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Brazilian Real (BRL) Exchange Rates on 22nd June 2024 (22/06/2024)

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Exchange rates for Brazilian Real (BRL)

Updated: 2024-06-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BRL Conversion in currency Conversion
BRL BRL GBP GBP 0.1448 BRL to GBP 6.9045 GBP to BRL
BRL BRL BGN BGN 0.3349 BRL to BGN 2.9856 BGN to BRL
BRL BRL HRK HRK 1.2869 BRL to HRK 0.7771 HRK to BRL
BRL BRL CZK CZK 4.2627 BRL to CZK 0.2346 CZK to BRL
BRL BRL DKK DKK 1.2762 BRL to DKK 0.7836 DKK to BRL
BRL BRL HUF HUF 67.8734 BRL to HUF 0.0147 HUF to BRL
BRL BRL KZT KZT 84.6081 BRL to KZT 0.0118 KZT to BRL
BRL BRL LVL LVL 0.1109 BRL to LVL 9.0164 LVL to BRL
BRL BRL MKD MKD 10.5293 BRL to MKD 0.095 MKD to BRL
BRL BRL MDL MDL 3.2852 BRL to MDL 0.3044 MDL to BRL
BRL BRL NOK NOK 1.9315 BRL to NOK 0.5177 NOK to BRL
BRL BRL PLN PLN 0.7404 BRL to PLN 1.3506 PLN to BRL
BRL BRL RON RON 0.8515 BRL to RON 1.1744 RON to BRL
BRL BRL RUB RUB 16.0217 BRL to RUB 0.0624 RUB to BRL
BRL BRL SEK SEK 1.9236 BRL to SEK 0.5199 SEK to BRL
BRL BRL CHF CHF 0.1634 BRL to CHF 6.1184 CHF to BRL
BRL BRL TRY TRY 6.0221 BRL to TRY 0.1661 TRY to BRL
BRL BRL UAH UAH 7.4443 BRL to UAH 0.1343 UAH to BRL
Updated: 2024-06-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BRL Conversion in currency Conversion
BRL BRL ARS ARS 166.0703 BRL to ARS 0.006 ARS to BRL
BRL BRL BOB BOB 1.2697 BRL to BOB 0.7876 BOB to BRL
BRL BRL CAD CAD 0.2508 BRL to CAD 3.987 CAD to BRL
BRL BRL KYD KYD 0.1531 BRL to KYD 6.5309 KYD to BRL
BRL BRL CLP CLP 170.9748 BRL to CLP 0.0058 CLP to BRL
BRL BRL COP COP 763.5724 BRL to COP 0.0013 COP to BRL
BRL BRL CRC CRC 96.0384 BRL to CRC 0.0104 CRC to BRL
BRL BRL DOP DOP 10.8369 BRL to DOP 0.0923 DOP to BRL
BRL BRL SVC SVC 1.6077 BRL to SVC 0.622 SVC to BRL
BRL BRL FJD FJD 0.4148 BRL to FJD 2.4106 FJD to BRL
BRL BRL HNL HNL 4.5435 BRL to HNL 0.2201 HNL to BRL
BRL BRL JMD JMD 28.5738 BRL to JMD 0.035 JMD to BRL
BRL BRL MXN MXN 3.3616 BRL to MXN 0.2975 MXN to BRL
BRL BRL ANG ANG 0.3311 BRL to ANG 3.0199 ANG to BRL
BRL BRL PYG PYG 1382.705 BRL to PYG 0.0007 PYG to BRL
BRL BRL PEN PEN 0.7022 BRL to PEN 1.424 PEN to BRL
BRL BRL TTD TTD 1.2479 BRL to TTD 0.8013 TTD to BRL
BRL BRL USD USD 0.1834 BRL to USD 5.4539 USD to BRL
BRL BRL UYU UYU 7.2373 BRL to UYU 0.1382 UYU to BRL
BRL BRL VEF VEF 664208.0546 BRL to VEF 0 VEF to BRL
Updated: 2024-06-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BRL Conversion in currency Conversion
BRL BRL AUD AUD 0.2751 BRL to AUD 3.6356 AUD to BRL
BRL BRL BDT BDT 21.5881 BRL to BDT 0.0463 BDT to BRL
BRL BRL BND BND 0.2485 BRL to BND 4.0235 BND to BRL
BRL BRL CNY CNY 1.3313 BRL to CNY 0.7511 CNY to BRL
BRL BRL INR INR 15.3233 BRL to INR 0.0653 INR to BRL
BRL BRL IDR IDR 3015.363 BRL to IDR 0.0003 IDR to BRL
BRL BRL JPY JPY 29.131 BRL to JPY 0.0343 JPY to BRL
BRL BRL MYR MYR 0.8645 BRL to MYR 1.1567 MYR to BRL
BRL BRL MVR MVR 2.8209 BRL to MVR 0.3545 MVR to BRL
BRL BRL NPR NPR 24.5884 BRL to NPR 0.0407 NPR to BRL
BRL BRL NZD NZD 0.2994 BRL to NZD 3.3405 NZD to BRL
BRL BRL PKR PKR 51.1884 BRL to PKR 0.0195 PKR to BRL
BRL BRL PGK PGK 0.7164 BRL to PGK 1.396 PGK to BRL
BRL BRL PHP PHP 10.7822 BRL to PHP 0.0927 PHP to BRL
BRL BRL SCR SCR 2.483 BRL to SCR 0.4027 SCR to BRL
BRL BRL SGD SGD 0.2482 BRL to SGD 4.0297 SGD to BRL
BRL BRL KRW KRW 254.4549 BRL to KRW 0.0039 KRW to BRL
BRL BRL LKR LKR 56.0891 BRL to LKR 0.0178 LKR to BRL
BRL BRL TWD TWD 5.9285 BRL to TWD 0.1687 TWD to BRL
BRL BRL THB THB 6.7308 BRL to THB 0.1486 THB to BRL
Updated: 2024-06-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BRL Conversion in currency Conversion
BRL BRL BHD BHD 0.0691 BRL to BHD 14.4742 BHD to BRL
BRL BRL EGP EGP 8.7474 BRL to EGP 0.1143 EGP to BRL
BRL BRL HKD HKD 1.4306 BRL to HKD 0.699 HKD to BRL
BRL BRL ILS ILS 0.6828 BRL to ILS 1.4646 ILS to BRL
BRL BRL JOD JOD 0.1299 BRL to JOD 7.6957 JOD to BRL
BRL BRL KWD KWD 0.0562 BRL to KWD 17.7843 KWD to BRL
BRL BRL LBP LBP 16453.4164 BRL to LBP 0.0001 LBP to BRL
BRL BRL OMR OMR 0.0706 BRL to OMR 14.1678 OMR to BRL
BRL BRL QAR QAR 0.6701 BRL to QAR 1.4923 QAR to BRL
BRL BRL SAR SAR 0.6879 BRL to SAR 1.4538 SAR to BRL
BRL BRL AED AED 0.6735 BRL to AED 1.4849 AED to BRL
BRL BRL YER YER 45.9027 BRL to YER 0.0218 YER to BRL
Updated: 2024-06-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BRL Conversion in currency Conversion
BRL BRL DZD DZD 24.6688 BRL to DZD 0.0405 DZD to BRL
BRL BRL KES KES 23.5607 BRL to KES 0.0424 KES to BRL
BRL BRL MUR MUR 8.5531 BRL to MUR 0.1169 MUR to BRL
BRL BRL MAD MAD 1.8282 BRL to MAD 0.547 MAD to BRL
BRL BRL NAD NAD 3.3284 BRL to NAD 0.3004 NAD to BRL
BRL BRL NIO NIO 6.7628 BRL to NIO 0.1479 NIO to BRL
BRL BRL NGN NGN 273.0154 BRL to NGN 0.0037 NGN to BRL
BRL BRL SLL SLL 3844.8593 BRL to SLL 0.0003 SLL to BRL
BRL BRL ZAR ZAR 3.2921 BRL to ZAR 0.3038 ZAR to BRL
BRL BRL TZS TZS 481.3067 BRL to TZS 0.0021 TZS to BRL
BRL BRL TND TND 0.575 BRL to TND 1.7393 TND to BRL
BRL BRL UGX UGX 688.0991 BRL to UGX 0.0015 UGX to BRL
BRL BRL XOF XOF 112.3354 BRL to XOF 0.0089 XOF to BRL
BRL BRL ZMK ZMK 1650.415 BRL to ZMK 0.0006 ZMK to BRL

Brazilian Real (BRL)

Sign R$
1 Brazilian Real is subdivided into 100 centavos.

The BRL is the international currency code for the Brazilian real, plural reais, and symbolized by the 'R$" sign. The BRL is officially subdivided into 100 units called centavos. The currency is managed and issued by the Central Bank of Brazil who, as the primary monetary authority throughout Brazil, sets monetary policy with a stated focus on managing price stability. This policy is only circumvented when the value of the BRL begins to surpass $0.50 USD, in which case Brazilian economists fear negative repercussions to the Brazilian economy and take steps to keep it under that level.

Coins used:
-frequently 5, 10, 25, 50 centavos, R$1
-rarely 1 centavo (discontinued in 2006)

Banknotes used:
-frequently R$2, R$5, R$10, R$20, R$50, R$100
-R$1 (discontinued in 2006)

Central Bank
Central Bank of Brazil
Originally in 1994 when Brazil was in the midst of a battle against inflation the new BRL was targeted and introduced at a pegged parity with the USD. But monetary pressures instantly devalued the currency, which was un-pegged and allowed to float, to 2:1USD and then eventually 4:1USD. While the market adjusted to the new BRL and the tighter monetary policies of Brazil, the BRL value has settled most recently within a narrow trading range around 1.75R$ to each USD.

The Brazilian mint and currency printer is the Casa da Moeda do Brasil which is wholly owned by the Brazilian government. The Casa da Moeda do Brasil is used by many other South American countries to print their respective currencies and coins given its high level of modern technology and ability to incorporate anti-counterfeiting safeguards into each issue.

The BRL banknotes have been issued in countless denominations over the years with each successive issue being used simultaneously with the others. The most recent banknote issues are made of polymer and not only incorporate advanced security features, but all have unique characteristics such as varied length in order to assist those with disabilities in differentiating one bill form another. The current issue polymer denominations include R$2, R$5, R$10, R$20, R$50, R$100 and the current issue coin values include 5, 10, 25, 50 centavos, R$1

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