Nicaraguan Cordoba (NIO) Exchange Rates on 07th December 2019 (07/12/2019)

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Exchange rates for Nicaraguan Cordoba (NIO)

Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 NIO Conversion in currency Conversion
NIO GBP 0.0224 NIO to GBP 44.5583 GBP to NIO
NIO BGN 0.0521 NIO to BGN 19.2011 BGN to NIO
NIO HRK 0.1983 NIO to HRK 5.0422 HRK to NIO
NIO CZK 0.6806 NIO to CZK 1.4693 CZK to NIO
NIO DKK 0.1992 NIO to DKK 5.0195 DKK to NIO
NIO HUF 8.8281 NIO to HUF 0.1133 HUF to NIO
NIO KZT 11.3809 NIO to KZT 0.0879 KZT to NIO
NIO LVL 0.0178 NIO to LVL 56.0604 LVL to NIO
NIO LTL 0.0871 NIO to LTL 11.4844 LTL to NIO
NIO MKD 1.6374 NIO to MKD 0.6107 MKD to NIO
NIO MDL 0.5129 NIO to MDL 1.9495 MDL to NIO
NIO NOK 0.2694 NIO to NOK 3.7116 NOK to NIO
NIO PLN 0.114 NIO to PLN 8.7704 PLN to NIO
NIO RON 0.1274 NIO to RON 7.8476 RON to NIO
NIO RUB 1.8777 NIO to RUB 0.5326 RUB to NIO
NIO SEK 0.28 NIO to SEK 3.5714 SEK to NIO
NIO CHF 0.0292 NIO to CHF 34.2154 CHF to NIO
NIO TRY 0.1703 NIO to TRY 5.8703 TRY to NIO
NIO UAH 0.6994 NIO to UAH 1.4298 UAH to NIO
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 NIO Conversion in currency Conversion
NIO ARS 1.7663 NIO to ARS 0.5662 ARS to NIO
NIO BOB 0.2039 NIO to BOB 4.9038 BOB to NIO
NIO BRL 0.1221 NIO to BRL 8.1881 BRL to NIO
NIO CAD 0.0391 NIO to CAD 25.5836 CAD to NIO
NIO KYD 0.0246 NIO to KYD 40.6894 KYD to NIO
NIO CLP 22.9341 NIO to CLP 0.0436 CLP to NIO
NIO COP 100.9867 NIO to COP 0.0099 COP to NIO
NIO CRC 16.6915 NIO to CRC 0.0599 CRC to NIO
NIO DOP 1.5669 NIO to DOP 0.6382 DOP to NIO
NIO SVC 0.258 NIO to SVC 3.8753 SVC to NIO
NIO FJD 0.0641 NIO to FJD 15.5964 FJD to NIO
NIO HNL 0.7341 NIO to HNL 1.3621 HNL to NIO
NIO JMD 4.145 NIO to JMD 0.2413 JMD to NIO
NIO MXN 0.569 NIO to MXN 1.7575 MXN to NIO
NIO ANG 0.0506 NIO to ANG 19.7726 ANG to NIO
NIO PYG 189.9632 NIO to PYG 0.0053 PYG to NIO
NIO PEN 0.0997 NIO to PEN 10.0341 PEN to NIO
NIO TTD 0.1993 NIO to TTD 5.0187 TTD to NIO
NIO USD 0.0295 NIO to USD 33.9104 USD to NIO
NIO UYU 1.1155 NIO to UYU 0.8965 UYU to NIO
NIO VEF 0.2945 NIO to VEF 3.3953 VEF to NIO
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 NIO Conversion in currency Conversion
NIO AUD 0.0431 NIO to AUD 23.2063 AUD to NIO
NIO BDT 2.5008 NIO to BDT 0.3999 BDT to NIO
NIO BND 0.0401 NIO to BND 24.9369 BND to NIO
NIO CNY 0.2075 NIO to CNY 4.82 CNY to NIO
NIO INR 2.1025 NIO to INR 0.4756 INR to NIO
NIO IDR 413.557 NIO to IDR 0.0024 IDR to NIO
NIO JPY 3.202 NIO to JPY 0.3123 JPY to NIO
NIO MYR 0.1227 NIO to MYR 8.1525 MYR to NIO
NIO MVR 0.4556 NIO to MVR 2.1948 MVR to NIO
NIO NPR 3.3606 NIO to NPR 0.2976 NPR to NIO
NIO NZD 0.045 NIO to NZD 22.2241 NZD to NIO
NIO PKR 4.5651 NIO to PKR 0.2191 PKR to NIO
NIO PGK 0.1 NIO to PGK 10.002 PGK to NIO
NIO PHP 1.4976 NIO to PHP 0.6677 PHP to NIO
NIO SCR 0.4041 NIO to SCR 2.4748 SCR to NIO
NIO SGD 0.0401 NIO to SGD 24.9318 SGD to NIO
NIO KRW 34.9807 NIO to KRW 0.0286 KRW to NIO
NIO LKR 5.3436 NIO to LKR 0.1871 LKR to NIO
NIO TWD 0.8976 NIO to TWD 1.1141 TWD to NIO
NIO THB 0.8951 NIO to THB 1.1172 THB to NIO
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 NIO Conversion in currency Conversion
NIO BHD 0.0111 NIO to BHD 89.9224 BHD to NIO
NIO EGP 0.476 NIO to EGP 2.1006 EGP to NIO
NIO HKD 0.2309 NIO to HKD 4.3308 HKD to NIO
NIO ILS 0.1024 NIO to ILS 9.7678 ILS to NIO
NIO JOD 0.0209 NIO to JOD 47.8258 JOD to NIO
NIO KWD 0.009 NIO to KWD 111.6979 KWD to NIO
NIO LBP 44.5844 NIO to LBP 0.0224 LBP to NIO
NIO OMR 0.0114 NIO to OMR 88.0666 OMR to NIO
NIO QAR 0.1074 NIO to QAR 9.3141 QAR to NIO
NIO SAR 0.1106 NIO to SAR 9.0434 SAR to NIO
NIO AED 0.1083 NIO to AED 9.2322 AED to NIO
NIO YER 7.3827 NIO to YER 0.1355 YER to NIO
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 NIO Conversion in currency Conversion
NIO DZD 3.532 NIO to DZD 0.2831 DZD to NIO
NIO KES 2.9994 NIO to KES 0.3334 KES to NIO
NIO MUR 1.0764 NIO to MUR 0.929 MUR to NIO
NIO MAD 0.2845 NIO to MAD 3.5149 MAD to NIO
NIO NAD 0.432 NIO to NAD 2.3146 NAD to NIO
NIO NGN 10.69 NIO to NGN 0.0935 NGN to NIO
NIO SLL 287.522 NIO to SLL 0.0035 SLL to NIO
NIO ZAR 0.4312 NIO to ZAR 2.3191 ZAR to NIO
NIO TZS 67.7552 NIO to TZS 0.0148 TZS to NIO
NIO TND 0.0842 NIO to TND 11.8796 TND to NIO
NIO UGX 108.6707 NIO to UGX 0.0092 UGX to NIO
NIO XOF 17.4283 NIO to XOF 0.0574 XOF to NIO
NIO ZMK 265.4406 NIO to ZMK 0.0038 ZMK to NIO

Nicaraguan Cordoba (NIO)

Sign CNT$
1 Nicaraguan Cordoba is subdivided into 100 centavos.

Nicaragua is a large country in Central America. It borders Honduras and Costa Rica and sits very close to the Equator. Nicaragua is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The country was the first in the Americas to completely change the production of paper currency into polymer banknotes. These were issued in 2009 in order to fight counterfeiting and to reduce the need for reprinting banknotes. Banknotes that were issued before this time are still considered to be legal tender in Nicaragua.

Coins used:
5, 10, 25, 50 centavos, C$1, C$5, C$10

Banknotes used:
C$10, C$20, C$50, C$100, C$200, C$500

Central Bank
Central Bank of Nicaragua
The official currency of Nicaragua is the Cordoba. The cordoba is divided into 100 cents or centavos. The cordoba was introduced in 1912 and at that time was equal in value to the US Dollar. The new cordoba was introduced in 1991 and was equal to 1000 old cordobas. The cordoba is also often referred to as a peso or cord. The currency is issued in denominations of C$10, C$20, C$50, C$100 and C$500. Coins are issued in denominations of C$.25, C$.50, C$1 and C$5. Larger denominations such as the C$100 are often difficult to change.

The US Dollar is accepted at most retailers and other establishments in Nicaragua unless the bills are damaged or worn. Prices are often offered in US Dollars but cordobas are considered to be much simpler to use in the country. The US Dollar is the only form of foreign currency that is freely exchangeable in the country. Travelers will find it very easy to exchange US Dollars in currency or travelers checks at any bank that offers this service or through the many retailers that provide exchanges. Smaller businesses will likely only accept cordobas. Many banks offer currency exchange and there are smaller retailers who will gladly convert US Dollars into cordobas for a small fee.

Visa and MasterCard are accepted widely throughout Nicaragua, particularly at larger establishments including most restaurants and hotels. In many places where the electricity is unstable, credit cards may not be accepted so it is recommended that anyone visiting these areas stop by a bank for a currency exchange to ensure that they have an adequate amount of cordoba with them. This is true for most of the Caribbean Coast throughout the country. There may also be moneychangers throughout the larger cities who will exchange currency for a fee. These fees however may often be much higher than exchanges done through official banks.

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