Czech Republic Koruna (CZK) Exchange Rates on 07th December 2019 (07/12/2019)

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Exchange rates for Czech Republic Koruna (CZK)

Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 CZK Conversion in currency Conversion
CZK GBP 0.033 CZK to GBP 30.3268 GBP to CZK
CZK BGN 0.0765 CZK to BGN 13.0685 BGN to CZK
CZK HRK 0.2914 CZK to HRK 3.4318 HRK to CZK
CZK DKK 0.2927 CZK to DKK 3.4163 DKK to CZK
CZK HUF 12.9709 CZK to HUF 0.0771 HUF to CZK
CZK KZT 16.7217 CZK to KZT 0.0598 KZT to CZK
CZK LVL 0.0262 CZK to LVL 38.1552 LVL to CZK
CZK LTL 0.1279 CZK to LTL 7.8164 LTL to CZK
CZK MKD 2.4058 CZK to MKD 0.4157 MKD to CZK
CZK MDL 0.7537 CZK to MDL 1.3269 MDL to CZK
CZK NOK 0.3959 CZK to NOK 2.5261 NOK to CZK
CZK PLN 0.1675 CZK to PLN 5.9692 PLN to CZK
CZK RON 0.1872 CZK to RON 5.3412 RON to CZK
CZK RUB 2.7588 CZK to RUB 0.3625 RUB to CZK
CZK SEK 0.4114 CZK to SEK 2.4307 SEK to CZK
CZK CHF 0.0429 CZK to CHF 23.2873 CHF to CZK
CZK TRY 0.2503 CZK to TRY 3.9954 TRY to CZK
CZK UAH 1.0276 CZK to UAH 0.9731 UAH to CZK
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 CZK Conversion in currency Conversion
CZK ARS 2.5952 CZK to ARS 0.3853 ARS to CZK
CZK BOB 0.2996 CZK to BOB 3.3376 BOB to CZK
CZK BRL 0.1794 CZK to BRL 5.5729 BRL to CZK
CZK CAD 0.0574 CZK to CAD 17.4124 CAD to CZK
CZK KYD 0.0361 CZK to KYD 27.6936 KYD to CZK
CZK CLP 33.6965 CZK to CLP 0.0297 CLP to CZK
CZK COP 148.377 CZK to COP 0.0067 COP to CZK
CZK CRC 24.5244 CZK to CRC 0.0408 CRC to CZK
CZK DOP 2.3022 CZK to DOP 0.4344 DOP to CZK
CZK SVC 0.3791 CZK to SVC 2.6375 SVC to CZK
CZK FJD 0.0942 CZK to FJD 10.615 FJD to CZK
CZK HNL 1.0787 CZK to HNL 0.9271 HNL to CZK
CZK JMD 6.0902 CZK to JMD 0.1642 JMD to CZK
CZK MXN 0.836 CZK to MXN 1.1962 MXN to CZK
CZK ANG 0.0743 CZK to ANG 13.4574 ANG to CZK
CZK PYG 279.1077 CZK to PYG 0.0036 PYG to CZK
CZK PEN 0.1464 CZK to PEN 6.8293 PEN to CZK
CZK TTD 0.2928 CZK to TTD 3.4158 TTD to CZK
CZK USD 0.0433 CZK to USD 23.0797 USD to CZK
CZK UYU 1.6389 CZK to UYU 0.6102 UYU to CZK
CZK VEF 0.4327 CZK to VEF 2.3109 VEF to CZK
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 CZK Conversion in currency Conversion
CZK AUD 0.0633 CZK to AUD 15.7944 AUD to CZK
CZK BDT 3.6743 CZK to BDT 0.2722 BDT to CZK
CZK BND 0.0589 CZK to BND 16.9723 BND to CZK
CZK CNY 0.3048 CZK to CNY 3.2806 CNY to CZK
CZK INR 3.0892 CZK to INR 0.3237 INR to CZK
CZK IDR 607.6279 CZK to IDR 0.0016 IDR to CZK
CZK JPY 4.7046 CZK to JPY 0.2126 JPY to CZK
CZK MYR 0.1802 CZK to MYR 5.5487 MYR to CZK
CZK MVR 0.6694 CZK to MVR 1.4938 MVR to CZK
CZK NPR 4.9377 CZK to NPR 0.2025 NPR to CZK
CZK NZD 0.0661 CZK to NZD 15.1259 NZD to CZK
CZK PKR 6.7073 CZK to PKR 0.1491 PKR to CZK
CZK PGK 0.1469 CZK to PGK 6.8074 PGK to CZK
CZK PHP 2.2004 CZK to PHP 0.4545 PHP to CZK
CZK SCR 0.5937 CZK to SCR 1.6844 SCR to CZK
CZK SGD 0.0589 CZK to SGD 16.9688 SGD to CZK
CZK KRW 51.3962 CZK to KRW 0.0195 KRW to CZK
CZK LKR 7.8512 CZK to LKR 0.1274 LKR to CZK
CZK TWD 1.3188 CZK to TWD 0.7583 TWD to CZK
CZK THB 1.3151 CZK to THB 0.7604 THB to CZK
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 CZK Conversion in currency Conversion
CZK BHD 0.0163 CZK to BHD 61.202 BHD to CZK
CZK EGP 0.6994 CZK to EGP 1.4297 EGP to CZK
CZK HKD 0.3393 CZK to HKD 2.9476 HKD to CZK
CZK ILS 0.1504 CZK to ILS 6.6481 ILS to CZK
CZK JOD 0.0307 CZK to JOD 32.5506 JOD to CZK
CZK KWD 0.0132 CZK to KWD 76.0226 KWD to CZK
CZK LBP 65.5066 CZK to LBP 0.0153 LBP to CZK
CZK OMR 0.0167 CZK to OMR 59.9389 OMR to CZK
CZK QAR 0.1577 CZK to QAR 6.3393 QAR to CZK
CZK SAR 0.1625 CZK to SAR 6.155 SAR to CZK
CZK AED 0.1591 CZK to AED 6.2835 AED to CZK
CZK YER 10.8472 CZK to YER 0.0922 YER to CZK
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 CZK Conversion in currency Conversion
CZK DZD 5.1894 CZK to DZD 0.1927 DZD to CZK
CZK KES 4.4069 CZK to KES 0.2269 KES to CZK
CZK MUR 1.5816 CZK to MUR 0.6323 MUR to CZK
CZK MAD 0.418 CZK to MAD 2.3923 MAD to CZK
CZK NAD 0.6348 CZK to NAD 1.5754 NAD to CZK
CZK NIO 1.4693 CZK to NIO 0.6806 NIO to CZK
CZK NGN 15.7066 CZK to NGN 0.0637 NGN to CZK
CZK SLL 422.4482 CZK to SLL 0.0024 SLL to CZK
CZK ZAR 0.6335 CZK to ZAR 1.5784 ZAR to CZK
CZK TZS 99.5508 CZK to TZS 0.01 TZS to CZK
CZK TND 0.1237 CZK to TND 8.0854 TND to CZK
CZK UGX 159.6668 CZK to UGX 0.0063 UGX to CZK
CZK XOF 25.6069 CZK to XOF 0.0391 XOF to CZK
CZK ZMK 390.0046 CZK to ZMK 0.0026 ZMK to CZK

Czech Republic Koruna (CZK)

1 Czech Republic Koruna is subdivided into 100 haler.

CZK is the international currency code for the Czech koruna, symbolized with "Kč " and issued by the Czech National Bank. The CZK entered circulation in 1993 replacing the previous currency, the Czechoslovak koruna, on a 1:1 trade. The Kč symbol is written after the numerals when referring to written amounts denominated in CZK; for example 200 koruna is written as 200Kč.

Coins used:
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Kč

Banknotes used:
100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 Kč

Central Bank
Czech National Bank
There are many names for the CZK, including koruna ?esk with the plural being koruny ?esk and korun ?eskch, korun ?eskch being a more specific way to refer to coin or notes valued at or above 5Kč. There is a move for the CZK to be abandoned, moving the Czech Republic into the eurozone, but as of today that move is unpopular in the Republic and therefore a date to enter the eurozone has been put off indefinitely.

The CZK is under the monetary policy and circulation control of the Czech National Bank. This Czech Republic central bank has as its stated mandate to use monetary policy with the goal of price stability. As of the latest issue of the CZK, the Czech national bank has been extremely successful in fulfilling its mandate and combating inflation with the annual Czech inflation rate on a steady path of decline since 1993. The current rate of inflation in the Czech Republic is 1.5% annual.

The current coins in circulation are the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 Kč and the common banknotes in circulation are the 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000 Kč. Each koruna is officially subdivided into 100 haler, symbolized with an "h", and pronounced singular as haler and plural as halere and haleru, the former being used with denominations over 5h. but there are no haler denominated coins or banknotes in official circulation.

Other References
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