South Korean Won (KRW) Exchange Rates on 07th December 2019 (07/12/2019)

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Exchange rates for South Korean Won (KRW)

Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KRW Conversion in currency Conversion
KRW GBP 0.0006 KRW to GBP 1558.6822 GBP to KRW
KRW BGN 0.0015 KRW to BGN 671.6697 BGN to KRW
KRW HRK 0.0057 KRW to HRK 176.3802 HRK to KRW
KRW CZK 0.0195 KRW to CZK 51.3962 CZK to KRW
KRW DKK 0.0057 KRW to DKK 175.5863 DKK to KRW
KRW HUF 0.2524 KRW to HUF 3.9624 HUF to KRW
KRW KZT 0.3253 KRW to KZT 3.0736 KZT to KRW
KRW LVL 0.0005 KRW to LVL 1961.0338 LVL to KRW
KRW LTL 0.0025 KRW to LTL 401.7318 LTL to KRW
KRW MKD 0.0468 KRW to MKD 21.3638 MKD to KRW
KRW MDL 0.0147 KRW to MDL 68.1954 MDL to KRW
KRW NOK 0.0077 KRW to NOK 129.8338 NOK to KRW
KRW PLN 0.0033 KRW to PLN 306.7955 PLN to KRW
KRW RON 0.0036 KRW to RON 274.5154 RON to KRW
KRW RUB 0.0537 KRW to RUB 18.6298 RUB to KRW
KRW SEK 0.008 KRW to SEK 124.9292 SEK to KRW
KRW CHF 0.0008 KRW to CHF 1196.8784 CHF to KRW
KRW TRY 0.0049 KRW to TRY 205.3474 TRY to KRW
KRW UAH 0.02 KRW to UAH 50.0154 UAH to KRW
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KRW Conversion in currency Conversion
KRW ARS 0.0505 KRW to ARS 19.8045 ARS to KRW
KRW BOB 0.0058 KRW to BOB 171.5376 BOB to KRW
KRW BRL 0.0035 KRW to BRL 286.4269 BRL to KRW
KRW CAD 0.0011 KRW to CAD 894.9316 CAD to KRW
KRW KYD 0.0007 KRW to KYD 1423.3449 KYD to KRW
KRW CLP 0.6556 KRW to CLP 1.5253 CLP to KRW
KRW COP 2.8869 KRW to COP 0.3464 COP to KRW
KRW CRC 0.4772 KRW to CRC 2.0957 CRC to KRW
KRW DOP 0.0448 KRW to DOP 22.3245 DOP to KRW
KRW SVC 0.0074 KRW to SVC 135.5599 SVC to KRW
KRW FJD 0.0018 KRW to FJD 545.5723 FJD to KRW
KRW HNL 0.021 KRW to HNL 47.6485 HNL to KRW
KRW JMD 0.1185 KRW to JMD 8.4392 JMD to KRW
KRW MXN 0.0163 KRW to MXN 61.4787 MXN to KRW
KRW ANG 0.0014 KRW to ANG 691.6595 ANG to KRW
KRW PYG 5.4305 KRW to PYG 0.1841 PYG to KRW
KRW PEN 0.0028 KRW to PEN 351.0015 PEN to KRW
KRW TTD 0.0057 KRW to TTD 175.5586 TTD to KRW
KRW USD 0.0008 KRW to USD 1186.2103 USD to KRW
KRW UYU 0.0319 KRW to UYU 31.3596 UYU to KRW
KRW VEF 0.0084 KRW to VEF 118.7695 VEF to KRW
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KRW Conversion in currency Conversion
KRW AUD 0.0012 KRW to AUD 811.7728 AUD to KRW
KRW BDT 0.0715 KRW to BDT 13.9881 BDT to KRW
KRW BND 0.0011 KRW to BND 872.3106 BND to KRW
KRW CNY 0.0059 KRW to CNY 168.6085 CNY to KRW
KRW INR 0.0601 KRW to INR 16.6376 INR to KRW
KRW IDR 11.8224 KRW to IDR 0.0846 IDR to KRW
KRW JPY 0.0915 KRW to JPY 10.9247 JPY to KRW
KRW MYR 0.0035 KRW to MYR 285.1809 MYR to KRW
KRW MVR 0.013 KRW to MVR 76.7754 MVR to KRW
KRW NPR 0.0961 KRW to NPR 10.409 NPR to KRW
KRW NZD 0.0013 KRW to NZD 777.4138 NZD to KRW
KRW PKR 0.1305 KRW to PKR 7.6627 PKR to KRW
KRW PGK 0.0029 KRW to PGK 349.8759 PGK to KRW
KRW PHP 0.0428 KRW to PHP 23.3573 PHP to KRW
KRW SCR 0.0116 KRW to SCR 86.5707 SCR to KRW
KRW SGD 0.0011 KRW to SGD 872.1314 SGD to KRW
KRW LKR 0.1528 KRW to LKR 6.5463 LKR to KRW
KRW TWD 0.0257 KRW to TWD 38.9726 TWD to KRW
KRW THB 0.0256 KRW to THB 39.081 THB to KRW
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KRW Conversion in currency Conversion
KRW BHD 0.0003 KRW to BHD 3145.5498 BHD to KRW
KRW EGP 0.0136 KRW to EGP 73.4818 EGP to KRW
KRW HKD 0.0066 KRW to HKD 151.4945 HKD to KRW
KRW ILS 0.0029 KRW to ILS 341.6849 ILS to KRW
KRW JOD 0.0006 KRW to JOD 1672.9802 JOD to KRW
KRW KWD 0.0003 KRW to KWD 3907.2736 KWD to KRW
KRW LBP 1.2745 KRW to LBP 0.7846 LBP to KRW
KRW OMR 0.0003 KRW to OMR 3080.6352 OMR to KRW
KRW QAR 0.0031 KRW to QAR 325.8148 QAR to KRW
KRW SAR 0.0032 KRW to SAR 316.3441 SAR to KRW
KRW AED 0.0031 KRW to AED 322.9502 AED to KRW
KRW YER 0.2111 KRW to YER 4.7382 YER to KRW
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 KRW Conversion in currency Conversion
KRW DZD 0.101 KRW to DZD 9.904 DZD to KRW
KRW KES 0.0857 KRW to KES 11.6626 KES to KRW
KRW MUR 0.0308 KRW to MUR 32.4967 MUR to KRW
KRW MAD 0.0081 KRW to MAD 122.9553 MAD to KRW
KRW NAD 0.0124 KRW to NAD 80.9679 NAD to KRW
KRW NIO 0.0286 KRW to NIO 34.9807 NIO to KRW
KRW NGN 0.3056 KRW to NGN 3.2723 NGN to KRW
KRW SLL 8.2194 KRW to SLL 0.1217 SLL to KRW
KRW ZAR 0.0123 KRW to ZAR 81.1246 ZAR to KRW
KRW TZS 1.9369 KRW to TZS 0.5163 TZS to KRW
KRW TND 0.0024 KRW to TND 415.5573 TND to KRW
KRW UGX 3.1066 KRW to UGX 0.3219 UGX to KRW
KRW XOF 0.4982 KRW to XOF 2.0071 XOF to KRW
KRW ZMK 7.5882 KRW to ZMK 0.1318 ZMK to KRW

South Korean Won (KRW)

1 South Korean Won is subdivided into 100 chon.

KRW is the international currency code for the South Korean won. The won is symbolized using the "₩" sign and each won is subdivided into 100 jeon. Over time and with inflation the jeon has been abandoned and while it continues to be used in accounting, it is no longer a physical coin in circulation. The central bank of South Korea is the Bank of Korea. The Bank of Korea was first established in 1950 and has had as its primary mandate, price stability. Price stability is primary targeted through maintaining a low core inflation rate, the current Bank of Korea target is to stay +/- 1% of a 3% annual target.

Coins used:
₩10, ₩50, ₩100, ₩500

Banknotes used:
₩1000, ₩5000, ₩10,000, ₩50,000

Central Bank
Bank of Korea
The Bank of Korea mints coins and prints banknotes through the South Korean government owned note printer known as KOMSCO. KOMSCO is a very advanced printing facility. They not only print currencies for the Central Banks of several countries, they also license some of there proprietary anti-counterfeiting measures to the central Banks of even more countries throughout in Asian and Europe.

The coins and banknotes now in official circulation are coins valued at ₩10, ₩50, ₩100, and ₩500 and banknotes valued at ₩1000, ₩5000, ₩10,000, and ₩50,000. The style and design of each years issuance of KRW is under constant revision and with each change it is common for preferred customers of affiliate banks throughout South Korea to be allowed to withdraw freshly printed banknotes straight from the Central Bank of Korea, on request, on certain major Korean holidays.

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