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Uzbekistan Som (UZS) Exchange Rates on 20th October 2020 (20/10/2020)

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Exchange rates for Uzbekistan Som (UZS)

Updated: 2020-10-20
Convert from Convert to 1 UZS Conversion in currency Conversion
UZS GBP 0.0001 UZS to GBP 13417.8959 GBP to UZS
UZS BGN 0.0002 UZS to BGN 6235.4751 BGN to UZS
UZS HRK 0.0006 UZS to HRK 1608.9354 HRK to UZS
UZS CZK 0.0022 UZS to CZK 447.621 CZK to UZS
UZS DKK 0.0006 UZS to DKK 1639.9979 DKK to UZS
UZS HUF 0.0299 UZS to HUF 33.4172 HUF to UZS
UZS KZT 0.0413 UZS to KZT 24.2325 KZT to UZS
UZS LVL 0.0001 UZS to LVL 17139.2151 LVL to UZS
UZS Flag of North Macedonia MKD 0.0051 UZS to MKD 197.914 MKD to UZS
UZS MDL 0.0016 UZS to MDL 610.304 MDL to UZS
UZS id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.0009 UZS to NOK 1110.5679 NOK to UZS
UZS PLN 0.0004 UZS to PLN 2663.1661 PLN to UZS
UZS RON 0.0004 UZS to RON 2503.3411 RON to UZS
UZS RUB 0.0075 UZS to RUB 133.3394 RUB to UZS
UZS Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 UZS to SKK 0 SKK to UZS
UZS SEK 0.0009 UZS to SEK 1173.7931 SEK to UZS
UZS CHF 0.0001 UZS to CHF 11392.3751 CHF to UZS
UZS TRY 0.0008 UZS to TRY 1311.8587 TRY to UZS
UZS UAH 0.0027 UZS to UAH 365.741 UAH to UZS
Updated: 2020-10-20
Convert from Convert to 1 UZS Conversion in currency Conversion
UZS ARS 0.0075 UZS to ARS 133.6409 ARS to UZS
UZS BOB 0.0007 UZS to BOB 1502.5494 BOB to UZS
UZS BRL 0.0005 UZS to BRL 1849.0308 BRL to UZS
UZS Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0001 UZS to CAD 7855.4624 CAD to UZS
UZS KYD 0.0001 UZS to KYD 12449.6158 KYD to UZS
UZS CLP 0.076 UZS to CLP 13.1637 CLP to UZS
UZS COP 0.3709 UZS to COP 2.6965 COP to UZS
UZS CRC 0.0581 UZS to CRC 17.1978 CRC to UZS
UZS DOP 0.0056 UZS to DOP 177.7496 DOP to UZS
UZS SVC 0.0008 UZS to SVC 1185.7126 SVC to UZS
UZS FJD 0.0002 UZS to FJD 4844.4419 FJD to UZS
UZS HNL 0.0024 UZS to HNL 421.5599 HNL to UZS
UZS Flag of Jamaica JMD 0.014 UZS to JMD 71.224 JMD to UZS
UZS MXN 0.002 UZS to MXN 487.9373 MXN to UZS
UZS ANG 0.0002 UZS to ANG 5779.8034 ANG to UZS