Hungarian Forint (HUF) Exchange Rates on 07th December 2019 (07/12/2019)

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Exchange rates for Hungarian Forint (HUF)

Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 HUF Conversion in currency Conversion
HUF GBP 0.0025 HUF to GBP 393.3646 GBP to HUF
HUF BGN 0.0059 HUF to BGN 169.5093 BGN to HUF
HUF HRK 0.0225 HUF to HRK 44.5131 HRK to HUF
HUF CZK 0.0771 HUF to CZK 12.9709 CZK to HUF
HUF DKK 0.0226 HUF to DKK 44.3127 DKK to HUF
HUF KZT 1.2892 HUF to KZT 0.7757 KZT to HUF
HUF LVL 0.002 HUF to LVL 494.9061 LVL to HUF
HUF LTL 0.0099 HUF to LTL 101.385 LTL to HUF
HUF MKD 0.1855 HUF to MKD 5.3916 MKD to HUF
HUF MDL 0.0581 HUF to MDL 17.2105 MDL to HUF
HUF NOK 0.0305 HUF to NOK 32.7661 NOK to HUF
HUF PLN 0.0129 HUF to PLN 77.426 PLN to HUF
HUF RON 0.0144 HUF to RON 69.2794 RON to HUF
HUF RUB 0.2127 HUF to RUB 4.7016 RUB to HUF
HUF SEK 0.0317 HUF to SEK 31.5284 SEK to HUF
HUF CHF 0.0033 HUF to CHF 302.0562 CHF to HUF
HUF TRY 0.0193 HUF to TRY 51.8235 TRY to HUF
HUF UAH 0.0792 HUF to UAH 12.6224 UAH to HUF
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 HUF Conversion in currency Conversion
HUF ARS 0.2001 HUF to ARS 4.998 ARS to HUF
HUF BOB 0.0231 HUF to BOB 43.2909 BOB to HUF
HUF BRL 0.0138 HUF to BRL 72.2855 BRL to HUF
HUF CAD 0.0044 HUF to CAD 225.8539 CAD to HUF
HUF KYD 0.0028 HUF to KYD 359.2095 KYD to HUF
HUF CLP 2.5979 HUF to CLP 0.3849 CLP to HUF
HUF COP 11.4393 HUF to COP 0.0874 COP to HUF
HUF CRC 1.8907 HUF to CRC 0.5289 CRC to HUF
HUF DOP 0.1775 HUF to DOP 5.634 DOP to HUF
HUF SVC 0.0292 HUF to SVC 34.2113 SVC to HUF
HUF FJD 0.0073 HUF to FJD 137.6861 FJD to HUF
HUF HNL 0.0832 HUF to HNL 12.025 HNL to HUF
HUF JMD 0.4695 HUF to JMD 2.1298 JMD to HUF
HUF MXN 0.0645 HUF to MXN 15.5154 MXN to HUF
HUF ANG 0.0057 HUF to ANG 174.5541 ANG to HUF
HUF PYG 21.518 HUF to PYG 0.0465 PYG to HUF
HUF PEN 0.0113 HUF to PEN 88.5823 PEN to HUF
HUF TTD 0.0226 HUF to TTD 44.3057 TTD to HUF
HUF USD 0.0033 HUF to USD 299.3639 USD to HUF
HUF UYU 0.1264 HUF to UYU 7.9142 UYU to HUF
HUF VEF 0.0334 HUF to VEF 29.9739 VEF to HUF
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 HUF Conversion in currency Conversion
HUF AUD 0.0049 HUF to AUD 204.8671 AUD to HUF
HUF BDT 0.2833 HUF to BDT 3.5302 BDT to HUF
HUF BND 0.0045 HUF to BND 220.145 BND to HUF
HUF CNY 0.0235 HUF to CNY 42.5517 CNY to HUF
HUF INR 0.2382 HUF to INR 4.1988 INR to HUF
HUF IDR 46.8456 HUF to IDR 0.0213 IDR to HUF
HUF JPY 0.3627 HUF to JPY 2.7571 JPY to HUF
HUF MYR 0.0139 HUF to MYR 71.9711 MYR to HUF
HUF MVR 0.0516 HUF to MVR 19.3758 MVR to HUF
HUF NPR 0.3807 HUF to NPR 2.6269 NPR to HUF
HUF NZD 0.0051 HUF to NZD 196.1959 NZD to HUF
HUF PKR 0.5171 HUF to PKR 1.9338 PKR to HUF
HUF PGK 0.0113 HUF to PGK 88.2982 PGK to HUF
HUF PHP 0.1696 HUF to PHP 5.8947 PHP to HUF
HUF SCR 0.0458 HUF to SCR 21.8478 SCR to HUF
HUF SGD 0.0045 HUF to SGD 220.0998 SGD to HUF
HUF KRW 3.9624 HUF to KRW 0.2524 KRW to HUF
HUF LKR 0.6053 HUF to LKR 1.6521 LKR to HUF
HUF TWD 0.1017 HUF to TWD 9.8355 TWD to HUF
HUF THB 0.1014 HUF to THB 9.8629 THB to HUF
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 HUF Conversion in currency Conversion
HUF BHD 0.0013 HUF to BHD 793.8423 BHD to HUF
HUF EGP 0.0539 HUF to EGP 18.5446 EGP to HUF
HUF HKD 0.0262 HUF to HKD 38.2327 HKD to HUF
HUF ILS 0.0116 HUF to ILS 86.231 ILS to HUF
HUF JOD 0.0024 HUF to JOD 422.21 JOD to HUF
HUF KWD 0.001 HUF to KWD 986.0786 KWD to HUF
HUF LBP 5.0503 HUF to LBP 0.198 LBP to HUF
HUF OMR 0.0013 HUF to OMR 777.4598 OMR to HUF
HUF QAR 0.0122 HUF to QAR 82.2259 QAR to HUF
HUF SAR 0.0125 HUF to SAR 79.8357 SAR to HUF
HUF AED 0.0123 HUF to AED 81.5029 AED to HUF
HUF YER 0.8363 HUF to YER 1.1958 YER to HUF
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 HUF Conversion in currency Conversion
HUF DZD 0.4001 HUF to DZD 2.4995 DZD to HUF
HUF KES 0.3398 HUF to KES 2.9433 KES to HUF
HUF MUR 0.1219 HUF to MUR 8.2012 MUR to HUF
HUF MAD 0.0322 HUF to MAD 31.0302 MAD to HUF
HUF NAD 0.0489 HUF to NAD 20.4339 NAD to HUF
HUF NIO 0.1133 HUF to NIO 8.8281 NIO to HUF
HUF NGN 1.2109 HUF to NGN 0.8258 NGN to HUF
HUF SLL 32.569 HUF to SLL 0.0307 SLL to HUF
HUF ZAR 0.0488 HUF to ZAR 20.4734 ZAR to HUF
HUF TZS 7.675 HUF to TZS 0.1303 TZS to HUF
HUF TND 0.0095 HUF to TND 104.8742 TND to HUF
HUF UGX 12.3097 HUF to UGX 0.0812 UGX to HUF
HUF XOF 1.9742 HUF to XOF 0.5065 XOF to HUF
HUF ZMK 30.0677 HUF to ZMK 0.0333 ZMK to HUF

Hungarian Forint (HUF)

Sign Ft
1 Hungarian Forint was subdivided into 100 filler, but the filler is no longer in use due to inflation.

HUF is the official currency code for the Hungarian forint which is the official currency of the Republic of Hungary. The symbol for the forint is Ft, therefore 20 forint is written as 20 Ft. The central bank for Hungary is the Hungarian National Bank, known in Hungarian as the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, which is solely responsible for the issuance and circulation of the HUF. Hungary is currently a member of the European Union and as a result the HUF will eventually be absorbed by the euro and in line with that eventual goal the Hungarian National Bank has as its primary goal, price stability with a current inflation target of 3%.

Coins used:
5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 forint

Banknotes used:
500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000 forint

Central Bank
Hungarian National Bank
Although officially each forint can be subdivided for transactions into 100 units each of which is called a fillr, there are no fillr in current official circulation so the fillr is more or less defunct and is not likely to return prior to the HUF combining with the euro.

Currently in circulation the Hungarian National Bank has authorized the Hungarian Mint Ltd. to produce coins denominated in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 forint and the Hungarian National Bank itself is the printer of the official banknotes in circulation which are denominated in values of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, and 20,000 forint.

The current series of banknotes were printed between 1997 and 2001. This newest series replaced the old forint banknotes because the old banknotes lacked security features and were simple to counterfeit. In addition to this latest issue a special 1000 ft and 2000 ft notes were produced to celebrate the millennium and a 500 ft was printed in 2006 to commemorate the Hungarian 1956 revolution.

There are few instances of counterfeit HUF with one notable exception. There was a brief period were, under the old series of the HUF, the ink on the 2000 Ft notes was dissolved and new 20,000 Ft notes were printed onto the same paper. This was one of the events that prompted the new series to be issued starting in 1997.

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