Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF) Exchange Rates on 24th January 2020 (24/01/2020)

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Exchange rates for Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF)

Updated: 2020-01-24
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VEF GBP 0.0762 VEF to GBP 13.1169 GBP to VEF
VEF BGN 0.1772 VEF to BGN 5.643 BGN to VEF
VEF HRK 0.6745 VEF to HRK 1.4825 HRK to VEF
VEF CZK 2.2801 VEF to CZK 0.4386 CZK to VEF
VEF DKK 0.6771 VEF to DKK 1.4769 DKK to VEF
VEF HUF 30.5241 VEF to HUF 0.0328 HUF to VEF
VEF KZT 37.9742 VEF to KZT 0.0263 KZT to VEF
VEF LVL 0.0606 VEF to LVL 16.5113 LVL to VEF
VEF LTL 0.2956 VEF to LTL 3.3825 LTL to VEF
VEF MKD 5.5802 VEF to MKD 0.1792 MKD to VEF
VEF MDL 1.7821 VEF to MDL 0.5611 MDL to VEF
VEF NOK 0.9007 VEF to NOK 1.1103 NOK to VEF
VEF PLN 0.3847 VEF to PLN 2.5995 PLN to VEF
VEF RON 0.4332 VEF to RON 2.3086 RON to VEF
VEF RUB 6.196 VEF to RUB 0.1614 RUB to VEF
VEF SEK 0.9545 VEF to SEK 1.0477 SEK to VEF
VEF CHF 0.0972 VEF to CHF 10.2922 CHF to VEF
VEF TRY 0.5938 VEF to TRY 1.6839 TRY to VEF
VEF UAH 2.4596 VEF to UAH 0.4066 UAH to VEF
Updated: 2020-01-24
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VEF ARS 6.0071 VEF to ARS 0.1665 ARS to VEF
VEF BOB 0.6946 VEF to BOB 1.4398 BOB to VEF
VEF BRL 0.4176 VEF to BRL 2.3946 BRL to VEF
VEF CAD 0.1314 VEF to CAD 7.6083 CAD to VEF
VEF KYD 0.0837 VEF to KYD 11.9473 KYD to VEF
VEF CLP 78.0165 VEF to CLP 0.0128 CLP to VEF
VEF COP 336.5524 VEF to COP 0.003 COP to VEF
VEF CRC 56.7251 VEF to CRC 0.0176 CRC to VEF
VEF DOP 5.3425 VEF to DOP 0.1872 DOP to VEF
VEF SVC 0.8789 VEF to SVC 1.1378 SVC to VEF
VEF FJD 0.2173 VEF to FJD 4.6011 FJD to VEF
VEF HNL 2.4736 VEF to HNL 0.4043 HNL to VEF
VEF JMD 13.962 VEF to JMD 0.0716 JMD to VEF
VEF MXN 1.8782 VEF to MXN 0.5324 MXN to VEF
VEF ANG 0.1667 VEF to ANG 5.9977 ANG to VEF
VEF PYG 655.5875 VEF to PYG 0.0015 PYG to VEF
VEF PEN 0.3333 VEF to PEN 3.0001 PEN to VEF
VEF TTD 0.6792 VEF to TTD 1.4724 TTD to VEF
VEF USD 0.1001 VEF to USD 9.9875 USD to VEF
VEF UYU 3.7576 VEF to UYU 0.2661 UYU to VEF
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 VEF Conversion in currency Conversion
VEF AUD 0.1463 VEF to AUD 6.8349 AUD to VEF
VEF BDT 8.527 VEF to BDT 0.1173 BDT to VEF
VEF BND 0.1355 VEF to BND 7.3793 BND to VEF
VEF CNY 0.6945 VEF to CNY 1.4398 CNY to VEF
VEF INR 7.1347 VEF to INR 0.1402 INR to VEF
VEF IDR 1359.7282 VEF to IDR 0.0007 IDR to VEF
VEF JPY 10.9675 VEF to JPY 0.0912 JPY to VEF
VEF MYR 0.4068 VEF to MYR 2.4585 MYR to VEF
VEF MVR 1.5469 VEF to MVR 0.6464 MVR to VEF
VEF NPR 11.4459 VEF to NPR 0.0874 NPR to VEF
VEF NZD 0.1514 VEF to NZD 6.6068 NZD to VEF
VEF PKR 15.5409 VEF to PKR 0.0643 PKR to VEF
VEF PGK 0.3467 VEF to PGK 2.8842 PGK to VEF
VEF PHP 5.0926 VEF to PHP 0.1964 PHP to VEF
VEF SCR 1.3716 VEF to SCR 0.7291 SCR to VEF
VEF SGD 0.1351 VEF to SGD 7.3993 SGD to VEF
VEF KRW 116.95 VEF to KRW 0.0086 KRW to VEF
VEF LKR 18.2328 VEF to LKR 0.0548 LKR to VEF
VEF TWD 3.004 VEF to TWD 0.3329 TWD to VEF
VEF THB 3.0532 VEF to THB 0.3275 THB to VEF
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 VEF Conversion in currency Conversion
VEF BHD 0.0377 VEF to BHD 26.4923 BHD to VEF
VEF EGP 1.5789 VEF to EGP 0.6334 EGP to VEF
VEF HKD 0.7782 VEF to HKD 1.285 HKD to VEF
VEF ILS 0.346 VEF to ILS 2.8904 ILS to VEF
VEF JOD 0.071 VEF to JOD 14.0865 JOD to VEF
VEF KWD 0.0304 VEF to KWD 32.8786 KWD to VEF
VEF LBP 151.8878 VEF to LBP 0.0066 LBP to VEF
VEF OMR 0.0385 VEF to OMR 25.9779 OMR to VEF
VEF QAR 0.3646 VEF to QAR 2.7431 QAR to VEF
VEF SAR 0.3756 VEF to SAR 2.6624 SAR to VEF
VEF AED 0.3678 VEF to AED 2.7192 AED to VEF
VEF YER 25.0663 VEF to YER 0.0399 YER to VEF
Updated: 2020-01-24
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VEF DZD 11.9905 VEF to DZD 0.0834 DZD to VEF
VEF KES 10.0967 VEF to KES 0.099 KES to VEF
VEF MUR 3.6786 VEF to MUR 0.2718 MUR to VEF
VEF MAD 0.9659 VEF to MAD 1.0353 MAD to VEF
VEF NAD 1.4416 VEF to NAD 0.6937 NAD to VEF
VEF NIO 3.3884 VEF to NIO 0.2951 NIO to VEF
VEF NGN 36.1952 VEF to NGN 0.0276 NGN to VEF
VEF SLL 972.4633 VEF to SLL 0.001 SLL to VEF
VEF ZAR 1.4392 VEF to ZAR 0.6948 ZAR to VEF
VEF TZS 230.8479 VEF to TZS 0.0043 TZS to VEF
VEF TND 0.2827 VEF to TND 3.537 TND to VEF
VEF UGX 369.4273 VEF to UGX 0.0027 UGX to VEF
VEF XOF 59.4073 VEF to XOF 0.0168 XOF to VEF
VEF ZMK 901.2462 VEF to ZMK 0.0011 ZMK to VEF

Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF)

Sign Bs.F
1 Venezuelan Bolivar is subdivided into 100 centimos.

The Venezuelan bolivar is the official currency of Venezuela. The bolivar is denoted by the symbol VEF and is often abbreviated to B. Banknotes for the bolivar are issued in denominations of 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 and 50000. Coins are issued in denominations of 50, 100 and 500 bolivar coins. The notes are not issued in different colors for different denominations like other countries so visitors should be very careful to not get banknotes confused when paying for goods and services.

Coins used:
-frequently 10c, 20c, 50c, Bs.F. 1
-rarely 1c, 5c, 12½c

Banknotes used:
Bs.F. 2; 5; 10; 20; 50; 100

Central Bank
Banco Central de Venezuela
The US Dollar is the most preferred form of foreign currency and typically offers lower exchange rates and easier transactions. The official place for foreign currency exchange is an authorized currency exchange office called a casa de cambio. These offices are available in all major cities and purchase foreign currency at the current rates of exchange. They do not however sell foreign currency so those looking to re-exchange currency upon leaving will not be able to do so at a money exchange office. The euro and British sterling can be exchanged at most exchange offices, although those in smaller areas only accept the US Dollar. Those who do exchange other currencies may offer higher rates for these transactions.

Credit cards are accepted in Venezuela with MasterCard and Visa being the most widely used. Both can be used to pay for accommodations, restaurants and many shopping centers and for cash withdrawals at various ATMs. ATMs will offer cash withdrawals and disperse funds in bolivar. ATMs are also located at many airport terminals and hotel lobbies. Tour operators typically accept credit cards but may charge a commission of 10 percent or more for the transaction. Cash is typically better for these services.

Traveler’s checks are accepted in some places and American Express is the preferred brand. Some banks and exchange offices will cash and exchange traveler’s checks into bolivar but it may be hard to find a location that offers this service. Most will charge the current exchange rate plus an additional fee for cashing a traveler’s check. This fee can be up to 3 percent or more for each transaction.

There are no notable restrictions for importing or exporting local or foreign currencies, although any currency brought in to the country should be declared upon entering and currencies being taken out of the country should be declared at customs prior to leaving. Airports offer exchange desks where bolivar can be exchanged for foreign currency prior to leaving the country.

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