.0992 UYU to PEN 10.0822 PEN to UYU
UYU UYU TTD TTD 0.1751 UYU to TTD 5.7121 TTD to UYU
UYU UYU USD USD 0.0261 UYU to USD 38.3399 USD to UYU
UYU UYU VEF VEF 58284.2577 UYU to VEF 0 VEF to UYU
Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 UYU Conversion in currency Conversion
UYU UYU AUD AUD 0.0365 UYU to AUD 27.4031 AUD to UYU
UYU UYU BDT BDT 2.7365 UYU to BDT 0.3654 BDT to UYU
UYU UYU BND BND 0.0339 UYU to BND 29.5276 BND to UYU
UYU UYU CNY CNY 0.175 UYU to CNY 5.7127 CNY to UYU
UYU UYU INR INR 2.133 UYU to INR 0.4688 INR to UYU
UYU UYU IDR IDR 387.5744 UYU to IDR 0.0026 IDR to UYU
UYU UYU JPY JPY 3.3501 UYU to JPY 0.2985 JPY to UYU
UYU UYU MYR MYR 0.1106 UYU to MYR 9.0435 MYR to UYU
UYU UYU MVR MVR 0.4006 UYU to MVR 2.4961 MVR to UYU
UYU UYU NPR NPR 3.3837 UYU to NPR 0.2955 NPR to UYU
UYU UYU NZD NZD 0.0399 UYU to NZD 25.0548 NZD to UYU
UYU UYU PKR PKR 6.9332 UYU to PKR 0.1442 PKR to UYU
UYU UYU PGK PGK 0.0909 UYU to PGK 10.9986 PGK to UYU
UYU UYU PHP PHP 1.4054 UYU to PHP 0.7115 PHP to UYU
UYU UYU SCR SCR 0.3485 UYU to SCR 2.8696 SCR to UYU
UYU UYU SGD SGD 0.034 UYU to SGD 29.4028 SGD to UYU
UYU UYU KRW KRW 31.7808 UYU to KRW 0.0315 KRW to UYU
UYU UYU LKR LKR 9.4414 UYU to LKR 0.1059 LKR to UYU
UYU UYU TWD TWD 0.7735 UYU to TWD 1.2929 TWD to UYU
UYU UYU THB THB 0.8536 UYU to THB 1.1716 THB to UYU
Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 UYU Conversion in currency Conversion
UYU UYU BHD BHD 0.0098 UYU to BHD 101.7035 BHD to UYU
UYU UYU EGP EGP 0.7879 UYU to EGP 1.2693 EGP to UYU
UYU UYU HKD HKD 0.2045 UYU to HKD 4.8893 HKD to UYU
UYU UYU ILS ILS 0.09 UYU to ILS 11.107 ILS to UYU
UYU UYU JOD JOD 0.0185 UYU to JOD 54.0456 JOD to UYU
UYU UYU KWD KWD 0.0079 UYU to KWD 125.8268 KWD to UYU
UYU UYU LBP LBP 391.2386 UYU to LBP 0.0026 LBP to UYU
UYU UYU OMR OMR 0.01 UYU to OMR 99.5875 OMR to UYU
UYU UYU QAR QAR 0.095 UYU to QAR 10.5293 QAR to UYU
UYU UYU SAR SAR 0.0979 UYU to SAR 10.2167 SAR to UYU
UYU UYU AED AED 0.0958 UYU to AED 10.438 AED to UYU
UYU UYU YER YER 6.5311 UYU to YER 0.1531 YER to UYU
Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 UYU Conversion in currency Conversion
UYU UYU DZD DZD 3.5339 UYU to DZD 0.283 DZD to UYU
UYU UYU KES KES 3.2499 UYU to KES 0.3077 KES to UYU
UYU UYU MUR MUR 1.1698 UYU to MUR 0.8548 MUR to UYU
UYU UYU MAD MAD 0.2625 UYU to MAD 3.81 MAD to UYU
UYU UYU NAD NAD 0.4481 UYU to NAD 2.2317 NAD to UYU
UYU UYU NIO NIO 0.9427 UYU to NIO 1.0608 NIO to UYU
UYU UYU NGN NGN 12.0115 UYU to NGN 0.0833 NGN to UYU
UYU UYU SLL SLL 507.9561 UYU to SLL 0.002 SLL to UYU
UYU UYU ZAR ZAR 0.4443 UYU to ZAR 2.2509 ZAR to UYU
UYU UYU TZS TZS 60.955 UYU to TZS 0.0164 TZS to UYU
UYU UYU TND TND 0.079 UYU to TND 12.6597 TND to UYU
UYU UYU UGX UGX 95.0597 UYU to UGX 0.0105 UGX to UYU
UYU UYU XOF XOF 15.5358 UYU to XOF 0.0644 XOF to UYU
UYU UYU ZMK ZMK 234.7738 UYU to ZMK 0.0043 ZMK to UYU

Uruguayan Peso (UYU)

Sign $U
1 Uruguayan Peso is subdivided into 100 centesimos.

The official currency in the country of Uruguay is the Uruguayan peso. The peso is equivalent to 100 centesimo and is a free floating currency in the world’s money market. Banknotes are issued in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 pesos. Coins are issued in denominations of 50 centesimo as well as 1, 2, 5 and 10 peso coins. The peso has extreme fluctuation in value which makes it an unattractive entity for traders of world currency.

Coins used:
$1, $2, $5, $10, $50

Banknotes used:
$20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000, $2000

Central Bank
Central Bank of Uruguay
Those visiting Uruguay are advised to perform foreign currency exchange transactions at authorized banks and foreign exchange bureaus. Hotels and other exchange desks tend to offer higher rates than the current average. The current rates for exchanging currency can be found listed at most banks and exchange offices and in some daily newspapers in larger cities. The internet is also a good place to find the average going rate for currency exchange for nearly all foreign currencies. Banks are open on Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm. The inflation in Uruguay tends to fluctuate the rates of exchange for foreign currencies so checking prior to arriving in the country is a good idea.

Credit cards are accepted in most areas and many ATMs and retailers will accept Visa and MasterCard as well as Diners Club and American Express. Major tourist areas and resorts will accept credit cards for nearly all purchases although most smaller businesses do not accept anything but cash. ATMs that are marked with green Banred or blue Redbrou logos are available in most cities and will provide access to international accounts on the Visa, Cirrus, Maestro and MasterCard networks.

Traveler’ checks can be cashed and exchanged for pesos at most banks and exchange shops found in tourist centers. Those in US Dollars are more widely accepted than those in euros or British sterling. Banks and exchange desks will typically charge an additional commission for exchanging traveler’s checks so again, it is a good idea to check current rates before choosing where to have these checks cashed. Most retailers and establishments will not accept traveler’s checks for payment.

There are a few restrictions placed on importing and exporting Uruguayan pesos. Local and foreign currency can be imported or exported but only up to the equivalent of $10,000 US Dollars. Larger amounts must be declared at the airport upon entering or exiting the country.

Other References
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