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South African Rand (ZAR) Exchange Rates on 11th December 2023 (11/12/2023)

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Exchange rates for South African Rand (ZAR)

Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 ZAR Conversion in currency Conversion
ZAR ZAR GBP GBP 0.042 ZAR to GBP 23.8366 GBP to ZAR
ZAR ZAR BGN BGN 0.0956 ZAR to BGN 10.4656 BGN to ZAR
ZAR ZAR HRK HRK 0.3703 ZAR to HRK 2.7003 HRK to ZAR
ZAR ZAR CZK CZK 1.1933 ZAR to CZK 0.838 CZK to ZAR
ZAR ZAR DKK DKK 0.3644 ZAR to DKK 2.7445 DKK to ZAR
ZAR ZAR HUF HUF 18.576 ZAR to HUF 0.0538 HUF to ZAR
ZAR ZAR KZT KZT 24.1648 ZAR to KZT 0.0414 KZT to ZAR
ZAR ZAR LVL LVL 0.0318 ZAR to LVL 31.4344 LVL to ZAR
ZAR ZAR MKD MKD 3.0049 ZAR to MKD 0.3328 MKD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR MDL MDL 0.9367 ZAR to MDL 1.0676 MDL to ZAR
ZAR ZAR NOK NOK 0.5741 ZAR to NOK 1.7417 NOK to ZAR
ZAR ZAR PLN PLN 0.2119 ZAR to PLN 4.7197 PLN to ZAR
ZAR ZAR RON RON 0.2428 ZAR to RON 4.1182 RON to ZAR
ZAR ZAR RUB RUB 4.8381 ZAR to RUB 0.2067 RUB to ZAR
ZAR ZAR SEK SEK 0.5513 ZAR to SEK 1.8139 SEK to ZAR
ZAR ZAR CHF CHF 0.0463 ZAR to CHF 21.6045 CHF to ZAR
ZAR ZAR TRY TRY 1.524 ZAR to TRY 0.6562 TRY to ZAR
ZAR ZAR UAH UAH 1.9346 ZAR to UAH 0.5169 UAH to ZAR
Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 ZAR Conversion in currency Conversion
ZAR ZAR ARS ARS 19.1759 ZAR to ARS 0.0521 ARS to ZAR
ZAR ZAR BOB BOB 0.3639 ZAR to BOB 2.7477 BOB to ZAR
ZAR ZAR BRL BRL 0.2586 ZAR to BRL 3.8675 BRL to ZAR
ZAR ZAR CAD CAD 0.0715 ZAR to CAD 13.9784 CAD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR KYD KYD 0.0439 ZAR to KYD 22.7834 KYD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR CLP CLP 45.8686 ZAR to CLP 0.0218 CLP to ZAR
ZAR ZAR COP COP 209.8314 ZAR to COP 0.0048 COP to ZAR
ZAR ZAR CRC CRC 27.7973 ZAR to CRC 0.036 CRC to ZAR
ZAR ZAR DOP DOP 3.0005 ZAR to DOP 0.3333 DOP to ZAR
ZAR ZAR SVC SVC 0.4694 ZAR to SVC 2.1303 SVC to ZAR
ZAR ZAR FJD FJD 0.1177 ZAR to FJD 8.4973 FJD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR HNL HNL 1.299 ZAR to HNL 0.7698 HNL to ZAR
ZAR ZAR JMD JMD 8.1971 ZAR to JMD 0.122 JMD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR MXN MXN 0.9136 ZAR to MXN 1.0946 MXN to ZAR
ZAR ZAR ANG ANG 0.0949 ZAR to ANG 10.5353 ANG to ZAR
ZAR ZAR PYG PYG 387.1882 ZAR to PYG 0.0026 PYG to ZAR
ZAR ZAR PEN PEN 0.1979 ZAR to PEN 5.0528 PEN to ZAR
ZAR ZAR TTD TTD 0.3577 ZAR to TTD 2.7953 TTD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR USD USD 0.0526 ZAR to USD 19.0143 USD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR UYU UYU 2.0583 ZAR to UYU 0.4858 UYU to ZAR
ZAR ZAR VEF VEF 186813.3157 ZAR to VEF 0 VEF to ZAR
Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 ZAR Conversion in currency Conversion
ZAR ZAR AUD AUD 0.0802 ZAR to AUD 12.4611 AUD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR BDT BDT 5.7935 ZAR to BDT 0.1726 BDT to ZAR
ZAR ZAR BND BND 0.0705 ZAR to BND 14.1811 BND to ZAR
ZAR ZAR CNY CNY 0.378 ZAR to CNY 2.6455 CNY to ZAR
ZAR ZAR INR INR 4.3854 ZAR to INR 0.228 INR to ZAR
ZAR ZAR IDR IDR 821.1746 ZAR to IDR 0.0012 IDR to ZAR
ZAR ZAR JPY JPY 7.6566 ZAR to JPY 0.1306 JPY to ZAR
ZAR ZAR MYR MYR 0.2462 ZAR to MYR 4.062 MYR to ZAR
ZAR ZAR MVR MVR 0.8073 ZAR to MVR 1.2387 MVR to ZAR
ZAR ZAR NPR NPR 7.0265 ZAR to NPR 0.1423 NPR to ZAR
ZAR ZAR NZD NZD 0.0861 ZAR to NZD 11.6173 NZD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR PKR PKR 14.9444 ZAR to PKR 0.0669 PKR to ZAR
ZAR ZAR PGK PGK 0.1964 ZAR to PGK 5.0928 PGK to ZAR
ZAR ZAR PHP PHP 2.9242 ZAR to PHP 0.342 PHP to ZAR
ZAR ZAR SCR SCR 0.6699 ZAR to SCR 1.4928 SCR to ZAR
ZAR ZAR SGD SGD 0.0707 ZAR to SGD 14.1532 SGD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR KRW KRW 69.3744 ZAR to KRW 0.0144 KRW to ZAR
ZAR ZAR LKR LKR 17.2388 ZAR to LKR 0.058 LKR to ZAR
ZAR ZAR TWD TWD 1.6571 ZAR to TWD 0.6035 TWD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR THB THB 1.8768 ZAR to THB 0.5328 THB to ZAR
Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 ZAR Conversion in currency Conversion
ZAR ZAR BHD BHD 0.0199 ZAR to BHD 50.3646 BHD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR EGP EGP 1.6282 ZAR to EGP 0.6142 EGP to ZAR
ZAR ZAR HKD HKD 0.4107 ZAR to HKD 2.4348 HKD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR ILS ILS 0.1948 ZAR to ILS 5.1329 ILS to ZAR
ZAR ZAR JOD JOD 0.0373 ZAR to JOD 26.7996 JOD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR KWD KWD 0.0162 ZAR to KWD 61.6628 KWD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR LBP LBP 791.6035 ZAR to LBP 0.0013 LBP to ZAR
ZAR ZAR OMR OMR 0.0203 ZAR to OMR 49.3212 OMR to ZAR
ZAR ZAR QAR QAR 0.1915 ZAR to QAR 5.2223 QAR to ZAR
ZAR ZAR SAR SAR 0.1973 ZAR to SAR 5.0695 SAR to ZAR
ZAR ZAR AED AED 0.1931 ZAR to AED 5.1776 AED to ZAR
ZAR ZAR YER YER 13.1651 ZAR to YER 0.076 YER to ZAR
Updated: 2023-12-11
Convert from Convert to 1 ZAR Conversion in currency Conversion
ZAR ZAR DZD DZD 7.0842 ZAR to DZD 0.1412 DZD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR KES KES 8.0624 ZAR to KES 0.124 KES to ZAR
ZAR ZAR MUR MUR 2.3209 ZAR to MUR 0.4309 MUR to ZAR
ZAR ZAR MAD MAD 0.5335 ZAR to MAD 1.8743 MAD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR NAD NAD 0.9982 ZAR to NAD 1.0018 NAD to ZAR
ZAR ZAR NIO NIO 1.9274 ZAR to NIO 0.5188 NIO to ZAR
ZAR ZAR NGN NGN 41.5818 ZAR to NGN 0.024 NGN to ZAR
ZAR ZAR SLL SLL 1038.6895 ZAR to SLL 0.001 SLL to ZAR
ZAR ZAR TZS TZS 131.964 ZAR to TZS 0.0076 TZS to ZAR
ZAR ZAR TND TND 0.1646 ZAR to TND 6.0739 TND to ZAR
ZAR ZAR UGX UGX 198.5511 ZAR to UGX 0.005 UGX to ZAR
ZAR ZAR XOF XOF 32.0397 ZAR to XOF 0.0312 XOF to ZAR
ZAR ZAR ZMK ZMK 473.3906 ZAR to ZMK 0.0021 ZMK to ZAR

South African Rand (ZAR)

Sign R
1 South African Rand is subdivided into 100 cents.

The official currency for South Africa is the South African rand. The rand is subdivided into 100 cents. Banknotes are issued in denominations of R 10, R 20, R 50, R 100 and R 200. Coins are issued in denominations of 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents R 1, R 2 and R 5.

Coins used:
5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, R 1, R 2, R 5

Banknotes used:
R 10, R 20, R 50, R 100, R 200

Central Bank
South African Reserve Bank
Foreign currency can be exchanged at most banks. The main banks with branches in South Africa include Absa Bank, Capitec, First National Bank, Nedbank and Standard Bank. Banking hours are typically from 9:00 am until 3:30 pm on Monday through Friday and from 8:30 am until 11:00 am on Saturday. Banks are not open on Sundays. There are a number of bureaux de changes located at airports, some hotels and throughout larger cities. The exchange offices tend to offer lower rates at times than banks so it is recommended that anyone visiting South Africa check current exchange rates prior to arriving.

Banks, some hotels and foreign currency exchange offices will also cash and convert traveler�s checks although these transactions will likely incur a commission charge in addition to the conversion fee. Cash can be withdrawn at various ATMs and there are many of these located around the country. Most ATMs, particularly those found in banks will accept cash withdrawals from international accounts and disperse funds in rand. Most hotels, shops, restaurants and ATMs accept all major credit cards, particularly, American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa.

There are certain restrictions placed on importing and exporting local and foreign currencies. For those living in South Africa, the amount of rand that can be taken into South Africa is limited to the equivalent of 5000 ZAR. Foreign currency amounts are currently unrestricted provided all cash is declared with customs upon arrival. For those not living in the country, the amount of rand that can be imported is still restricted to 5000 or the equivalent. Foreign currency and traveler�s checks are currently unlimited, again provided that all cash and traveler�s checks are declared with customs upon arrival in the country.

There are no limits or restrictions for monetary travel between South Africa and Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia and Botswana as these countries all belong to the same monetary area. Before exchanging foreign currency, visitors should ensure that they have their passport available. When leaving the country, original exchange receipts will need to be shown in order to exchange rand back into foreign currency. There are various exchange desks located around airport terminals that will exchange rand into foreign currency upon leaving South Africa.

Other References
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