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Japanese Yen (JPY) Exchange Rates on 12th July 2020 (12/07/2020)

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Exchange rates for Japanese Yen (JPY)

Updated: 2020-07-12
Convert from Convert to 1 JPY Conversion in currency Conversion
JPY GBP 0.0074 JPY to GBP 134.9407 GBP to JPY
JPY BGN 0.0162 JPY to BGN 61.7624 BGN to JPY
JPY HRK 0.0623 JPY to HRK 16.0466 HRK to JPY
JPY CZK 0.2208 JPY to CZK 4.5295 CZK to JPY
JPY DKK 0.0617 JPY to DKK 16.2184 DKK to JPY
JPY HUF 2.923 JPY to HUF 0.3421 HUF to JPY
JPY KZT 3.8685 JPY to KZT 0.2585 KZT to JPY
JPY LVL 0.0057 JPY to LVL 176.7343 LVL to JPY
JPY Flag of North Macedonia MKD 0.5103 JPY to MKD 1.9597 MKD to JPY
JPY MDL 0.1602 JPY to MDL 6.2433 MDL to JPY
JPY id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.0882 JPY to NOK 11.3404 NOK to JPY
JPY PLN 0.037 JPY to PLN 27.0515 PLN to JPY
JPY RON 0.0401 JPY to RON 24.9492 RON to JPY
JPY RUB 0.6616 JPY to RUB 1.5114 RUB to JPY
JPY Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 JPY to SKK 0 SKK to JPY
JPY SEK 0.0861 JPY to SEK 11.6205 SEK to JPY
JPY CHF 0.0088 JPY to CHF 113.5813 CHF to JPY
JPY TRY 0.0642 JPY to TRY 15.5707 TRY to JPY
JPY UAH 0.2523 JPY to UAH 3.9631 UAH to JPY
Updated: 2020-07-12
Convert from Convert to 1 JPY Conversion in currency Conversion
JPY ARS 0.6629 JPY to ARS 1.5086 ARS to JPY
JPY BOB 0.0646 JPY to BOB 15.4839 BOB to JPY
JPY BRL 0.0499 JPY to BRL 20.0254 BRL to JPY
JPY Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0127 JPY to CAD 78.6733 CAD to JPY
JPY KYD 0.0078 JPY to KYD 128.293 KYD to JPY
JPY CLP 7.4122 JPY to CLP 0.1349 CLP to JPY
JPY COP 33.8909 JPY to COP 0.0295 COP to JPY
JPY CRC 5.4543 JPY to CRC 0.1833 CRC to JPY
JPY DOP 0.545 JPY to DOP 1.8348 DOP to JPY
JPY SVC 0.0818 JPY to SVC 12.2191 SVC to JPY
JPY FJD 0.0201 JPY to FJD 49.8148 FJD to JPY
JPY HNL 0.2315 JPY to HNL 4.3203 HNL to JPY
JPY Flag of Jamaica JMD 1.3199 JPY to JMD 0.7576 JMD to JPY
JPY MXN 0.2099 JPY to MXN 4.7632 MXN to JPY
JPY ANG 0.0168 JPY to ANG 59.5615 ANG to JPY
JPY PYG 64.0318 JPY to PYG 0.0156 PYG to JPY
JPY xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.0328 JPY to PEN 30.5254 PEN to JPY
JPY TTD 0.0632 JPY to TTD 15.8119 TTD to JPY
JPY USD 0.0094 JPY to USD 106.905 USD to JPY
JPY xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> UYU 0.4084 JPY to UYU 2.4485 UYU to JPY