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Costa Rican Colon (CRC) Exchange Rates on 11th December 2023 (11/12/2023)

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Exchange rates for Costa Rican Colon (CRC)

Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 CRC Conversion in currency Conversion
CRC CRC GBP GBP 0.0015 CRC to GBP 662.5934 GBP to CRC
CRC CRC BGN BGN 0.0034 CRC to BGN 290.9148 BGN to CRC
CRC CRC HRK HRK 0.0133 CRC to HRK 75.061 HRK to CRC
CRC CRC CZK CZK 0.0429 CRC to CZK 23.2937 CZK to CRC
CRC CRC DKK DKK 0.0131 CRC to DKK 76.2891 DKK to CRC
CRC CRC HUF HUF 0.6683 CRC to HUF 1.4964 HUF to CRC
CRC CRC KZT KZT 0.8693 CRC to KZT 1.1503 KZT to CRC
CRC CRC LVL LVL 0.0011 CRC to LVL 873.7919 LVL to CRC
CRC CRC MKD MKD 0.1081 CRC to MKD 9.2505 MKD to CRC
CRC CRC MDL MDL 0.0337 CRC to MDL 29.6761 MDL to CRC
CRC CRC NOK NOK 0.0207 CRC to NOK 48.4153 NOK to CRC
CRC CRC PLN PLN 0.0076 CRC to PLN 131.1957 PLN to CRC
CRC CRC RON RON 0.0087 CRC to RON 114.4736 RON to CRC
CRC CRC RUB RUB 0.174 CRC to RUB 5.7455 RUB to CRC
CRC CRC SEK SEK 0.0198 CRC to SEK 50.4217 SEK to CRC
CRC CRC CHF CHF 0.0017 CRC to CHF 600.5477 CHF to CRC
CRC CRC TRY TRY 0.0548 CRC to TRY 18.2399 TRY to CRC
CRC CRC UAH UAH 0.0696 CRC to UAH 14.3686 UAH to CRC
Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 CRC Conversion in currency Conversion
CRC CRC ARS ARS 0.6898 CRC to ARS 1.4496 ARS to CRC
CRC CRC BOB BOB 0.0131 CRC to BOB 76.3795 BOB to CRC
CRC CRC BRL BRL 0.0093 CRC to BRL 107.5068 BRL to CRC
CRC CRC CAD CAD 0.0026 CRC to CAD 388.5615 CAD to CRC
CRC CRC KYD KYD 0.0016 CRC to KYD 633.3162 KYD to CRC
CRC CRC CLP CLP 1.6501 CRC to CLP 0.606 CLP to CRC
CRC CRC COP COP 7.5486 CRC to COP 0.1325 COP to CRC
CRC CRC DOP DOP 0.1079 CRC to DOP 9.2642 DOP to CRC
CRC CRC SVC SVC 0.0169 CRC to SVC 59.2158 SVC to CRC
CRC CRC FJD FJD 0.0042 CRC to FJD 236.201 FJD to CRC
CRC CRC HNL HNL 0.0467 CRC to HNL 21.3996 HNL to CRC
CRC CRC JMD JMD 0.2949 CRC to JMD 3.3911 JMD to CRC
CRC CRC MXN MXN 0.0329 CRC to MXN 30.4276 MXN to CRC
CRC CRC ANG ANG 0.0034 CRC to ANG 292.8525 ANG to CRC
CRC CRC PYG PYG 13.929 CRC to PYG 0.0718 PYG to CRC
CRC CRC PEN PEN 0.0071 CRC to PEN 140.4541 PEN to CRC
CRC CRC TTD TTD 0.0129 CRC to TTD 77.7031 TTD to CRC
CRC CRC USD USD 0.0019 CRC to USD 528.5473 USD to CRC
CRC CRC UYU UYU 0.074 CRC to UYU 13.5052 UYU to CRC
CRC CRC VEF VEF 6720.5602 CRC to VEF 0.0001 VEF to CRC
Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 CRC Conversion in currency Conversion
CRC CRC AUD AUD 0.0029 CRC to AUD 346.3837 AUD to CRC
CRC CRC BDT BDT 0.2084 CRC to BDT 4.798 BDT to CRC
CRC CRC BND BND 0.0025 CRC to BND 394.1956 BND to CRC
CRC CRC CNY CNY 0.0136 CRC to CNY 73.539 CNY to CRC
CRC CRC INR INR 0.1578 CRC to INR 6.3386 INR to CRC
CRC CRC IDR IDR 29.5415 CRC to IDR 0.0339 IDR to CRC
CRC CRC JPY JPY 0.2754 CRC to JPY 3.6305 JPY to CRC
CRC CRC MYR MYR 0.0089 CRC to MYR 112.9121 MYR to CRC
CRC CRC MVR MVR 0.029 CRC to MVR 34.4322 MVR to CRC
CRC CRC NPR NPR 0.2528 CRC to NPR 3.9561 NPR to CRC
CRC CRC NZD NZD 0.0031 CRC to NZD 322.9306 NZD to CRC
CRC CRC PKR PKR 0.5376 CRC to PKR 1.86 PKR to CRC
CRC CRC PGK PGK 0.0071 CRC to PGK 141.5672 PGK to CRC
CRC CRC PHP PHP 0.1052 CRC to PHP 9.5061 PHP to CRC
CRC CRC SCR SCR 0.0241 CRC to SCR 41.4965 SCR to CRC
CRC CRC SGD SGD 0.0025 CRC to SGD 393.421 SGD to CRC
CRC CRC KRW KRW 2.4957 CRC to KRW 0.4007 KRW to CRC
CRC CRC LKR LKR 0.6202 CRC to LKR 1.6125 LKR to CRC
CRC CRC TWD TWD 0.0596 CRC to TWD 16.7745 TWD to CRC
CRC CRC THB THB 0.0675 CRC to THB 14.8113 THB to CRC
Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 CRC Conversion in currency Conversion
CRC CRC BHD BHD 0.0007 CRC to BHD 1400 BHD to CRC
CRC CRC EGP EGP 0.0586 CRC to EGP 17.0721 EGP to CRC
CRC CRC HKD HKD 0.0148 CRC to HKD 67.6816 HKD to CRC
CRC CRC ILS ILS 0.007 CRC to ILS 142.6809 ILS to CRC
CRC CRC JOD JOD 0.0013 CRC to JOD 744.9566 JOD to CRC
CRC CRC KWD KWD 0.0006 CRC to KWD 1714.0582 KWD to CRC
CRC CRC LBP LBP 28.4777 CRC to LBP 0.0351 LBP to CRC
CRC CRC OMR OMR 0.0007 CRC to OMR 1370.9956 OMR to CRC
CRC CRC QAR QAR 0.0069 CRC to QAR 145.1659 QAR to CRC
CRC CRC SAR SAR 0.0071 CRC to SAR 140.9195 SAR to CRC
CRC CRC AED AED 0.0069 CRC to AED 143.9241 AED to CRC
CRC CRC YER YER 0.4736 CRC to YER 2.1114 YER to CRC
Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 CRC Conversion in currency Conversion
CRC CRC DZD DZD 0.2549 CRC to DZD 3.9239 DZD to CRC
CRC CRC KES KES 0.29 CRC to KES 3.4478 KES to CRC
CRC CRC MUR MUR 0.0835 CRC to MUR 11.977 MUR to CRC
CRC CRC MAD MAD 0.0192 CRC to MAD 52.1008 MAD to CRC
CRC CRC NAD NAD 0.0359 CRC to NAD 27.847 NAD to CRC
CRC CRC NIO NIO 0.0693 CRC to NIO 14.4222 NIO to CRC
CRC CRC NGN NGN 1.4959 CRC to NGN 0.6685 NGN to CRC
CRC CRC SLL SLL 37.3666 CRC to SLL 0.0268 SLL to CRC
CRC CRC ZAR ZAR 0.036 CRC to ZAR 27.7973 ZAR to CRC
CRC CRC TZS TZS 4.7474 CRC to TZS 0.2106 TZS to CRC
CRC CRC TND TND 0.0059 CRC to TND 168.8381 TND to CRC
CRC CRC UGX UGX 7.1428 CRC to UGX 0.14 UGX to CRC
CRC CRC XOF XOF 1.1526 CRC to XOF 0.8676 XOF to CRC
CRC CRC ZMK ZMK 17.0301 CRC to ZMK 0.0587 ZMK to CRC

Costa Rica Col�n (CRC)

1 Costa Rica Col�n is subdivided into 100 centimos.

CRC is the international currency code for the Costa Rica col�n, the official currency of Costa Rica, under the circulation control and monetary policy management of the Central Bank of Costa Rica. The written symbol for the CRC is "₡ " and each CRC col�n, is subdivided into 100 c�ntimos, but there are no CRC c�ntimos in current circulation. The United States dollar (USD) is also widely accepted as currency within Costa Rica.

Coins used:
5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 colones

Banknotes used:
1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 colones

Central Bank
Central Bank of Costa Rica
The value of the CRC was originally marked to the USD on what is called a floating peg. Where the value of the CRC was literally pegged to an incrementally lower value to the USD each month. This was continued until 2006 when the USD began to be devalued itself worldwide, a situation that in turn devalued the CRC by too much each month. As a result, the CRC was un-pegged from the USD in 2006 and given a fixed trading range that it is allowed to float within relative to the USD.

The Central Bank of Costa Rica issues coins in 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 col�nes denominations and banknotes in 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, and 50,000 col�nes denominations. In 2010 all previously printed Costa Rican currency was abandoned and replaced by the new currency. The new currency features security enhancements and each note is a different length in order to assist those with disabilities in differentiating note denominations.

Slang names for the CRC are common in transactions. One ca�as is the same as one col�nes and this slang is used for col�nes notes under 100 col�nes. The "teja" is the same as 100 col�nes therefore 5 tejas is the same as 500 col�nes. The ₡ 500 is called the morado, the ₡ 1000 is called the "un rojo", the ₡ 5000 is called the "tucan" and the ₡ 10000 is known as the Ema Gamboa. These names are oftentimes used to confuse tourists, thus learning them is valuable in everyday transactions.

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