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Uzbekistan Som (UZS) Exchange Rates on 19th June 2021 (19/06/2021)

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Exchange rates for Uzbekistan Som (UZS)

Updated: 2021-06-19
Convert from Convert to 1 UZS Conversion in currency Conversion
UZS GBP 0.0001 UZS to GBP 14640.1759 GBP to UZS
UZS BGN 0.0002 UZS to BGN 6422.3596 BGN to UZS
UZS HRK 0.0006 UZS to HRK 1676.1468 HRK to UZS
UZS CZK 0.002 UZS to CZK 491.5822 CZK to UZS
UZS DKK 0.0006 UZS to DKK 1691.0236 DKK to UZS
UZS HUF 0.0283 UZS to HUF 35.3364 HUF to UZS
UZS KZT 0.0404 UZS to KZT 24.7595 KZT to UZS
UZS LVL 0.0001 UZS to LVL 17523.8385 LVL to UZS
UZS Flag of North Macedonia MKD 0.0049 UZS to MKD 204.9594 MKD to UZS
UZS MDL 0.0017 UZS to MDL 592.9044 MDL to UZS
UZS id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.0008 UZS to NOK 1222.5909 NOK to UZS
UZS PLN 0.0004 UZS to PLN 2762.2142 PLN to UZS
UZS RON 0.0004 UZS to RON 2552.2465 RON to UZS
UZS RUB 0.0069 UZS to RUB 145.6054 RUB to UZS
UZS Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 UZS to SKK 0 SKK to UZS
UZS SEK 0.0008 UZS to SEK 1231.2553 SEK to UZS
UZS CHF 0.0001 UZS to CHF 11483.6783 CHF to UZS
UZS TRY 0.0008 UZS to TRY 1213.2076 TRY to UZS
UZS UAH 0.0026 UZS to UAH 389.7433 UAH to UZS
Updated: 2021-06-19
Convert from Convert to 1 UZS Conversion in currency Conversion
UZS ARS 0.009 UZS to ARS 111.1507 ARS to UZS
UZS BOB 0.0007 UZS to BOB 1534.8487 BOB to UZS
UZS BRL 0.0005 UZS to BRL 2082.4542 BRL to UZS
UZS Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0001 UZS to CAD 8501.62 CAD to UZS
UZS KYD 0.0001 UZS to KYD 12717.7034 KYD to UZS
UZS CLP 0.0706 UZS to CLP 14.1597 CLP to UZS
UZS COP 0.3556 UZS to COP 2.8124 COP to UZS
UZS CRC 0.0583 UZS to CRC 17.1628 CRC to UZS
UZS DOP 0.0054 UZS to DOP 185.7029 DOP to UZS
UZS SVC 0.0008 UZS to SVC 1211.1429 SVC to UZS
UZS FJD 0.0002 UZS to FJD 5133.0762 FJD to UZS
UZS HNL 0.0023 UZS to HNL 439.4624 HNL to UZS
UZS Flag of Jamaica JMD 0.0142 UZS to JMD 70.4693 JMD to UZS
UZS MXN 0.002 UZS to MXN 512.7085 MXN to UZS
UZS ANG 0.0002 UZS to ANG 5904.2958 ANG to UZS